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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Symbols

Happy Halloween!  There is lots of  angst and destruction going on in the world at the moment but despite that, or maybe because of that, I thought I'd focus on something lighter- the fact that it is Halloween and, in my opinion, that should be celebrated. It might be a time to celebrate who you really are, or who you want to be

I think there some really obvious Halloween symbols that deserve some recognition.  They include Witches, Black Cats, Ghosts and Pumpkins.

There is a long, sometimes sad story about witches.  They definitely deserve some celebration in my opinion.  I think true Witches were often Wise Women that knew to listen to, and follow, their intuition. And sometimes that got them in trouble.  There has often been a fear around witches, perhaps because we sense the power and don't always understand it.  This Halloween I'm celebrating the fact that there seems to be an opening in the world for "witch-like things".  Some people would consider homeopathics, essence therapies, home-brew teas, and potions witchy.  If that's the case, count me in and pass me a broom!!

No Witch would be complete without her trusty black cat.  Merlin in "Sweet Shack & Bach Bar" provides some magical black cat services for Wise Woman without question. Steven Farmer includes the cat as an Power Animal in "Animal Spirit Guides".  Farmer writes a cat showing  up may signal this is a period of self-sufficiency.  It may be important to trust in your own Witch capabilities! Farmer also writes the appearance of a cat signals magic and mystery and suggests you pay attention to signs and omens that might guide and direct you. Farmer doesn't distinguish between colors when he talks about the Cat Spirit, but black is the color of protection.  If you put that together, you can consider your magic and mystery encased in a layer of protection from the Black Cat.  Farmer goes on to write that if a feral cat shows up you can consider that a symbol you should do something totally wild and out of character, yet completely harmless. Sounds like the celebration of Halloween to me!

For a lot of people, Halloween is all about the ghosts. Hmm.... I've been told, on good authority, that the veil is thinner around Halloween.  People are thinking about ghosts and other worldly things. They are focused on the unknown and therefore often draw that kind of thing to them. I guess if you're a ghost you might feel more comfortable making yourself known if you can see lots of other people trying to look like you and receiving candy as a reward!  Maybe today is a good day to think about some ghosts you wouldn't mind communicating with. I think there is value in connecting with your ancestors, but if you're feeling uncomfortable with that there are some Bach Flowers that might help  And for all things ghost like, there is a great read out there.  Tonight would be a good night to settle in with Mary Ann Winkowski's "When Ghosts Speak".;postID=438752796507917222

Of course, no Halloween is complete, in my opinion, without a pumpkin carved into a jack-o-lantern.  I've never been one to make my pumpkins ghoulish looking. I always want those faces to be happy. I do have very found remembrances of the smell of slightly scorched pumpkin lid from a candle that's a little too high.  We have evolved.  I remember trying to attach the candle with gum, wax, and tinfoil to the base of the pumpkin.  Now a tea light makes all the difference in the world it would seem and can even be purchased as a  non-flammable device- go figure!  I will still carry the smell of burnt pumpkin as a fond memory though. The orange of the pumpkin really resonates with the second Chakra. It's all about creativity and finding yourself as distinctive from "your tribe".  Hmm...

Maybe that's what Halloween is meant to be.  A celebration of your own true creativity, unhampered by what you actually look like in this world, or by what people think you are "made of".  If nothing else, you can always throw a sheet over your head, cut out some eye holes and away you go!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ginger Cookies and Full Moon in Taurus

Today might be a good day to make Ginger Cookies.  That is, if you aren't making storm preparations.  It seems that mother nature is making herself known in all kinds of dramatic. ways.  It seems within 24 hours we are experiencing earthquakes and tsunami warnings in the West, Hurricane, rain and storm surge events in the East, and winter storms everywhere in between. It will also be a Full Moon in Taurus tomorrow. And that alone, is helping to fuel the storm surge predictions for Hurricane Sandy, raise the tides and increase the surf. 

It would seem  that with those predictions of storms, direct evidence of the force of nature, and a Full Moon cycle in Taurus there could be a lot of Root Chakra's feeling some imbalance.

The Moon in Taurus, according to We'Moon 2012, slows us down. Taurus energy is deep, heavily rooted, earthy in nature. A Full Moon in Taurus can be a good time to focus on your resources of home, health, and garden.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that the last time I wrote about a Full Moon in Taurus on this blog, we were also getting ready to feel the impacts of a major storm.  That freaked me out a bit when I read the old post and looked at the date, because it's pretty much was I was going to write today! 

