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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Water Violet for Loneliness

A lot of people have been in "Water Violet states" over the past few months. Maybe because the world is spinning so fast for most of us. When life becomes so busy there is a tendency to withdraw "into our caves" a bit.

Water Violet is included in Dr. Bach's category of loneliness. Most of the time however, Water Violet types do not feel lonely. They enjoy and cherish time alone. The Water Violet type is knowledgeable, capable and calm. These private people usually don't impose their opinions on others but they are often asked for their advice.

When there are too many external distractions however, the Water Violet type tends to pull back, retreat, and withdraw. Others may see the person as anti-social even "cold". When sick or suffering the Water Violet person has a tendency to keep their troubles to themselves, hiding behind a calm facade. Their coping mechanisms don't usually include others, so when they could really use the help the support systems are not in place.

If this sounds like you, and you feel you are slipping into a sense of truly being alone in the world without support, Water Violet might be helpful for you. Using Water Violet can help you open up to others while still maintaining your dignity. Taking the Water Violet essence can help you develop warmer relationships with others and enable you to reach out both for support and to help others.

Water Violet won't likely turn you into a "party animal" but it might help you turn to others for help and support in sharing the load.

For more information on Bach Flower essence use, check out our Pixie Dust Healing website at

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cold fx & pajamas

I have been "burning the candle at both ends" lately working on a couple of projects with looming deadlines. I knew I had pushed myself pretty hard by Monday night and Tuesday I woke up feeling "off". Felt totally exhausted, nose kind of runny, head kind of stuffed- beginnings of a cold feeling. Everyone around me it seems has a cold so it was certainly a distinct possibility.

Always up for an experiment, I decided to try Cold-fx as it was staring at me from the kitchen table (along with a lot of other things that truly don't belong on the kitchen table!). I have been considering the merits of Cold-fx for awhile so I did some research.

It truly is a "natural" product from everything that I can find. It is also a Canadian product- first developed out of the University of Alberta. It is made from North American ginseng root. The extraction process is kept proprietary. Apparently there is quite a difference from using North American ginseng as opposed to Asian ginseng which is the more common health store variety. The only other ingredients I can find in the capsules are gelatin and some dye colors. The regular strength version lists titanium dioxide in the ingredients. This is commonly used in pigments and has been flagged as a possible carcinogenic agent. The Extra Strength label doesn't list titanium dioxide.

The claims for Cold-fx are that it stimulates the immune systems. Studies conclude it stimulates both innate and acquired immune systems (different responses at the cellular level). Innate you are born with and responds immediately, acquired can be thought of as your antibody reactions that are something most people build up with time and exposure and are slower to respond- your body's back-up system.

There have been a number of clinical trials of Cold-fx and this is perhaps the difference between it and a lot of other "natural cures". There is scientific research to back the claims. This research allows it to be classified according to Health Canada under it's National Health Products Directorate and it has a license and product number giving it the Health Canada seal of approval. I think this really opens the doors for marketing and sales. It also perhaps creates some suspicion in those of us who are cautious of pharmaceuticals! Clinical trials have been done mostly with persons without any underlying medical conditions. Therefore the packaging does not recommend it for persons with underlying medical conditions or pregnant or breastfeeding women because of the lack of clinical trials, not because of any evidence of potential harm.

A lot of marketing has been done with this product. The company has really gone the pharmaceutical route of doing the trials, marketing widely and even getting celebrities to back them. Hockey players were the first to promote the product. Don Cherry (Coach's Corner?) endorses it. It was an official sponser of the winter olympics and was everywhere with that one.

So... yesterday I took the suggested first day dose of 3 tablets twice a day. I also stayed in my pajamas for most of the day. Although I did some work on the computer I didn't start any new projects (despite the looming deadlines) and generally took it easy. My lifestyle supports this ability to modify my work day something I am very grateful for - at least on the days that I'm not burning the candle on both ends!.

This morning I don't feel like I have any cold symptoms! I am continuing with the dosage which is now 2 tablets twice a day for today, then down to 1 tablet twice a day. It is suggested for daily use even without symptoms which I won't be doing but I will be adding to my "stash" of health products.

I am open to comments about this though. If anyone knows anything different, including information on that titanium dioxide and if it actually is in the Extra Strength ones- I'd be happy to hear about it!

I'll admit it feels like a "strange animal". It seems like it is natural yet with the traditional pharmaecutical approach to marketing, the ease of finding it(it's everywhere in drug stores and grocery stores),and the packaging it feels like it is almost "too good to be true".

