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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Harvesting the Full Moon in Aries

Tonight marks a full moon again- this time it's a full moon in Aries and it's the Harvest moon as well.  I wrote about the moon in Aries last year  Last year the owls were pretty active around about this time.  They were hooting like crazy in my part of the world a few nights ago- maybe just to remind me of the Full Moon or to encourage me to write a blog post.

This full moon is also a harvest moon.  It's called that because years ago, farmers used the light of this moon to gather their crops.  They worked well into the night, maybe all night, with the extra illumination of a full moon. I was thinking about that last night as I gazed at the moon, relaxing and basking in the glow, drink in hand, nothing in particular I had to do. It felt like a pretty busy week, but it was Friday night and I was taking a break.  I really don't have to worry about the harvest thanks to grocery stores, farmer's markets, on-line shopping and a pretty different lifestyle. But maybe I really do need that extra illumination of the full harvest moon.

According to Lucy Harmer in "Shamanic Astrology", any Full Moon is a time for celebration. It's a powerful time for the expression of energy. The full moon represents both a physical and spiritual peak when both those energies (earthly and spiritual) combine. The full moon is about change, revelations, and the manifestation of our potential as well as our projects. It is a time of harvest it would seem.

It occurs to me that humans throughout the last few years have been working very hard to make life easier for ourselves.  Isn't that what technology is about?  It's about replacing that need to scrub the clothes in the river with a washing machine that accomplishes the same task faster, better, and with no real human effort. But if we forget to use that release, we've missed the point of why that machine was invented in the first place.

Maybe our bodies, our deep cellular DNA hasn't quite bought into this concept of "easier times".  Maybe the intensity that seems to abound during the lead up to this full moon is created in part because our bodies feel out of synchronicity with the world we have manifested. We don't have to harvest crops, or even if we do, we are likely doing this with improved implements and we can get the job down a lot of faster and in time to be home for supper! Our minds seem to know that, but our bodies are impatient, unsettled, restless as we feel this extra moonlight should be put to use for something constructive! Perhaps we still feel that pull to be doing something with nature's gift.

So maybe this is a time to harvest and you have only to figure out what it is you should be harvesting. Hmm..

If it isn't potatoes and squash and carrots, what is it you have been working on that is ripe and ready to come into service.  What were you spending your time doing instead of planting those crops?  Because whatever that was, I guess that's what it is time to expect to be "ready" now.

Perhaps it's time we explained to our bodies where our spirit has been when it hasn't had to focus on washing the clothes and tending the crops and the basic necessities of life. Maybe then we could really see "the fruits of our labor". 

There seems to be a movement towards getting back to nature, to reconnecting with our roots, to removing ourselves a bit from technology and getting "back to the land".  But maybe that could use a bit of tweaking. Maybe it's not so much about bringing  nature into spirit as it could be about bringing spirit into our nature. Perhaps our tools of "easier living" have been manifested so we could free up our physical selves to find our spirit and bring it down to earth, harvesting our ideas, our thoughts, our emotions and our intuition.

Perhaps this intensity everyone is feeling signifies how close we are coming to truly finding the balance between spirit and earth, thought and emotion, higher self and grounded bodies. Maybe that's the harvest we're about to experience.

We probably don't need anything to be able to bring this connection and balance to fruition.  Perhaps the illumination of the moon is all we need.  No doubt if we could just "get over ourselves" and let things go and "let be" we would see our harvest in all it's glory.  But.... I at least, sometimes need some help getting out of my own way.

Dr. Bach didn't create a category called "Balance" when he put the 38 essences into groupings.  In fact, all the essences are about bringing balance within. But in my opinion, there are a couple of essences that really shine in the "need for balance" category.  They include Clematis, Scleranthus, and Impatiens.

Clematis is helpful when you are trying to connect spirit and body. It may be of particular benefit under this Full Moon if you can identify your daydreams, imagine what you want to manifest but don't quite have the plan to bring those dreams to earth. In other words, you're a little happy and more comfortable in the world of spirit than in the world of nature and you could use some grounding to bring them together.  Perhaps a few drops of Clematis would help you realize you can actually harvest those dreams.

