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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tribe of Many Colors

Some interesting information has been coming my way the past couple of days so I thought I should pay attention to it and pass it on.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a video of Kiesha Crowther speaking on the Tribe of Many Colors

Her video's are pretty captivating and very interesting. She talks about opening our hearts and thinking from our heart rather than our minds. This seems inline with the ideas of opening your High Heart Chakra again. Keisha is one of 12 wisdom keepers that are all doing different things to advance the planet and work with universal wisdom. Keisha, like the others in the group of 12, is a Shaman. Their work is very "earth based" and concentrated on helping to save and work with nature. Her message contains a lot of information on what is happening these days and in days leading up to 2012 that is allowing for a shift of consciousness.

You can check out their website (the logo is today's picture) at and see what you think.

I was considering whether or not I should pass this on, and make this today's post when I got another email from a different friend. Part of that message was:
"My Grandfather survived on this earth without using anything that did not go back into the earth. The whole world could learn from that."
~ Floyd Westerman, SIOUX ~
The email also contained the following that is very much like the message the Tribe of Many Colors brings:

"Our grandfathers knew how to live in harmony. They did not create poisons or technologies that destroyed things. They did not make their decisions based on greed or for selfish reasons. They did not take more then they used. Their thoughts and actions were about respect. The Elders conducted themselves in a respectful way. We need to consider our actions around respect for Mother Earth."

Sometimes it seems the universe kind of "hits me upside the head" to try and let me know what I should pay attention to. So today I'll listen and pass this information on!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Malachite for High Heart Healing

I was at a Farmer's Market on the weekend, rather looking for the "spirit of Christmas" when a Malachite necklace caught my eye. I don't know a lot about crystal healing, but I know when something "speaks to me" and I couldn't wait to put this necklace on- it just feels good.

Crystal healing is based on the principles that the specific molecular structures of some crystals tap into corresponding energy fields. From a very scientific point of view crystals are used in appliances like radio transmitters because they accentuate energy waves. If it works for radio waves, why wouldn't it work for other more ancient healing energies as well. Crystals can be worn as jewlery to bring these healing energies closer to you or can be kept in your pocket, under a pillow at night or placed in specific areas of your house or work place. Sometimes alternative healers will ask you to hold a specific crystal while they work on you. Certain crystals are linked to specific chakras according to color and the vibrational wave.

My malichite necklace came with a tag that explains malachite as the following;
"Very powerful in aiding with the interpretation and transfer of information that leads to spiritual evolution. Especially useful for those on a spiritual path. Also worn as protection for travellers."

A little bit of research reveals that malachite is what is responsible for the green color of tarnished copper and bronze and it can be transformed into copper by heat. That transformation seems significant.

Apparently in the the Middle Ages malachite was worn to protect from black magic and sorcery and in Ancient Greece amulets for children were made of malachite. Some sources believe that malachite relaxes the nervous system and calms stormy emotions. It is said to bring harmony into your life. It is also believed that malachite gives knowledge and patience.

From a chakra point of view malachite is linked to both the throat and heart chakras. Hmmm... so the high heart being that "in-between" of throat and heart seems to really be a match for malachite.

Also known as the stone of "balance and transformation" this points to the high heart chakra where the transformation of spiritual knowledge, intuition, and wisdom can be brought to the physical being. Perhaps malachite can bring that understanding. The idea that malachite has been used for protection for travelers strikes a cord for me too. Maybe that traveling is between the dimensions- the transurfing ideas, where knowledge can be acquired and brought back to the physical realms.

Whatever the potential powers, my new necklace is a beautiful green Christmas color. Maybe that peace, balance and spiritual evolution is the "spirit of Christmas".

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twenties Girl: An Entertaining Ghost Story

I have just finished a totally fun and entertaining book that was once again passed on to me very casually by a friend. It's Sophie Kinsella's "Twenties Girl". Most people probably already know Sophie Kinsella from the Shopaholic books- I've never read them but maybe I'll try them out now because I really loved this one.

In "Twenties Girl" the main character, Lara, is visited by the ghost of her great-aunt. This ghost is not scary or frightening exactly but rather is very fashionably dressed in 1920s style, has a passion for certain cocktails, and is extremely demanding!! Not a ghost to be ignored.

This is the kind of book that just "takes you away" without having to worry about anything or anyone, no real angst about how it will all turn out, no deep lessons to be learned. Well, maybe there are some lessons to be learned actually. The point is that it makes you think without it hurting! It's just entertaining and in the process you might pick up a few ideas that affect your life in a positive way.

Lara's ghost turns out to be more of a guardian angel but not in the traditional sense at all! She shakes things up, and certainly has an agenda of her own but there are things to be learned from that. At one point in the book, Lara even takes the Bach flower Rescue Remedy! I was impressed!

But you won't need Rescue Remedy while you read this. If the holiday shopping, stressful life stuff has got you frazzled this would be a great read and way to lighten up your life a bit. Makes you remember that life is really meant to be enjoyed and intuition should always be listened to!

I highly recommend it!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Shopping Irritation & Beech

So today is "Black Friday" in the U.S. It sounds ominous, but apparently just means great deals in the Thanksgiving/Christmas spirit. The holiday spirit seems in full force in Canada as well as retailers are quick to point out they are putting specials on "just like our American counterparts". Hmmm... If the very thought of struggling through crowds to find yet another "must have" at a good price leaves you feeling irritated and disgruntled- Beech might be a good Bach flower for you.

Perhaps it comes to mind to me today as I struggle with some computer issues that are taking my "zen-ness" away in little bits and pieces!

The Bach flower Beech is indicated if you are feeling intolerant of what you perceive as other people's shortcomings. It is recommended if you are finding yourself bothered by the mannerisms of others, if noises that usually wouldn't both you are grating to your nerves, and you find yourself just a little "ticked off at the world". When in a Beech mood you are convinced you are right and the rest of the world is wrong. You are convinced you deserve that special item and no one else should dare even be in the line-up ahead of you. If that woman that is talking cheerfully to the check-out person while you wait four customers behind her loaded down with deals you aren't even sure you want anyway, is making you feel homicidal - Beech is indicated!!

Beech is not a "soul type" but is either a passing mood or in more extreme instances a condition that builds up over time. The Beech tree is said to be able to grow up with any other species of tree or vegetation but no others can grow up under a Beech tree. The tree grows others out or pushes them away. Beech trees seem strong and dominate but in fact they have a very superficial hold with their roots spread over the ground without penetrating very deep. In a strong wind a Beech tree may be upturned and torn from it's hold on the earth. Like the tree, people that can benefit from Beech don't tolerate competition well and close themselves off from others either by pushing them away or withdrawing.