Anybody have any thoughts???

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dragonfly signs

I was going to post something about dragonflies a couple of days ago but couldn't find a good picture. Yesterday this one "came to me" via a friend so I took it as a sign to talk about the significance of seeing dragonflies. They were all around me this summer, particularly when I talked to a friend of mine on the phone.

In Daniel Mapels "Into the Wild", he says dragonflies are considered "masters of illusion" They signify support when traveling between dimensions or when opening to spiritual energies. The message you might be getting if seeing or drawn to dragonflies is to consider personal illusions that may be blocking your growth and development. Dragonflies may be appearing to help facilitate your spiritual expansion.

As a kid I was terrified of dragonflies for some reason that I could never explain. My mother, the teacher, made me look up dragonflies in the encyclopedia (boy that's a sentence that reveals my age!!). She figured if I could research them and realize they didn't bite or sting I would feel better. It didn't help. I'm not sure when I "made peace" with the dragonflies or why I was unnerved by them, but I welcomed them this summer. Maybe I have had achieved some level of "spiritual expansion" that now makes us buddies. I think I'll hold to that thought and just enjoy them!

On the other hand, there is a Bach flower essence that might have been helpful to me instead of the research method when I was hysterically afraid of their presence. Mimulus is the Bach flower essence indicated for "fear from known things". It is helpful for fears such as illness, death, accidents, the dark, poverty, other people, public speaking, loss of friends or job, snakes, spiders (and dragonflies!) etc. etc. Mimulus types are often shy, can be prone to blushing easily, or display nervous laughter. Mimulus can help you stand up for yourself with your emotions under control so you can enjoy life.

So here's to the Internet versus encyclopedias,Mimulus versus hysteria and dragonflies wherever they are!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Animal signs

I think if we really pay attention to nature,signs to guide us are all over the place. Many cultures rely heavily on the presence of animals from the wild to give direction, predict weather patterns and signal action. Some people believe that everyone has totem animals- certain animal spirits that follow, protect, and guide you through life.

Daniel Mapel, has developed a line of healing essences he calls Wild Earth Animal Essence. In his book, "Into the Heart of the Wild", he describes the "essence" of the animals.

One of my personal favorites from the animal kingdom is the Owl. Owls are believed to be capable of accessing and acting upon one's highest wisdom. They see clearly through the darkness. The Owl is considered to have great powers of intuition helping you to see things that are not normally seen, encouraging clarity of mind and seeing the truth at the heart of a situation.

So if Owls are "coming to you" either by seeing them in nature, seeing pictures of them, or you feel drawn to them, the message might be that you should listen to your inner wisdom when facing uncertainly and confusion. Good advice at any time I think! The presence of owls might also signify a need to see the truth beyond external circumstances, limiting beliefs, and other people's opinions. Hmm...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cold & Flu Season

A trip to the mall the other day revealed to me that once again it's cold and flu season! Maybe this isn't so much a "season" anymore...

There are a lot of alternative treatments for colds and the flu- in fact, so many that it can become quite a confusing mix of options.

In my life as an emergency manager, I really support the notion of having a family emergency preparedness plan for illness. I believe this should include having a stored supply of the things you and your family would need if everyone was sick at the same time. That includes easily prepared comfort foods (canned soup, crackers and juice are the easiest to stock- although not the most nutritious) tissues and toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and a supply of the medicines or treatments your family typically needs when they are sick. Having this on hand means you aren't going to the drug store when you feel lousy, are at your most contagious, or the store shelves are emptied out because everyone feels the same way!

The decision on what medicines/treatment options to stock is personal and it's best if you aren't making these major decisions at the time when you actually feel lousy, so some pre-planning for this goes a long way.

There are some good homeopathic combos out there for flu and cold symptoms that are readily available in grocery and health food stores and there are lots of natural home treatments specific for certain symptoms. Colloidal silver can be used to disinfect and is worth researching as well.

Personally, this year I'm stocking up on Perelandra Flu Season Balancing Solution. It is recommended as an immune booster taken before anyone is sick and the dose is increased during local or family outbreaks. It can be supplemented with Immune and Lymphatic solutions as well. A 2 oz bottle of Perelandra Flu Solution if taken as directed should last about 3 months per person. Perelandra products are essence solutions. You can find more information on these products and order directly from their website You can also order any perelandra products through me at

Being prepared for family outbreaks is just good emergency preparedness and like all preparedness plans, once you've considered the impacts and addressed the issues through planning you can eliminate the fear and anxiety.

