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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon In Libra: Balance in Chaos?

 Intense energy seems to be swirling all around us these days.  I guess there are a lot of astrological reasons for this feeling.  Some of them are explained on the blog
- very interesting reading. There are all kinds of things going on for everybody it seems, in all realms and dimensions. Plus, it's Easter in my part of the world. A confusing time in my mind. I wrote about the whole "spring bunny thing" last year  I think it's still applies.

Once again during Easter, we have  a Full Moon in Libra. A friend of mine showed me a cartoon picture this morning.  It showed a number of animals; elephant, monkey, snake, and dog, all lined up in front of a tree that looked like the tree of life.  A person was speaking to the animals saying " in order to maintain a fair selection process each one of you will have to climb the tree". It seemed to me that cartoon really was a good take on the energy of the day and this moon cycle.  We seem to have this wish for fairness and yet our method to achieve that balance may be just a bit "off".

Libra moon energy can cause us to feel that heightened sense of beauty, caring, real Heart Chakra sensations.  We want everyone to get along and we feel very uncomfortable with discord- even if it's not our own.  The challenge of this energy is to handle conflict directly.  It's finding that Agrimony balance to conflict  where we aren't ignoring the issue or masking it with something false but are meeting it head on.

Libra is all about fairness, balance and harmony. That should speak to very soothing positive energy but I'm not quite feeling that!  Perhaps that's because there is so much going on to conflict with, muddle that up and stir the pot a bit. It turns out that Libra energy is reflective in nature, a look back at what should be fair and balanced. But the Sun is in Aries right now which suggests a pretty impulsive, driving forward energy.  So we are being pushed both forward and back, perhaps with equal energies which, in my opinion, leaves us just a bit "stuck in the middle" feeling. Hmm...

But then again... there are two ways to look at the sensation of being "in the middle" between two, somewhat opposing, forces. That middle position can be one of peaceful balance, or one of feeling stuck. Hmm...

I was thinking about what I was going to write in today's blog when a HUGE spider planted herself in my line of vision. I "encouraged her" to move just a bit further away from my personal space.  She did. But she sat there for awhile staring at me, I'm assuming, although to be fair, I suppose she might have been a bit dazzed from my encouragement.  I decided she was "encouraging me" to look her up as an Animal Spirit guide.

Ah ha!  In Animal Spirit Guides, Steven Farmer writes the appearance of a spider means:
"rather than staying stuck in this apparent impasse, open your mind to the infinite possibilities that are before you, and make a choice; Don't limit yourself to the mundane world, but instead be willing to explore other dimensions and realities. It's time to write creatively without limits of tradition or habit, allowing yourself to be inspired by Nature".
All right then. So listening to my Spider, I realize that the sense of being "stuck" in the middle of two or more forces suggests a tendency towards the Bach Flower essence Willow.  The Willow unbalanced state is that of feeling disgruntled by life.  In this state we judge other people's good fortune and wonder why we can't have that for ourselves. The sense of fairness we are seeking is to have to what we see or think others have.  But back to that cartoon today; Elephants, dogs, snakes and monkey's don't have the same qualities and skills and really can't be compared by how they climb the tree.  Hmm...

A few drops of Willow can help you let go of that past reflection of what you see as injustice. That could be letting go of some of that Libra "reflect on the fairness energy". But before we get moving too quickly;  it's an Aries type energy that suggests you act without reflection at all. It's Aries that would line up those animals and demand they all climb the tree.  Now we're stuck again.  Time to call on the Spider.

Spider in a Willow tree suggest you stop feeling stuck as a victim of the times, the situation, planetary influence, or any limitations. Spider suggests you open your mind to other possibilities rather than wishing you had the agility of the monkey and thinking it unfair that you don't.  With the Willow relieving your sense of victimization (and by the way that seems a bit "Easter like" to me to see victims everywhere), and the Spider opening your mind to explore different realities, then the power of Aries' forward movement can really be a gift. 