Scleranthus is another Bach essence that speaks to balance in a pretty direct way. It's helpful to bring your thoughts into balance with your emotions. In my opinion, the "thought" side of the equation is the grounded "boots on the ground"," hoe in hand", side of your personality that believes you can only harvest what you sow and it takes hard work, sweat and labor to bring in the crops. The emotion side of you might just feel that you could really follow your passion, and create something wonderful if you just could stop working so hard at basic living. Scleranthus might help you allow yourself to draw a picture, bake some ginger cookies, write a story, knit a sock, or play with your toys in the time you saved by going to the grocery store rather than planting the winter's supply.

The intensity of all emotions are somewhat enhanced when the moon is full.  The energy of an Aries Moon in particular, can bring out our impatient side. For that, the Bach essence Impatiens might be particularly helpful. It's hard to wait for the right time to bring in the harvest. I mean, what if it's raining on the night of the full moon and you don't have that extra illumination factor?  And who has time to bring spirit to earth anyway? The ease and speed of technology and convenience inventions, can pull us in to a need for faster, stronger, better.  If you're old enough to remember when the dot matrix printer first came out, yet you find yourself standing by the laser printer now, pulling the paper to encourage it to come out just a bit faster- you could benefit from some of the Bach essence Impatiens. We get caught up in our own speed.  Impatiens might be what you need to recognize the harvest when it's piled up at your feet.

Maybe it's all in how you look at the full moon.  Instead of gazing up and considering leaving your body to visit the "man on the moon", maybe you need to think about pulling that moon into your body. Grasp on to the energy and bring it into your being. Feel that energy in your body. Reconnect spirit and nature in your  sense of self.

May all your dreams become reality, and your harvest be bountiful!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Equinox: Moment of Balance?

Photo of acrylic painting by Rick Carey
Today is Fall equinox and signals the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season.  I wrote about this equinox last year  It marks the time when there is an equal amount of light and darkness.  Between now and the  Winter Solstice, on December 21st, the days get shorter and we have more darkness than light. Then that all reverses at the Solstice and we once again get more light than darkness. Hmm...

Sounds very official, calculated and exact.  In a way it seems to me as though we are trying to put some logical, left brained parameters around something we actually feel from our hearts. This feeling is processed, or could be processed better perhaps, from the right side of our brain. than from that logical left.

While all these scientific  thoughts and measurements are being placed on the fall equinox, it's considered to be the time of ultimate balance.  At the moment in time of the equinox, nature is balanced with the same amount of light and dark.

To have a moment of balance, the left brain says, there must be some imbalance on either sides of that equation.  Does that mean in the days leading up to the equinox we felt off balance?  Does that mean that after today we will feel off balance again?  Maybe, but if that happens to you then today must be an incredible day of total balance.  Good for you.  Enjoy it!  On the other hand....

Wise Woman and I have had mind-boggling conversations about the concept of "homeostasis".   You probably remember the word from grade 10 biology class or somewhere along the line.  According to Collins Dictionary it refers to
"The tendency of an organism to achieve a stable metabolic state by compensating automatically for violent changes in the environment and other disruptions. "
It is nature's way of finding balance.  But the point is- we're always working to find the balance. It isn't really something we, or nature, achieves so much as it is the goal to which we are always striving. The disruptions and changes (I'm not sure they have to be "violent" ) are what keep us alive.  It's by being "out of balance" than we can find balance- or get very very close. As soon as we find that point of balance we shift again and work to regain it. As soon as we reach the equinox and equality of light and dark, we are back to shorter days again.

So maybe it isn't about achieving the goal that is as important as it is continuing to work towards it. Maybe it is important to realize that there will always be fluctuations and adjustments required along the way.  We will always be shifting to find balance and the shift is what's important and should be celebrated. Homeostasis happens automatically.  We can't really make it happen, but we do best when we allow it to occur.