Be Prepared not Scared!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Walnut for changes

Last night was an incredible Full Moon- thank you Melvin! If any of you don't know about Melvin's Balloons check out the children's writing page on my website at or you can order a copy at

Fall is a wonderful time of year and all of nature's changes come for a reason, but if the changes have you feeling uncomfortable, the Bach flower essence Walnut might be helpful to smooth things out.

Walnut is recommended for protection from change and outside influences. It is particularly helpful when you are finding it difficult to adapt to change or are over-sensitive to ideas, atmospheres and influences. It is often recommended for major life changes such as divorce, puberty, menopause, job changes, moving, loss of friends and family... and the list goes on.

Walnut can help you move forward on your chosen path, free from the past and the objections or ridicule of others. Because of it's ability to help protect against outside influences and stronger personalities, it is often recommended for therapists, healers and counsellors when dealing with emotionally troubled or draining clients.

Let's enjoy the season, embrace the changes and move forward!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn Equinox

Today is the first day of fall! This morning this write-up complete with picture was in my in-box and I thought rather than write something myself I would share it. After all, the spirit of Pixie Dust Healing is to share and dispel information rather than re-create lesser versions!

Autumn Equinox
Release, Reflect, Receive

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

As we are now entering the time of the autumn equinox, here are some thoughts on how the energy of this seasonal power point offers us an opportunity for deep healing.

The equinox energy is available three days before, the day of and three days after the actual moment that both the northern and southern hemispheres receive the same amount of sunlight and darkness. At that moment day and night are equal.

This is a time of balance, transformation, releasing and harvest. In autumn the animals begin their preparation for hibernation, the trees release their leaves, and the earth begins to draw life force energy deep within. This is a time to reflect on our own light as well as our shadows. When we allow the autumn seasonal energy to help us, it is easier to release the old, prepare for stillness of winter, and ultimately a vibrant renewal at the time of the spring equinox in March.

In the process of releasing we also have the opportunity to let go of any energies that are not our own. Energies that are draining rather life giving hold us back, and prevent us from fully realizing the truth of our being.

Autumn is a time of forgiveness of self and others. It is a time of acknowledging and then letting go of fear, anger, blame, shame, and guilt. It is a time of recognizing the lessons contained within even our darkest challenges and embracing the lessons with gratitude. Once released, we gain energy and space for reflection. Reflecting on the energy we have expended earlier in the year give us a clue as to what we will be “harvesting” this fall. If you realize that the energy you “planted” is yielding a meagre harvest, know that you can make a choice to begin to change this, right now.

If you have “planted” energetic seeds of love, kindness, compassion, positive thoughts/actions, and generosity; open now to accept an abundance of these qualities from the Universe. Remember that the universe has many “helpers”. Your harvest may show up through a friend, a billboard, the mail, a song, a tree, the wind, an animal, a crystal, or a warm hug.

Please create some stillness in your life during this important season.

Release, reflect and allow yourself to receive your personal harvest.

Love, peace and infinite blessings

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Violet Flame

Yesterday I was reminded of The Violet Flame in one of those "can't believe I forgot about that" moments. The Violet Flame is Incorporated into a lot of healing modalities and is probably as old as the universe has been healing. Edgar Cayce talked about The Violet Flame as did Dannion Brinkley. Dannion Brinkley describes it as
"The Violet Flame is a light that serves all spiritual heritages, that gives respect and dignity to all things. It gives us a way to connect with each other...It's what really empowers you"

For me The Violet Flame can cleanse and release and is most helpful when I am carrying a whole lot of negative "stuff" be it my own, from someone else, or more often a combination of both.

The book I found most helpful to introduce me to The Violet Flame is by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, "Violet Flame: To Heal Body, Mind & Soul". The degree I like the best is

I AM the violet flame
In action in me now
I AM the violet flame
To Light alone I bow
I AM the violet flame
In mighty cosmic power
I AM the light of God
Shining every hour
I AM the violet flame
Blazing like the sun
I AM god's sacred power
Freeing every one

I don't really know why this helps but to just say this poem a couple of times makes me feel lighter, released, relaxed, and calm.

There is lots of information out there about the Violet Flame. If it feels right for you do some research or pick up a book.