So if the holiday mood has you in a Beech "spirit", consider a couple of drops of Beech in a glass of egg nog before you hit the mall!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bird Flu, Flu Vaccines & Alternative Choices

Last year at this time we were at the height of the H1N1 or "swine flu" outbreak. So far this year, we haven't heard much talk of any influenza outbreaks. The flu vaccine is making the rounds again, and just in the past few weeks I have talked to a lot of people who once again are questioning whether or not to get it. A few days ago there has been a confirmed case of bird flu in a flock of turkeys in Manitoba. The farm is under quarantine and they have yet to identify the strain of virus. It is not a reason for panic, but if it gets picked up in the media it could be the tipping point that triggers a lot of anxiety as people inaccurately, without facts interpret the risk as high. Bird virus's do have a history of mutating to cause issues in humans.

This is therefore a good time to really consider your choices and educate yourself so you know what you want to do to protect and treat yourself and your family from illness.

During the H1N1 outbreak, a lot of people were really scared of the flu vaccine and were searching rather blindly for alternatives. When the dragon is breathing down your neck, it isn't a good time to be thinking about going with a new sword maker! Before the dragon approaches would be a better time. That means, now is a good time to do some research and decide what is right for you.

I won't make the decision on vaccination or not for anyone but myself. I do understand the need to limit the amount of people getting sick at once. We don't have health care systems that can effectively support the possible impacts of a large scale pandemic. I can tell you that there are a lot options beyond conventional therapy.

It is worth researching nosodes. Nosodes are homeopathic versions of vaccines. The influenzium nosode is prepared each year according to the circulating viruses of that flu season in much the same fashion as the "flu shot". Unlike the conventional vaccine the nosode doesn't contain any other ingredients and it is taken as a grandual or tablet, not in needle form. Taking the nosode introduces your body to the viruses and encourages your immune system to build up a line of defense.

Thymuline is another homeopathic that is often taken in conjunction with a nosode and during "flu season" or any time a persons immune system may be strained. Thymuline stimulates the body's immune system to work effectively.

Perelandra has a specific seasonal flu preparation that is created as an essence. It is directed to be taken during the flu season (which would be now) as 12 drops a day once a day during the season, or twice a day if people around you are sick. This essence can be supplemented with Immune essence and Lymphatic essence to further boost your response.

Oscilloccinum and Homeocoksinum are both packaged forms of combination homeopathics developed from bird virus that may be effective to treat the initial flu symptoms and may prevent the symptoms from worsening if taken on initial onset.

If particular symptoms do occur they can be treated according to the symptoms and what the individual responds to rather than a "one size fits all" treatment. Aconitum, Belladona, Bryonia, Arsenicum, Eupatorum, Mercurius, and Gelsemium are just a few that might be helpful according to the symptoms.

I will admit I take issue with people that refuse the conventional medicine advice to get a flu shot and then rush to use the conventional system when they get sick with the symptoms of influenza. I think that's like not wearing a seat belt and then expecting the health care system to put all their resources into fixing you when you sustain preventable injuries.

I believe we have a personal responsibility for our health. That means realizing that flu season is upon us whether it's H1N1 that circulates this year, or a different strain of bird flu, or something all together different. We all have a responsibility to be prepared to look after ourselves to the best of our abilities. That means doing the research now and creating your Family Flu Plan. Get the supplies you and your family might need to get through a bad bout of illness when you are all healthy and happy and not spreading the virus as you shop in the stores!

If you want more information on flu preparedness ideas, visit my website at - that could be the first place you start to do your research!

Then put together a family preparedness kit and relax. Once you know what your options are, and have the supplies you need you can be prepared not scared. And when the media starts focusing on the fear factor you can be secure in the knowledge that you personally know what to do. Who knows- maybe you'll feel safe enough to go ahead and kiss that swine flu good-bye!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mousetraps, Boundaries and Chakras

About a month ago an energy healer that helps me a lot personally asked me what the mice were trying to tell me. Now, we both admit we have some pretty weird conversations, but I had no idea where that one was going! I sloughed it off with a joke about how my dirty kitchen was a mouse banquet and didn't think about it anymore- until yesterday.

Yesterday I was reminded of the concept of borders and boundaries. This is a theory familiar to social work and counselling. Counsellors often approach emotional issues and family conflicts by examining appropriate and inappropriate boundaries. Crossing the line between what's appropriate may "allow" for any host of problems including sexual and physical abuse, addictions- any manner of behavioral problem. Most helping professions focus on boundaries in their training programs. Therapists are taught to maintain strict boundaries between the client/therapist relationship. Emergency workers are taught to distance themselves from the angst of others- lots of them consciously remind themselves that "this is not my emergency" in order to cope.

Biology theories and conventional medicine are also very aware of boundaries. They look at cell boundaries in particular. Cells that are growing with irregular, inappropriate boundaries are often cancer cells- in fact to some degree that is the definition of cancer.

Although less formally- we are all aware of the concept. We teach children what is appropriate to tell others and what should be kept private, or within the boundary of close family members. We select what information we what to hear from our friends and when, and what news or movies we are unwilling to watch.

It occurs to me that the degree to which chakras are open or closed is the setting of that boundary. And the lesson for each chakra as we develop is to identify to what degree and in what situation we open or close that chakra to allow energy to flow. At the root chakra we discover that being too open may cause us to engage in unsafe behavior, or we may be overly materialistic. If not open enough we may have poor self-esteem and be very fearful.

At the high heart chakra, if we are too open we don't maintain the boundary between higher self and spirituality and our physical being and we can feel dizzy, anxious,and "out of body". If we block the high heart chakra too much we may miss the spiritual information and emotional enlightenment all together and appear cold, aloof, unapproachable and uncaring.

To take this a step further, I believe there may be a connection between unhealthy chakras and physical manifestations of disease such as cancer and heart disease. I'm certainly not the first or only one that thinks this- this is what a lot of alternative healing is based on. A lot of people in their late 50's early 60's seem to experience conditions such as cancers and heart disease. I wonder if it the lack of boundaries finally catching up. At a time when people have a lot of accumulated wisdom and enlightenment, if you don't bring that wisdom into a contained boundary of your physical body- does disease manifest? When the demands of a career in full swing, financial challenges, friends with life cycle problems such as divorce,illness and changes, new family dynamics with children moving out, maybe bringing other family members in etc. you need to re-examine and readjust your boundaries in order to clearly maintain your healthy sense of self.

How can I relate this to mice you wonder? Well, the issue for me and the mice is a lack of boundaries. I'm quite happy to have them running around outside where there is lots of food and shelter for them. I do really need to draw the line at the house- they scare the beejeepers out of me! So I put up traps in the kitchen. They didn't respect my boundaries and kept running around anyway. I tried asking the neighbours cats to help- they just waited at the doorstep for me to "throw out the dead". I didn't want to extend the boundary but I did- put traps out on the perimeter. I need to be assertive with these mice and really "mean what I say"- "no mouse in the house". If you've ever read the kids book "If you give a mouse a cookie", you know why you have to maintain control!!!