So here we are in a time of the moon cycle when we are feeling very connected to our Root Chakra from wherein comes our sense of safety and security.  This is occurring at the same time that we may be feeling some challenges in that regard, particularly if you are in an area where evacuations and storm preparations are being encouraged. We'Moon writes that the challenge for Taurus energy is to explore the differences between strength and stubbornness.  There may also be a challenge to trust flexibility. Hmm...

I've written about preparing for storms before.  I wrote about this when Hurricane Irene (which Hurricane Sandy is being compared to) was making her way up the coast.

I still believe in all the things I've written about before.  I think it's important to be prepared so you're not scared.  I think the Moon Cycles can intensify our feelings and  the moon in Taurus may be intensifying our fears of insecurity and magnifying the need for safety.  I believe you can use that energy to be motivated to prepare and take logical steps to protect yourself so your emotions remain positive.  I believe there are Bach Flowers that can help ease the transition in full moon cycles, as well as before, during and after major storms.

Samantha in Sweet Shack & Bach Bar got some Root Charka help from Wise Woman.  She received Rock Rose, Sweet Chestnut and Clematis Bach Flowers.  That helped with her fear of storms and basic survival.  She also got a plate of ginger cookies.  That helped as well.  And Merlin gave her red shoes- for that you'll have to read the book.

I've gone baking...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Reset Remedy

We have  entered, according to Lucy Harmer in "Shamanic Astrology" the month of "Frost and Transformation" . Well that sounds a bit better than "Month of the Dead Leaves" in my opinion   I can handle some frost if it brings big change.

We are also in a Waxing Moon phase and that means the energy is building. All the better for transformation.

Transformation isn't always easy. Maybe that's why Bach Remedies have been going out the door in rapid succession these days. One client recently asked me if I had a remedy for "wanting to just start over".  She went on to describe how she didn't want to learn from past mistakes (Chestnut Bud), or even particularly get along more peacefully with people (Beech), She really want to just hide away in solitude (Water Violet).  She just wanted to press a reset button and have had a whole new start.  Hmm....

I think I understood exactly what she meant.  I think I have been there before.  I also think there is a Bach Remedy for that!

I believe it is often the power of a combination of essences that really helps change your emotions and bring you back to balance.  Sometimes the combination of essences is greater than the sum of the individual essences I guess. To some extent, it depends on your overall personality and what might have led you to wanting to start over, but I think a good combination to consider would be; Star of Bethlehem, Hornbeam, Wild Rose, Willow and Scleranthus.  To me it's the ultimate reset button.

Star of Bethlehem is considered the essence for transformation.  It's helpful for the after effects of a shock and many times we want to reset because we have experienced a pretty shocking event. Sometimes we need to go back to that traumatic event to have the reset experience.  The good news is that with Bach Flower essences you don't have to regress back, re-think about that event, or even figure it out.  Your body will gently find the balance it needs to neutralize the trauma.

Sometimes we don't have the energy to press the reset button.  That's when Hornbeam might be helpful. Hornbeam helps when you just feel mentally tired.  When in a Hornbeam state you tend to procrastinate and lack enthusiasm for facing problems or coping with the day’s agenda.  Hornbeam helps you break through that mental doubt so you can get started. It helps restore your vitality so you can face the day with enthusiasm once again. It might help you find the energy to start looking for the reset button!

I'd also include Wild Rose in a Reset Remedy.  Wild Rose, is included in the category of "lack of interest in present circumstances".  We just carry on doing the same old thing, because we  can't find the motivation to press the button, or perhaps even find the button in the first place. Wild Rose can help resignation give way to ambition and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s helpful for long standing, chronic states that we'd really like, deep down, to change.

I'd put some Willow into the Reset Button.  Willow can help you break out of a feeling of victimization.  When in the Willow state you really feel rather short-changed by life.  Things seem to be happening to you that just “aren’t fair” and you know you deserve better but you can't seem to break out of a somewhat negative cycle.  That might be one of the major reasons why you're looking for a reset button in the first place.

I would definitely include Scleranthus in the mix.  I've written about it often as an essence to help integrate logic and emotions.  Both those elements are necessary for real transformation I think. The combination of  Willow with  Scleranthus. is powerful. Together these two essences  address the idea that a part of you knows you deserve more, better, easier, but the other side of you doesn’t quite agree so you feel a bit trapped in circumstances that seem beyond your control.  The two essences can help you let go of any past injustices and negative patterns. That's the power of the reset.