We are shifting out of summer and into fall today. At least in my part of the world, it isn't a violent shift.  It still feels quite warm and tropical out there, and yet something does feel different.  The leaves are starting to change, the air smells different and triggers remembering deep inside. It isn't so much unbalance as we feel ourselves shifting to reach the homeostatic state, a state that can never really exactly be achieved. I guess it's the "journey not the destination".

Today's picture is a copy of a painting by the artist Rick Carey.  If you want your own ladybug leaf print (9 x11 size), you can email me at and I'll send it on to the artist.
My favorite part about the painting is  the ladybug in the right hand corner. I like the balance between the green grass of summer, the ladybug of warm times and gentle seasons, the dying leaf of winter approaching, and the "right now moment" of that perfectly formed maple leaf in brilliant second chakra color. It's all available to us.  It's all there, all the time.  The sun doesn't "loose any strength", she just allows the darkness to make more of an appearance.  They will shift roles again and we'll shift with it; automatically if we stop fighting it all!

Happy equinox.  Celebrate the shifting!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Animal Signs: Brown Bear

Have you been growled at lately?  Are there some grumpy ole bears in your midst?  Or maybe, you shed an Elm layer, let go of some responsibilities and discovered your own inner bear?

According to Lucy Harmer in "Shamanic Astrology", are currently in the season of the bear. The Brown Bear corresponds to the season called "month of the harvest" and the astrological signs of Virgo in the Northern Hemisphere and Pisces in the Southern Hemisphere. We are coming up to a change-over in the season.  On September 22nd we'll experience the Fall Equinox and move into the "season of the dead leaves". So maybe that means the bear energy is starting to feel a little edgier as it prepares itself to give way to another type of energy. Perhaps we start to feel the loss of one season as we edge closer to the next or one energy as move into another slightly different vibration. Hmm...

Harmer writes that in Native American tradition, Brown Bear symbolizes great vision and spiritual power. The Brown Bear is very grounded and material and yet it is reflected in the constellations as well. Brown Bears are not actually aggressive, but they are loners. I think all loners, if intruded upon just a bit too much, can turn a bit aggressive in their effort to maintain personal space.

Steven Farmer, in "Animal Spirit Guides", suggests that the appearance of a bear can be a sign to take some time out from your usual routine to spend time alone. He writes that the bear message may be to find the answers you're seeking from withing rather than consulting others. It's a reminder to trust your instincts.

In my part of the world, the days are getting shorter, some birds are taking off for warmer destinations, the sun is loosing some power, and nature is getting ready for a hibernation period.  I've heard a few people mention they feel a bit sad or depressed lately without being able to attach those feelings to anything going on in their lives.  Perhaps we feel the passing of a season and mourn the loss of the vibrancy even as we welcome the rest to come. Perhaps we really need to find some time alone in our caves to consider how we want to prepare for and spend the winter. Perhaps denying ourselves that time of solitude and inner reflection leaves us feeling unprepared, lost, and just a bit depressed. Hmm...

Harmer writes that Brown Bear types are practical, grounded, methodical and stable. They have a tender and attentive nature and like to find solutions to every situation. They can be relied on to get things done. But, Brown Bear energy if taken to extreme can turn into shyness, pessimism, and a tendency to become hypercritical especially if they get bogged down in the details. Brown Bear's like to control events and they aren't that receptive to change. They like a well-organized, familiar environment.

So perhaps, if we've been ignoring that Brown Bear energy, as we get close to it's passing it presents itself in the extreme. Most opportunities for growth, if ignored, get more extreme it seems. Perhaps that's true of nature's energy as well.

In my part of the world it's been pretty easy to ignore the coming of fall and winter preparations.  We had had unseasonably warm temperatures, we haven't had to remove the outdoor stuff in preparation for hurricanes even.  We can still enjoy the lazy days of summer and pretend we are not quite entering fall. And yet... maybe nature isn't appreciating our ignorance. 

Perhaps it's really time to spend some time in your cave, or at least figure out where your cave will be for the upcoming season! Time to carve out a bit of introspection time. Maybe if we put some thought to the harvest and what we have gathered, we won't feel so overwhelmed or sad about it's passing.  Maybe we'll realize that change is good.

