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Friday, November 19, 2010

High Heart Chakra

Chakra's and chakra healing are part of many alternative therapies and date back to very ancient healing practices.

"The Chakra system is based on energy centers found throughout the body. Each center contributes to a stage of development, a life lesson, a feeling or emotion and combined they contribute to the overall spirit of each of us as individuals."

The above quote comes from an explanation page in the back of "Melvin's Balloons", my children's book that links emotions to colors. For a basic introduction to chakra colors check it out at or my website

There are considered to be seven major chakras but other, perhaps more subtle chakras also exist or perhaps are developing in humans.

One of these "new" or lesser known chakras is the High Heart of Thymic Chakra. It is located between the Heart (4th) and Throat (5th) chakras. As an "in between" chakra it functions as a bridge between the levels above and below it.

With so many people experiencing difficulties adjusting to new and changing energy levels, I wonder if the High Heart Chakra is involved.

This Chakra is said to reflect a person's understanding, acceptance and practice of the universal concepts of Universal Love and Compassion. If this Chakra is open and balanced you are said to be open to higher spiritual levels and have both love and aspiration for the Divine as well as selfless love for those around you. You can connect your dreams with waking reality. If overactive, this chakra can cause you to lose grounding on the practical mundane level. If unbalanced, you may indulge in spiritual theories while ignoring the needs of others. If blocked or closed you may reject spiritual realities all together and only see the physical side of life. This will leave you unable to epxress emotions even though you actually feel them on some level.

This in-between chakra is about transitions. Barbara Brennan indicates this chakra may be the doorway for the "soul seat", which she says is the source of meaning, direction and spiritual longing in life. The color and crystal it seems most similar to is aquamarine and there is a strong connect to Dolphin energy and this chakra. Wearing aquamarine may help open the spiritual high heart and quiet the mental body to become receptive to higher realms and influences. The qualities association with this chakra are humanitarian actions as well as serenity, peacefulness, balanced emotions and patience.

So... it occurs to me that physical and emotional difficulties during this time of transition may well be linked to the High Heart Chakra. The solution.... chakra balancing may be helpful,wearing aquamarine or turquoise may help,awareness most definitely will be helpful, many of the perelandra essences may address this level of healing, the Bach flower Holly is indciated, and I will look for some other ideas.... stay tuned.


  1. Hi Heather, this centre came up just the other day in a distance healing I was doing. It is, in my experience, a thread to the "soul seat" - which is in a deeper dimension than the chakra system. The problem was a blockage because her physical/ emotional/energy system had other blocks preventing the soul's aspirations from fully grounding in the body. She experienced this as procrastination and lack of motivation in her work, which she actually felt passionate about.
    I don't know how to change my username on here to Jane Moody but that's who this is. Please join my page, if you are so moved, on facebook: Effective Relief Energy Therapy. I'm glad to know about yours!

  2. Hi Jane! Thanks for this, and for writing a comment! Yippee! I will definately join your page on facebook. In fact your name has been coming up a lot lately- have been hearing of people that have been helped a lot by your work. I wonder if the High Heart Chakra links are a bit of an opening on a global consciousness level?

  3. the high heart is a beautiful luminous glowing teal or black opal color. it is constantly flowing and swirling like the ocean of love from which it springs. visualizing this chakra feels like unconditional , universal love going in , thru and out to your other selves in all places in all times. I believe it is a bridge to to pineal area and a direct link to manifesting and creating.

    1. Interesting as I was given the message that I needed work on this chakra (during a session) and I have been doing work on the pineal gland (through sungazing and my own research on it's function).

  4. This chakra is related with the ability to love. It is one of the core centers that help in fostering the spirit of love. You should try to block all thoughts and visualize a white light that slowly spreads from your chest to all other body parts. Doing this exercise can help in expanding the positive energy from this chakra and it can help you in feeling the sentiments of love, care and affection.

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