During the month of Frost and Transformation, and under the light of a waxing moon, there is real energy out there to make internal as well as external change. I think we can all tap into that kind of energy.  But maybe we could make that transition a little easier with the help of a reset button.

Press away!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Waxing Moon & Dancing Leaves

Today we enter into the Waxing Half Moon in Capricorn according to my We'Moon 2012 book.  That means it will be a good time to hang on to your Oak Bach Flower essences

The waxing moon is a time of strong energy. According to Lucy Harmer in "Shamanic Astrology,   it is a time to focus on the change needed to bring potential to reality.  There is a force in the waxing moon that helps propel projects and get things up and running. It's a time of building energy towards change.

It would seem the Capricorn aspect reinforces that ambition. Capricorn energy is very project and goal orientated. It's about setting objectives, building foundations, organizing for action, and accomplishing tasks. The caution in all that forceful manifesting energy, is to enjoy being as well as doing, and to let others manage themselves. Hmm....

Shamanic Astrology refers to the time period between September 23 and October 22nd as the "Month of the Dead Leaves".  When I first discovered that in Harmer's book, I thought that sounded pretty depressing and a wee bit negative. Dead leaves doesn't really sound like a good thing to me, and visions of the Bach Flower Mustard were circling in my mind. I guess it's just a matter of focus and perspective.

I don't want to focus on the dead leaves, I'd much rather think about the dancing leaves. In my opinion that's what leaves do in the fall.  They don't plop themselves down from the branches to just lay quietly on the forest floor.  They swirl and dance and pirouette and dive. They swoop and travel great distances before they settle anywhere.  The leaves along the side of the road really seem to get caught in the energy of the vehicle movement and they dance in and out in almost a taunting, daring dance with cars and people's feet. Just when you think they've landed and found a final resting place, a gust of wind or some unseen force will blow things all around again and they are off on another adventure.  I don't think the disconnection from the tree branch is a loss. I think it is a release. I don't think autumn leaves are dieing nearly so much as they are living.  I think they have been waiting for this chance to go off on their own all spring and summer long.  This is their journey and that's what they focus on far more than the destination.

So, I'd like to call this time period "Month of the Dancing Leaves" and focus on the energy of the journey and of  the "being", more than the "doing" or the goal accomplishment of arriving at the destination. There will be time for celebrating when goals are reached but in the meantime, I'd like to enjoy the energy of release, the freedom of not yet picking a resting spot.

There's a verse in Sydney Carter's "Lord of the Dance" song ( a pretty popular Celtic sounding  hymn in my part of the world often played at funerals actually) that feels like the energy of dancing fall leaves to me:
They cut me down and I leapt up high
I am the Life that'll never, never die!
I'll live in you if you'll live in Me -
I am the Lord of the Dance, said He!
Celebrate the dance!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bach Flower Oak for Feeling Hollow Inside

Knobbley The Oak Tree from
It's been a long time since I updated my blog.  I've been busy, but that hasn't stopped me before.  I've been reading other people's writing, I've been formatting other people's writing. I have been proofing other people's writing. I've read some great stuff. I've enjoyed the process.  I've also given out a lot of Bach Flowers lately.  One of the common ones these days has been Oak.  Hmm...

I've sat down to write a post a few times.  And nothing came.  It hasn't felt like writer's block for which Hornbeam can be amazing.  It doesn't feel as though I just can't get at it- that's the Hornbeam connection. It didn't feel like the Elm type of blockage where you just feel overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done.  I wanted to write the blog.  I was sure I had the time and energy to do it. I sat down to do it.  I opened up the site. But... it just felt like there was nothing inside.

Sometimes I'm pretty slow to see what is right in front of me.  Today the light bulb went off.  I need some of my own advice!  I need some of the Bach Flower Oak!  So I took some Oak and went for a long slow walk in the woods. Then I made a Cuppa  and I'm sitting here typing my post. Ahh....

Oak is typically indicated for people that are exhausted but continue to struggle on.  It helps to restore energy. That can be kind of the extreme ends of Oak. There are a lot of subtle stages in between.

When you really study the botany of the Bach Flower essences you can see some of the reasons why Dr. Bach chose the remedies he did. Julian Barnard writes about this in "Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function". In doing that you can understand the suble reasons why these essences work and when they might work.

The thing about Oak trees is that they are strong trees that hang around providing support and comfort for a long time.  Knobbley, the tree in today's picture is claimed to be over 800 years old and people have been  visiting him and protecting him for a long time.  You can read all about Knobbley on the website   Knobbley seems to have quite a following. There is even a Children's book about Knobbley that I'd love to get my hands on- looks good. 