If you're thinking that right about now I have just confused you with too many trees, flowers, animals, and planets.. well.. I make no apologies.  I'm writing without the limitation of tradition. I'm taking my cues from Nature and I'm moving forward with new possibilities.  It's quite a new sensation. I like it. 

Enjoy the limitless power of Nature!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Review: The Underside of Joy

I recently read Sere Prince Halverson's novel, The Underside of Joy. There must be something about this book because since it's first printing in 2012, it's been published in eighteen languages! Obviously a bit of buzz has been created. At first glance I wasn't all that interested but it was recommended to me by someone who really knows her literature and is also very in tune to what I would appreciate reading. So I took it.  I let it sit on the shelf for a bit.  I picked it up once or twice but decided it was too serious to suit my mood and put it down again. Finally, I picked it up on a stormy day, started reading, and couldn't put it down.

It's a novel set in a small town in Northern California.  The main character Ella, really gets to this town by chance or destiny and her entire life suddenly changes in what seems to be a very good way.  Then unexpected tragedy occurs and she finds much of her new found joyous life is a bit of a facade. The jacket cover of the book describes the story as:
"The Underside of Joy explores a complex relationship between two women who both consider themselves to be the children's mother. Their conflict uncovers a map of scare- physical and emotional- to their familes' deeply buried tragedies, including Italian internment camps during WWII and postpartum depression and psychosis."
None of the characters in this book like conflict. Neither do I. That's why it took me so long to read it and I kept pushing it aside for something lighter, happier, easy. Something that wouldn't make me think. Hmm...

From the minute I started reading the book, I realize this novel is an amazingly accurate case study for the Bach Flower essence Agrimony.  Agrimony types avoid conflict at all costs.  They cover up potential conflict or the "dark side" of life with jokes and a mask of happiness. They often appear carefree and humorous. They make light of things rather than enter into a confrontation. As Ella realizes, the Agrimony response can be a learned behavior embedded in families as a method of coping and dealing, or not dealing, with anxieties and worries.  It is a learned avoidance behavior.

Agimony types are often very sociable. They seek company as a distraction. Sometimes they are the life of the party, the seemingly happy gregarious family that "has it all".  But deep down there can be a lot of worry and true inner torment that has been carried, buried, turned away from, and ignored, for generations. Agrimony families may suppress their discomfort with the aid of heavy drinking, the use of drugs or, as in Ella's family, comfort eating. They continuously try to find that layer of insulation from the bad.

In, Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function, Julian Barnard writes that Agrimony grows in places where you would find people or activity such as along the roadside, or paths where people would walk, but each plant is quite solitary. Agrimony doesn't "bunch together" like many flowers.  Each plant stands distinctly on it's own. Barnard writes, like the plant, Agrimony types are very sensitive in nature and they absorb the problems, worries and anxieties of the world and of past generations as well as their own.  It would seem that's what Ella discovers in her family as well.  At first glance it appears they are one "big happy family" and yet, there are very distinct, unique separations and tangles of absorption in there as well.

We are often encouraged to "think positive", seek the goodness in people, and draw positive energy towards us.  Ideas like the "law of attraction" encourage people to attach to positive energy and avoid the negative. Hmm...  Are we growing a bunch of Agrimony in that idea?

What Ella learns is that, to some extent you have to face the darker side of life. To be truly happy, rather than having a mask of happiness, you have to shine your light in the shadows, face reality and admit that some parts of life aren't that pleasant or easy.

What Ella and her family members discover is that by admitting to, sorting through, and talking about problems and conflict they find new strength. Once the false layers are revealed, the deep wounds can actually be addressed and in time, healed.

Agrimony types have insight and knowledge of the world but they try to not work with that.  They suppress emotion and pretend to not see what they really know. The lesson for Agrimony types, as for Ella's family, is that it is only through understanding that we can transcend the pain of the world. Hmm... Perhaps that is the lesson for all... 

