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Monday, January 31, 2011

Writer's Block; Procrastination & Hornbeam Bach Flowers

A magazine publisher I used to write regular columns for, once told me his suggestion for getting through writer's block was to write the words ,"It was a dark and stormy night" and once those were on the page something else would come. It's a technique that actually works well for me. In fact, it works so well that just last week when an elementary student in a writing workshop asked me how I got over writer's block I confidently explained it to him. Hmm... seems that on Monday, the end of January it isn't working so well...

And so I turned to Dr. Bach and was reminded of the use for Hornbeam. Hornbeam is a Bach flower that is indicated when you are feeling mentally weary. It differs from the physical exhaustion of Olive or Oak- it's much more of an isolated "intellectual" weary. The person who can benefit from Hornbeam really doesn't doubt their abilities or lack confidence, they just can't get started.

Because they lack enthusiasm, those in the Hornbeam state will procrastinate endlessly. Channel surfing, long phone calls, and coffee sessions are favorite habits of the hornbeam state of mind. They may talk a lot about what they should be doing, even how they would do it, they just don't actually "just do it" like the Nike ad suggests.

Hornbeam is often helpful for people that have been working too hard, and can be of particular help for students that have been putting in some long hours studying for exams and reach that point of "can't even open the book anymore".

The Hornbeam state is often created when you have actually been working too long at the same thing without finding a balance between work and play. You end up with a sense of staleness and lack of variety in life. Lacking those outside distractions and emotions can certainly block a writer.

Julian Barnard, in "Bach Flower Remedies, Form and Function", describes Hornbeam as a remedy that must be taken to fully appreciate the quality of the emotional state. Barnard explains that people can become so habituated to the state they feel a sense of lethargy creep in. Because of the slow creep, it's often difficult to recognize you've reached that point.

Hornbeam is closely similar to, but yet distinctive from other flowers within Dr. Bach's grouping or category of "uncertainty". Hornbeam isn't the burden of responsibility feeling of Elm, nor is it the lack of knowing which way to turn that is matched to Wild Oat or inability to decide of Scleranthus. It is really a feeling that the effort required is just too much to face.

"It was a dark and stormy night when I took 4 drops of Hornbeam....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gray Saturday: Healing with Colors & Finding Balance

I have spent the last couple of days reading "Melvin's Balloons" to kids and talking about emotions and colors. If you don't know Melvin- check out my website at or my publisher's site at It's always both fun and enlightening to talk to kids about how they feel. So today, colors are still on my mind. My friend who sees days as a particular color; sees Saturday as gray. And it did feel gray to me this morning.

The color gray kind of gets a bad rap and I don't think that's fair. Gray is sometimes seen as depression or sadness. I think it's something different. When I read to kids we often end up talking a lot about mixing colors, and gray is the combination of black and white. For that reason, I've always been a fan of gray. I don't see much as black or white and have always seen the "shaded" side of arguments and something in between the two extremes. There is a streak of agrimony in me (see the blog entry from December 29th), so I suppose some of this is finding the middle ground and therefore avoiding conflict, but I have always found "extremes" rather restricting and perhaps short sighted. For this reason, I prefer to think of gray as representing balance- that perfect position between two directions, like Billy the cat in today's picture.

The color black is said to represent mystery, where things are hidden. It's also absorptive- it is the absorption of all other colors in the spectrum. When all of them are combined together, it's hard to differentiate between them. This is experienced on a dark moonless night. You know the grass is still as green as it was in the daytime and yet- you can't see that. The same is true if you absorbed everyone else's opinions, energy and thoughts. It becomes difficult to find yourself any more and differentiate the way you feel.

White on the other hand, is the opposite extreme. It is said to be the ultimate luminescence. It represents purity, cleanliness and pristine order. White is the absence of color. While in some ways that may be the ultimate goal- to be connected to a higher level- it isn't very "human" and doesn't always work well on earth.

Black is often worn for protection and can be used when you want to keep things to yourself- remain a mystery, hidden from the world. Nina Ashby, in "Simply Color Therapy", describes black as being favored by both clergy and classical musicians in their choice of uniform, to represent the mystery of life. She descirbes it as covering up "lumps and bumps of life, and as it is all-absorbing, if offers a message of special knowledge or hidden power."

White is often worn by the medical profession in their uniforms. Ashby explains this may be because white portrays a god-like, untouchable message that perhaps conveys trust. It is also worn by catering staff and culinary artists to send the message of cleanliness and pristine order.

So... if you combine those two extremes of black and white you come up with gray. In gray, a bit of yourself is revealed and you are able to absorb some energy from your environment and the people around you but in moderation. You also retain some purity, cleanliness and a sense of godliness.

Personally, I've never had anything either black or pure white last very long. A few washes and it either fades or darkens and I end up with gray anyway. The only way to really keep black is to not wash anything out of it, and the only way to keep white looking the same is to add a harsh chemicalto the wash and actually damage the fabric. Hmmm... I feel better when things are grayed a bit- less pressure to maintain an image I really can't.

Gray is the color of smoke. Gray suits are favored by bureaucrats and managers as a more neutral color than black or white. Nina Ashby reports it's a good color to wear during negotiations especially if you don't want to appear threatening.

So back to Saturday.... It seems to me that Saturday is a nice relaxed balanced day. It's in no way an extreme anything. I can make it what I want to and I can just "be". Saturday isn't threatening or demanding. No big image to keep up with. Saturday strikes a nice balance between a hectic work week and the "do no work" rules that used to (and for some still do) surround Sunday in it's effort to remain pure.

I welcome the grayness of Saturday and all it represents. If I want to feel more balance in my life, I'll turn to gray for some color therapy. To me at least, gray isn't sad or neutral- it's balanced, open, relaxed and "just is": a perfect Saturday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Long stem roses, wild rose & ambition to change

For some reason roses have been making their way to my consciousness lately. I have found myself having conversations about them, using the essential oil, and today it was even mentioned in my horoscope! With that many signs I thought I should pay attention.

My initial reaction to roses is not positive- at least to the long-stemmed dozen roses type. In fact, anyone who has ever taken my crisis intervention course that included a module on domestic abuse heard my tirade about those poor flowers. I have seen long-stemmed red roses on too many occasions be a peace offering by abusive men to their partners in the honeymoon stage of a violent abuse cycle. Watch any horror movie of guy stalks and kills girl, or read any of the serial killer books about characters like Ted Bundy and you'll see long-stemmed rose roses featured. They will be offered as a gift to a victim. It isn't the flowers, it's the intention behind it and the lack of thought I think. Maybe the idea that one can buy forgiveness or love. I'm not entirely sure why but it sets up a huge red flag for me.

