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Friday, December 28, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer: Letting go of 2012
If you've been feeling lots of raw and open emotions these days, you're not alone.  It might be because we've entered a new era that really signals cooperation, connectedness and sharing, all of which can be rather emotional.  It might be because we are letting go of Christmas holidays and moving towards a new year.  It night just be that you are in fact, human!  Or.... perhaps, it's at least in part due to the fact that today we move into a full moon in Cancer cycle.

In my opinion, a Full Moon always brings emotions to the surface whether we admit that or not. And the energy around a Full Moon in Cancer is particularly focused on emotions.  Cancer is a water sign and this energy reconnects us with our "oceans of emotions" according to We'Moon 2012.

I wrote about the Full Moon in Cancer aspects last year  All of that information still applies, but...

I personally believe we have entered a new era, and to me that means it's time to let go of some old things.  This seems like the perfect time to do that as the Full Moon is always a signal to let go. This year it coincides pretty nicely with letting go of the year 2012 as we get close to New Year's Day. I think moon cycles make more sense than the rules of a calender, so I think tonight under the full moon is the time to really think about what you want to leave behind from 2012 and take with you into 2013.

As we enter a new era and change our way of thinking, I believe it's time to let go of whatever it was that used to give you a sense of safety and security. I think it's time to let go of  at least the negative aspects of your Root Chakra and what holds you "rooted" instead of just "grounded".  Maybe it's time to think about the moss again...  It turns out there is energy about to help you do just that. 

Pam Younghans at  explains that this full moon is:
"also aligned with a quasar that assists us in "reaching out into untapped, unknown areas of space, time and mind to learn more and create an inner knowing and security." (Mary Elizabeth Jochmans) This extension of self into unknowns is also supported both by the strong Uranus involvement with the lunation, and by Mars' entry into Aquarius on Tuesday.
Of all the signs, Aquarius is the one most known for its willingness to venture into realms of higher consciousness on its journey to self-knowledge. Mars represents our ability to take action, to gather courage, and to initiate a process. With Mars in Aquarius for the next six weeks, our willingness to "boldly go where we have not gone before" is enhanced, as we do our best to know the thus-far unknowable."

Now that's what I'm talking about!! 
If the thought of that sends a shiver up your spine, or if you seem to need help unearthing your roots, the Bach Flower essence Aspen might come in handy.  It is typically indicated for fears and worries of the unknown.  I guess it's because of such worries that we stay rooted.  We are afraid to fly but we don't really know why.  Aspen can help you find your true state of inner peace. Aspen can help you make that connection to your higher self so you can bring those shooting stars of inspiration, feedom and security into your life.  The essence can help you turn apprehension into a desire for adventure. 

I believe this Full Moon in Cancer, arriving at the end of December 2012, is an opportunity to really consider what it is about this whole era that you would like to be free of; to let go of , once and for all. If we don't let go, we really can't fly. Tonight seems like a great night to think about what it is from the past that you really don't need to keep with you. Safety and security come from inside, from our higher knowing.  It doesn't come from below. It doesn't come from others. It doesn't come from possessions or material aspects. True security comes from above. We can bring whatever it is we want into our world. This is a chance to  form our own rootless, mossy, way of being.
So under this emotional full moon in Cancer, release your fears of life without roots.  Let go, let be, and be prepared to be amazed. 

Enjoy the flight!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Well, I didn't see my house elves on December 21, 2012  I still have hope they may be  under the Christmas tree tomorrow morning. Hmm...

It has for many, if not all, been some pretty intense times lately.I found this YouTube video really helpful for understanding the process of change  The changing over to a new era, maybe a new world view, isn't an easy process. Letting go and embracing change never is easy I guess, and there will always be some people who refuse to see the change that is right in front of them. Perhaps some truly don't experience change because they refuse to accept it's appearance.

In my opinion, Christmas Eve in itself is always a pretty intense time.  I guess it's the "group anticipation" energy I talked about a couple of years ago  If only I could follow my own advice!  I still feel that post from two years ago applies- maybe even more so as we combine changing times with group anticipation and a whole lot of the "unknown". Once again it seems, we find ourselves following a star, or looking towards a new light trying to figure out what is in store for us. I think this anticipation is a mix of excitement, dread, hope, caution and optimism.

With so many emotions milling around it just seems like a good idea to consider some Bach Flower help.  My Christmas Eve 2012 remedy would contain Cherry Plum, Red Chestnut, Elm, Walnut and Honeysuckle.
Here's why...

Cherry Plum would be the top indicated essence during this time.  I include it for the fear of loosing control.  It's also the fear of "letting go of control".  It's helpful when you need to let things be, let emotions come, and allow events to happen without maintaining control over the speed, direction, and force.It's helpful when that world view you cling to is of the need to strictly control rather than let go. Cherry Plum people want to make sure they know what each present under the tree contains because they want to be able to control their reactions and perhaps even the reactions of others. We may all need a lot of Cherry Plum this year as we experience less and less control. In the "follow the Christmas Star scenario", Cherry Plum people would be the ones that suggested they move out and find that star so they control what happened rather than just enjoy the illumination it presented.

Red Chestnut is also included in my Christmas Eve remedy.  It's indicated for fear or over-concern and worry for others.  It's for those who worry that Christmas won't be "perfect" for everyone around them.  It's for parents that feel concerned they may not have the exact right present for their child. It's also helpful for children that worry about family members not arriving safely, or that siblings may not get what they want for Christmas. In the "Christmas Star scenario" Red Chestnut people were those that were part of the expedition just so they could look after their loved ones that insisted on going. They were worried the star was going to burn everyone so they packed all kinds of disaster kits and carried them along "just in case" their worst fears materialized.

I think everyone around Christmas time and in the days following could use a dose of Elm.  Elm is for overwhelming responsibility. It's for anyone that feels they may have taken on too much stuff and have a momentary sense of exhaustion and doubt.  I think this doubt probably culminates around about Christmas Eve when you have been trying to fit everything in to an already packed schedule.  In the "Christmas Star scenario" I figure at least one of those Wise Men was just exhausted carrying these gifts and wondering all the time if he could possibly make it, let alone get back to work and finish up what was waiting for him once this expedition was over.  He didn't really enjoy the journey because he was overwhelmed by the responsibility of it all.  A few drops of Elm would have given him the ability to put this quest into perspective and maybe delegate a bit of work to someone else.  Maybe he would have accepted a camel ride instead of making the whole journey on foot.