Oak trees made good tree-houses and forts.  They are fun to climb on and sit in.  They typically have multiple branches spreading out in a number of directions so they are easy to climb and latch on to. Are you sensing a theme here?

People that are considered "Oak types" are strong reliable people.  They are usually driven by a sense of duty. They are helpful, conscientious and reliable. They will not allow themselves to relax if there is work to be done but will keep on going even when over-tired. Like the tree, they have multiple "branches" of work and support and a lot of "leaves" depending on those strong branches for survival.

Some trees split branches, loose a part of them, perhaps snap off at the top but stay standing and regenerate.  When an Oak tree falls- that's it.  It falls totally. It crashes down quite suddenly and quite often, beyond repair. And, perhaps most interesting of all, is that when an Oak tree does crash, you usually discover that, in fact, it's hollow on the inside. There is nothing there.  It has given everything to it's branches and what finally topples it is that there is no support in the core. In fact, there no longer is, a core. Hmm....

In my opinion, it isn't just work and day to day living that can zap your core. I believe the world is really opening up to a different level of vibration and new, intense connections.  Many people are feeling more psychic connections.  This is often manifested in little ways we don't pay a lot of attention to. It happens when you send an email to a friend and receive an incoming one from them at the same time. It's going to phone some one only to have the phone ring just as you pick it up and it's the person you were going to call.  It's having a feeling someone is worried, scared, hurt, or lonely and discovering you're right. This is all positive I believe, but on some level, perhaps a bit draining.  Now it seems like we might be growing "branches of energy" without even consciously considering or deciding to do that.

So maybe, in these intense times we really do need to take a conscious look at our own core.  Perhaps we need to fill ourselves with energy and restore our strength so that it doesn't all come crashing down beyond repair.

When in an "Oak state", there is a real tendency to drink more coffee, take supplements, consider energy drinks, wake up earlier, stay up later, or all of the above.  Oak types will try anything and everything as long as it means they don't have to stop "doing". They often know they are pushing themselves too hard, they can feel the depression, frustration, or stress symptoms starting to emerge as they loose their inner core, but it only drives them harder because they figure they have to finish up while they still have some strength left. They just can't let anyone down and if they are going to be sick there is a ton of things they have to get done first.  They won't "give in" to illness, they will just keep taking something, anything, everything. Until they crash.

A few drops of Oak essence can help prevent the crash.  It doesn't work in the same way as the energy drink or the caffeine though.  A few drops of Oak may help you realize you're in an Oak state and you need to take some time off to relax. If that sentence alone makes you want to procrastinate taking the Oak until you get something done- this Bach is for you! Right now!  Bach Flowers often restore by bringing awareness to self. After a few drops of Oak you might realize that you need to look after yourself before you "put out another branch" or encourage some more leaves to sprout.

People often tell me that they wish they had the whole box of Bach remedies so that when they read a post and found a resonance they could go to the box, take the drops, and be restored.  That's one way to do it. And if you're an "Oak type", you might have already added "buy all Bach remedies" to your "to do list". After all, it might just give you the strength to finish that project.  You might have decided it's something you need to get for a friend or relative you have to visit today. Hmmm...

Well, you can do that.  You can also visit my website (which is under construction but still there) .  You can email me and ask for a remedy and I can ship it out to you  But I also believe that the open vibrations provide us an opportunity.  Bach Flower remedies are vibrational medicine.  So it seems to me that just recognizing the need to "tune in" to the vibration of Oak essence might be helpful. Maybe we don't need to "take something" physically to receive the healing benefits.

And, if all else fails, go make a Cuppa, find an Oak tree and sit.  Just sit. Stop doing.  Stop thinking. Be. And in that stillness you'll replenish your core.  Who knows you might find you actually have a blog posting in you!

Be kind to yourself! Celebrate your core!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hot flashes? Menopause and Essence Therapy

I have been finding myself lately explaining essence medicine a lot.  This seems to be happening both formally and informally for me and I find that interesting. People that never before have shown any interest in the subject seem to be listening to me with intent and an open mind. I haven't seen the skepticism I quite often see.  Maybe it's just who I'm spending time with and encountering lately. Maybe it's something else.