So, as I read the book I wanted to give all of the characters a few drops of Agrimony. They didn't actually need that, they were working through the lesson, but it might have helped them on the journey.  It's a story about changing patterns and finding the light as a result.

Taking Agrimony won't make you want to start watching the news more intensely, or join a picket line, or "save the world" by joining a cause against something else. But it may help you find your own unresolved, covered up, pain.  It may help you express your emotions when faced with conflict so you can maintain your path and grow as a result. It will help you stand up for yourself and communicate you feelings, accepting that life does have a less pleasant side sometimes. Dr. Bach wrote that Agrimony, "enables you to hold peace in the presence of all trials and difficulties until no one has the power to cause you irritation".

By facing conflict, Ella is able to find, perhaps create, true transformation. I'm glad I faced the conflict enough to delve into her story.  I was transformed by the read!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Equinox; Animal Signs Falcon
Today is the first day of spring and therefore Spring Equinox.  It's a pretty significant turning point in the year and the symbol of new life, new vitality, a new shift. We have now "officially" moved out of the dark cocoon of winter and into the light of spring.

I've written about the Spring Equinox before. Last year I wrote a lot about making the transition through winter to spring and how that shifting can be difficult. If you're having a hard time to adjust to the shift, I wrote last year about the Bach Flowers that might be helpful in the transition. 

The significance of the Equinox is that today we have pretty much (it's not totally exact when the scientists get at it!), equal amounts of light and darkness.  As we move foreword we will have longer periods of light than dark until the fall when this shifts once again.  But today is a point of balance really- the tipping point.

The sun has moved into Aries today according to my We'Moon 2013 book.  Lucy Harmer, in Shamanic Astrology that the time period between March 21 and April 19th is represented by the Animal Sign Falcon. Harmer writes this time period is one of renewal and new beginnings.

Falcon energy brings us all this strength of renewal, joy and exuberance. It's a good time to start something new and transform an existing situation. The Falcon's element is fire and that influence reinforces strength and vitality as well as courage and enthusiasm.  Powerful qualities for shifting forward and becoming all that you can be.

Falcons like wide open spaces and panoramic views.  Stephen Farmer  in Animal Spirit Guides, writes that the presence of a Falcon is a signal to step back and take that wide angle view before making a decision.  He suggests it's a symbol to be patient, to trust you intuition, and to see what your surroundings can teach you before you commit fully and "take the plunge".  Farmer writes that Falcon energy can provide you help when you are too close to a situation to make sense of it and need that distance to see things clearly or make a plan.  He suggests you call on Falcon when "you're not sure whether to move ahead, pull back, or stand still, and you're waiting for a clear signal as to what to do".

Harmer writes that the life path for Falcon spirit is to "reflect on the effect of your actions before taking them. Realizing that "individuality doesn't mean egoism".  She suggests the weakness of the Falcon power is a tendency to be egotistic and impulsive. The challenge is to find harmony with those around you understanding your  personal individuality within a larger group. This suggests that  need to take the panoramic view again before you hone in on a target. This sense of individuality within a group is very much Second Chakra development. Wise Woman and Merlin are likely making Vanila Cardamon puddings today.. (the recipe is in Chapter Two of  Sweet Shack and Bach Bar )

So in this point of balance of the equinox, it would seem, today is the perfect day to sit on that high branch or tree top and really take the panoramic view before you move into that new project or space. Today is the day to avoid the tunnel vision you might have been experiencing while in your winter cave, and check out the whole picture. Maybe something around you has changed while you were in hibernation.  Maybe there are resources available than when you stumbled into the darkness, happy to catch a few extra winter z's. Maybe there are other creatures out there ready to help, or that could use a hand.  Maybe there are helpful project pieces still submerged under the snow that are working their way to the light.  You might be able to see these emerging shoots a bit better from a high panoramic perch.