Walnut may be the essence most needed during these shifting times.  It helps provide protection from change and outside influences.  Like all the essences, Walnut helps your body find it's point of balance so that you remain true to self, healthy and adjusting in harmony with the changes going around you.  If you've had to change some Christmas traditions this year, or adjust to some changing patterns, this Bach is for you.  If you're feeling the influence of a shift in the world - this Bach essence is for you.  In the "following the Christmas Star scenario", this essence would have been helpful for those travelers that really understood this journey was about something far bigger than their imaginations and current sense of reality.

Finally, my Christmas Eve remedy would contain Honeysuckle.  It's indicated for those that cling to the past or have an over-attachment to memories.  I think most people go through some nostalgia during Christmas Eve.  We remember past Christmas' - either good or bad.  Sometimes it's hard to let go of those memories and move forward.  Honeysuckle can help you move forward with no regrets. This too might be an essence we need as we move through the shift and accept that change occurred and will continue to occur.  In the "following the star story", no doubt there were some people that refused to believe that star was any brighter than it had ever been. They didn't want to see a change in the sky.  They were used to and comfortable with the darkness. It might have been hard to convince them to try a little Honeysuckle, but if they had of, they might have moved forward with greater ease.

I guess the point is Christmas Eve can be a magical time if we just get out of our own way and allow it to be.

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Solstice, Mayan Predictions; World Change

In my part of the world we received our first snow fall yesterday.  It's beautiful out there today. It quite suddenly looks, and feels, a lot like Christmas to me.  In a matter of a few hours it would seem we experienced some pretty change. Hmm....

Tomorrow, December 21, 2012 will be Winter Solstice, and that too is signs of change from our natural world.  I wrote about the solstice last year  All the same information applies this year.  Tomorrow, December 21st will be the shortest day of the year in terms of sunlight and signals a change- over into the light.  After the solstice, we start to gain more and more light each day here in the Northern Hemisphere.

But this particularly Winter Solstice has also got some "extra significance" around it.  It would seem the Mayans ended their calender on this date.  That doesn't mean they predicted the "end of the world" or a "doomsday" although the story has been twisted into that version by a lot of groups and individuals.  The Mayans really didn't predict what exactly would happen, except to say we would move into a new era. And although as far as I can research, they didn't get into the specifics of this new era, they seemed to believe it was positive, full of light, love and peace.

Maybe that's why they ended the calender?  Maybe in a new era we wouldn't need the same adherence to time, dates, days of the week, workday versus weekend, holidays versus Monday's. Maybe we'll be able to do what feels right, go with the Flow  and be at peace.  Hmm....

I'll admit it bugs me a bit to hear people making a mockery of this idea of the end of the calender and some kind of change. First of all they are buying into the doomsday myth, or actually refuting the doomsday myth which isn't the real story in the first place. Secondly, it's pretty easy to sound all tough and full of doubt when; if you're wrong, no one will be around to call you on it! It feels to me a bit like it did in the lead up to Y2k.  Some people made a mockery of those who thought "something" might happen and when we transitioned easily they used it as a chance to say "told you so".  In fact, in the lead up to Y2k, a lot of people did a lot of work to make the transition easy for all of us.  So when the clocks turned over, those who believed there might be a change and had done something positive about that, brought all those who acted cavalier and untouched into the fully functioning techno world without so much as a glitch. Sound familiar?

I'm not predicting anything, but I feel like the world is changing, has been changing and is going to continue to change through the Solstice. I have no idea what that change will be but I feel it will be very positive. I think there's a possibility that some people will see more change than others.  Maybe it depends on how you "play pretend" and what you choose to see and experience.

If you're feeling a little unsettled by the coming Solstice and the potential for change there are a number of Bach Flower essences that can bring you to your balanced core.  White Chestnut, Wild Rose, and Star of Bethlehem are what Norma took in Sweet Shack & Bach Bar bring her the peace required to move through change, release the darkness and embrace the light. This particular combination resonates with the Crown Chakra which according to the Mayans may just be the piece that rises to a higher vibration as move through December 21st.

No matter what, I believe the Solstice is a day for celebrating with ease. It's about doing things that bring you joy and are a fit for your personal story of pretend. Out of our imaginations come great things and out of the darkness comes our greatest light.

Happy Solstice!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Game of Pretend

When I was a kid we had a favorite, fall-back, game called "pretend".   Someone would just say, "let's play pretend" and we were off.  No one had to explain or clarify rules, we just all seemed to know what it meant.  Basically it meant there was no need to be honest, no need to clarify any facts, no rules, no restrictions.  If you said you had a super power, or a purple elephant- you had it -no arguments were entertained. My sister and I who didn't agree on much, and didn't see the world in the same way very often, could even play this game together. Because when you play pretend, no one really has to play it "with" you.  So my sister could have pretend fashion shows with friends that didn't really exist and I could have pretend rodeos with animals that didn't exist. My animals never walked on her fashionably clothes (that she knew about!) and her flamboyant hats never spooked my high strung horses (that I knew about!).  In fact, for hours on end, both of us could pretend the other didn't exist! I suspect sometimes my sister still plays that game!!

When I entered the world of emergency management, the game of pretend served me well.  Responders are taught by imaginative simulations and scenarios used to practice and test how you might respond in a "real situation".  It's a world of creativity and imagination meets science. Practicing in a made-up world gives you the tools to respond in an actual event.

In my part of the world, things have felt pretty intense, heavy, serious, I guess. It's as though there is an energy shift that feels thick in parts as we move through it. Dec. 12, 2012 was a big date with the line-up of 12-12-12, considered a balance between yin and yan or feminine and masculine energy.  Maybe that means now that we've moved on to Dec. 13th, we are past that point of balance and moving into a new world order. Hmm...

Today the New Moon is in Sagittarius  That type of energy suggests it might just be a great day to pretend, to lighten up, dream a bit, think beyond your borders.

So... let's pretend....