The picture above is a painting by Marius Michael George called The Violet Flame.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Channeling Worry to Action

I come from a pretty solid line of worriers. I suspect most of us do. When you enter the world of natural healing, the worry doesn't disappear- at least in didn't for me, and in some instances it intensifies. This is particularly true if you do some research, gain some knowledge, and in the process become the primary care-giver for your family (including pets!) as well as yourself. Listening to your intuition can be very rewarding when it works. But some healing takes a long time and therefore gives the mind a long time to override your sense of trust filling you with doubt, concern and worry. Going against popular opinion can be worrisome in itself and unlike allopathic healing(using drugs), natural healing works to cure rather than suppress symptoms. That means sometimes it takes a while to feel better, and sometimes new symptoms pop up in the process- lots of worry material!

Eckhart Tolle in "A New Earth" and "The Power of Now", writes about living in the moment and not projecting into the future or dredging up the past. If you haven't read his book at least once, you are missing some valuable insight into decreasing your worry gene, in my opinion.

When experimenting with natural healing you can follow a 3 step process to avoid some of the worry.
1. Decide on a course of action. And "do nothing" can be an action. Make this decision based on research, the opinion of a practitioner you trust, and your intuition or inner guidance system.
2. Once committed to a course of action give yourself a parameter on which to re-assess the action. This might be time based (a day, a week), symptom based (better or worsening), or based on additional input or changing circumstances (you win the lottery,loss your job).
3. Implement the course of action and stop thinking about it. (this is the difficult step). Whenever you start thinking about it, questioning yourself or worrying, go back to your step 2 and ask yourself if this is part of your reassessment plan. If it's time to reassess based on your plan, then think about it and decide on new action. If it's not, let it go -your thinking isn't based on action so doesn't serve a purpose.

If you need some support in the "anti-worry" strategy there is a Bach Flower essence that can help! We lump a lot of emotions into the category of worry and subtle differences point to different Bach flower essences, but if your worry is linked to "fear or over concern for others" - especially family members and pets, Red Chestnut might be helpful for you. Red Chestnut can help you care for others with compassion but not anxiety. If you find your are fretful and worrying about other people's problems, concerned that minor complaints will turn into something serious, and expecting the worst, Red Chestnut can be very soothing. Red Chestnut is very helpful for that temporary state caregivers,counsellors, parents and pet-owners can find themselves in when the worry takes over.

Just take 2 drops of Red Chestnut directly on your tongue, mix it in a soothing tea, or sip it in a glass of water. Sit back and quiet your mind.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ruby's Rain

According to the "days of the week color scheme" Friday is a grayish color. It feels like that today. And here in my part of the world it is raining. Feels right to me, and I consider it "Ruby's Rain". This is because Ruby the bloodhound left this earth yesterday for bigger and better things. For those that knew Ruby she seemed like a "wise woman" in a bloodhound body. She left this earth with as much acceptance, knowing and confidence that she displayed while here. We gave her Perelandra drops to ease her passing, gave her canine buddy Perelandra ETS for pets, and gave her human friends Perelandra ETS Plus through the process. Seemed like Ruby had been practicing connecting with the "beyond" for awhile now and her passing was very peaceful. It's hard to let go of the attachment felt to her velvet ears, her soulful eyes, and her physical presence but we appreciate the opportunity to have met her in this lifetime and wish her all the best for her next great adventure!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Red Shoes and Thursdays

So why the picture of Dorothy's Ruby Red shoes from the Wizard of Oz? Ahh... glad you asked...

For my friend that sees the days of the week as colors, Thursday is red. And red is also the color that resonates with the first or root chakra. As the first chakra to be developed the root chakra, when balanced, provides a sense of safety,security and trust.

I recently had an email conversation with another friend of mine as she was traveling internationally. She had taken my children's book "Melvin's Balloons" with her on the plane as the first chance she had to read it. As she read about the red balloon and the emotions attached to the color she realized she was wearing red shoes and a red vest. She figures she may have sub-consciously chosen those colors to provide her with a sense of safety while traveling. I agreed and it struck me that red shoes might be the ultimate way to really ground yourself- safe and secure in your position in the world. Then I remembered Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and how all she had to do was click the heels of her ruby red shoes to get back home to safety and the security of the world she knew.

So maybe I really should go buy those red flats (not the ones in the picture!) I have been admiring in the expensive shoe store! Perhaps I could claim them as a business expense- office supplies, experimental materials, or something like that!!