When dark and light is equally balanced it seems to me to be the right time to sit still, listen to your intuition and gather the energy around you.  There will be time all spring to spread your wings and soar. Today seems like a good day to check out your air space. 

Peaceful watching!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shifting into Spring?

Today marks the last day of winter in my part of the world. Tomorrow will be the Spring Equinox. But winter does not seem to be going out "gracefully".  It's grey and bitterly cold and storms are predicted.  People don't seem very welcoming of this latest storm.  Many people I talked to seem quite bitter to even have to be considering yet another storm.  They think it's too late for heavy snowfalls, cold winds, and snow shovels. Some people just refuse to believe it's going to happen and claim it will just "turn to rain" and not accumulate. Hmm...

We have been in a "shift" for a long time. Maybe we are always shifting, but today that seems magnified to me as nature is shifting from winter to spring and yet clinging perhaps a bit to the winter side of the equation? 

In fact, I keep seeing and hearing the word "shift".  The weather forecast even claimed that "..a slight shift could greatly affect the amount of precipitation". Hmm...

In my opinion, it's good to be a "shifty character".  It means you are open to change and evolution and development.  But in folklore and  movies "shifty characters" are not considered a good thing.  They are seen as devious creatures with something to hide, something "up their sleeve", something a bit evil or at least mischievous.  Seems like for centuries we have been just a wee bit afraid of "shift".

As we move towards the Spring Equinox even the moon seems to get involved.  Today marks a Waxing Half Moon in Gemini according to my We'Moon 2012 book. Gemini's are jugglers. They like to consider possibilities, negotiate multiple options, rearrange things.  The moon in Gemini contains an energy that speeds our thoughts and nerves.  Maybe that's why we're trying to already be in "spring mode" when in fact, that might be just a wee bit premature- at least in my part of the world.

There are some Bach Flower essences that can help you adjust to the shift. In fact, to some extent that's exactly what Bach Flowers do. They help you adjust to slight shifts so you can maintain your balance while changing to be all that you can be. It's about adapting during changing times and situations. Growth means change. Change is good. 

If you're feeling the Gemini juggle influence and you can't make up your mind which world you want to be in, whether you should get the garden ready or hunker down with your knitting, the Bach flower Scleranthus might help.  It's useful to help you decide between two things.  At some point during a shift you have a foot in both worlds and that can be quite painful; dangerous even!  Scleranthus might help you make the choice between going forward and going back. 

Walnut might also be a helpful Bach Flower essence to get you through atmospheric shifts life Gemini moons and equinoxes. Walnut helps provide protection from change and allows your body to adjust to both major life changes and subtle influences- both known and unknown. Walnut can help you move forward free of the past, letting go of what might have been. It helps you be  unencumbered and unburdened by old patterns and willing to accept changes, methods and experiences.

If you're feeling you're not ready for Spring because you vowed you would do something this Winter that didn't quite get done, you might be trying to hold on to the past. If that's the case, Honeysuckle would be a good essence for you. People that need Honeysuckle don't necessarily maintain attachment to the past because it was "so great".  In fact, more likely the opposite is true.  We hang on to the past because we are full of regret- often for things we didn't do.  Honeysuckle helps you move on to a new season, a new shift, a new way of being without regret.

I keep running into people that seem angry that the weather might not be cooperating with the calender.  I think Cherry Plum might be a helpful essence if you're feeling this way. Cherry Plum is for fear and we do fear change. Cherry Plum addresses the fear of losing control.  That seems to be why people might be mad about an upcoming storm.  They were just starting to feel they were more in control on the drive to work- no worries about icy conditions.  They thought they could predict what the temperatures would be like, as though planting seasons could be planned around calender dates rather than atmospheric conditions. If you're trying to tightly maintain control in the shift, a few drops of Cherry Plum might help you let go and let be.