You wake up on December 22nd and go about your morning chores, including turning the coffee maker on.  Sitting beside your machine is a creature the likes of which you've never seen.  This is my pretend, and I've always had a "thing" for elves, so in my pretend this creature looks like an elf.  Not exactly like the one in today's picture, more like a Harry Potter house elf type creature.  For a moment you stand frozen in fear (insert the Bach Flower  remedy But the creature is too big to swat away or "trap", too small to seem that dangerous, and in fact, he/she is actually handing you a cup of coffee!  The creature in a rudimentary language says "hello" and asks if it's okay if he/she parks the ship outside in your driveway. You nod because the Rock Rose hasn't totally "kicked in" yet to the point that you can speak but at least you can move.  The creature then tells you he/she has come from another galaxy to help you out.  They (there's a whole fleet of these guys!) have all kinds of gifts and things to show you.  It turns out they have food that doesn't look or taste anything like what you have but it satisfies your hunger and energizes you.  You can still get food in the grocery store if you want to but why would you bother? They can supply energy to your house that works with your electricity system so you have cleaner, efficient and free energy. They can give you fuel for your vehicle that works in a similar fashion to the gas you use now and they are great mechanics so that all your vehicles suddenly seem to work much better.  No need for the garage/gas station anymore. And these guys haven't landed by accident.  They are here to stay.  They are exchanging their gifts for things that you have and are happy to share. Maybe they want a blog set up for them! I think they might be interested in some Bach remedies because emotions are pretty different here than what they are used to!

Pretend doesn't have rules and doesn't have to be grounded in anything. But usually there is a theme of something, a potential reality, that you expand on.I figure this scenario has been played out on earth before with some modifications.  I figure there was a Native American somewhere that was making a cup of chicory when she looked up and saw some kind of big creature standing in front of her.  He grunted in something that sounded like a language, but sometimes, first thing in the morning, it's hard to tell with guys!  When she looked at the harbour there was some sort of craft/machine/ship parked there taking up canoe space.  Those guys were here to stay too.  They traded things of equal value- some good some bad.  Life changed for everyone in the blink of an eye really, even though it took months/years/centuries/lifetimes to get to that point.

I'm not saying my house elf is coming as a prediction of what might happen after Dec. 21, 2012.  It's a game of pretend and I make it the way I want it.  I don't need you to pretend with me. I certainly don't need you to agree and if you disagree, believe me, it will fall on deaf ears. You can create your own scenario.  There were no rules for pretend but when you play pretend you don't make it scary unless you want it to be.  You don't make it sad unless you want it to be sad.  Pretend doesn't usually have endings, you can always pick it up again the next day, or if you do make endings you can switch them up. That doesn't mean things don't change, but they change for the good,or at least, in the way you want them to.

"Let's play pretend"....

Monday, December 10, 2012

Applying the 20/80 Role Internally

We are in some pretty interesting times of change.  According to many, this week has particularly significant events and a chance perhaps  for  illumination and increased awareness.  Hm...

I felt I had such an "ah ha" illuminating moment the other day.  I wrote about the 20/80 rule before as a  change management concept and it has really stuck with me since then.  It feels to me like a concept that needs to be expanded a bit, hence my "ah ha" flash. 

It occurred to me that we all spend a lot of time and effort (80%) trying to change external circumstances, forces, interactions, and perceptions. We spend lots of effort trying to explain our point of view to others to try and resolve conflict or join forces.  We keep trying to make our external environment different.  We decorate, and paint, and change things around  hoping to make, or allow, change to occur.  We spend a lot of time, effort and money (which represents time and effort) investing in things that might help us make this external transformation. We buy clothes, make-up, hair products, accessories, beautiful new shoes.... all in the name of changing that 80% outside ourselves. Maybe we're putting our effort into the 80% that doesn't really matter so much?

What if we applied the 20/80 rule and focused on the 20% inside ourselves. Maybe it's me that can change easier than I can change my environment.  Perhaps by changing myself I would only have to put in 20% effort for 80% results. Hmm...

That was pretty much my ah ha moment.  I realized that I could  apply the 20/80 rule by changing the way I thought about things, or did things ,or reacted to things instead of trying to change those "things".  I realized it really did take very little effort once I got over trying to convince myself to do it or not to do it. It might just be one of those Hundred Acre Wood saying that you are "smarter than you think" You might even find you are "stronger than you feel".

It was kind of a "Boss of Me" moment as well when I realized that the easiest way to make things change was not to focus on what was outside me, but instead to focus on me, change me, allow myself to change, and therefore, with minimal effort I really would have 80% difference. 

I'm not talking about changing external aspects of self- that's a lot of effort in my opinion. At least 80% on a good day!  I'm talking about changing my inner core.That sounds like a lot of effort- that's because we're conditioned to think that way.  I think it's a myth and a "make work project" that keeps us focusing on the really hard work- external stuff, when we instead , could be focusing a bit on the inside and making a world of change.

I guess all the Bach Flowers work on this 20/80 principle. They work on helping your body get back in balance so your body can heal itself the way it's designed to.  By making ever so slight changes in vibration you can have huge benefits.  20/80 rule!!

When you work on your core you don't convince yourself that things are wonderful when they aren't.  You don't change your perspective so that you see the good thing in a bad situation. You don't focus on the outside at all!  It is neither good nor bad.  It's irrelevant.  All that really matters is your core, your inner knowing, your inner self.  When you find that connection you'll know what to do, the rest will be easy and you'll see huge change (80%) without even trying. In fact, because you didn't try.

Sorry to say, I'm not really sure what it is that you "do" in that 20% inner core fixing.  It's more a feeling and once you experience it, you know what I mean.  It's maybe "doing nothing" and letting go of trying to work on the 80% external stuff. For some it might be meditation.  For others it might be a good long walk.  It might be just sitting in silence, or watching the stars, painting a picture, or listening to music.  What it "isn't" is anything hard, uncomfortable, thought provoking,  work orientated, or "fix-orientated".  I guess it's just "being". 

I figured today's picture fits in to the 20/80 rule.  You don't put Christmas lights on 80% of the trees in the  forest so that you have a beautiful place in the center.  You put the lights in the one 20% of the forest in the centre. And that lights up a beautiful peaceful space and  the whole forest just becomes background.  The focus in on what's at the centre.  You....

Shine your light!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Planetary Alignment: Hoax or Help?

I started first seeing today's picture about six months ago when a friend of my emailed it to me.  Since then I've seen it in a variety of forms and avenues.  It seems to be one of those "things" that makes it's way through cyber-land with only a vague idea of where it might have come from, how it might have been generated and what it might mean. The source seems unclear. Hmm....

I'm pretty sure there are lot of variations as to what this picture was all about, but the most pervading one seems to be that it was showing an alignment of the three planets, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, above the Giza pyramids as it would look on December 3rd 2012. Some of the explanations accompanying the picture claimed this alignment last happened around 3000 years ago.  So it would seem such an alignment again might be significant of something. 

No one was quite sure what the "something" might be really.  As the picture starting making it's rounds to more celestial or spiritual perspectives, the thought seemed to generate that this event would signify an opening of love and expansion, more harmonious living maybe.  I didn't see any doom and gloom predictions although they might have been out there, but the positive ones were pretty vague.