In fact, I might need those red shoes today. My website is officially launched and this is a step I must say that took me out of my feelings of safety and security. It's likely if you're reading this blog you've already been to my website but if you somehow found the blog and not the site, check out

To discover more about the world of colors and how they are linked to emotions,you can also buy copies of Melvin's Balloons through my website or through the publisher's site at

Have a safe and happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Elm for feeling "overwhelmed"

It seems that September can be kind of a difficult month. Feels a bit like January does, maybe because like Christmas, we put so many expectations on "summer" that once it's over, we feel a bit let down. Maybe we missed something? Now responsibilities and the "to do" lists of things we put off till "after summer" hit us full force.

Like January and New Year's resolutions, September also seems to come with resolutions: to finish homework, to have a family meal at the table every night (a personal challenge), to be organized in the mornings,to leave work on time every night, stick to the exercise plan etc. etc.

If September has you feeling "overwhelmed with responsibilities"- Elm might be a particularly helpful Bach Flower essence for you right now. Elm is indicated when people who are usually competent and capable momentarily lose their confidence and feel overwhelmed by the workload. If you feel unable to deal with the list of events and find yourself talking on too much work without having time to take care of yourself, Elm may be helpful. Elm can help restore your capable personality so you can see things in persepctive and take on only as much as you can cope with.

Elm can also be helfpul for children that may be feeling overwhelmed by the sudden routine of school, the demands of a new curriculum, team tryouts, and after-school programs.

When September feels at it's craziest- add one more item to your "to do list":
Stop! Breathe in and breathe out, relax!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hornbeam for Monday Morning Feelings

A friend of mine sees the days of the week in colors. Something she always took for granted but never really talked about until she read a book where someone else described the same thing. I wonder how many other concepts we could expand if we talked more freely? Anyway, I like the color of the day concept. For her at least, Monday is blue. Hmm...

The Bach Flower essence Hornbeam is described as the essence for the "monday morning feeling". It's helpful for that sense of not wanting to get out of bed to face the day. People who respond to Hornbeam are often capable and get everything done but they lack enthusiam and may procrastinte getting started. Sleep may not be refreshing. If you feel you are suffering from overwork or a sense of staleness, a lack of variety in your life, Hornbeam may be helpful. It can help restore vitality so you feel life is enjoyble again.

The color blue also represents the 5th or throat chakra. So maybe today is a good day to communicate with others- to say what is really in your heart.

Treating a Horse Cough

Cutie, our miniature horse (who believes he is a gigantic Belgian!) has had a bad dry cough for the past few weeks. We are suspicious he initially reacted to some bad hay from the end of last year's supply. The cough is really deep and dry- doesn't come and go with activity- just sometimes is and sometimes isn't. We are treating it using a variety of alternative health agents. We started out using Perelandra Immune and Ionic/colloidial silver. Then switched from Immune to Perelandra Lymphatic then from Lymphatic to Cellular. We have continued the silver throughout. All these have made big differences and the cough is less frequent but still lingering. Yesterday we started him on Omega Alpha Equine Lung Flush. It is a combination of herbal extracts and I have heard good things about it. We will keep up with the ionic/colloidal as well. Will keep you posted. Maybe once his cough is cleared up Cutie will provide a less hidden picture!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Having difficulty concentrating today? Today seems to be a dreamy day and if you feel you lack interest in the present, would rather be off daydreaming- clematis(pictured in the photo) is a good Bach Flower Essence for you. Clematis can be helpful for children when their creative, dreamy side interfers with the ability to focus on school!!

The beginning (gulp!)

As part of a new look and vision for Pixie Dust Healing and to support it's website creation, I am officially "starting a blog". Okay so I watched "Julia and Julie" (or was it the other way around).. I can do this... gulp.

I do have great intentions for this blog. I feel I am on an amazing journey and it's no longer fair to keep it within myself. I intend to bare my soul, safe in the knowing that I'm by no means alone in this journey.

I want this blog to be an exchange of ideas, thoughts and emotions as we evolve through an ever changing world. On a more practical note, in keeping with Pixie Dust Healing, the blog will provide healing suggestions, alternative therapies, eplanations for current events, and way to thrive as we evolve.

At Pixie Dust Healing ( we believe true healing comes from sources not fully understood and often from within. Healing isn't about attaching a diagnosis it's sometimes about trust and discovering faith and power within you.

"You bring the faith and trust- we supply the pixie dust".