Of course, if the thought of more winter weather when it's "supposed" to be Spring just has you feeling cranky, Winter Irritation, may be the combo you're looking for

Today's picture is actually of a pretty shifty character. I found this guy while walking the other day.  Depending on your imagination, he may look to be about 8 feet tall.  In reality, he's only about 5 inches in total length and is melting by the moment. I found him on a very bright sunny day and it seemed the perfect picture of the shift between winter and spring.  The sky was so blue his body looked brilliantly white and his whiteness made the sky look bluer, clearer, and full of sun.  His smile was a bit crooked. He looked pretty shifty and yet, I don't think there is anything to fear.  If you look really close, you can see that he seems to have made a top hat out of a cloud so that his head isn't really quite bare.  I didn't plan that with my camera- that's the kind of shifty stuff that such characters do all on their own. 

I have no idea who made "Mr. Shift".  Maybe he just "appeared".  I suspect he will soon be gone as quickly as he came. I wish him safe passage and hope to see him again... next year!

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Moon: Boundary Confusion?

Have things been feeling a bit chaotic these days?  If that's the case, not only are you not alone, it would seem there is at least a pretty good astrological explanation of why that might be happening.   For an interesting explanation of the planetary line-ups, check out the Pele Report  He talks about the chaos that is floating around out there.

Lots of planets all lined up in Pisces seem to be all about chaos and confusion, not to mention some retrograde Mercury stuff that might be "messing with your mind" as well as your computer, phone etc. At the same time that all this energy is floating around out there, in my part of the world we went through a time change yesterday.  We "sprung foreword" for whatever that really means and this arbitrary "spring ahead" has left me feeling like I "lost some time", perhaps went backward.  I'm not sure if I'm early or late, or somewhere in between. A bit "Alice in Wonderland" feeling perhaps. Hmm...

Today marks a New Moon in Pisces phase and since new moons are a time of beginnings, maybe this can be the beginning of a more defined pattern in the chaos?  I've written about the New Moon in Pisces before  In fact, I've written about it a couple of times before. Perhaps that's because this kind of energy inspires both emotions and creativity, and in my world, both of those energies together certainly inspire writing as well as chaos. Perhaps writing to try and make some sense of the chaos.

The thing about the moon in Pisces may be that there is a lack of boundaries.  That seems to be what we are experiencing through all the moon phases these days and perhaps it is even more magnified during this moon cycle. Pisces energy is sensitive and emotional but very permeable, open to the influence of others and perhaps "blurred around the edges". So during this type of energy we can become easily immersed in the issues of others, of "stuff" that really isn't, or at least doesn't need to be, our own.

According to Lucy Harmer in Shamanic Astrology, the New Moon is a stabilizing energy. It's a time of opportunity, a good time to start new projects, make decisions and put intentions into words. But yet, if you pay attention to astrology, there is also this idea of Mercury retrograde that suggests you not try and start anything new, wait until you have some more forward momentum.  Hmm... sounds like chaos to me.  A feeling of being ready to move forward and yet something "not quite right" that just might be holding you back or preventing that forward movement.  So one energy pushing you forward, one energy pushing you backward, and there you sit- right in the middle. Hmm....

In Shamanic Astrology, the animal sign equivalent to Pisces is Wolf.  "Wolf people" and therefore this type of energy, are full of contradictions.  Wolves get uncomfortable if they don't have enough space and freedom to move around and yet they get equally anxious if they spend too much time alone. They will make personal sacrifices for the good of the pack, but that can sometimes prevent them from developing their true potential and discovering things that would benefit the pack. They tend to spend time helping others but then get depressed when they don't have any time left for their own "stuff".  Sounds like that "boundary issue" again.  Also sounds a bit chaotic.

Seems to me that the message is: if you are going to start something new, just be sure it's really "your thing" to start, and not just a contribution to overall chaotic energy and boundary blurring. Maybe if you're feeling stuck in the middle between forward and backward momentum, it's time to take a sideways step.