Wild Roses though- a whole different thing! I love wild roses. I think their scent is absolutely heavenly. The Wild Rose is a Bach flower essence. It is indicated for those that are resigned to an unpleasant situation. People who benefit from the Bach flower Wild Rose don't complain and are typically very apologetic even for things that could never be seen as their fault. Although their situation is not pleasant, when in a Wild Rose state, the person makes no effort to change their circumstances. They are resigned to their situation more than actually depressed. They just accept life as the way it is and lack energy and ambition to change and reach their full potential. Taking the Bach flower Wild Rose helps restore a lively interest in life and the world in general. When balanced, the Wild Rose state gives way to ambition and a sense of purpose. The person becomes able to accept responsibility for their lives and circumstances and uses their initiative to make changes. Seems like some of the people on the receiving end of those long-stemmed roses could actually benefit from the powers of the Bach flower essence Wild Rose.

Rose is also used in aromatherapy. It is considered a feminine scent and is helpful for regulating menstrual periods. It is also used to stabilize and uplift moods and is said to have powers of rejuvenation. It is believed to work on the heart and circulation and may be helpful for headaches, eczema, hayfever and as an antiseptic. The essential oil Wild Rose can help restore inner balance and relaxation.

In the Perelandra system of essences, there is a series of eight individual essences made from roses. In her book "Flower Essences," Machaelle Small Wright explains the Rose Essences "address the issue of the full internal process required during day to day change." They help you deal with everyday change no matter what the issue.

It seems to me as though the rose is a story of change. So if you aren't exactly where you want to be right now and have been avoiding taking the initiative to move through to "the other side", consider the rose as a tool to help you gain balance. Maybe I can change my opinion of roses! Perhaps I can accept them as the beautiful flowers they are. May all your roses be positive.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Outer vs Inner Space

I was working on a writing workshop for kids when a phrase kind of jumped out at me. It seems when we refer to aliens we often refer to them as "beings from outer space". I paused to consider why we need to qualify space as being "outer" space. Is that opposed to an "inner" space? And do we perhaps feel equally as intrigued and nervous about inner space as we do outer space perhaps?

As I was considering this I remembered overhearing a casual conversation yesterday. One woman told the other one she had been talking to herself and the joke was that it was okay as long as she didn't start hearing answers. I used to say that joke sometimes. I don't anymore. I realize that I am in fact, the most in tune with my "inner space" when I both talk to and listen to myself!

And yet, that is often where we draw the line in mental health. People have been and continue to be institutionalized or medicated because of hearing inner voices. As a health professional I have certainly witnessed people disturbed by voices from within and it is truly frightening and tragic when those voices become destructive. But as with everything, I believe there is a balance. And perhaps it is just as tragic when people don't listen to the inner voices and don't hear when the voices are constructive. Maybe if we could be more reflective than frightened we could discern the difference.

I think kids have this figured out. They are as curious, investigative and accepting of inner space as they are outer space. Before we tell them it is wrong or unhealthy to hear inner voices they listen quite attentively. Anyone who has ever had an imaginary friend understands this. Inner space is comforting and fun and a joy to discover. A lot of teenagers I know seem to be keeping this concept and refuse to be "socialized" out of it. They accept inner guidance as a "just is" concept. I hope the adult world can keep up and foster that rather than squish it. In her book "Psychic Children", Sylvia Browne discusses the "inner space" of children and offers tangible ways for adults to accept, understand, and encourage their knowing instead of stifling it.

The Bach flower essence Cerato can help you trust your own inner space. It won't make you hear voices. But it may help you understand that you do have the answers for you. The answers come from within, not from external advice from others.

White Chestnut can be helpful when you really just can't shut off your inner space and you mind keeps going around and round trying to work out problems or revisit mistakes and issues. That's why White Chestnut is particularly helpful if you can't get to sleep because you can't shut off your thoughts.

If you feel so overwhelmed with your inner space that you fear you may loose control of your behavior or feel on the verge of "breakdown", Cherry Plum is indicated. Cherry Plum can help restore a calm mind so that you can think and act rationally.

Aspen may also be helpful if there is sense of fear. When the concept of an "inner space" is not supported or discussed, children can often become afraid of their thoughts and fearful. This can lead to nightmares and night terrors that Aspen or Rock Rose may be helpful for.

I'm not dismissing counselling and other conventional mental health therapies or medications. I am suggesting there are other ways of looking at ourselves and our reality and somewhere in their we might find a way to balance better.

I think we have a tendency to focus on the external when we can't bring ourselves to deal with the internal. I wonder if we didn't develop our fascination with outer space and aliens and "conquering the outer limits", because we just didn't know what to do with our inner space.

So... the kids workshop will be focusing on exploring and writing about inner emotions rather than outer space! All aliens will come from within!

Monday, January 24, 2011

If Cinderella wore cowboy boots...

Recently a certain pair of cowboy boots have made an unusual appearance in my life. They appeared at the same time that I was considering Centuary from the previous blog and that got me thinking...

Cinderella from the children's story/Walt Disney movie, is a classic Centuary type in her relationship to her stepmother and sisters. She does all the dirty work rather than engage in conflict. She doesn't refuse to do the work or stand her ground. She isn't happy about taking all that guff, that is always evident, but she just does it rather than fight.

As the story goes, out of nowhere a Fairy Godmother appears, waves a magic wand, and Cinderella is wearing a beautiful ball gown, glass slippers and has a coach and driver to escort her to the Prince's Ball. All goes according to plan until Cinderella has to make a sudden getaway.

The way I see it. No matter what, high heeled glass shoes put a girl in a vulnerable position. Of course you can't run in those things, and one of Cinderella's gets left behind. Bad things turn into good things in fairy tales so the Prince finds the slipper and being the expensive quality custom made shoes that they are, no one else quite fits them except Cinderella and this becomes her ticket to riding off in the sunset with the Prince- Happy Ever After.

I'm not buying that. The way I see it, Cinderella traded her subservience to the stepsisters over to subservience to a Fairy Godmother, and then most likely subservience to a Prince that is used to having things his way and likely to be a pretty domineering King!

If Cinderella had of had some of the Bach flower essence Centuary, she might have been able to work with that Fairy Godmother a bit. Rather than just allow her destiny to be controlled by external factors, she could have become involved in the whole costume design aspect prior to that ball. Cinderella was beautiful and she could definitely have been a fashion trend setter rather than following conventional scripts. If she had ditched those high-heeled glass slippers for a really great pair of cowboy boots she would have looked great and also been able to run when the time called for it. She could have left that slow moving pumpkin coach behind and actually rode one of the white horses off to a sunset of her choosing. Rather than a prince maybe she would have found a cowboy she really liked- one that admired her for her independent spirit. Unhampered by the opinions of others who knows what Cinderella could have morphed into.