I think it might be easy to slip from the sociable summer season right into the deep of winter without really paying attention to the bears in between.  Perhaps all that summer entertaining followed by the rush of new back- to -school and work activities hasn't left you any time to just "be".  Maybe you're starting to accumulate a bit of energy overload from all those people around you. 

Harmer links the Brown Bear to the color purple.  Brown Bear energy has that psychically attuned, 6th Chakra connection.  In Sweet Shack and Bach Bar, Violet suffered from this type of energy overload and Merlin gave her a copy of "The Violet Flame". mantra can help clear some of that excess "stuff" that isn't yours and might be dragging you down.  Once it's cleared, you still need to spend some time in your cave though.  It's all about finding your inner self and then listening to it.  Sometimes it's the listening that's the difficult part.  Wise Woman gave Violet some of the Bach Flower Walnut. It can be helpful in the transition between seasons.  A few drops of Cerato might help you listen to your inner knowing too.
We are all drawn to Bear Energy.  Who doesn't enjoy the feeling of cuddling one of those soft brown stuffties. We don't really seem to fear the growl of the bear as much as we are drawn to the gentle cuddly nature of these creatures.  We must understand that energy when we create the toys and stuffed animals.  Maybe we're just trying to connect with ourselves.  Maybe we want to cuddle with ourselves and our inner being.  A quick cuddle, a a sense of personal recognition, some separation between self and others and you're "good to go" again. Everyone just needs a few minutes alone in the cave.

Enjoy yourself.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elm for Overwhelmed by September

Are you feeling like right about now the only place you really want to be is in that hammock with no one and nothing around you?  It seems to me like I've heard more than a few people suggest that sense of being overwhelmed lately and wanting, really needing, to just walk away.

I think if September had a Bach Flower essence, it might just be assigned Elm.  Elm is the essence that is indicated when you feel totally unable to juggle all the responsibilities and you just want to throw up your hands and give up. Or sit down and cry. Or run away. Or collapse in that hammock and never come out.

The Elm state happens to the best of us.  In fact, it happens more often to people that are usually very competent and capable than those that typically rely on others. Perhaps that's why, when it hits, it's quite shocking and debilitating. Other people aren't used to seeing you like this.  You've usually got all your "ducks in a row" and can take on the world with a smiley face. Not today.

I think we put a lot of pressure on the month of September.  It's a little like January in that we decide to start things, take on new projects, rearrange our lives in September.  I guess this is because of our socialized concepts of school and university starting. and vacations ending. 

At least in my part of the world the temperature begins to cool down. The nights get shorter and cooler.  Everything just "feels different" as though it's settling in for something.  It really does feel like a good time to take on a new project or challenge. Geez.. it's the perfect time to buy yarn for a knitting project  if we're ever going to have new mittens for the the first snow fall !  But we tend to get a little out of control in our aspirations sometimes of how much we were going to take on.  Perhaps we procrastinated on a few goals over the lazy days of summer and now, it's September and geez, winter is around the corner and we're not ready!!! (Insert the panic, overwhelmed feeling here).

If you have "poor farmer blood" in you like I do, there is probably a genetic link to this feeling in September. What if we don't have enough potatoes to get us through the winter!!  What if there isn't enough hay in the barn, or the root cellar isn't full?  See.. overwhelmed with the possible angst.

The thing about being overwhelmed is that it only occurs when you project into the future. You have to breathe through that concept but I'm sure it holds true.  At no one moment in time, do you actually feel overwhelmed with what's in front of you. It occurs when you are doing one thing, or trying to do one thing, and thinking ahead to all the other things that need to occur.  When you've told yourself (and others) that September was going to be the start of something new- it's hard not to project into concerns for how you can make that last.  We're good at this multi-tasking thing until... we're not. Hmm....