As we got closer to the day this alignment was to occur, I started to hear that this was all a hoax. At first I was a little crushed.  I had been looking forward to a big of magic.

The first "hoax claim" was that this photo wasn't credited or couldn't be sourced.  And considering it was event that hadn't happened yet it couldn't be a picture so that made it a "hoax".  I'm not a great historian but even I am aware that digital photography wasn't around 3000 years ago so it can't be a picture of the last time this happened either.Well.. dah... I think I understood that.  It's art people!  I didn't see anyone claim it to be a photo anymore than I saw the credits.  To me, it looks a little in keeping with the season.  It has some similarities to the Star of Bethlehem or Christmas Star and I realize those pictures of the Wise Men,  and the Manger Scene are not meant to be taken literally.  I still appreciate the artistic talent. This picture just gives me a good peaceful feeling.  That doesn't feel like a hoax.

According to astrologers, these planets actually line up in a row on a much more frequent basis than once every 3000 years. So that's not true either according to those wishing to burst the bubble of magic.  Well, I guess I've must been missing the magic a lot more times than I realized.  Maybe it's time to pay attention. And maybe I'll another chance again after today.  All good.

In my part of the world, today felt kind of special.  It was dark and gloomy but it felt "different" to me in a good way.  It was way above seasonal temperatures and the chickadees were out in full force.  So if I pay attention to the chick-a-dee message, it's time to trust my intuition and not be afraid to talk about it.

I don't plan to be near the Giza pyramids tonight to prove myself wrong, or right.  So I'm just going to believe in the magic of planetary alignment and intutive sense that good things are happening.  I think if Venus is out in full force that means love is freely offered.  And if Mercury is lined up beside Venus that just lights the fires and speeds up the connections between the universal love that's offered and the receiving of it. Saturn seems to kind of favor hard work for bringing returns so if we've all been working hard on earth, maybe it's really time for some magical love. 

I figure you always have a choice in life.  You can believe in magic or believe in hoaxes.  I find it just easier to believe in a bit of magic.  There's less fact checking and research and source checking involved.  It feels lighter and more creative to me. I like that.

So go ahead, line up.  I'll be looking up tonight.  I'll be thinking about magic and I'll be open to it!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon in Gemini

Maybe one of the reasons why I started this blog, way back when, was so that I would actually "get" the cyclical nature of well.. nature!  It's taken me awhile, but I'm starting to catch on!

Tonight the Full Moon is in Gemini.  I wrote about this last year. 

Although last year's full moon was on Dec. 10th, the rest of the information applies.  The New Moon this phase was in Sagittarius and just like last year's Full Gemini moon, this one too is a Lunar Eclipse.

So it's about communication.  If you, like me, are working on Capitalizing Flow, this focused energy on communication may be just want you need to let others know where you're heading. Or maybe, just maybe, it will help you communicate with self. Hmm...

Perhaps the full moon energy that encourages us to slow down and reflect a bit is really suggesting we look at the reflection in the mirror and ask it where we really want to be headed.  Maybe it's time to communicate with that Inner Child and see what dreams and aspirations we might have tossed aside a bit as we got caught up in the flow of others, or were floating adrift a bit.

Maybe nature keeps repeating the cycle as an opportunity for us to jump on board and if we miss it one time we have the assurance the opportunity will come back again, and again, and again.

So here's to personal communication, communication with your inner self, your higher self, you inner child or "all of the above".

If you want more information on the full moon, go back and read last year's post.  I highlighted some Bach Flower remedies I think may apply to this particular energy.  I believe they still apply this year.

I guess when patterns are repeated, like the Full Moon cycles, it's an opportunity for change and improvement as well.  So.. this year, I actually spelled "Gemini" right!  Maybe that will enhance my communication with others as well!

Cheers to the reflection you see in the mirror!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Capitalize "flow"

We talk a lot about the ease of "going with the flow".  There are lots of self-help books written about accepting, instead of fighting, situations.  We have popular phrases like "let go and let be", "ride the wave", and "it is what it is". I think the point of all that, is that life doesn't have to be difficult and sometimes we fight against things in a waste of energy. Some people try to white water raft through life taking a very challenging course, continuously trying to direct their path and steer around the rocks and obstacles.  If your life is exactly what you want it to be and you feel  fulfilled yet challenged, certain that you're on the right course, secure in your direction and happy with your speed of progression- congratulations! Pat yourself on the back, shut down the computer and go have a coffee!  If however, going with the flow might possibly have left you feeling a bit "adrift"- read on.

Jan Spiller in, "Astrology for the Soul", talks about "going with the flow" in reference to North Node in Leo people.  She suggests there is a difference between Flow with a capital "f" and flow. I read that a few times and didn't really "get it" until the other day the light bulb came on for me.

I think what Spiller is suggesting is that sometimes we don't personalize our sense of flow.  We go along for the ride uncaring where this bus is headed. Or perhaps thinking we have no control. We use "letting go and letting be" and "going with the flow" as an excuse to prevent us from picking a direction for our lives and deciding what it is we personally want.  It's easier to follow the flow that someone else has created,so we convince ourselves that we're in the right place and we're happy enough with life. It is certainly an easier ride than trying to swim upstream. 

But what if you're caught in the flow? What if you look around you and this is not exactly the scenery you wanted.  Maybe you don't really feel that good about the people you are swimming with, the job you're in, the group you're part of, the way you're living when you dig deep down and can be honest with yourself. There might not be anything dramatically wrong with your life, but just something a bit missing... that's being adrift.

The way to stop drifting in circles in not necessarily to install an outboard motor in your raft and head upstream. I think that might be going backward.  But maybe it's time to pick your flow and subtly adjust direction.  It's about picking a direction.  It's about finding your personal Flow. You don't need to pull other people into your Flow. Neither do you need to get caught up in the Flow of others.  There is lots of room in the river for everyone to pick their own way.

Capitalizing Flow  means you use the ease of the universe and the gifts that are offered to you to get you where you want to go.  But you aren't that inactive observer that drifts around in circles watching whatever comes up.  You set your sights on something, whatever makes you feel happy and good and right.  You actively look for what it is your want and once you see it, you set the course. Then you let go and enjoy the ride, confident that you're heading where you want to go. You might still meet up with rocks and logs, maybe you run a-ground on an island or two, but that doesn't mean you loose site of where you want to be going.  It means you keep steering.