The moral of my story? Instead of waiting for a Fairy Godmother to get you into a better place, try a bit of Bach flower essences via Pixie Dust Healing at

There is a reason why cowboy boots are very much in style these days!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel walked on? Consider trying Centaury Bach flower

If your New Year's resolutions were along the lines of "stand my ground", "stick up for myself", "don't take any more $%#@" or something along those lines, and you feel the control slipping away, the Bach flower essence Centaury might be calling you. Dr. Bach described Centaury types as being "doormats". When in a Centaury state you lack the power or ability to resist being used by everyone or certain someone(s). Centaury types don't put up any struggle against bullies but in fact let themselves be walked on.

Centaury actually shares a lot of similarities with Agrimony (check out the blog entry from December 29th). Both these types are passive and accept the world acting upon them rather than working to change the world, although Agrimony may have fooled themselves otherwise. Both wish to avoid conflict. The Centaury person avoids conflict by giving in to others and taking a subservient role. The Centaury person is dissatisfied with the state of affairs but would rather deny themselves and their own wishes than risk a confrontation. Centuary types are very anxious to "do the right thing" and are easily influenced by what other people dictate. Agrimony types are "characters" in that they take on roles. They may change roles to suit others, but they still project a sense of energy as they struggle to avoid conflict. Centaury types on the other hand really loose stature as they give in and give up. They don't carry the same intensity of emotions that Agrimony and others do. Instead they seem good-natured but unassertive, lying there passively while others run around, over and through them. In a Centaury state, you are out of touch with your own assertiveness and tend to lack energy and tire easily. Any fight you might have had is gone.

There is good news to this story! Taking Centuary can help balance your emotions so that you can serve willingly when appropriate without denying your own needs. Taking the essence can help you express and defend your own opinions. When you can gain this sense of being back in touch with what you really want, you can follow your own path with both energy and determination. Dr. Bach reported that when Centaury souls find their particular mission in life they are well along the road to being of great service to the universe because they have learned the lesson that development of soul qualities doesn't come from giving way to others, but through the assertion of your own will. It then becomes not about selfishness but about the willing act of service.

So if you can see footprints on your back, try a few drops of Centaury and see what emerges!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alternative Healing: A Lifestyle Approach

Sometimes people become frustrated when alternatives such as homeopathics or essences don't "cure" their complaints. In many cases that is because they haven't developed a lifestyle approach to healing. Replacing the pharmaceuticals in your medicine cabinet with homeopathic remedies, essences, herbal cures and homemade products won't magically turn you into a balanced healthy person although it may make a good start! Holistic health isn't about replacing drugs with remedies. It has to be more than that in order to be truly effective. A lot of people find miraculous results when they first try alternative remedies. I know because I am one of those "people". But as you peel off the first few layers of conditions, discomforts or illness, the deeper layers are just that- deeper and often rooted in your lifestyle.

I'm not suggesting you necessarily have to start meditating, taking yoga classes, eating completely differently or change your job and living environment. Hoping on the bandwagon over the latest and greatest "health fix" is really just a sign of an underdeveloped sacral chakra and won't get you that far. On the other hand if you are totally stressed over your job, continue to put in long hours at work, avoid any exercise because you don't have time, and grab whatever fast food is closest to you when you are hungry, all the Olive in the world won't restore your energy level.

It's about looking within and discovering what you really need to balance your lifestyle and therefore your health. If you have a cold and flu, homeopathics and natural cures can go a long way to helping you feel better. But they usually have to be accompanied by rest,relaxation and foods that are restorative in nature. Good alternative healers don't just hand out remedies like prescriptions. They encourage you to examine how you got into the position you did so that you can get back out. Many people are excited about the remedies but choose to ignore the lifestyle suggestions. As a culture we're rather programed in this manner. We like to take the easy road and we consider that easy road to be "popping pills" and going on our way. "Popping remedies" instead of pills may work in the short term but not over time.

It's about finding balance and listening to your body. It's about doing what makes you feel good and eliminating what makes you feel bad. It really isn't complicated, you don't need to read books on it, and you don't need other people to tell you what's wrong, but that doesn't mean it's always easy!

Don't panic. Homeopathics, essences and other alternatives will still "do their magic". But if the magic is fading and complaints are resurfacing or "nothing is working" consider investigating your lifestyle. Proceed gently... be kind to yourself.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon in Cancer

According to my "We'Moon 2011 Gaia Rhythms for Womyn" book, a present from Wise Woman, today the full moon is in Cancer. Apparently when this occurs our feelings become deeper, our moods stormy and vast and our sense of family is sharpened. Those born under a Cancer Moon are said to be very nurturing.

The moon is closely linked to the first and second chakras- the full moon in particular corresponds to the root chakra- to that sense of belonging to a tribe. The sense of safety and security.

The full moon in Cancer is also said to heighten creativity and feed the muse. For this reason,the next couple of days are good ones to "be with your muse", to receive inspiration and foster creativity and imagination- qualities that are often linked to the second chakra.

When the full moon is in Cancer, a lot of people feel like they want to "retreat to the cave" perhaps with family close by. The sensations of "retreat" are likely even more magnified in January - at least in my part of the world where we are experiencing winter weather and sometimes grey days. To recognize that your feelings may be linked to nature's full moon influence may be all that you need to do. Bring an awareness to your senses and your chakras and embrace the possibilities of creating something wonderful- like a comforting meal, a fantastic picture, home decoration- whatever your muse suggests. In my case it will be to write another chapter for my latest book...

If however, you can't just "crawl into the cave" because of influences of life and work and other activities, or the sensation of being alone is uncomfortable, the Bach flower essence Water Violet might be helpful. It can help you feel balanced enough to socialize and engage in relationships with others. If your creative muse is a bit too strong and you are finding yourself stuck in dreamland when you really need to be working, consider the Bach flower remedy Clematis. It can help balance your creativity with a healthy dose of reality and a sense of groundedness. It's also a good time to consider foods that match with your dosha and feed the first and second chakras. Those home backed ginger cookies might be the kind of creativity you crave!!

Whatever you choose to do- celebrate the full moon in Cancer and the opportunities it may bring. Embrace the moon!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Performance Anxiety? Lack of confidence? Try Larch

Most times Bach flower essence therapy is pretty subtle. People tend to experience gradual improvements as they balance their emotions and reactions. Often the change is first perceived by others around you as you accommodate to the changes within. The exception to the gradual nature can often be seen when using Rescue Remedy for crisis situations. A few drops or a couple of sprays of Rescue and you can see a person gain control. You can definitely feel yourself relax, gain perspective and calm. Every once in awhile the reaction to a specific remedy can be just as dramatic.