There are a few characters in Sweet Shack & Bach Bar, that could benefit from Elm. In fact, almost any negative emotion can be spun into an Elm state.  Worry about kids off at school or university can be spun into a huge list of all the things you should have/could do for them now that they are away until the list overwhelms. Jeanne in Chapter 4 was heading in this direction. Simone in Chapter 3 will no doubt slip a bit and need a few drops of Elm.  Elm can be closely linked to Impatiens.  When no one else is moving fast enough for you in the Impatiens state, you tend to take on everything and task yourself with it all so it will actually get done. When you reach the tipping point and loose control, you may find yourself moving from the Impatiens state into Elm.

The good news is a few drops of Elm can replace that need to get away when you can't afford the time or cost of going there anyway.  Elm can help you find your moment.  Rather than worrying about all that's in front of you this winter, this year, this lifetime, Elm can help you put things in perspective.  It's a "breathe out, breathe in, and one step at a time" remedy.  It's made for September. 

Elm can help you stop thinking about what you need to do next so you can really focus on what you're doing now.  That makes this moment feel so much better.  In this moment you are capable and competent and doing things well.  You might even have your "ducks in  a row". And who said they all had to be lined up just so anyway.  That sounds like  a rule that should be challenged to me!

Elm restores your self-esteem.  It reminds you that you only take on so much and just imagine, there might be less things that need to get done anyway.  There might be people waiting to help.  Winter might not be that harsh and anyway.. it isn't even the middle of September quite yet!!! 

Ahh.... there you go....Welcome Back!

Monday, September 10, 2012

An Immunity Ego?

I spent the last few days, "sick as a dog", "down for the count", "out of commission".. in short.. a mess.  My head hurt, my body ached, my cough and nose blowing was disgusting, no one could understand a word that came out of me and it took a lot of effort to get those words out. Once I succumbed to the fact that I could do nothing but lie in bed, perhaps breathing in and out if I was lucky, I flitted between the dimensions of earth and the roll of toilet paper (poor woman's Kleenex), and that other space where it really doesn't matter what you "do" and it feels not so bad to just "be". Most of the time, I just felt miserable. And I got to wondering.  Why was this happening to me?  I'm never sick.  I have all these potions to prevent, treat,and cure.  What the heck!! Nothing was working.  I emptied out the closet of concoctions from Aconite to Colloidal Silver to Swedish Bitters and Vitamin C and everything, I mean everything, in between.  I stuck my head over a steaming bowl of water, Epsom salts and essential oils (tea tree and eucalyptus). Felt good to be under that towel and in my own little world but it didn't "cure" anything. 

I was appalled and annoyed. I was insulted.  I kept trying things, racking my brain for the "potion" I was missing. When I calmed down, I tried to find the lesson.  Well... seems to me like viruses are an example of unclear boundaries and borders.  They seem to signify allowing something in that then overruns your system and takes away your layer of protection.  Hmm... sounds good, but I didn't feel a darn bit better from my hazy realization.  And I admit, it hurt to think but I really didn't think I had a mirror of that kind of invasion in my life at the moment. Then again.. we can never really "see ourselves" that well. 

Finally I just gave up and decided to be sick.  That's when the light bulb when off.  My ego was trashed. Hmm...

Lots and lots of work has been and will continue to done I'm sure, on the idea of ego, but I really like what Eckhart Tolle brought to the concept in his conscious shattering book "A New Earth". He explains ego as this identify you carry around with you.  And that identify continuously needs to be fed.  Tolle suggests that if you can let go of a lot of that "identity" you can really find your true self.

So, I realize I have a strong identify or connection to my sense of immunity.  I  avoid certain things and do other things to keep my immunity strong.  I shun a lot of conventional medical theories in search of "greater immunity, health and wellness".  I am drawn to all these things that can help your body help itself and find cures rather than "treatments", true balance rather than suppression of symptoms. But in doing so, I've build an ego out of it.  I think I am "more immune" I guess.  I pride myself on not getting sick.  I pride myself on getting cured faster.  I pride myself on not using conventional suppression like pain killers and cold medicines.  Every time you see the word pride you see your ego.  Mine was just getting bigger and bigger until this virus started making my head actually feel bigger and bigger. Hmm...