I also need to be assertive in who I allow in to my life, how I use my energy, drawing the line between personal and professional time and carving time for myself. I need to be aware of and monitor my chakras!

So that's what the mice were trying to tell me! I hear you- now get out of the house!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cutie's Cough: Homeopathics and Respect

In one of the very first blogs I wrote, I introduced you to Cutie, the by no means "miniature", horse. He had a really bad cough and I tried all kinds of natural and homeopathic things. And I worried. And I took it quite personally that I couldn't figure out what he needed. And I worried. And I talked to friends about his cough and tried to convince myself he would be okay. And I worried.

Finally I called Marijke from Riva's Remedies. I really can't do justice to the things that Marijke does in a short blog but she is a Homeopathic Practitioner, an Equine Health and Nutrition Specialist, a Medical Intutitve & Healer, and the author of "Healing Horses: Their Way!". Marijke will do distance consults as well as site visits and she has done amazing things for one of my rescue horses, and for people I know as well.

Marijke talked to Cutie and got the real story. He had got some moldy hay- the last of last years season and I should have listened to my intuition and not given it to him in the first place. He was really struggling with all kinds of resultant immune deficiences and allergic reactions as a result.

Marijke recommended a number of things (and sent them to me- she doesn't make you find them yourself!). All her remedies are natural. Cutie needed a lot of immune boosting help. Even before the package came Cutie seemed different. He still coughed but he seemed to be breathing better. A lot of the remedies he "shared" with his sister and there was no way I could get him to take them (which is strange because Cutie will eat anything) and no way I could stop her from eating them (again not typical behavior). In the end I stopped fighting it and realized this might be part of the arrangement he has with his sister- she is quite a healing horse herself. One remedy that really helped a lot, and Cutie got these without sharing, was Lachesis. This is a homeopathic that among other things works for dry, suffocative cough, difficulty breathing and sore throat- all of which Cutie told Marijke he had! Only a few days of this and he was much much better. The cough persisted for a few weeks but lessened in both frequency and intensity and we all relaxed about it.

What was pretty obvious to me was that Mr. Magnificent (Cutie is just a stage name) really wanted to be respected and listened too and needed the same attention his big sister got! He really needed to talk to Marijke like his sister had and be seen as the important horse he truly is. For weeks after he was really healed he used a cough when he wanted to get my attention!!

Cutie is no longer coughing at all. I am not longer worried. I have learned lessons. Sometimes we need to get help in our healing. Sometimes we need to "call in the specialists". And at the end of the day, all anyone wants is to be listened to- humans and animals alike!

Lachesis works for humans as well by the way. Cutie needed the 30CH preparation which can be found in most health food stores as a homeopathic preparation. He also need a follow up of 1M preparation which in most cases you do have to get through a homeopathic practitioner such as Marijke.

To get more information on Riva's Remedies, check out Marijke's website at

Monday, November 22, 2010

Airport Security: A different perspective

I will admit I have this duality thing going on. One side of me is the "Pixie Dust Healing" person and the other is still an "Emergency Manager". I used to (like last month!) think that the emergency manager was going to fade away. Instead I think it is merging with other parts of me. I do believe Essence of Perelandra is helping me make this merger.

So...when I see all the news and Internet hype and controversy about the airport security screening, the merged me sees things from a particular perspective.

The Pixie Dust/Alternative Healing side of me wants to ignore the issue all together. I want to tune out the news and certainly avoid all things negative. I don't read the emails that come my way suggesting I view the pat downs on you-tube videos or examine the science behind how the radiation will cause cancer or consider the conspiracy theories of why government is doing this. I have read Eckhert Tolle and Vadim Zeland and I don't want to get on the pendulums of anger and outrage any more than I want to join the pendulum of fear of attack and destruction.

But then the emergency manager in me sneaks in. I have written a textbook on Emergency Management of Terrorist and Criminal Events. I have researched how easy it is to make and conceal bombs. I have examined the psychology of terrorism and radical groups. There is some cause for concern. Hmm....

Then I "merged myself" (it didn't hurt!) in a moment of clarity. I thought about some of the interviews I have seen on the topic. An airline worker had to remove a prosthetic breast- horrible and degrading and yet, that actually would be a very effective way to conceal plastic explosives. One of her issues was that airline personnel are already heavily screened in the hiring process and therefore shouldn't have to go through regular security at every airport. A senator talked about why such increased security was required but suggested the slow lines could be sped up by allowing some individuals to avoid security all together because they weren't threats and couldn't possibly be terrorists- specifically senators!

What "merged me" realizes is that we are all looking at the "us versus them" mentality. We all know "we": our group, people like us,whatever that means, aren't terrorists, so we should be exempt from such screening. But we do want "them": people that aren't like us, to have to be examined and restricted so we can be safe.

If we could all see each other as fellow humans, connected and a part of each other maybe the issues would dissolve. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get off both pendulums and just admire the technology that enables us to visit family and friends and expand our views and explore our world in ways never before possible.

So I guess the merger isn't complete because I don't have any tangible solutions to make that happen. Maybe it isn't about solutions though- maybe it's just about mass consciousness starting to see things in a different light?

In the meantime- while I think there is still a need for monitoring threat levels I also think the Bach flowers: Beech (for irritation), Mimulus (for known fears), Rock Rose (for terror); and Holly (for anger) might all be helpful depending on your travel perspective!!

I'll go back to chakras now!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chakra Foods

I'm still working on Chakras. In fact I'm doing some research for a novel that will involve chakras, food, colors, Bach flowers and women- at least that's the plan. It's an advanced, adult version of Melvin's Balloons. There, having written that in my blog I now feel like I really have to stick with it and not abandon this writing idea like so many others! Hmm....

I have discovered that certain foods and spices are linked to different chakras. Ginger for instance is linked to the first or root chakra. The root chakra is related to the feelings and developmental stages of safety and security. When it is balanced we feel confident that our basic needs are being provided. If you have faith and trust that your needs will be met, your root chakra may be balanced and healthy. If however you are fearful, overly concerned about materialistic things, emotionally needy or find yourself engaging in overly risky physical activities "just because", your root chakra may be unbalanced- either too open or blocked.

If you can actually smell those ginger cookies on today's picture and if that brings your emotions to a time when you felt particularly cared for, safe and secure- perhaps memories of a mother or grandmother or a favorite Aunt it may be that your root chakra does resonate with ginger and basic comforts. The smell of "Nannie's Ginger Cookies" baking is particularly reassuring on some basic level.

Maybe that's what we really mean by comfort foods. Certain foods help comfort unbalanced chakras or at least make us consider those particular deep emotions.

If you are feeling particularly emotional today anyway, consider the fact that it is a Full Moon. Not only is it full, apparently it is a Full Moon in Taurus which can translate into particularly emotional and tearful times. A Full Moon is said to stir emotion and the illumination of the full moon corresponds to illumination of self when you see yourself objectively and consider if what you want in your heart is actually manifest in your life. Sounds a bit like a connection to that High Heart Chakra again from yesterday's entry!