A few days ago, in a chance coincidence that likely wasn't, I ran into a friend of mine in a panic. He had an important presentation due the next morning and mid-afternoon the day before he realized he had prepared for the wrong topic. He said he was absolutely sick to his stomach- in fact he was buying an antacid when we met! The reaction was actually pretty out of character for him but therefore even more dramatic. I could actually feel the panic. Probably because it's not all that "out of character" for me to make a mistake like that! You know that feeling when either your heart drops into your stomach or you stomach rises into your chest- hard to tell which one is happening but it's very unpleasant. You just can't believe you've made that type of mistake and therefore can't get your head around fixing it.

I asked why he couldn't adjust and revise and he really couldn't answer. Instead he was trying to think up ways to cancel the meeting or make excuses - maybe present the wrong stuff and hope no one would notice! He was really in a mess of a sudden attack of "I just can't".

I suggested he try the Bach flower Larch. Ready to grasp on to anything at that point he followed me to my box of Bach. I will confess I didn't just give him 2 drops as is typically recommended by the Bach Centre. It was more like 30 drops! I just dumped it into his water bottle.

Within 2 hours he called me. He was a changed man. He had a new presentation completed, rehearsed and was feeling good about his abilities again. It was very dramatic. He had gone to "I just can't" to "of course I can" in the course of a couple of hours- no help from anyone else.

Larch is the Bach flower that is indicated for such a crisis of confidence. It is for people that are afraid to try because they are sure in advance that they will fail. Secretly they know they have the potential to achieve but they refuse to acknowledge their abilities in order to avoid the risk of failing. Larch is an excellent remedy to use before exams, interviews, or any type of performance or presentation. Larch can help you regain your sense of confidence so you are able to accept risks and move forward.

Like the little engine that could, sometimes all you need is the knowledge that you can!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Helping Horses Heal with Homeopathics and Perelandra

Remember that blog entry a few days ago when I talked about animals releasing energy in the pre-storm phase? Well, the storm has come and gone and a particular horse that I know and love is left limping in the aftermath. I saw her running like crazy through the woods on uneven frozen ground while the storm was building. I couldn't believe she would and could run so fast on that type of turf. I tried to warn her, but you can't tell a teenager anything!

By Friday afternoon she wasn't putting any weight on her right front leg and it was swollen and warm to the touch. Rather than say "I told you so", because that kind of talk goes right between horses ears, I decided to help support her healing process. I gave her 8 globules of Arnica Montana 30CH and 10 drops of Perelandra ETS-Plus for Animals.

Arnica Montana is one of the most well known homeopathic remedies. It is prepared from a herb that grows throughout Europe, Northern Asia and parts of the United States favoring high altitudes. Arnica promotes healing, controls bleeding, and reduces swelling.It is recommended as one of the first homeopathics to use for almost any injury requiring first aid and can be helpful for broken bones, bruising, strains and sprains, head injuries,and joint pain. Arnica is indicated regardless of whether or not the injury is to human or animal. The 30 CH formulation of Arnica is the common preparation available in health food stores, and pharmacies although the 200CH version is a nice one to have around as well. Arnica has become so popular you can typically find it in most pharmacies as creams and salves in the first aid section.

Perelandra ETS Plus is an emergency trauma solution formulated especially for illness and injuries in animals. It is recommended for any accident, illness or trauma that affects an animal and also addresses the emotional component that is typically part of any injury. In fact Perelandra can be helpful for anxiety and fears in animals as well. It might have been a good idea for me to give Perelandra ETS-Plus in the pre-storm build up to this incident! ETS Plus is said to stabilize the animal physically, mentally and emotionally after experiencing any trauma. It can eliminate the complications that may occur with an injury or illness and allow medical treatment to be more effective.

By Saturday morning (after one dose of Arnica and ETS-Plus), the horse I was treating was putting weight on her leg although still favoring it, and the leg was still swollen but there was no longer any heat to the area. I repeated the same dose twice on Saturday (morning and late afternoon). Through the day on Saturday she was putting weight on the leg and barely limping- unless she knew I was watching! I repeated the same dose on Sunday morning but there was no swelling, she had no issues with me touching it and she was putting weight on it without any apparent problems. When I went out to deliver Sunday's second dose, she came flying down the hill at a wild canter and came to a sliding stop to receive the treatment. I cut a small hole in an apple, insert the arnica globules, replace the apple plug and give her the dose that way. I place the ETS-Plus drops on a dry treat and administer them that way but you can also administer directly from the dropper. Be careful when using the dropper directly as it's glass and teeth and glass don't' make a good combination!!

So in total she received 5 doses of the Arnica and Perelandra. She is still a little stiff in the morning on that leg and I may follow up with Rhus Toxicodendron 30CH, another homeopathic if that persists, but at this point she's healing on her own. At no time did I try to restrict her movement (a common practice in the horse world). I wouldn't really be able to do that anyway- and I am a believer in reality! She doesn't have a stall or barn but lives in mostly treed, some open space area with a shelter that she rarely uses (and didn't use at all during this event including the actual storm). Her hay is spread out throughout the paddock so she travels to eat. When the leg was bothering her the most she might have stayed a bit longer at each pile of hay before traveling on to another, but not much. She seemed to prefer to keep moving.

She is back to bugging her brother- a clear sign for all teenagers that "all is well".

For more information on homeopathics and essences check out my website There is a homeopathic First Aid guide on the side that you can download for free.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Animal Signs: The Crow

I was sitting at my computer this morning looking for inspiration on what to write on the blog. I couldn't think straight or concentrate because a flock of crows appeared outside my window and won't stop cawing. Despite having taken some animal communication courses I'll admit it took me awhile to realize they were the inspiration I was seeking!

It seems humans have a long love/hate relationship with crows. Some cultures have viewed crows as symbols of death perhaps because of their dark features, somewhat unnerving call, and their tendency to eat carrion. They are often featured in ancient artwork circling above scenes of death and battles. In storybooks the "bad witch" often has a pet crow or raven and they are often linked to black magic. On the other hand, many cultures consider the crow to have medicinal powers and psychic abilities.

In his book, "Into the Heart of the Wild", Daniel Mapel describes crows as shamanic teachers. He believes crows assist us in seeing deeply into the nature of reality, supporting and developing one's intuitive ability. Crows are seen to be helpful to those who want to learn to see beyond the everyday world and for those who feel a spiritual calling and want to follow it. Mapel recommends crow essence for those that wish to develop their intuitive abilities.

Whether they view the crow as good or bad, it seems all cultures consider the crow to be a highly intelligent creature. In the Aseop's fable "The Crow and the Pitcher", a thirsty crow comes across a pitcher filled with water but he can't reach the bottom with his beak. Unable to tip the pitcher over he drops pebbles one by one into the pitcher until the water raises to a level he can reach. The moral of the story is that of ingenuity - thinking things through often reaps greater rewards than brute strength. The moral is also one of persistency to reach your goals.