It can be learned behavior to go with the flow instead of your Flow. That's what we learn when we give our toys away and decide we don't really need them anyway- no big deal.  We get rewarded for going with the flow and not ""rocking the boat".  (I'm not sure where all these nautical terms come from!!) We become good at avoiding conflict because it's easier, more peaceful.  We become observers not active participants and eventually we find ourselves adrift, not sure how we really got here and with no idea where we are going. But it's fairly warm and sunny, it's a smooth ride, maybe it's okay.... Hmm...

If you're ready to capitalize Flow, there are a few Bach Flower essences that might help you get there.  The most obvious ones are Agrimony and Wild Rose.

Agrimony types have learned to be observers and they are great at it.  They avoid conflict at all costs because they feel very uncomfortable there. I've written a lot about Agrimony. If you type "Agrimony" into the search box, you'll get them all but  is rather in keeping with the candy cane season. Agrimony types would much rather switch than fight and they are okay to follow someone else's direction or lead if it means the ride can be smooth. On the surface they are pretty happy people.  Often they are the jokers in the group, always ready with a friendly smile and a good joke to turn the conversation to pleasant non-confrontational, happy topics. They can even seem to be leaders, as they lead everyone away from conflict towards harmony and the staus quo. But there is a restlessness to Agrimony types if they really really look inside. Some Agrimony types don't sleep well because in the "dead of night" they are plagued by the frustration of always being the observer, always giving up their toys, always going along with the flow.  They often have no idea what they would even want to change they have so lost their own Flow. I think North Node in Leo people might really resonate with Agrimony. A few drops of Agrimony over the course of time can help you find your capital Flow. It can help you dig deep down to discover what it is that makes you excited, challenged, happy, and on course.  It might help you find that Inner Child that really wants to let loose. 

It is not easy to capitalize Flow. It is easy once you find your Flow, but getting out of the general flow into your personal Flow can be a challenge. Once you've accepted the idea that you aren't in Flow, you might need some Wild Rose to motivate you to steer your course a little different. Wild Rose might be the essence for you if you're able to convince yourself that although things aren't ideal, they are okay. You are resigned to flow and unmotivated to accept the effort to find your personal Flow. It isn't a sense of depression so much as a sense of resignation that signifies a Wild Rose state.  If a piece of you, most likely that little kid in you, is nudging you to find your Flow, find your passion, make a change, Wild Rose might help you accept the challenge.  Wild Rose can help you accept responsibility for making the change to finding personal Flow. Wild Rose can help you realize that you do have the ability, and responsibility, to set your course.

Never mind "gone fishin", I'm "gone rafting"- all by myself!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Red Lights on Black Friday

So tomorrow is Black Friday in the United States.  It would be hard to miss that fact given the advertisements and marketing around this shopping event.  In fact, for the first time ever, Black Friday seems to have swept into Canada and we are apparently having a "Black Friday" as well, even though it isn't a holiday, we celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago, and Christmas is still a month away!

I wrote about Black Friday last year. I re-read that post and think I probably need a few of the Bach Flowers I mentioned now that this black fever is spreading northward!! I think Canadians in general might benefit from a few of the essences.

Make no mistake. I can be very easily distracted.  Buzzes, pings, chirpy sounds and ,heaven forbid, flashing red lights and my focus is gone from the task at hand.  So it was hard to work today.  My Blackberry, delivers all these distractions all at once. And today, it was going off like crazy.

I like technology.   I'm pretty affectionately attached to my electronic device.  It makes life freer for me.  I get a lot of good news from this little critter.  I've received great work contracts through incoming messages. I get newsy, funny and inspirational messages from friends. I keep in touch with clients, and on occasion I've maintained a life-line to family members from this device.  I've even found teenagers from the deep dark depths of a mall this way- otherwise I'd still be looking for them!  But today I got hammered with telemarketing through my device.  It would seem every corporation that I have even been a part of, shopped at, looked at, browsed through, or thought about, sent me a message today on how I could capitalize on a Black Friday "deal".  Seriously????

I wrote in the previous year's post about the significance of the color black. But today, I realize that perhaps coincidentally, my blackberry is actually red. And the little light that flashes on it, distracting my attention and calling me like a beckon is definately red. That got me thinking.... (I warned you I was easily distracted).

What I got thinking about, is that Black Friday puts retailers and corporations in the black.  And perhaps they do that by encouraging me to go into the red? Red is a great color, just not really welcomed on a personal financial spreadsheet. Hmm....

Red resonates with the root chakra. This chakra is focused on safety and survival. When this chakra is balanced we feel strongly grounded, secure in the knowledge that we are taken care of, part of a group, strong enough to survive and thrive. We know we have the basics we need and from this perspective we can reach up to higher levels of thought and purpose. When the Root Chakra is unbalanced we can feel overly concerned about materialistic things.  We can get caught up in the fears of lack and the frenzy of a "great deal".

From my distracted mind it occurs to me that my survival is probably not based on having the latest and greatest technological device, the newest gadget, the most fashionable clothes, the latest bestseller, or the "perfect deal". Perhaps I would be better off ignoring some of those incoming marketing suggestions.  Maybe I should get my fingers away from the surf board of key strokes and put my feel in a pair of red sneakers and go for a nice long walk instead.

That might not be in the "spirit " of Black Friday from a retail point of view.  But from my point of view I think it just might keep me secure under a black cloak of protection while the red lights flash away without me.

This all may be a moot point on Black Friday anyway. reports a high probability of geomagnetic storms on November 23rd.  That could just knock out some of those electronic devices.  And with everyone using credit, debit machines and computer links, there's a good chance it could come crashing down anyway.  So I'll post this message the night before Black Friday. Tomorrow I will "walk away" from all marketing gimicks and "deals".

May your finances be in the black, your shoes red, your cookies be ginger, and your heart light!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Animal Signs: Reindeer

Judging by the amount of hits my post last year on Rudolph the Reindeer has been getting lately,  it seems as though a lot of people are thinking about reindeer. I guess it is the season. Or at least getting close.

When a lot of people become focused on the same thing I think "the thing" is worth examining a bit. So I decided it would be a good day to look at the spirit of Reindeer as an animal sign that might be providing us humans with some welcome direction.

It would seem some flexibility is required here.  Reindeer wasn't exactly listed in my Animal Spirit Guide books. But Caribou are. And if I saw anything like the critter  in today's picture, at this time of year, I would call her a Reindeer. I hope that wouldn't be insulting to the Caribou- I mean it as a term of endearment and respect of the season. And I think they probably share pretty similar Spirit.