So if it's a bit of basic security you feel you are missing, let the tears flow and then consider a batch of real homemade ginger cookies or a cup of ginger tea. They don't have to be made for you- create your own security!

Friday, November 19, 2010

High Heart Chakra

Chakra's and chakra healing are part of many alternative therapies and date back to very ancient healing practices.

"The Chakra system is based on energy centers found throughout the body. Each center contributes to a stage of development, a life lesson, a feeling or emotion and combined they contribute to the overall spirit of each of us as individuals."

The above quote comes from an explanation page in the back of "Melvin's Balloons", my children's book that links emotions to colors. For a basic introduction to chakra colors check it out at or my website

There are considered to be seven major chakras but other, perhaps more subtle chakras also exist or perhaps are developing in humans.

One of these "new" or lesser known chakras is the High Heart of Thymic Chakra. It is located between the Heart (4th) and Throat (5th) chakras. As an "in between" chakra it functions as a bridge between the levels above and below it.

With so many people experiencing difficulties adjusting to new and changing energy levels, I wonder if the High Heart Chakra is involved.

This Chakra is said to reflect a person's understanding, acceptance and practice of the universal concepts of Universal Love and Compassion. If this Chakra is open and balanced you are said to be open to higher spiritual levels and have both love and aspiration for the Divine as well as selfless love for those around you. You can connect your dreams with waking reality. If overactive, this chakra can cause you to lose grounding on the practical mundane level. If unbalanced, you may indulge in spiritual theories while ignoring the needs of others. If blocked or closed you may reject spiritual realities all together and only see the physical side of life. This will leave you unable to epxress emotions even though you actually feel them on some level.

This in-between chakra is about transitions. Barbara Brennan indicates this chakra may be the doorway for the "soul seat", which she says is the source of meaning, direction and spiritual longing in life. The color and crystal it seems most similar to is aquamarine and there is a strong connect to Dolphin energy and this chakra. Wearing aquamarine may help open the spiritual high heart and quiet the mental body to become receptive to higher realms and influences. The qualities association with this chakra are humanitarian actions as well as serenity, peacefulness, balanced emotions and patience.

So... it occurs to me that physical and emotional difficulties during this time of transition may well be linked to the High Heart Chakra. The solution.... chakra balancing may be helpful,wearing aquamarine or turquoise may help,awareness most definitely will be helpful, many of the perelandra essences may address this level of healing, the Bach flower Holly is indciated, and I will look for some other ideas.... stay tuned.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rings and Things

We really do have a fascination with Royalty. Of all the items that made the news recently, one of the biggest stories seems to be Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement. And out of the whole event, one of the most controversial debates appears to be whether or not is it a good or bad thing that the engagement ring Prince William gave to Kate is actually his late mothers' (Lady Di's) famous ring. There are even on-line polling sites where you can place your vote and right a comment as to how you feel on the subject! I personally, don't think they care, or should care, what I think about the matter and I trust they made the decision that was right for them!

The whole controversy did make me think about some rings that have entered my life though. At one point in time I was co-owner of a restaurant- a fast-food franchise actually. A lot of unusual things happened during that period in my life- one of which was that rings seemed to "come to us" through the restaurant. It became not unusual to find a discarded wedding or engagement ring left behind on a table. That seems bizarre to me. They were never found in the washrooms where you might be able to imagine someone had taken it off to wash their hands and left it there. They were never found in the kitchen area in the back where it might have been staff. Rather they were found on table tops, on discarded food trays or in the parking lot.

The first time a ring was left behind we carefully put it in the safe and told staff about it, positive someone would come in tearfully looking for their ring in the hope that someone had retrieved it. I imagined how good it was going to feel to be able to tell them that "Yes" we had carefully put it away for them. Not the case- NEVER has anyone come back or phoned looking for one. And yet, people called from out of the country when they realized they had left a ball hat behind and asked if we could "please ship it back to them"- we did. They have returned for scarfs, mittens, toys, and I have seen people dive between cars in the parking lot for a stray coin. Yet the rings remained homeless.

After several years of being in the safe, we figured maybe we should see if we could do something with the rings. One of them really "called to me" and for some reason I put it on. I loved it and it was the perfect fit! I wore it and was feeling good about it when I met up with a friend that does channelling. She felt very clearly that I should not wear the ring, and had very specific direction as to what I should do with it. I followed her instructions. I took the ring immediately to another friend who does "clearings" and by times has released spirits from objects such as jewelery. I had already taken the ring off feeling it wasn't mine to wear and wasn't really a good thing. The friend did the same thing I did and immediately tried it on-even though I had told her the instructions I had received with the caveat that maybe there was a rather unhappy soul attached to it.

My friend is still wearing the ring. She loves it and does feel some spiritual attraction to it but believes it is right for her. In fact it seems to have brought her some luck and positive energy. This ring is on quite a journey. When the time is right my friend feels she will pass it on to someone else that needs it.

The other rings are still homeless. I wonder what stories they can tell? It does seem that spiritual energy is everywhere and the energy of people still lingers on their jewelery- particularly significant pieces like rings or favorite necklaces. Maybe that is why we find so much comfort in pieces we have from loved ones. I cherish my mother's engagement ring and my grandmother's as well. I don't feel I could ever wear them but I like having them around.

As for Kate and William- I think the spirit of Lady Di is a force to be reckoned with: both a constant and a comfort in their lives anyway. Maybe the world just needed to see that ring again?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time to "be"

I found myself in possession of a very rare and unusual thing today- time. I'm pretty good at spinning myself in multiple directions. I know all about "busy work" and typically have a lot of projects going all at once with at least one or two things that I am behind in. But something happened today...

I went to yoga class (always wonderful!), went for a long and enlightening coffee chat afterwards, picked up some groceries and came home. And then I realized- I had nothing I "had to do". Hit me like a ton of bricks because I can't really remember when or if I've ever had that feeling before- at least not since the age of 12 I'd guess- and that was a long time ago.

Now don't get me wrong. There were lots of things I "could and should" do. Anyone that knows me knows that I should always clean the house (because I rarely do and it shows), I could always shovel horse manure, or go for a walk, or start a new project, or get caught up with a multitude of books I'm readying- or update my blog. But while all those things were options, for the first time ever, I didn't feel like I "had" to do any of them.

It was a actually a bit of an unsettling feeling. It's no where near the same as "getting a moment to myself" or "figuring out what I should do next" or having a "minute to sit down with a cup of tea","having a chance to visit with a friend" or "having the time to read a good book"- it's not DOING anything and not even something I consciously did- it just happened. This is even different than meditating because the act of meditating in itself is "doing something". I think this is the stillness and being that Eckhert Tolle has been talking about in his books.