The intelligence of crows continues to be proven in scientific studies and modern observation. It seems crows have adapted well to our big cities. In areas such as New York, street lighting seems to have allowed crows to feel very safe to roost in the downtown core at night. It seems the street lights illuminate the sky so that the crows can see any incoming predators. The typical reaction to what has become a noise and bird dropping problem has been to shoot them. It hasn't been very successful.

The TED website, features "ideas worth spreading". It's a really interesting website on multiple topics. There is a segment on this website where Joshua Klein talks about the intelligence of crows and outlines his experiments with the creatures.

Joshua Klein suggests that as well as looking at why some animals are endangered and becoming extinct, we should also look at why some species are thriving and adapting in remarkable ways. I really like that idea. It's a very positive spin rather than a negative one and perhaps holds a lot of insight. Klein suggests we might be able to interact in ways to find an equilibrium with such species rather than exterminating them. His belief is that we could find a useful balance. If you watch his short video you'll see he takes this as far as to have created a vending machine with the idea that crows might pick up garbage for us and deposit it in machines in exchange for food. It's amazing scientific theory into action.

I'm not sure if the vending machine idea will catch on but I do know this. When I stepped outside of my controlling mind that was trying to shut off nature thinking I had the answer in my brain, my computer, or in books,this morning, and focused on nature and the crows for just a second, I found some very interesting information I never would have come up with on my own. As soon as I allowed the crows to be a focus and starting doing some research on them, they became quiet. Strange but true. I have no idea where they went- perhaps another realm???

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Using Feng Shui to discover yourself

I first read "Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective" by Valmai Howe Elkins a few years ago. I love it and have recommended and lent it out to a number of people.

The art of Feng Shui is thousands of years old and is based on the principles that everything on the planet and in the universe is alive. This assumption forms the theory that you have an affect and are affected by things around you. Feng Shui focuses on a flow of energy or Chi, and outlines ways to maintain flow and release blockages. Placement of furniture, doors and windows all have an effect on the flow according to Feng Shui. Making changes in the objects or the placement of objects in your home or office may affect how elements of your life such as relationships and finances flow.

There are a multitude of books and courses on Feng Shui. It can get pretty complicated. There are also a number of people that practice the art of Feng Shui and work as consultants to show you things you could due to improve your environment. A lot of companies and corporations now use Feng Shui practitioners to help them design and decorate office spaces in order to improve customer and employee satisfaction and ensure financial success.

Valmi Howe Elkins is a Feng Shui practitioner but her approach is quite different than the "standard" Feng Shui artist. Elkins believes that looking at the things around you can help reveal clues about your inner life. Once you gain an awareness of what those objects might mean, you might be better positioned to make significant improvements in areas of your life.

The thing I really like about her book is that it's just a fun read. She begins by telling a bit of her story and how she went from a very successful midwife to designing birthing rooms to becoming a Feng Shui "detective". Her life is a fascinating story in itself. In the second short chapter she explains the very basics of Feng Shui. But the rest of this book is just a good detective novel. She takes you through 36 "cases" where she went to a clients house, saw their environment and was able to identify aspects of their lives that could be improved through awareness and some pretty subtle changes. Along the read I started to look at my own space from a different light and I discovered some pretty shocking things. I'm not saying it was easy, but it was enlightening and as the trash bags filled up I felt lighter inside.

I love books that you can read for pure enjoyment, immersed in the storytelling aspect and then find you have learned something in the process. To me, it's the hallmarks of a really good author and I think Valmai Howe Elkins is a great one! The book was published in 1999 by Woodley & Watts and can still be found on-line. Elkins also has a website with information on a number of her books and how she has developed her craft.

A great read on a snow day!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pending Storms; Aspen and Perelandra

Compared to the events going on in Australia and other parts of the world a snow storm/blizzard would seem pretty calm I know. But here in our part of the world we are anticipating a significant winter storm.

It seems like there is a weird feeling in the beginning phase of the storm. All the animals that live with us certainly seem to sense it and act pretty spooky and energetic prior to the storm. It isn't really as though they are scared- just kind of hyped up. Once it starts happening they seem pretty content to ride it out and are unphased by the whole thing. It's the warning phase that seems to have them unsettled.

Seems to me that people are like this as well. There is often angst about what you should do in preparation. When the news is full of natural and other disasters everywhere the sense of fearful anticipation seems magnified. Perhaps there is a feeling that we "must be due" for something extreme. The grocery stores are always crazy busy as people stock up for something even if they aren't really sure what it is they should be stockpiling. Parents spend that extra time worrying about kids getting home from school okay. Kids listen to the radio in the hopeful anticipation of a "snow day" and parents wonder how they will manage icy roads and the demands of needing to be at work regardless.

Over the past two days I have heard from a lot of people that are feeling "out of sorts". Seems like old issues start to resurface and disagreements escalate. Many people experience an increase in physical symptoms of illness and injury- aching joints and bones, and headaches all seem to accompany the "pre-storm" phase.

Maybe we feel the increased energy of nature and although our minds can't grasp it, our bodies on some level seem to still need to respond. We need to re-direct the extra energy yet the modern world doesn't really offer an outlet for this energy. You can bring in some extra firewood, test your generator if you have one, stock up on supplies and fill your bathtub with water- all good emergency management ideas depending on your living situation, but you will likely still be left with some time to feel as though there is something else you should be doing but have no idea what.

If the feelings of anticipation are really uncomfortable, the Bach flower Aspen may be helpful. It's indicated for fears and worries of unknown origin. It's helpful for that sense of apprehension that doesn't feel grounded in any particular cause. It's a feeling that can come on quite suddenly or appear as a building anxiety- like the building of a storm. Taking a few drops of Aspen can help you balance your fears with a desire for new experiences and a sense of adventure. It can help bring a state of inner peace.

The Perelandra essences may help in the pre-storm phase as well. Both ETS-Plus and Essence of Perelandra can be helpful for that sense of stress without a cause. The Perelandra essences are all created in concert with nature and may have special significance for that misalignment we feel when nature is going through a change.

I think a lot of times just having an awareness is all you need to feel better. Understanding that your body may be reacting to changes in mother nature and recognizing that response may be all that is required to soothe shattered nerves. "This too shall pass".

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"It's all my fault"- Pine, the remedy for guilt

Have you ever found yourself saying "I'm sorry" a million times in the day. When someone obviously runs into you on a busy street is your first reaction to say "Sorry"? Do the words, "Oops that was my fault", frequently come out of your mouth? If you've answered yes to those questions, you might find the Bach flower essence Pine, particularly helpful for you.