So when I do get sick, my ego wants this sickness to really be "something".  This must be a more virulent virus than what is affecting the general populous I guess!  Perhaps I have a new strain of H1N1, maybe it's an index case of legionaries in our region. Hantavirus is around in some areas. Perhaps it's Ebola!!!  I must be a miracle to even be alive at this point.  Sometimes it isn't until you starting writing something that you realize how truly nuts you are!!  Or, if it isn't the strain of bug that's so incredible, it must be how hard I have been pushing myself. My ego has quite a time with this one!  See, on the one hand, I know that decreased immunity is caused by stress and working to hard and pushing oneself so I know not to do that. That is what other people do.  But then if I've got decreased immunity I must have been pushing myself to herculean efforts because I had to, no other choice, hero/warrior type stuff Well.. even my stuffed up ego has to laugh at that one!  I haven't been stressed and pushing myself and I know it.  Hmm...

Maybe this is just me and my own personal battle, but I doubt it.  One thing about the Ego is that it likes to form a group of like minded egos.  That's where the competition and the continual feeding comes in.  Hmm... Egos are finicky things and I like all my friends so I'm not going to go any further there....

So did I learn something?  Maybe. I hope so.  I learned I need to let go of the thought that I am in control of my immunity.  That isn't to say that I should do things I know to be destructive or not do things I know to be helpful, but to let go of the sense of control and identify behind it.  It would seem... I might just have to admit.. gulp.. that I'm human?  That I have an immune system that sometimes allows a virus in so it can build itself to greater heights.  I might not be quite so responsible for immunity as I think I am.  Just like people that get sick don't always "bring it on themselves".  It's the journey.  It's how you deal with it that matters.

Once I shed a layer or two of immunity ego, I felt smaller- in a good way.  I felt like a weight was taken off me, a release of pressure. I think I might not have to defend alternative cures so strongly because that might be feeding this ego monster. And maybe I can listen to conventional medicine stories without building that armour of resistance cause that's fuel for my ego as well. If anyone wants alternative information, I'll give it, I'll keep writing about it, I'll keep using it personally, I'll keep researching, but I will no longer feel like I have to defend and prove it.  And if I get sick and some of the remedies, or none of the remedies seem to working,  I won't take it personally that "I was wrong". That's ego thinking. I'll let go of the need for it to be something "dark and mysterious".  I'll just prop up the pillows a bit, and relax into the knowing that, low and behold, I am a human, and  "this too shall pass". And it did..

The End

Monday, September 3, 2012

Infinite Supply: Part II

I wrote a few days ago about how you should never run out of homeopathic medicines because you can replenish your supply. It was a HUGE moment of discovery for me to figure this out. In fact, it wasn't a moment of discovery so much as it was a moment of releasing the block that was preventing from grasping this concept all along.

Since I wrote that blog, I realized the same "theory" held true for any vibrational medicine -including essences.  Wow!  For some reason, that one set me back a bit more.  Could that really be true? Yes, it is true- this is what vibrational medicine is all about.  Hmm...

A part of me was a little bit nervous when I wrote about how to make your own supplies last for ever.  It felt so big to me that I wanted to share and yet I was nervous I might upset some pretty big players.  After all, a lot of people, corporations, and companies make money from selling vibrational medicine products and it doesn't seem as though they would want people to be "one time buyers only".  Another part of me (the rebel me) wanted to be a real whistle blower on this!  I was a little ticked that I had paid lots of money for remedies I could have been reproducing on my own.  Were these guys no better than "big pharmacy". Hmm...

I did talk to a couple of homeopaths, naturopaths and people that make their living as healers, using vibrational medicines, and I was rather relieved but a bit surprised to hear they weren't worried about the "secret leaking out". In fact, most of them smiled at me and seemed appreciative of the fact that I had crossed a hurdle to true understanding.  A few of them once again told me they had been trying to tell me that all along. In other words they hadn't been keeping it as a secret. I just hadn't been able to hear it. None of them are worried about me "leaking" something.  In fact, that makes them laugh.  They realize their jobs are threatened by this in any way. Most people still won't believe it.