I'm not sure how or why this happened. I was in a pretty "zen" moment from yoga class. I have been taking "Perelandra Natural Aging" for a couple of weeks now and I do feel it has been allowing me to develop some mature insight so maybe that was it.

I couldn't stay in that space for long. It's actually a bit unnerving and I think something one needs to try out in small spaces. It does feel incredibly peaceful and is worth letting go to achieve.

Now that I have an idea of what it feels like I will "allow" (not try because it doesn't work like that!) it to happen more often. I highly recommend it!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bullying: There's a Bach Flower for that!!

I was still thinking of the energy vampires from yesterdays' blog and that led to consider the concept bullying and how it too seems to be a very big part of pop culture now. A lot of celebrities are focused on the problem and they seem to be talking about and bringing awareness to the seriousness and prevalence of the issues.

There are also anti-bullying programs everywhere. Seems they are even targeted to specific audiences. You can find incidence of workplace as well as school bullying. There are programs designed specifically to combat gay bullying as well. Rosalind Wisemand has created some interesting curriculum that focus on bullying for girls and her book (picture on today's blog) "Queen Bees Wannabes" is an excellent read particularly if you have a teenage daughter, are a teenage girl, have ever been a teenage girl, or ever knew a teenage girl! It seems the problem exists across cultures and in every facet of present day life.

I'm sure my friends are pretty tired of hearing me say "there is a Bach flower essence for that", every time they bring up a problem centered around emotions, but honestly... there is a Bach flower for every emotion and it seems that most problems in some way or another cycle back to our emotions and how we feel about the issue.

I have been treating some young clients that have been victims of bullying. In some cases, Larch helps to boost confidence and self esteem. Sometimes Mimulus or Rock Rose is helpful if there is a real fear or terror of going to school. Gorse is indicated if they see no hope for getting out of the situation and have given up trying, and Centaury and Willow can be indicated for the victim feeling.

But.. I am a big believer in getting to the root of a problem. The person or group that is doing the bullying is also evidence of emotions not in balance! And ... "there's a Bach for that!". Vine is the classic Bach Flower essence for people who tend to dominate and bully others. There is a positive balance of this attribute. When Vine people are balanced, they are determined without being controlling and are able to see the good in others so that they can encourage and guide without forcing. Balanced "Vine people" make great leaders, teachers, bosses and parents!

For more information on specific Bach Flower combinations, check out my website or email me.

Maybe if we treated both sides of the problem we could find the perfect balance for all. And that's all I think everyone wants in this life- balance.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Energy Vampires and Dizzy Spells

First of all, let me just say it took me a long time to search for a vampire picture that was calm enough to post! Wow!, those things are scary and gross!

The subject came up because at the moment I'm reading "Reality Transurfing" by Vadim Zeland. There are three books in the series and the particular one I am reading right now is number "3. Forward to the Past".

Vadim Zeland worked in quantum physics research prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the post-Soviet era he work in the field of IT. Today he lives in Russia and continues to write as he develops new methods for "controlling reality". His books were originally written in Russian and have only recently been translated to English. They are not an "easy read" and I find I have to read them pretty slowly but there is a lot of very interesting information in there that makes sense to me.

Zeland explains that if you are feeling low energy, weak, tired before you even get up and dizzy you might in fact have a low life force. H explains life force as somewhat like your aura, or the electromagnetic field that surrounds you- quantum physics stuff. He explains that there is more than enough external energy to keep supplying you with everything you need but we find it easier to take energy from other people than replenishing our own supply. He says energy vampires tune into your frequency and subconsciously drain your energy. You know that person that always grabs your arm when talking to you, knows howe to adjust to someone's temper and personality, pesters you with small talk and looks intrusively into your eyes? That's an ingratiating vampire according to Zeland. Manipulators are another type. They tune into the frequency of guilt and will find victims from people that submit to judgements, and are looking for advice and support to supply their guilt complex. The third type of vampire Zeland describes is a provoker. These vampires go on the attack getting their victim to loose their temper and get out of balance releasing energy in the process.

People don't set out to be vampires robbing you of energy. People don't see your energy and intentionally try to take it. But through life we all notice that certain situations and circumstances in our reactions with others bring us satisfaction, and a rush of energy. So we try to repeat the experience and that's when we can become vampires and the energy draining occurs.

If after engaging with someone you feel as though your spirits are low, you are weak and dizzy and drained- you might have been in a vampire/victim relationship with the other person. When your life force energy is low you are more likely to get involved in problematic situations and are an easier target so your energy continues and continues to be drained.

You don't have to avoid going out after dark or wear a garlic necklace! Nor do you have to consider who might be a vampire and avoid them. In fact, that kind of conscious thought according to Zeldan might make the problem worse. Instead he suggests you strengthen your protective energy shield.

This protective energy shield concept exists in a lot of alternative energy healing. You visualize the energy field around you and allow energy to flow in and out creating almost a bubble around you as a type of protection. Zeldan descirbes it as imagining a water fountain of energy around you. It isn't about holding energy in or accumulating energy, it's about continually supplying yourself with external energy available from nature- not from someone else. Chakra balancing and reiki treatments to some extent work with this principle.

If you are exposed to "energy vampire situations", there are some essences that might help as well. Perelandra Emergency Trauma Solution(ETS Plus)might address the energy drain. The Bach Flower Aspen might help if you are unsure who is draining the energy from you (check out an earlier post on this blog about Aspen and Halloween), and the Bach Flower Pine might help you deal with the feelings of guilt that could be predisposing you to the drain.

The concept of "vampires" seems to be prevalent in our culture again. There are an incredible number of popular books and movies for teens and young adults that center around vampires. A quick check of the Internet can put you in touch with groups and organizations centered around the concept. You can find accessories and outfits and tattoos and all kinds of things I don't understand on the topic. I wonder if part of the reason for this "return from the past" is because on some level we feel the drain and want to acknowledge it? Maybe Vadim Zeland's "Forward to the Past" title is saying exactly that!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quantum K: Free Healing Experience

Every once in a while you come across something really amazing and find someone that is healing just because they "believe". I think that is what Andrew Kemp is doing with his Quantum K healing. The premise of this healing comes from quantum physics and he has incorporated those principles into computer technology to offer healing to the mind body and soul. On his website he explains:

"This unique experience is based on the combination of sound, colour, fractal geometry, harmonics and symbols. These concepts were originally explored in the ‘Quantum K’ manual, designed primarily for my clients and complementary healthcare therapists in the United Kingdom. It was the success and popularity of this manual that encouraged me to move into this new medium. "

You can download this QuantumK Healing experience for free! Then you just sit back and watch your computer screen and listen to the music while reading the words and watching the pictures. I really can't do justice to describe it, but it's well worth the 23 minutes to go in and do it. You can find it at You can even download the manual for free or read it online.