Pine is indicated when you feel full of guilt and self-reproach. When in a pine state you take the blame for anything and everything that goes wrong regardless of the role you did, or didn't, play in the drama. This sense of guilt is not necessarily based on any actual wrong doing.

The pine state is one that typically develops over time and is often linked to child/parent reactions. In his personal accounts, Dr. Bach seemed very familiar with the Pine state himself. His father owned a brass foundry and as the oldest son it was assumed he would take over the family business. He actually worked there very unhappily for three years rather than tell his father he wanted to be a doctor. In "Free Thyself", Dr. Bach wrote that many people suppress their desires and life purposes because of wishes of a parent and the guilt of not fulfilling parental desires.

Although the guilt may be rooted in family interactions, it is one of self-blame. Those who can benefit from Pine always think they could have done better and are never content with their efforts or results. They unrealistically attach faults to themselves and in that destroy the possibility of joyful living.

When sick, those in a Pine state apologize for being ill and they often feel they deserve their illness or pain as punishment for something they believe they have done.

Pine oil is used for coughs, bronchitis and as a disinfectant. Perhaps it is no conincidence that so many household cleaners contain pine because contamination is associated with guilt. When other family members become sick, the Pine person will be positive they are to blame.

In "Bach Flower Remedies, Form and Function", Julian Barnard explains Pine is a complex remedy that is not just about guilt and self-blame. He explains Pine can help reveal a personal life story that has been hidden or suppressed. He believes Pine can help untangle confused emotions and allow for a reassessment of self-worth.

Taking Pine can help you accept responsibility realistically, as well as reveal the patterns that might have got you there in the first place. When balanced, Pine people can accept and respect themselves as others do, without the exaggerated negative judgements that have become part of their life's pattern. In reassessing the past, you may be able to look at present circumstances more accurately.

So, if you felt special affection this past Christmas season to your Scotch Pine tree, guilt when you cut it down or put it up, and real angst when you removed it from the house- consider bringing some Pine to your life through the Bach Flower essence!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Restless Sleep- Alternative Remedies

Seems like there was enough stuff going on this weekend to keep us up at night. From acts of violence to strange mass animal deaths- it's all fuel for tossing and turning in bed. Over the past few months, I've heard from a lot of people that are either having difficulty getting to sleep, are waking up through the night, or are experiencing vivid dreams and restless sleep.

Not sleeping well can be a vicious cycle. Being well rested is really one of the keys to maintaining and improving health. When you start to get tired and run down your body's immune system just isn't able to function at an optimal level and you are likely to experience colds and coughs that keep you up at night! Old muscle pains often return, you get more accident prone during the day, work becomes more stressful, and you can't seem to get things done as efficiently. The more frustrated you get over not sleeping the worse the problem becomes.

There are some alternative solutions that may helpful.

Of the Bach Flower essences, White Chestnut is the remedy to try if you aren't sleeping because you can't stop your mind. If the same thoughts are going around and around in your head, you are playing out mental arguments, or trying to find solutions to problems from the day- White Chestnut is recommended. White Chestnut is described as being helpful if your mind is like a stuck record (if you are old enough to understand that reference!); arguments go around and around leading to a troubled mind. The person that can benefit from White Chestnut may find it difficult to concentrate during the day as well and they may appear inattentive or not answer when spoken to. White Chestnut can help balance you so that worry is replaced with trust in a positive outcome. It can help clear your head so that your thinking is more in control and rather than "stuck" on an issue, you can work through effective problem solving strategies.

If you are finding your sleep interrupted by nightmares, Rock Rose is the Bach Flower essence that is indicated. If you wake up with your heart pounding feeling real terror because of something in your dreams, Rock Rose can be very helpful. Rock Rose often helps children with night terrors or nightmares.

Other Bach Flower essences may be indicated depending on your personal reasons for not being able to sleep. Red Chestnut and Pine may be helpful depending on your concerns.

A lot of my clients lately have found the Perelandra essence ETS Plus (Emergency Trauma Solution) to be extremely helpful for restless sleep, even when Bach Flowers haven't helped. ETS Plus is created from 153 different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the sea, atmosphere and on land. Machaelle Small Wright, the founder of Perelandra, creates this essence with nature and combines the electrical patterns only of the elements used and stabilizes these patterns in water. Because only the electrical patterns are used, no allergic reactions or side effects are triggered. The water solution is preserved in brandy or vinegar according to your preference. It's pretty hard to say why or how this one works, but people are certainly reporting to me that it does. If your sleep is restless, you are having difficulty getting to sleep or are waking up through the night with strange dreams or pains, ETS Plus seems to help. Some clients have reported they keep the bottle by their bed and if they wake up they take 10 drops and find they can go right back to sleep again.

There are lots of personal home remedies for difficulty sleeping as well such as warm milk, herbal teas, marjoram as a aromatherapy technique, and my personal favorite - shutting off the television earlier!

Seems as though problems sleeping have been prevalent throughout the ages, so before you try some "new and improved drug" do some research and see if there might be a gentler more effective solution for you.

For more information on Bach Flower remedies or Perelandra essences as sleep aids, check out my website at You will find a link there directly to the Perelandra website as well.

Friday, January 7, 2011

"All about me" and the Bach flower Heather

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the grocery line, on the telephone, or in a parking lot "talking" which means "listening" to someone go on and on about their complaints, condition, or story? Usually this experience is made more memorable and uncomfortable if the whole time you are thinking about how late you are going to me or how much you need to find a bathroom! No matter what you do to try and break away-the other person just doesn't seem to get the fact that you are no longer, maybe never were, interested in listening. That type of talkative, pre-occupied with self person, "all about me person", describes the Heather state. I try not to take that personally! I don't think my parents had that in mind when they named me.

Heather is one of the lesser used or recommended of the 38 Bach Flower essences. Perhaps this is because of the difficulty in describing the need for it in a positive way. It is also extremely difficult to self-diagnose the need for Heather.

Heather is a state not a soul condition. It is a state that develops once people become lonely. They react to their loneliness by obsessively talking about themselves to anyone that will listen or at least stay put! They feel that if they keep talking you will stay with them and fill their sense of loneliness and they usually have little idea that you not interested in their concern. They often will hold on to your arm and stand very close to you as they talk in an effort to keep you close.

The Heather state is sometimes a way to react to life's chronic problems. People sometimes talk obsessively about a divorce, a bereavement, an ailment, their job, a friend or colleague they are having difficulties with, or financial woes. Usually this happens when they have lost hope in improving the situation although they are usually not conscious of that as the cause of their self-concern. It can happen when anxiety takes over their usual sense of optimism.