See, the true healers I think, have been trying to tell people this for a long time. But the block is up and people can't hear it.  We would rather trust others rather than ourselves and we need to think we are getting our healing and our potions from someone and something bigger than us, more powerful than us, outside of us. We buy in to the concept of "safety sealed" and "factory made" and "product testing".   Homeopaths have told me that people would rather buy a sealed vial of remedies from a big company for more money that see the homeopath make it in front of them and hand it over for free- that's too "hokey" for most people.  After all, "you get what you pay for".  So the healers sigh and bring in the items they need. Hmm....

All this made me consider what else I am not hearing.  What else am I blocking because I still cling to the "no pain, no gain principle"?  What other things in my life have I limited because I'm looking for the proof, the "seal of authenticity", and the board approval? 

I wrote a book review on Liz Murray's Breaking Night in an earlier post  I marveled at how she could feel she was loved and not be bitter about her childhood.  I certainly feel love, always have, but I believe I have the proof of that. People looked after me, provided for me, showed me, not just told me, I was loved.  Liz didn't have the proof and yet she still felt it.  That's a far different level of understanding.  That is really "getting it" and refusing to put up any blocks. Liz didn't seem to need proof of love. She didn't believe there was a connection between food on the table and parental love. So, while she went lots of days and nights hungry, she had an infinite supply of love and never felt a lack.  Hmm...

So... perhaps, any time we feel "lack" it's because we are asking for proof that has very little to do with the entity we are searching for. We miss the point because we are looking for evidence that does not exist or at least doesn't prove anything. Our left brains get in the way of our right brain knowing and ask for that explanation, that scientific proof.

I guess it's a matter of trust really.  For some reason we place trust in strange places. How do I know what's in that bottle of remedies that is nicely sealed and labeled?  But I paid for it- lots.  So I trust that it's worth it. I for some crazy, intangible reason, that I have allowed myself to be conditioned to believe,  think if I hand over money I will receive an appropriate amount of "something". And the more money I have to hand over the more "something" I must be getting.  I place my "trust" in that concept, for no reason that I can fathom except that's how I've been socialized. I feel that might be pretty left-brained thinking.

When I allow my right brain a moment to interject I get some different ideas. I feel that any time someone has presented me with "hand- picked" dandelions or wild flowers or made a goofy picture, a hand made card, a spontaneous gift, an inexpensive but really meaningful item, that was evidence of love. It  means more than an expensive bouquet of store bought flowers.  Some of my greatest treasures are things like; a ring from a bubble gum machine, a handwritten letter, a worn friends' sweater, a sand dollar, a few rocks, a well washed, worn, and repaired stuffed animal.....  None of these items were, or are, "worth" a lot of money.  None of them came with pain. I didn't have to prove myself for any of them and no one was proving anything to me. None of them came with labels, seals, or papers of authenticity. Yet I feel their importance and their power even years later. Can I apply this feeling, this knowing, to other aspects of my life?

Maybe, when spiritual leaders, new age thinkers and others  talk about manifesting and allowing as methods to get what we want we, they are really talking about releasing the block that prevents you from feeling what is actually right in front of you. Maybe if you stop needing to see the proof, the evidence, the fancy box, the shiny bottle, you'll actually feel the supply.

Maybe anything you "lack" is only lacking because you've blocked its' presence. Maybe you've blocked it by insisting on proof of its' existence, asking for tangible evidence, or thinking you haven't worked hard enough to deserve it yet. Maybe you've placed your trust in something outside yourself. Hmm....

It's the Labour Day Holiday in my part of the world.  That seems to be appropriate to this post. It's an oxymoron I think- that "labour day" could be a "holiday". But maybe that's the point. If we stop working so hard, thinking so hard, asking for proof, "it" (whatever you lack) will actually be right there in front of you. If you stop working so hard, you'll get your holiday.  Too easy?  That's the point! I feel...

Happy Holiday!