I was excited to find that Andrew Kemp has also developed a blog. There are a lot of free tools and advice on this blog including a scan list for self-help healing or for healing practitioners to use. The bog is at

Not something I can really explain or describe but anyone I've told about this that has tried it has really liked it. I definately feel something positive when I use it. Let me know what you think!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bowen Therapy for Seizures: Scientific Evidence

Not a lot of alternative healing techniques are backed with scientific evidence. I think there are a number of reasons for this. A lot of healers have arrived at their specialty having been healed by it themselves. They know that it works from personal experience and that's all the evidence they need. Many alternative treatments are based on inner knowing, intuition and energy changes that are hard to measure and don't fit "under the microscope" for study purposes. Many of the clinical trials and science being done on health treatment is actually a marketing tool by large corporations in order to convince people they "need" something and because the risk of side effects or injury is significant enough to require careful analysis. Most alternative therapies don't carry the same degree of risk. Many true healers are also really not trying to get rich or famous from their talents. They often don't market in any way other than word of mouth and you don't find them advertising on television or in speaking circuits. In fact, you often have to look hard to find them! They don't feel the need to tell the world.

However, I personally think it's really helpful when there is some scientific study or research behind alternative techniques. It does help to bring possibilities to people that have no idea where to start or how to find help.

So when a friend of mine sent me scientific study results on the effectiveness of Bowen Therapy for seizures I felt compelled to "pass it on".

Interestingly, Bowen Therapy is not that old as far as alternative treatments go. It was first developed by Mr. Tom Bowen when he returned to Australia after military service in WWII. In 1975 an Australian Government inquiry into alternative health practices (created out of skepticism) actually ended up promoting his extraordinary success. Since 1986 his technique has been taught through the Bowen Academy of Australia.

Bowen uses gentle non-invasive muscle rolls that stimulate the body to reset and heal itself. A session usually lasts between 30minutes to an hour. It has been used to treat a multitude of symptoms and conditions from musclo-skeletal through respiratory, digestive and gynecological. It has also been helpful for anxiety, chronic fatigue and dizziness.

The seizure protocol includes 9 sessions over a 6 month period. Liz Corbtett conducted a study of 7 particpants between 2008 and 2009. Results document the number of seizures experienced prior to and after therapy. Subjective questions on quality of life were also tabulated. The number of seizures decreased and the intensity lessened for ALL participants. Significant differences in quality of life were also experienced.

You can find extensive information on Bowen therapy on Liz Corbetts website For specific information on the seizure protocol and study results go to

For information on alternative healing techniques for specific conditions visit my website at

Thanks to everyone that brings healing to the world and thanks to those that work to prove it!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Fix: Just a Sandwich

A couple of days ago a sandwich made a really big impression on me and I just felt like writing about it so here goes...

I was having a really busy work day in the emergency management aspect of my life. I was out checking emergency sites and dropped in to have a quick coffee with a friend. Her life was as chaotic as mine if not more at the time but for totally different reasons. We both started talking as soon as I walked in the door but we are both multi-taskers so just kept talking while getting the coffee poured. Then my friend opened the fridge and handed me an already made sandwich wrapped in saran wrap and ready to go- and had a second one in there for herself- because no one likes to eat alone. She just passed one to me and told me she knew how much I was running around and figured I likely wouldn't have had a chance to eat and might not get one for a bit so "here you go" type thing. We ate and drank and talked. I wasn't there long before work and phone calls were piling up for both of us and I left.

The next morning I was thinking about that sandwich actually when I got an email from her saying "thanks for listening" and thanks for knowing that she didn't need anything "fixed" just needed to be listened too. It seemed ironic to me that she was thanking me for that day when in fact what I had been thinking was that in the middle of the all the things she was juggling and doing that morning she had stopped to make me a sandwich to take care of my basic needs. She didn't offer to make one when I arrived because I undoubtedly would have said "oh don't bother" and in fact she knew what I needed when I hadn't even thought of it. That's just what she is like. I told her that I didn't think anyone ever needs "fixing". We all just want to be listened too. Maybe because one person's fix will rarely work for another person anyway. We all have different realities. It dawned on me that although none of us need a fix- sometimes a sandwich, or a random act of kindness, or a good listening ear can make a big impression.

It also occurs to me that true friendship is that real sense of sharing when we can both walk away from a visit thinking the other one has done something marvelous for us without realizing we have given as much as we have taken.

I am lucky to have a lot of friends like that in my life and for that I am truly grateful. I also realize that my friends are very different and I get (and probably give) different things from each of them. I am also grateful that the universe seems to realize which friend I need at exactly what time!

Remembrance Day Celebrations?:Bring out the Honeysuckle!

In Canada, today is Remembrance Day when we honor the memories of those that have and continue to serve their country through military service.

To me, and I don't think I'm alone here, November 11th always feels very sad and heavy and quite depressing. The weather in Nova Scotia often cooperates with this feeling as I can remember many a Remembrance day service standing in a cold rain or at least drizzle while the wind blew in from the Northeast. I have relatives that were decorated as very prominent soldiers in wartime so it's a family tradition to treat this day with respect. I also have friends who have served overseas and have belonged to the military community. But why all the sadness?

Shouldn't it be a day of celebration? Aren't we supposed to be happy for what others have done for us and for the fact that on our own soil at least we are not experiencing war? We enjoy many freedoms and peace perhaps because of past conflict (although that's debatable) so why aren't we feeling lightened by that?

There is no denying that we can develop "collective consciousness" and an overall sense of feeling or emotion. We are so good at having that heavy sense of sadness that we should be able to turn it around to celebration I think.

Maybe we should just infuse the Bach Flower Honeysuckle into all gatherings on Remembrance Day. Honeysuckle is recommended when people are unable to get over unhappy past experiences and continue to live in the past. People who could benefit from Honeysuckle aren't clinging to happiness in the past but instead a sense of regret or painful circumstances. The positive potential of Honeysuckle is to no longer experience the past as overpowering, but to see it as a valuable experience, providing lessons for today. The balancing nature of Honeysuckle allows people to move forward with no regrets, seeing the past as an accepted natural process.

On Melvin's Balloons blog Melvin talked today about the power of the white symbols of Remembrance Day. They represent peace and bring balance to the red poppy as the symbol of safety and security. So lets bring that balance to the day and actually celebrate our growth and understanding- learning from the past as we move forward.

Nature seems to agree with me today- it's a beautiful sunny day here and the first time we have truly seen the sun in days!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Impatiens: Bach Flower for patient relaxation

The world is spinning pretty fast these days, of that I am sure. It is hard not to get caught up in the spin and chaos and sometimes this can lead to the feeling that no matter how fast things occur, they aren't fast enough! So if you were the kind of kid that kept pressing and pressing that top until it just couldn't possibly keep up (I know this from experience!), then the Bach Flower essence Impatiens may be of help to you! As I look at my blog entry and comments from yesterday and my feelings about Haiti I realize I should consider my own advice and just sit back and "let be" a bit.