In last year's post about the New Moon in Pisces, I suggested the Bach Flowers Scleranthus and Wild Oat.  Scleranthus is helpful for that indecision, back and forth, right and left brain confusion that might come up during this energetic time.  Wild Oat might be helpful if you are really feeling uncertain, not just between two things, but with multiple potential projects.  These two essences might still be appropriate, but this year it seems to me a better essence might be Red Chestnut.

Red Chestnut is often considered a "worry essence".  It's indicated for fear and over-concern for others and is within the category of fear. It really does touch on the boundary blurring issue. When you get in a Red Chestnut state, you are pretty fretful and worried about other people's problems.  If you stay in this state long enough you start to take on their problems and make them your own. You create your own chaos from what you see as potential concerns others (usually your family members) may be faced with. Not only do you spin this concern into chaos, you become pretty positive it's going to get worse and worse.  And you can think of scenarios that will make things worse.  Before you know it you are one spinning ball of worrying emotions, concern and anxiety. Not fun for anyone. And although you started out thinking you could and should direct others so they didn't run into chaos, you didn't quite realize this sense of concern was yours and in fact, not theirs. You're now spinning in your own little tornado and the person you were worried about is moving along just fine. Hmm...

The positive potential of Red Chestnut is an ability to care for others with compassion but not anxiety.  With it comes the ability to give help when asked but hold back when it isn't required. It's about  being response able rather than responsible again

Once you hold back a bit, you might realize you do have the time to start something for yourself. Maybe you don't have as much work to do as you thought. Maybe you aren't late or early, but right on time. Maybe you can let go and let be. Maybe sitting in the middle between moving forward and going backward is, in fact, a pretty comfortable place to be. Perhaps that is balance.

Pisces is a water sign.  When you find yourself in the water exposed to tides, waves, currents and flow, you can try swimming like crazy against the flow. It might work. Most likely you'll find yourself staying in the same place until you're too tired to keep going and then you'll just end up getting swept along with the flow. You might find yourself in a different place than you really wanted to be.  That might be okay. That might mean a long walk on the shore back to where you left your flip flops.  If you've decided you're the only sensible one and therefore the lifeguard, you might find yourself hollering to people to watch out, grab the life preserver, swim out to the side, or don't go in the water in the first place.  They might listen to you. But, maybe they are just happily floating there. When you're floating in the water, it's pretty hard to hear anyone. It can be a very relaxing place of balance. 

Maybe this Pisces New Moon energy is a chance to let go and  float for a bit.  Maybe the "new project" we should be starting is a new attitude of starting to "be" rather than "do". Maybe it's time to just be yourself, unencumbered by worry and concern for others.  Maybe within your own boundaries "all is well".

Peaceful floating..

Monday, March 4, 2013

Asperger's, Bach Flowers and "Being Frank"
I write a lot about emotions. I've written lots about how many people seem to take on the emotions of others and this phenomenon seems to be increasing as more and more people reveal their empathic selves. Perhaps this is Vagus Nerve development happening.  Whatever the reason, such an openness to the emotions of others and the energy around us, right-brain thinking, can be both positive and negative. It seems to always come down to balance and that's where Bach Flower essences "do their magic".

But it seems at the same time as we are seeing more empathy in the world, we are also developing an increased awareness  to what might be seen as, an almost opposite attitude; left-brain dominance, and a closing off to the emotions of others.  I think one of the measuring sticks for observing our awareness of something is pop culture and what becomes "themes" in movies and T.V.  Sheldon, in the popular sit-com "Big Bang Theory" seems to characterize left- brain dominance. He's brilliant in a logical, scientific, factual, way and yet he misses clues and cues from the emotions of others.  He's "awkward" we might say in social contexts as a result.  Temperance Brennen in the crime series "Bones" also seems to be missing some of the "understanding the emotions of others" that most people find natural, although she seems to be developing them with the help of her love interest partner as this series moves along. In the original episodes at least, she would often blurt out things or seem surprised when people took offence to something she would say. She didn't always understand references others made to social norms and in fact, pop culture.  She's a scientist, very focused on her work to and excludes the emotional aspect of things. Sometimes that works and sometimes, not so well. Where am I going with this? Well...