In one of those more formal Bach Flower Essence presentations, the subject of menopause came up.  This too seems to be a reoccurring theme lately that I find myself talking to people about in sometimes, surprising places.  In particular, a lot of women seem to be experiencing hot flashes that they attribute to menopause.  If men experience flashes of heat or dramatic swings in temperature, they visit their doctor, take an anti-pyretic, complain, head to bed,  or "all of the above".  Women have the luxury of assuming that even if they don't really fall into the age category or have any other symptoms, it must be menopause and they therefore seem relatively content to "allow" and "let it be" in the knowledge that "this too shall pass".

What I have been hearing  is that many women seem to suddenly find themselves having flashes of intense heat, sometimes accompanied with vertigo and sometimes accompanied with sweating and facial flushing.  Most women describe the heat as almost crawling up them from their toes to the top of their head.  Usually it passes as quickly as it came. Everyone says something along the lines of, " I don't really know if this is menopause", "It feels sort of like what I would think hot flashes are but also different", " I just assume this is menopause even though I'm kind of young/old for it", " I thought I was done with all that", " It feels like it's sort of something 'more'". Interestingly, the women I've talked to, aren't complaining of other symptoms of menopause.  I haven't heard anyone say they felt mood swings, or weight gain or loss, or well... anything.  Everyone is just talking about the hot flashes.  Hmm...

If you have concerns that you might have a disease of unknown origin, some sort of dangerous infection, or a chronic condition that needs treatment, I'm not suggesting you ignore it.  There are lots of tests to determine hormone levels and provide reassurance as to whether or not your symptoms are menopausal or not.  But.. if you're one of the many women I have been talking to that seems just fine with "allowing this to pass", but could use a little support.. this blog's for you.

Bach Flowers are not typically recommended for a condition or physical symptom. They are meant to help balance the individual emotional component. However, once emotional balance is restored, physical complaints often follow. From the Bach collection, Walnut, Scleranthus, Cherry Plum, Mimulus and Beech, can all be helpful for menopause symptoms.

Walnut is the remedy most often indicated for menopause symptoms. It provides protection during times of change and from change caused by outside influences as well as within.  It might be particularly helpful during this time of both internal and external shifting.

Scleranthus may also be indicated.  It's helpful to maintain balance.  So if your temperature is swinging from hot to cold, flushing and sweating to freezing, Scleranthus could help even you out in the middle. If your mood is swinging up and down due to hormone changes, Scleranthus may help even this out as well.

Cherry Plum is typically indicated when you fear loosing control of your behavior. There is something quite disconcerting about feeling heat flash from your toes to your nose in rapid progression. That might leave you feeling a bit "out of control" I think! If that's the case, Cherry Plum might help soothe this fear and help you relax and go with the flow.

Mimulus may also help with menopause symptoms. Mimlulus is indicated for known fears.  Mimluus types are often described as being prone to sudden blushing as well.  If you are fearful that you may experience facial flushing at an inappropriate time, Mimulus may help get you through. Hot flashes in themselves can be a rather fearful experience and if you're living in fear that the "next wave" may hit you right when you need to be very focused and in control, the combination of Mimulus and Cherry Plum may make a world of difference.

Beech may be helpful during times of menopause and hot flashes as well.  Beech is indicated when you are feeling easily irritated and intolerant.  If you're feeling particularly sensitive to external temperatures when your internal thermostat seems to be functioning erratically, Beech may help. It may also be helpful if certain fabrics, layers of clothing, clothing against your neck or waist is suddenly irritating you.

There is no doubt that Bach Flowers can help you transition through menopause with more comfort and less angst. But I'm also quite attune to the fact that people keep describing this as a sensation that feels just a bit different than menopause to them.  I think that's worth paying attention to.  I personally, without any backing or support in science or literature, believe we may be experiencing some shifting vibration on a universal energy. If it's true that we are shifting into a more feminine energy type experience within the universe, it would seem to make sense to me that women might feel this shift more acutely than men. And perhaps if your body is already experiencing some internal shifting, when that internal change, meets a universal shift, an exothermic reaction seems very possible to me.  That kind of universal influence may respond particularly well to essences from the Perlandra collection .  ETS (Emotional Trauma Solution) from this collection may be particularly helpful during those hot flashes and I recommend taking it as soon, and as often, as you feel the heat coming on. Many women have told me they also found ETS helped them sleep better through the night during menopause. There are other remedies within the Perelandra line that may be a match for you.  In particular Natural Aging, or Female Reproductive may help as well. 