As is often the case, when an Animal Spirit shows up in your life, the significance can still be somewhat open to your perspective and interpretation.  In Steven Farmer's Animal Spirit Guides, there seem to be five somewhat different messages that may apply depending on your situation.

1. Farmer writes that a reindeer (well okay, Caribou) showing up "may indicate it's time for you to make a decision and act with resolve." He suggests you consider it a symbol to make the decision, stick with it, and take appropriate action. Hmm...

That's pretty good advice "when the shift hits the fan" I think  It might be interesting to note that in the Caribou clan, unlike reindeer actually, both males and females have antlers.  There obviously (if you are a Caribou/Reindeer) are other ways to distinguish male and female! but it's not by looking at their heads. As the shift occurs and we embrace and become connected to the feminine aspect of being human, we might still need to pay attention to our masculine side as well. It isn't a competition, it's a balance to be obtained.  And if you're going to make a decision, stay with it, and take action, I believe you might want to tap into your masculine side a bit. 

2. Farmer also writes the appearance of reindeer/caribou may indicate "something is bugging you, and you need to address whatever it is and either try and change, it, get away from it, or surrender to it. " Perhaps that's what you need to make the decision about. Seems like  Reindeer energy is about not maintaining status quo, but about enabling change to happen. That means facing up to your negative side, or the negative things in your life so that shifts can occur. It's not about ignoring them, sugar coating them, or pretending they don't exist. It's about facing them and creating change.

3. Steven Farmer suggests when a Caribou shows up it means; "There is solidarity and camaraderie among the people you know and trust, which is something your soul is yearning for at this time, so indulge yourself and seek out these folks. "  This is a time to focus on and surround yourself with those people that make you feel good and shift away from people and situations that don't match with where and who you want to be.  Hmm...

4. According to Farmer, the Caribou may indicate "the long emotional and spiritual trek you've been on is about to conclude.".  He goes on to write that "once it does you'll reap the rewards, benefits and pleasures of having done it. "  More reinforcement to stick with your path and keep moving forward secure in the belief that the shift is for positive gain even if slightly uncomfortable along the way. 

5. Finally, the message from Caribou Spirit may be, "although your journey may seem rather lengthy, as long as you seek the support you need, you will succeed."  Caribou are herd animals.  Santa has a team of reindeer and even though Rudolph may be shining up there in front, there is a whole team following behind her pulling that sleigh full of gifts.  Rudolph doesn't "go it alone". Find your herd and don't be afraid to get other people to pull their weight too. 

If you need a little help pulling the Reindeer/Caribou signs into your life, the Bach remedy combination that could help might include  Agrimony, Scleranthus, Cerato, Water Violet and Gentian. 

I'd recommend Agrimony so you could come out behind that mask you're putting up to pretend everything is okay.  A few drops of Agrimony might help you face that "yucky" situation that really is bugging you when you're honest with yourself.

Once you're facing the issue head on, a few drops of Scleranthus might help you pick a direction and go with it. If you have no idea how to proceed ,Wild Oat might be more helpful, but I have an idea "when the shift hits the fan", if you're honest, you'll see two directions.  Pick one.

Once you've picked the direction, Cerato can help you trust yourself, your decision, and your inner knowing in order to follow through and stick to the plan when those other reindeer from the other side of the river are trying to pull you over and across thin ice.

Once you've made your decision, picked your direction and want to stick to it, you might find out you could use a few more members on your team.  That sleigh can be pretty heavy even if it's full of great things.  Water Violet can help you reach out to others, accepting help and reinforcement.

Finally, the trek through the cosmos can get kind of dark by times even when you know you're heading towards the light.  A few drops of Gentian might help restore your conviction that the reindeer really do bring the message that the journey is about to end with positive results.

So.. if you think your hear the thunder of hooves behind you these days, consider that it just might be a team of Caribou disguised as Reindeer, or Reindeer disguised as Caribou - it doesn't really matter.  They are likely pulling a whole sleigh of wonderful gifts right to you. Make way for the wonder.

And, in the meantime, if you could use the Reindeer Remedy of Agrimony, Scleranthus, Cerato, Water Violet, and Gentian, go to my website  It's had some shifting as well and has a new look.  Send me a message and indicate you'd like a Reindeer Remedy and I'll send it ahead of the herd. 

Enjoy the Spirit!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

When the Shift hits the Fan

I was having a discussion with a client this week.  We were talking about how extreme situations and emotions seem to be these days.  It seems as those everyone, everywhere, is having a lot of "stuff" presented to them that requires them to act, feel and make decisions- some of them quite uncomfortable.  My client said she thought "the shift has hit the fan".  I love that phrase.  It seems to completely sum things up for me.

A lot of people and organizations been talking about "the shift", or "a change" for quite awhile.  Whether you believe things are changing because of increased consciousness, universal laws, end of the Mayan calender, enlightenment, global economy, political unrest, climate change, or polar shifting, we all seem to agree a change is present or perhaps on the horizon. For many, with December 2012 fast approaching, it seems we may be closer and closer to some pretty big change. Maybe to facilitate that change, or because of that change, we are being called to address what's in front of us in a more intense way. No more "fooling around" folks.

I've had some personal "shift hit the fan" in the past couple of weeks. It doesn't seem as though it's so much about changing outcomes, as much as it is about changing my internal being and response to situations. I think that's perhaps what the shift is about. We look to changing external circumstances as evidence of change or "a Shift".  We say things have "turned around for us" when more money comes in, we get the job we want, the new house or car we desired, or we are released from pain, disease, responsibilities, or angst. We measure change by what's outside of us.  And if we don't see that evidence of change we decide the Shift hasn't happened yet. Maybe we are using the wrong measuring stick.

I believe when you see a repetitive pattern it's important to examine that pattern. It's the Chestnut Bud approach to life. Instead of reacting the same way to what seems to seem to be the same situation, you act differently, having learned from the mistakes of the past.  It's your reaction that's important, not the external circumstances.

It would seem if you don't take a look at your internal mapping, the speed of the fan is increased and you may start to feel pretty overwhelmed by the force of the wind and the amount of debris coming towards you once the "Shift hits". That's opportunity.

I think the opportunity is not to resolve the situation differently. I don't think it's about finding different solutions, unique fixes, or alternative methods. I think the opportunity to to feel the situation different and therefore react differently, unattached to outcomes and resolutions.

In my opinion, if the same stuff keeps coming at you, and now the speed and intensity is ramped up, the opportunity is there for internal shifting. This won't necessarily be a comfortable feeling. In fact, if you're feeling comfortable, I don't think you're shifting.