Taking the Bach remedy Heather, helps balance that anxiety and concern so that a person can become as good a listener as they are a talker. In this balanced state when they are able to engage in a two-way conversation, they are likely to find friends that want to be with them and the loneliness is removed. As people move out of the Heather state they actually become very good friends because they are able to help others with a renewed understanding of what it is like to be in a difficult situation. Rather than continuously talk about their own situation they are able to be selfless and understanding of other people's problems. The "neediness" of the person is replaced with a healthy understanding of what it takes to be a good friend. Balanced once again, the person who went through a Heather state is able to put their own suffering to use by empathizing with others.

Anyone, and probably all of us, suffer from the Heather state at many points in our lives. I understand why it seems to be a lesser used remedy. As I type this I hope none of my friends mis-interpret my blog and worry that I am talking about them! I think part of being a friend is providing that listening ear knowing that there is a good chance the roles will soon be reversed. Perhaps being a good friend could also include knowing when your friend could use a little Heather!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Self-pity, resentment, hockey silver and Willow

Maybe I should have gone to bed after the second period in last night's World Junior Hockey Game, when Canada was glowing with anticipation of winning gold. It all kind of came crashing down in the third period.

Today a lot of Canadians seem to be full of resentment and bitterness as thought they have been short-changed a gold medal. Time for a national dose of the Bach Flower essence Willow it seems. I doubt that is what Dr. Bach was thinking of almost 100 years ago when he developed the essence but it seems to apply.

Willow is indicated when you have feelings of self-pity. In the negative Willow state you begrudge other people's good luck, happiness or success. In this case a Russian team of kids that is going home (if they ever settle down enough to be allowed on a plane!) with gold medals that Canadians felt they deserved. The Willow state is really one of victimization. People that benefit from this essence would rather see themselves as victims than admitting to needing improvement. In a way they give up the control of their lives by blaming someone or something else for what they see as their misfortune.

I watched that game thinking how incredibly proud the parents and friends of those hockey players must be. I thought of the hours sitting in a cold rink in the early morning to help your child pursue a dream such that it most likely became your dream as well. I still thought of that in the third period but my perspective just shifted a bit to think how Russian parents most likely felt the same as Canadians!

What I think could use improvement is not the ability of those guys to play hockey. I think they did a great job. Rather than feeling bad about loosing gold we should feel proud they won the silver. Were we not celebrating the game before that took us into the playoffs? I can't imagine winning a silver medal at that level in your career and stage in life and have it be looked at as defeat.

Taking Willow can help you forgive and forget past injustices (real or perceived) so you can enjoy life. The positive potential of Willow can help you attract positive conditions and friends as you move out of a sense of being "hard done by". Taking Willow can help you balance your emotions to move out of the sense of victim and into a space where you feel in control of your own destiny.

It's all about choices. So, today I'm choosing to feel happy about Canada's silver medal win. I'm choosing to think about how grateful I am that we have so much talent in Canada and across the world (including Russia!). I'm choosing to feel how relieved the parents of all those hockey players must be that the stress is over, the injuries aren't life-threatening and their efforts to support their children have been rewarded. And after taking a few drops of the Bach Flower essence Willow, I really think the silver medal is shinier anyway!!

To Hockey Players everywhere- congratulations!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bowen Therapy for Neck Pain

On the November 13th blog entry I wrote about Bowen therapy as a technique to treat seizure disorders. I decided to try it out myself to relieve chronic neck pain. I am now a fan!

Bowen therapy feels very different than any other type of massage I've tried. The therapist makes very very subtle movements over the muscles and connective tissue the theory being that these subtle moves send messages deep into the body retrieving cellular memory of a preferred, relaxed and balanced way of being. It is not at all a forceful manipulation. In fact, the technique can even be done through clothes- a point that I think makes a big difference for some people who may not be as familiar with or comfortable with the art of massage or alternative healing. The therapist performs one maneuver and then there is pause (my therapist actually leaves the room) when you can truly feel your body adjusting. For me at least, whatever happens during the pauses feels even more significant than the manipulation part.

As I wrote before, the Bowen technique was first developed by Mr. Tom Bowen in Australia and has been taught to practitioners since 1986. The therapist can target a particular problem or condition with a specific set of maneuvers. Bowen can be used to treat any type of pain including knee, hip, back, neck, sciatica. It also can help with digestive problems, ear-aches and infections, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatique syndrome,menstrual and hormone irregulartities, and respiratory symptoms- to name a few!

My first session was a general non-specific re-balancing one. That's a great way to first experience the technique and also gives the therapist an idea on what areas she might target for future sessions. For me the second session was more targeted to neck pain. I have old injuries, it's the first spot to hurt most times, and it's also where I tend to hold stress and tighten.

With some other types of massage, I found the process itself to be rather painful although the results were positive. With Bowen, the entire thing felt wonderful. The therapist worked a lot through my neck and into my head and targeted some teeth, jaw and joint (TMJ) issues as well.

One of the interesting aspects about this massage is that it is the one that keeps on giving- at least for me. For days afterwards I can still feel little tinges and sensations that to me indicate further healing. I had some real sensations in my teeth and gums and realize that my jaw feels looser and overall I feel more relaxed. Although it is difficult to describe, this feels like a very powerful healing technique to me. My neck still hurts but not as much, or as often, and I feel I have greater range of motion- and that's after just 1 targeted session.

When targeting a particular condition or ailment, it seems most times at least a series of 6 sessions are indicated. Each session lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour and are likely to be spaced approximately 2 to 3 weeks apart.

I will definitely be continuing- I am looking forward to my next session and I'll keep you updated on my progress. I have always been happy to be a "guinea pig" and try alternative therapies before I suggest or recommend them. Believe me this is an enjoyable experience! And thank you Amy for that heated bed to lie on- that alone is worth the price!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is a diagnosis attached to a certain set of behavioural symptoms most commonly seen in children although it can be present in adults as well.
“Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is a recurrent pattern of negativistic, disobedient, and hostile behavior by young people toward authority figures. A diagnosis of ODD requires that four or more of the following eight symptoms have been present over the course of at least 6 months: (1) losing one's temper, (2) arguing with adults, (3) actively defying adults' requests or rules, (4) deliberately annoying others, (5) blaming others for mistakes, (6) being easily annoyed, (7) being angry and resentful, and (8) being spiteful or vindictive” (American Psychiatric Association, 2000).

The diagnosis is given when the behavior interferes with social or academic functioning. The symptoms are typically seen in multiple settings but in some cases, the child may act out only in response to particular settings or individuals. He or she may be violent and uncooperative at home but very well mannered and controlled in the school setting for instance. The reverse is also possible and parents may be shocked to hear their child is a problem in the school setting. Teachers may identify symptoms in students that don’t show the same severity of problems in the nonacademic setting.

