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Friday, March 23, 2012

New Moon in Aries

Today marks a New Moon in Aries according to We'Moon 2012.  As with all New Moon phases, this is a time for new beginnings  The New Moon can be seen as a time to consider your intentions and focus on what you want to bring to you over the next few weeks.  This "fresh start" seems even more appropriate given the focus on Spring and times of renewal.

Aries is a fire sign and as Spring sunshine lights up the earth, maybe we can use the heat of this sign in the New Moon to light our personal fires and get us focused on moving foreword  towards our goals and aspirations.

We'Moon writes that when the moon is in Aries we tend to be ignited and emotions can run high and intense.  We may feel a sense of urgency to "get on with it" during this time.  We want to get back on track if we think we may have strayed over the sleepiness of winter months and dormant times. This moon phase signals a time to get back to whatever you feel passionate about.  It's about doing whatever makes you feel alive and energized.

The symbol for Aries is a Ram. According to Steven Farmer's "Animal Spirit Guides" book, the Ram spirit energy can help you "charge ahead" with whatever gets your attention. Farmer suggests you draw on this energy when you're ready for new challenges and  want to get started on something, but perhaps need a boost to find the energy to go for it.

Farmer also writes that when Ram energy shows up, it may be an indication that something in your life is out of balance at the moment. This can be a sign to think about your balance and take steps to find the realignment that comes with moving forward in a balanced way.

Rams like to rear up and leap forward but they keep their feet on the ground. That's how they maintain that sense of balance. So in this New Moon of Aries and Ram energy, it's a good time to think about where you want to go, what projects you want to move foreword with at the same time that you maintain a sense of groundedness, firmly connected to the earth.  It seems like it's time to take a leap of faith that might be tempered with a practical influence. Hmm...

Rams are also known for butting heads. And no matter how good you are at that kind of activity, it can still leave you a bit dazed and stunned I think. Aries energy can be quite self directed and independent. While that kind of energy can serve you well, it can also leave you feeling a bit stunned and out of balance. Perhaps you forgot to consider others in your moving foreword. This forward charge without consideration of others and the need to "allow",  might leave you feeling frustrated, critical and just a bit intolerant of the other rams in the pasture!

The Bach Flower essences that might be helpful if you're feeling frustrated, impatient and out of balance during this New Moon phase, could be Impatiens and Beech.  These might be good essences to have close at hand during the spring season in general, perhaps especially during the New Moon phase.

Everything around us right now seems to be pointing in the direction of upward movement and positive change. There is fuel and energy out there to move on with things and start fresh, enriched from our past experiences and dormancy. It seems sometimes our intentions, our thoughts and our desires, move just a bit faster than our bodies and the reactions of those around us. It's about that transition. There can be a lag time between setting our sight on the goal and actually getting there. Perhaps acceptance and awareness of that "lag time" is all we need to soothe the fires. But if you're looking around and deciding those other rams are the cause for your lag period, you might want to consider some Bach Flower essences before you start hitting your head against some equally hard surfaces.

It seems that nature is telling us we are moving into a new phase of challenges and opportunities. The energy around us is encouraging us to pursue our dreams, and pull things towards us. We are encouraged to use this energy for re-growth, renewal and revitalization. Let's move forward with our feet firmly planted in the ground, and our heads in the air. Mind you don't butt heads in the process.

Onward and upward!

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