If, for instance, you've always resolved conflict by trying to avoid or deny it at all costs you might benefit from the Bach Flower essence Agrimony as you  find "the Shift that hits the fan" right now is a whole lot of messy conflict.

If you try to come up with a plan that resolves the present conflict in a better way for all, involves restructuring for all involved parties, new methods of interacting, more attention to the feelings of others, and just different ways of resolving the issues, you may  find the speed of the fan increases as you try these problem solving methods.  But... that could be just me. Hmm...

Instead, this may be an opportunity to consider how you feel and react to conflict, and a chance to react differently. Stop thinking about the needs of others and focus on your own needs maybe. Stop trying to resolve it comfortably for all and just walk way instead. Change your pattern. Change your reactions. Change your feelings.  Don't expect a different outcome. That's only a measurement of external change

 Expect different feelings. That's the measurement of internal change. Perhaps that's the Shift we're supposed to take.

So when "the Shift hits the fan", maybe it isn't about controlling the fan at all.  Maybe it isn't about shutting it off, unplugging it, changing it's direction, or setting up a bigger fan in the opposite direction.  Maybe it's about personally shifting your position, just ever so slightly, to one side or the other, up or down. Let the fan blow all it wants.  You just won't feel it in the same way. 

Fair winds ahead!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Strength for Change

Photo courtesy of Liz Corbett

It seems to me that Oak trees are making their presence known in a big way.  I wrote about Knobbley the Oak tree a few weeks ago. 

Then, a few days ago, a friend sent me information on yet another amazing Oak tree story.  This tree is the Ghirardi Compton Oak.  It's 56 feet tall, has a canopy over 100 feet wide, and is 135 inches around.  It has been growing in the same place for over a hundred years. 

But times change and the people of Compton embarked on a road widening project. The project would enhance the community, but threatened the oak tree that was growing in the way of progress. Here's where the story gets great.  Rather than cut down a sacred part of their community, they took on a month long project to safely relocate a 518, 000 pound tree!  You can watch the process at
It's worth watching in my opinion.  I found it really quite moving.  It seems as though the Oak is waving as it goes on it's journey safe and secure in the knowledge that a lot of time, effort, and love is being put into this change.

I believe there is change going on for everyone right now. And change isn't always very comfortable.  It can't be easy to have your space invaded, your roots dug up and exposed as you find yourself being dragged away from where you've called home for over a hundred years. And even though you may find yourself not that far away from where you began, surely the view is different. 

It occurred to me as I watched the video that one of the reasons it was even possible to relocate this Oak was because the Oak tree grows massive roots but they aren't anchored that deep.  This tree is more about spreading itself out on the surface, searching for new water and soil sources. 

The Bach essence Oak, is helpful when you are feeling hollow at the core.  It's useful when you have spread your roots and branches so far, you've sort of lost yourself in the centre.  But the positive attribute of Oak is a very solid, strong person. Oak people are often the mainstay of their family or working group, just like Knobbley and the Compton Oak are a central focus for of their communities. Oak people possess enormous endurance, persistence, patience and energy. 

That's the kind of inner strength you need when under going change. I hope someone gave the Oak tree a bit of Walnut before, during and after the move. Even strong people with solid cores could benefit from some Walnut during these times of change. Walnut provides some protection from outside influences and helps us adapt to changing ideas, atmospheres, and world views. Hmm...

So, some Oak to maintain your inner strength, some Walnut for protection from change and you might be able to make the journey smoothly.  But...  I think I would want to add some Water Violet to that mix.

Strong people (and trees) that are used to doing things for themselves and everyone around them for hundreds of years just might get a little proud.  I guess if you've seen all those changes, weathered all those storms, and are just a little tired of all the shifting, you might start to feel a little anti-social.  Maybe during changing atmospheres you'd rather withdraw, cope on your own, resist any outside help.

That Comptom Oak tree seems to be waving as it's carried along. It has a lot of help.  It' has people watering it's roots, it's being both pushed and pulled, it's got people directing the process, looking out for branches and bumps along the road.

So, I'd want to add some Water Violet to the "Strength for Change" mixture. It helps you allow others to help along the way. It encourages you to lean on others that have leaned on you by times.  Water Violet helps you create warmer relationships that encourage "give and take" during tough changing times.

It isn't always right to leave things exactly the way they have always been I don't think.  Change is often good, great even.  It's a natural part of growth and evolution. And it often happens whether you like it or not!  So if you're having difficulty with the change maybe you could use a little help along the way.

If you'd like a bottle of "Strength for Change" Bach flowers, visit my website  or send me an email .  It's going to be part of my changing website and a Fall Special.  You can get a copy of Sweet Shack & Bach Bar, and a bottle of "Strength for Change" for $25.00 this month. That's my contribution to the change effort.

"The only constant is change".

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Wise Woman recommended a dose of Ho'oponapano the other day.  I'm always up for trying something new so I asked where I could get some of this stuff and how did I take it.  Turns out to not be that easy. Or maybe it turns out to be easier than that, depending on your perspective.  Here's the explanation from the words of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew  via Wise Woman.

" Ho'oponopono is really very simple. For the ancient Hawaiians, all problems begin as thought. But having a thought is not the problem. So what's the problem? The problem is that all our thoughts are imbued with painful memories, memories of persons, places, or things. The intellect working alone can't solve these problems, because the intellect only manages. Managing things is no way to solve problems.  You want to let them go! When you do Ho'oponopono, what happens is that the Divinity takes the painful thought and neutralizes or purifies it. You don't purify the person, place, or thing. You neutralize the energy you associate with that person, place, or thing. So the first stage of Ho'oponopono is the purification of that energy. Now something wonderful happens. Not only does that energy get neutralized; it also gets released, so there's a brand new slate. Buddhists call it the Void. The final step is that you allow the Divinity to come in and fill the void with light. To do Ho'oponopono, you don't have to know what the problem or error is.  All you have to do is notice any problem you are experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally, whatever. Once you notice, your responsibility is to immediately begin to clean, to say, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." 
Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Lew 
So I guess the message is that we are creating our own problems and trying to micromanage ourselves.  We try to shuffle our same, tired old thoughts around into boxes and issues and "to do" lists. We make our own problems. Sometimes just by thinking too much.  It seems we have created so many management positions we can no longer get the work done.

It would seem when you practice Ho'oponopono, you downsize the upper management structure a bit.  You stop having so many meetings.  You don't worry so much about strategies, approaches, and restructuring to solve your problems.  You quit!  You stop thinking and creating problems and just allow. You live in the moment.