"You go girl"...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Changing World, 20/80 Rule, and Walnut Bach Flower

I actually heard a Rocket Scientist speak the other day.  I think that is probably the first Rocket Scientist I have ever even met, let alone had the privilege to talk to. He wasn't building a rocket or talking about that. He was facilitating a conference.  He explained that he was trained in Chaos Theory and worked in the world of physics where the smallest amount of effort exerted in a particular spot changes the whole thing. He referred to a 20/80 rule where 20% effort can bring about 80% change, not the reverse which we are rather "trained" to believe. Somewhere along the line in a very successful career, he decided what he really liked best was interacting with people and he apparently applied that 20/80 rule and shifted into a career of consulting and facilitation with very little effort. I walked away from that conference surprised that I actually felt really positive and upbeat. I've been going to this same conference for years, other than the Rocket Scientist, most of the people weren't new to me. We all get frustrated, argue, rant about what others should be doing that they aren't,  and beat our egos against each other each year round about this time.  But yesterday- something changed. The change was so small I can't even find it but the results were really amazing. Hmm...

Some of the changes don't appear as positive. A lot of people seem a little "disorientated" these days.  It feels as though something  has changed and continues to change, yet no one seems quite able to define what the "something" is; at least not to my satisfaction anyway! I love change. I like the disruption factor. I'm pretty comfortable in chaos, perhaps even thrive there. But even I, a "change lover", am feeling a bit unsettled with the degree of shifting that seems to be happening. Perhaps it is because I can feel the change and yet I can't really name it.  It is just everywhere. And it turns up in the oddest of places- like conferences!

In our efforts to find our homeostasis in this constant change, we are perhaps feeling pretty uncomfortable.  Some people describe emotional floods of anger and  "tears for no reason".  Other people have mentioned physical discomfort such as headaches, sinus pressure, aches and pains, unexplained fevers.  Some people are feeling more "connected to the beyond" in pleasant but also sometimes frightening ways.  Intuition seems to be opening up for everyone.

Many of the Bach Flower essences can be described by one word or short phrases.  The word "change" has a direct connection to the Bach Flower Walnut.  Walnut is indicated when you are feeling uncomfortable with change and outside influences. Walnut can help you adjust and protect yourself from change.

I've written a lot about Walnut. In my world at least, it comes up a lot and ia a pretty helpful essence to have around.  For more posts on Walnut you can type "walnut" in the search menu at the top of my blog and you'll get a number of posts that might be helpful for your particular circumstances. 

In Sweet Shack & Bach Bar, Wise Woman gave Violet Walnut.  It resonates with the 6th Chakra, that source of intuition.  When we start to listen to our intuition and feel it exerting it's 20% on us, we begin to feel 80% different. Sometimes that kind degree of change is a bit disorientating, even if it's a good thing.  Walnut can help soothe the transition.

I also wrote about the High Heart Chakra before and how Walnut may be particularly helpful with imbalances in this Chakra.  The High Heart Chakra is connected to the Thymus and that organ is involved in immunity. Perhaps that's not a coincidence.  Maybe when your intuition is acute and you are sensing changes in your self and the universe, your 8th Chakra starts to do some re-balancing as well.  And maybe, when that occurs, your physical body is affected by your spiritual changes and you experience immune problems.  Sinus infections, colds, and influenza, high temperatures, and strange physical symptoms may be just part of the need to physically adjust to changing internal conditions.

Maybe the change is within and that's why we can't attach it to "something".  Maybe the change isn't "something" as much as it is "everything".  It's a shifting internal alignment that we are feeling as we adjust to a more open awareness.

If the changes are within, then the Bach Flower Walnut may be particularly helpful. That's the way Bach essences work. They help you help yourself. By balancing yourself internally your body can function in amazing ways to adjust, realign and re-balance you right back to health and happiness.

Interestingly, Walnut is one of the Bach Flower essences that scares a lot of people.  They think of nut allergies, and worry about hives and rashes and  difficulty breathing if  they took this essence.  Bach Flowers are vibrational medicine.  They don't contain particles of the plant  that could cause those types of reactions.  If you want more information on this, go to my website and  download the free FAQ about Bach Flowers.

Once the 20% change starts, you can't really stop it.  You can fight against it.  You can worry about it. You can regret it. You can make yourself sick over it.  But you won't actually stop it.  So it might just help to allow it. Walnut might help you stop fighting against the homeostasisis your body is trying to, and can, achieve. 

80% is a pretty big change, particularly in the sudden nature of chaos. A little bit of Walnut might go a long way to providing peace during the transition.  I don't think that's Rocket Science. I think that's just a good idea.

"To the Universe and Beyond"   as quoted from Buzz Lightyear