Impatiens is exactly as the name suggests, for people that are impatient. It is also for those that are easily irritated. It is helpful when you are wanting everything to happen instantly and you find yourself acting, speaking and moving quickly. When you are trying to pull the paper out of the laser printer because it is too slow, you stop the microwave before the 1 minute time is up because you can't wait that long, pop the toaster up rather than wait etc. etc. People that are prone to need Impatiens from time to time are usually capable and independent (whew, that makes me feel better!), but they prefer to work alone because they are easily frustrated by slower co-workers and time wasting. Hmm...

If I have described anyone besides myself, you might want to consider a couple of drops of Impatiens to help you relax, remain good-humored with others and cope calmly and diplomatically with irritating problems. If you find yourself with more bruises and injuries in an "accident prone" cycle, that can also be a clue. Impatiens can help you slow down in a fast paced world.

If you'd like more information on Impatiens or any other Bach flower essence check out my website or send me an email- now you know I check them constantly because I just can't stand to wait!!

And if you were thinking of buying that spinning top in the picture- slow down and read the reports- it's on a recall list due to lead paint- sorry Pooh Bear...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cholera in Haiti: Homeopathic Cure?

We've had a lot of rain in the past few days and it has created some emergency management issues for areas in Nova Scotia. In some places people have had to be evacuated. As people personally struggle with flooded basements, short term evacuations and property loss, I just can't get the situation in Haiti out of my mind.

Imagine if you weren't living in the best of environments in the first place when you got hit with an earthquake that basically took out all infrastructure. Then you were hit with massive floods. Combine that all together and now you have contaminated water causing Cholera. Wow...

The earthquakes and the flooding are natural events and can't be "undone" and weren't even really surprises from an emergency management perspective. But it seems as thought since we could anticipate infectious disease as a resultant impact, maybe we could react in some effective ways? And by we, I guess I mean - the world, and those not affected at the moment. Maybe that's the problem- defining "we".

Cholera is a bacterial infection caused by the bacterium vibrio cholerae. Like most bacterial epidemics it is transmitted by eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water- both the results of what we might call "sub-standard" living conditions and the inability to provide clean water due to improper waste management. Not a surprise when you have millions of people camping out together due to earthquakes and flooding. Since October over 500 people in Haiti have died of Cholera. People really don't die from the bacteria, they die from fluid loss due to massive vomiting and diarrhea as they react to the bacteria in their system.

There is a history of Cholera epidemics. Cholera struck Europe in 1831. In 1854 another outbreak struck Europe,in 1886 there was an outbreak in China and those just name a few.

The conventional medicine treatment for cholera of intravenous fluids and antibiotics( intravenously)are difficult to administer in the types of conditions present in Haiti right now. But in past epidemics homeopathic treatments have proven effective for Cholera. There is scientific evidence to support this. Check out where they have posted an article by Julian Winston, or an interesting blog I just discovered

From an emergency management point of view homeopathic treatment would be much easier to adminster in the conditions in Haiti. Veratrum Album, Camphora and Cuprum have all been proven effective for the symptoms experienced from cholera. There are others that could work as well. They are all available as granules- simply handed out and self-administered under the tongue. They are cheap to produce and readily available. You don't have to watch for allergic reactions, people don't have to be monitored for side effects. Why can't "we" do this??

I recently watched "The Painted Veil"- cover for the movie is in today's picture. It's a great movie starring Naomi Watts, Edward Norton and Liev Schreiber. It's about a British doctor/scientist that fights a cholera outbreak in China. It a love story but it's also about science and how the Doctor helps purify the water system. In doing so he struggles to "go against conventional thought" and practices. I won't wreck the plot line by telling you what happens, but it's a good movie to watch.

Why can't "we" apply simple or at least easier solutions to big problems?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Colloidal Silver for Colds, Flu, Infection

Silver has been known for it's health properties before the time of Julius Caesar. The Greeks lined water and wine urns with silver to kill bacteria. The Romans used a silver poultice to help heal cuts, burns and sores. In the 14th Century when Europe was experiencing the bubonic plague, wealthy people gave children silver spoons to suck on to prevent them from succumbing to the disease. American settlers put silver dollars in milk to deter its spoilage in warm weather. Since 1884, a mild silver solution has been put in newborns in many countries to reduce eye infections.

Medical research on silver dropped off around the 1940s and 50s when penicillin became a more popular antibiotic. In 1963 however, once again doctors found colloidal silver (silver ground and suspended in water) was good for destroying yeast and fungi.

Technology now provides for a more practical creation of colloidal silver by using electricity to break down silver particles so they can be suspended or dissolved in water. This electrically generated colloidal silver can be taken orally, sprayed on a wound, or used as a topical disinfectant.

Colloidal silver is a natural germ fighter and can be used for colds and flu caused by virus and bacteria. Most people that regularly use silver start taking it orally when they first feel signs of a sore throat or cold symptoms. Some people suggest 1/4 to 1 teaspoon twice a day to fight infections. Practitioners might suggest higher dosages. Colloidal silver has multiple uses for animal health as well as human.

Colloidal silver can be purchased in most health food stores or through many online sources. Silver making machines are also available for making your own batches.

For more information on colloidal silver visit my website or send me an email.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Money grows on trees!

For any of you that grew up like I did within a predominately Scottish heritage in an area like Nova Scotia where trees are one of the most obvious natural resources, you have probably heard the expression, "What do you think- that money grows on trees"? This was an expression I commonly heard when putting in a request for something I was unlikely to get! The answer to the question however, is "yes". Money does grow on trees, at least the higher denomination bills do! In fact, I am old enough that coins stopped at 25 cents so definitely the money grew on trees, or at least "from" trees. Pointing out that fact would not have got the results I was desiring, but still it's an interesting concept.

The picture on this blog is actually of a money tree. I have such a plant- it seems to be growing well, and is supposed to bring me prosperity. I am grateful for it's beauty and it's ability to grow despite my lack of knowledge as to what it might need, but I haven't see more bills in my wallet as a result.

When talking with my friend "Wise Woman" today, we were discussing this concept of money. The question is, why does there seem to be such a disconnect to what brings us money and our true value? Why do so many healers have difficulty actually charging for their services, or putting a price to the things they are doing that actually make a difference in people's lives?

Why is it that the government (Canadian at least) will provide free of charge an influenza shot to anyone that needs it at a cost of well over $100.00 but if you want to buy a homeopathic nosode, use Perelandra Flu essences, or any of the other available and much cheaper treatments you are on your own?

I will admit I don't feel like I ever really understood the concept of money and we seem to be even further removed from it now. Most times money doesn't even exchange hands. We are more likely to use debit cards, credit cards, transfers, even paypal as methods of transactions. Somehow we don't even own or see the bills anymore. When you sell a house for instance, no actual money is really involved. Figures just get switched around in computers. And what about those savings plans and investments- how do you actually buy stock without giving anyone money? How do we assign the value to things the way we do through money that we never even see? Why do we think it makes sense to pay great sports players and entertainers far more money than most healers see in a lifetime. Does that mean that we value being able to go see a good movie or a hockey game on television more than having cancer healed?