The diagnosis of ODD seems to reside within the categories of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, and mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders. In some cases children may be diagnosed with more than one of these conditions and treatment may be focused on more than one aspect.

The treatment for ODD is often focused on psychotherapy in order to encourage more effective anger management. Family psychotherapy is encouraged to improve communication and mutual understanding. Parent Management Training Programs are encouraged to help parents better manage and cope with the child’s behaviour. A particularly popular version of a parent management training program called “The Total Transformation” by James Lehman is available on-line and can be completed at home.

Conventional medicine treatment of ODD also may include medications. The typical drugs include Methylphenidate or Ritalin, and Depakote. Methylphenidate, commonly known as Ritalin, is a stimulant used to help focus attention and reduce restlessness. It is commonly prescribed for ADHD disorders. Depakote is an anti-convulsant drug used to treat seizure disorders as well as bipolar disorders.

At Pixie Dust Healing, our aim is to provide information on alternatives to conventional treatments. This is not to say conventional treatments aren't effective and right for you. But you have a right to know there are other options as well so you can make an informed choice and explore options if they feel right for you.

There are alternatives for the treatment of ODD. There are at least 7 homeopathic remedies that may be helpful for the symptoms of ODD. The materia medica is the homeopathic version of the Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialties (CPS) that conventional doctor’s use as a reference to match symptoms with drug treatments. Unlike the CPS which changes every year, the materia medica was based on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s work, the founder of homeopathic medicine, over 200 years ago. The medica outlines the type of symptoms that match each of the homeopathic remedies. It is interesting to note that over 200 years ago, all the noted symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorder are described. Apparently this “disorder” was present hundreds of years ago despite different parent practices, social constructs, environmental influences, and diet.

The 7 homeopathic remedies most commonly matched to the symptoms of ODD include:
Tarentula Hispanica
Lycopodium Clavatum
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum
Anacardium Orientale
Ignatia Armara
While all 7 of the remedies describe aspects of ODD, there are subtle differences between the remedies. A homeopathic practitioner will investigate various aspects of the person and their behavior, looking at the "whole patient" in order to determine which remedy would be most helpful.

Bach Flower essences may also be helpful for Oppositional Defiant Behavior. Like homeopathy, Bach Flower essences don't match remedies to conditions but look at the individual so any combination of the 38 essences may be indicated. Some of the obvious ones include:

Cherry Plum- for lack of control/outbursts
Holly- for anger that is manifested physically
Vine- for bullying type behavior
Rock Water- for fixed ideas/ things have to be a certain way
Scleranthus- for the rapid mood swings and contradictions
Beech- for intolerance
Clematis - for lack of focus/inattention
Rock Rose- for terror

Rescue Remedy would be helpful during an episode if possible to administer- the spray might help with that instead of the drops. And most definitely, any parent or caregiver of a child displaying these tendencies could benefit from a healthy dose of Bach Flower Remedies as well!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wild Oat for Finding Direction

January can be a difficult time of year. Perhaps it's because we no longer hold the romantic notion of snow and a "white Christmas" that we did in November and December and the idea of a Canadian winter closer to beginning rather than ending can be a bit daunting. Maybe it's because of the down time during the Christmas season in which we might have had a chance to stop and think, do some soul searching and some introspection. That kind of inner critique combined with resolve to start a new year on a different foot sounds good in theory but can be tough to put into action. Maybe you've taken off the Agrimony mask (see the previous entry) and aren't quite sure what's underneath.

If you feel you are looking for change but aren't quite sure which direction to take, Wild Oat may be a helpful Bach Flower essence for you. Wild Oat is for those people that are "ready to go" with ambition and talents but completely undecided as to what to do. You know you want change but have no idea what the "new thing" would look like. It is particularly helpful if you are looking for career paths or life purpose goals. In a Wild Oat state you don't feel undecided between two different things- that's more a Scleranthus type feeling. The Wild Oat person has no idea between a multitude of possibilities.

People in a Wild Oat state may try several different careers, have multiple hobbies and varied talents. They tend to become easily bored, and very unsettled and therefore drift from place to place or job to job. They aren't content with their drifting though and may feel frustrated and dissatisfied as though life is passing them by in some way as though they aren't reaching their true potential or on the right path.

Wild Oat can help you find a clear picture of what you want to do in life and help give you the ability to decide on your true path, bringing your talents and ambition to a focus. For truly multi-talented people, Wild Oat may help you find ways of pursuing more than one career at once. Wild Oat can help balance that unsettled feeling.

Rather than resort back to the "same old, same old" because it's somewhat comfortable and easy, consider trying some Wild Oat Bach Flower essence to move yourself towards the change you are seeking.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Year's Resolve

Happy New Year! I don't know much, if anything, about numerology but today's date 01 01 2011 seems pretty positive to me. Feels like a very balanced, even number and I welcome that.

For a lot of people 2010 was a pretty memorable year. Not necessarily in a good way, but definitely a date that will be remembered. Seems like for many it was a year of turmoil, sometimes loss, and most definitely change.

I had always felt that 2010 was going to be hugely significant for me personally and I kept waiting for "something to happen". Didn't really feel like it did. But when I consider the whole year, I think it was a year of "germination". So often we remember significant dates because of the end result. For instance we remember the year people were born but the real miracle is the year people were conceived which may or may not even be the same year. I think in hindsight, perhaps years from now, a lot of us may look back at 2010 and realize it was the year that set things in motion.

I'm not big on the concept of New Year's resolutions. Too much pressure and too many rules. However, as I released my balloon to Melvin last night (if this makes no sense check out the blog for my book Melvin's Balloons, I did make a resolve. I picked a green balloon to release, not for the connection to the heart chakra so much as for the healing significance of the color green. I resolved to bring healing into the universe by whatever method I can.

So to follow through with my resolve....

If your head and body feels a bit like today's picture, and not in a good way this morning- there are some homeopathics that might help.

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic preparation that is derived from Quaker Buttons- a poisonous plant that is also known as the "vomiting nut". As a homoepathic, nux vomica can be very effective in treating symptoms of nausea and vomiting. It is often helpful in relieving motion or travel sickness. It can help reverse the common symptoms of a hangover as well.

If nux vomica doesn't work, or if the signs and symptoms are more that of headache,exhaustion, sensitivity to touch, noise and light, rather than nausea , China Officinalis may be helpful. This homeopathic comes from Peruvian bark and was first used to treat malaria. China can help reverse the symptoms of dehydration which is why it may be helpful if your symptoms are related to an overindulgence in alcohol! It is also a good remedy to have in your first aid kit to treat the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

In the meantime I resolve to let go of 2010 and welcome 2011 and all that it may bring!

Happy New Year