In this months' Bach Flower Practitioner Newsletter that comes out from the Bach Centre there was an article by Barbara Murphy BFRP about Asperger's Syndrome. She mentioned how Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock in the "Sherlock" T.V. series portrays an excellent example of the top end of Asperger's Syndrome. Murphy writes that Asperger's is sometimes considered an Autism Spectrum disorder, first described by Hans Asperger in 1944. Murphy writes:
" the right-brain- the emotional and intuitive functions- doesn't connect properly with the left-brain, which dominates. People affected are strong in logical, rational thought and tend to gravitate towards careers in IT, science or engineering (although they can be found in every sphere and several are film directors). However, they experience problems in three broad areas: social interaction and relationships; verbal and non-verbal communication; imagination, emotional behavior and flexibility of thought"
People with Asperger's are not likely to seek a "cure" or think they need anything.  Just ask "Sheldon" or "Sherlock", or "Tempe" in the Bones Series. They function well, amazingly well often, within themselves. It's only when they are thrown into society that they may have difficulties. They do tend to suffer from anxiety or depression and bewilderment or uncertainty because they don't understand how their actions affect others.  To me, that sounds like anxiety producing effects for a parent of a child with Asperger's. In fact, that kind of disconnection between cause and effect on the playground and in the classroom may create a whole bunch of problems for everyone, and can set you down a slippery slope.

As a Bach Flower Practitioner, Barbara Murphy sees the connection between the healing balance of Bach Flower essences and the disconnection for those with Aspergers's or the problems that may be manifested. Sceleranthus with it's balancing properties might be very helpful The intolerance of others might be helped with Beech, or Impatiens. Water Violet might help to develop warmer relationships. Cherry Plum could be critical if there is a point when everything can turn violent pretty quickly. The point is really, that any of the 38 essences might be helpful because people with Asperger's are individuals just like everyone else.

The "trick" is, it may be hard to figure out which essence to use because by definition the person with Asperger really doesn't "feel" emotions the way most people do. This may be the time to really enlist the observations of others, like a caring parent, to work closely with the Bach Practitioner to find the right match, observing the changes and issues along the way. In some cases you might be working to match the positive aspect of the Bach essence with the emotion that seems to be "missing" rather than trying to soothe the emotion that is at the forefront which is usually the case in matching the essences.

So... I was thinking about all of this, when a message popped into my In-Box about the children's book "Being Frank".  I am easily distracted, I've already admitted that... so I read the book.  I don't believe in chance coincidences because I do work very much with my right brain/intuition.  And I feel this book could be really helpful to Asperger kids.  I don't think that's where the authors were going when they created the book but it's what I see when I read it. It helps explain how that "frank", comment, while honest and factual might not get you the result you're looking for. Frank isn't encouraged to lie, rather he becomes aware of how he could pick an honest fact that could keep both his integrity and the other person's feelings intact.  Hmm... Sounds like balance to me.  Maybe we could all use a bit of that. "Being Frank" is today's picture, you can click on the caption below to take you to Flashlight Press, the publisher and check it out for yourself. While you're there check out some of Flashlight's other books.  In my opinion they are publishing some really illuminating stuff.

Maybe some of the things that we think "come naturally" really aren't all that natural.  Maybe we could all use some balance to allow both sides of our brains to work together rather than fighting with each other or outright ignoring the other side. Maybe the reason we are more aware of both right brained empathic pain and left brained Asperger pain is because we are starting to see the need to connect, to understand, and to find balance.

But, "let's be frank", maybe all can use the balance of a Bach Flower now and then...