It does seem that if most of us couldn't actually produce anything to support or claims for our "net worth", the whole system could quite easily topple?? I wonder...Would things be any different if it did all crash? Hmm..

I have no answer to these questions but just thought maybe I would inspire someone to write me a comment.

Oh, and if anyone wants more information on natural flu treatments check out my website Reading the website is free- buying the treatments will cost you some money, but you can use paypal!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tell me your thoughts: Post a comment on the blog

I really had no idea how do a blog when I started this, or if it would work at all, but it's a little over a month into the process and I am enjoying it and will continue. I can check out the "stats" and have discovered that actually a lot of people are reading this stuff. The audience includes connections from Canada, United States, Germany, Russia, Slovenia and Australia. Awesome!

Sometimes it feels kind of lonely though- just posting my thoughts and not hearing a lot in return. I was hoping for some dialogue, bantering ideas back and forth and growing in the process. Thanks to those that do post comments! However, I did realize in conversation yesterday that maybe some people have considered or tried to post a comment and it wasn't clear how to do it!

To post a comment you have to "sign in" to the blog. This isn't painful at all. You just click the sign in button on the top right hand side and will be asked for your email address and a password. The reason for doing this is so that I can control and block nasty comments and means you take ownership (your email address does) for your thoughts!

There is another button on the blog to "Follow" the blog. If you click this you are also asked for your email address and password and you can attach a picture of anything you choose to identify yourself. It can be a picture of you or something that represents you or something you like. You don't have to put up a picture- it's optional. If you join the blog as a "follower" you don't get any email updates, new posting notifications or anything like you do with Facebook. It just means that anyone that goes to the blog can see who is sometimes reading this stuff. It's kind of like identifying your friends on Facebook or one of the social networking sites. And it makes me feel good to see some followers up there!!

So if you like the site and are checking in often I would love it if you would join as a follower. Even better, post a comment so I'll know I'm not all alone out there in cyber space!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mood swings, indecision and Scleranthus

It might in part be the time of year. A lot of people seem to feel "down" or depressed in the fall, and "up" or excited in the spring. Again, it seems we are connected to nature and the natural cycles of letting go and renewal. It helps me to remember that the letting go (of old leaves, thoughts, and emotions) has to occur before the renewal (of spring buds, and new opportunities).

Whether we recognize and admit it or not I think all of us experience ups and downs, but if those ups and downs swing dramatically, Scleranthus is a Bach Flower remedy to consider.

Scleranthus is indicated for indecision and the inability to choose between two things. It is different than Cerato and Wild Oat which also involve a degree of indecision. Scleranthus is indicated if it is clearly a choice between two options, not multiple choices or "no idea what". Most people at one time or another experience the Scleranthus "state" and struggle with indecision. For some however, that swinging personality is more of a "type", almost central to their character and like the two drama masks of tragedy and comedy they find themselves in one state or another and rarely balanced in the middle. If taken to the level of clinical pathology this is diagnosed as bipolar - the struggle between manic and depressive moods. Both states are unnerving both for the person experiencing them and those that are watching!

I found an interesting website that links Bach Flowers to astrological signs. In the case of Scleranthus they link it to the Libra sign- the symbol for which is actually scales. On this site they reveal that Dr. Bach himself was born under the sign of Libra and struggled between wanting to be a Doctor and wanting to be a Minister. As the site so aptly reveals he found the balance by focusing on healing at a emotional and spiritual level! I wonder if Dr. Bach ever realized he had reached this balance?

Balance is the key. Taking Scleranthus can help restore that balance so you can make decisions that enable you to find the middle ground and the peace you seek. Scleranthus can help restore that equality of thought and action that enables you to move forward at a reasonable, moderate pace- neither manic or depressive but reflective and decisive able to make decisions based on your greater good.

As we grow and evolve spiritually, I think we may commonly come to that phase where we struggle between the physical world- financial requirements, everyday life and earthly pressures, and the spiritual world of greater universal knowledge, ethereal concepts and multi-dimensional experiences. Rather than swing between earthly grounded activities and spiritual contemplation, maybe Scleranthus can help us find the balance to bring spiritual concepts to our earthly experience?

I shall take some Scleranthus and let you know!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

"The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society": Book Energy Transfer?

A few days ago a friend lent me a copy of "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. I started to look at it the first night I got it- intending to just glance at it and stayed up reading till 1:30am at which time I forced myself to quit for the night! I NEVER stay up doing anything let alone reading! The next night I pretty much did the same and I had finished it within a few days despite being a really hectic work period for me.

The thing is- I don't really know why I was so attracted to this book! It's a novel about life on an one of the Channel Islands during and shortly after the Second World War and is written as a series of letters back and forth between the main character, a writer, and various Islanders. There are lots of pieces of characters that I appreciate and can relate with, it's an interesting education on the German occupation and life during the war without much angst, but it really isn't my "type" of book- and yet I couldn't put it down.

Funny thing is that the book starts out by saying
"I wonder how the book got to Guernsey? Perhaps there is some sort of secret homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers"
And that's the thing about this book- everyone keeps passing it on. My friend got if from a friend and passed it on to me without really knowing why.

On the weekend, I was doing an author signing ( if you don't have a copy of Melvin's Balloons- got to ) there- that's my marketing plug- and I talked to a fascinating 70year old writer from England. Somehow among other things we talked about "The Guernsey book"- no one can remember the full title! She had read it too- same thing, got it from a friend and when she was finished she passed it on to her son to read. We both said the same thing- didn't know why we really liked it but couldn't put it down. This writer and I had this amazing energy "click" thing. In what was a very touching moment for us both I think, she came back to my booth later in the day and gave me a copy of one of her books! I was so honored. For the second time in a month I found myself reading a book late into the night. Although I want it ("Cucumber Sandwiches and Fishnet Tights") back- I intend to lend it out as well!! It just made me feel good and took me to a place I was happy to visit. I could feel her energy in the book and it made me feel good.

So maybe there is some type of energy that travels with books, and is more than the words on the page. I feel this sometimes with "Melvin's Balloons" when I read it to kids. It feels like it has little to do with the words and a lot to do with something that occurs at an energetic level we can't see, feel, or hear.

I apologize to Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows, because as an author I realize you don't make much money if everyone is sharing one copy of your book! But I thank them for the feelings and emotions and positive energy I feel I received and I imagine it is coming back to them in a huge way. The same to my new friend Margaret Walker and my friend that lent me "The Guernsey" book.

Maybe we are all opening up in this way- to give and receive positive loving energy in a new variety of ways. I like this book homing instinct. So if anyone wants to borrow the book next... let me know!