You stop thinking and remembering and reviewing what you did in the past as a measurement for how to handle the future. You  find the magic moment of right now.  In that magic moment  there are no memories, no worries for the future, just this moment and what's the problem with that! 

Is this easier said than done? That was my first reaction to Ho'oponopona.  But that's because I was thinking that maybe I had tried that before. I was thinking my way into a problem because I had past attachments and memories. Too much intellect, not enough being. And maybe not enough allowing. Perhaps if we don't worry about the management structure we can just enjoy the process. 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Boss of Me

So at 2am this morning, daylight savings time is officially over for the year and time, as we agree on it, is moved back one hour. We moved it ahead in March and I wrote about the whole notion then too

Usually I'm pretty happy about this "fall back" concept of time.  I really like my sleep and for years I have bought in to this notion that miraculously I got an extra hour of sleep last night.  What was I thinking!! I guess something in me has changed, because this year I just can't buy into that at all and I can't believe I ever did!

First of all, the idea of this "changing time" was always explained, at least in the grade school I went to, as a way to help farmers.  Supposedly this would give them more daylight to work in. Seriously??  In the early 1900's, before the days of automated feeding and milking, I think you would have been pretty hard pressed to find a successful farmer that relied on an alarm clock to tell him when to get to work in the morning! I don't want to get into the notion of a conspiracy theory, but I just can't any longer believe that was the real reason.  I wonder if anyone gave the rooster an alarm clock, and if so, did someone sneak out at 2am and switch it back an hour?

In the days leading up to this time switch this year, I've read media accounts of how great this weekend is for many people.  Apparently the majority of North Americans are sleep deprived and to have this extra hour is quite a boost. Seriously??? You relied on the notion of time of day to "allow" you to sleep longer?

I wrote a Children's Story called "The Boss of Me".  The concept is that sometimes you have a lot more choice and control than you might think. Today I'm thinking adults can maybe apply that concept as well.

Here's the thing.  Someone else might tell you what time you need to be at work.  But you can choose what time you get up in the morning.  You are the boss of you!  Someone else might tell you to switch your clock back an hour but you can choose what you  want to do with that "extra" hour and whether or not you believe you've gained anything in the first place. You are the boss of you!

In my opinion, if you're sleep deprived, it has much less to do with what the clock says, as it has to do with what you are doing with your "time".  You might have to have an email account, but you can choose when you check your messages and respond back.  You only have so many hours in the day (according to our concept of time which is suspicious in the first place), but you do get to choose what all you want to fit in, and cut out of, that time. You are the boss of you!

If you're having difficulty believing in your ability to choose, the Bach Flower essence Cerato might help.  It is for people that don't trust their own judgement and decision making. It could be for farmers that are waiting for someone else to tell them when to get up in the morning and when to shut down at night. If you find yourself seeking advice from others rather than trusting your own gut feelings- this Bach is for you.

If you believe deep down you know what is, and isn't, right for you but you're putting on a mask and pretending it's okay, Agrimony might be the Bach Flower essence for you. It's for farmers that know they would be better off going to bed  and getting up earlier but they "go with the flow" of what everyone else is doing rather than set off an argument.

If you think you should be, and could be, the boss of you, but don't risk taking on that challenge for fear of failure, Larch might be the Bach Flower for you. It's for farmers that know deep down they are tuned in to and in sync with the cycles of nature but are afraid to follow their intuition in case they sleep in!

If you've refused to change your clocks and have started a blog about destroying Daylight Savings and asked people to sign a petition, Vervain might be the Bach Flower for you. Being the boss of you doesn't mean you become the boss of everyone- just you.  Vervain types can get a little over-enthusiastic in their efforts to boss everyone and a few drops of the essence can help them be more tolerant of how others act. If your irritation over the whole "time change thing" has kept you awake through that extra hour- try some Vervain.

In my opinion, we often give up our control because of fear. Sometimes it isn't easy being the boss of me. This fear of losing, or letting go of, control may be an indication for the Bach Flower essence Cherry Plum. Cherry Plum can help you think and act rationally in your position as Boss of Me.

"The Boss of Me" hasn't yet seen the light of publishing yet. Maybe I'll spent that extra hour today working on that.  Maybe it's all about timing...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Symbols

Happy Halloween!  There is lots of  angst and destruction going on in the world at the moment but despite that, or maybe because of that, I thought I'd focus on something lighter- the fact that it is Halloween and, in my opinion, that should be celebrated. It might be a time to celebrate who you really are, or who you want to be

I think there some really obvious Halloween symbols that deserve some recognition.  They include Witches, Black Cats, Ghosts and Pumpkins.

There is a long, sometimes sad story about witches.  They definitely deserve some celebration in my opinion.  I think true Witches were often Wise Women that knew to listen to, and follow, their intuition. And sometimes that got them in trouble.  There has often been a fear around witches, perhaps because we sense the power and don't always understand it.  This Halloween I'm celebrating the fact that there seems to be an opening in the world for "witch-like things".  Some people would consider homeopathics, essence therapies, home-brew teas, and potions witchy.  If that's the case, count me in and pass me a broom!!

No Witch would be complete without her trusty black cat.  Merlin in "Sweet Shack & Bach Bar" provides some magical black cat services for Wise Woman without question. Steven Farmer includes the cat as an Power Animal in "Animal Spirit Guides".  Farmer writes a cat showing  up may signal this is a period of self-sufficiency.  It may be important to trust in your own Witch capabilities! Farmer also writes the appearance of a cat signals magic and mystery and suggests you pay attention to signs and omens that might guide and direct you. Farmer doesn't distinguish between colors when he talks about the Cat Spirit, but black is the color of protection.  If you put that together, you can consider your magic and mystery encased in a layer of protection from the Black Cat.  Farmer goes on to write that if a feral cat shows up you can consider that a symbol you should do something totally wild and out of character, yet completely harmless. Sounds like the celebration of Halloween to me!

For a lot of people, Halloween is all about the ghosts. Hmm.... I've been told, on good authority, that the veil is thinner around Halloween.  People are thinking about ghosts and other worldly things. They are focused on the unknown and therefore often draw that kind of thing to them. I guess if you're a ghost you might feel more comfortable making yourself known if you can see lots of other people trying to look like you and receiving candy as a reward!  Maybe today is a good day to think about some ghosts you wouldn't mind communicating with. I think there is value in connecting with your ancestors, but if you're feeling uncomfortable with that there are some Bach Flowers that might help  And for all things ghost like, there is a great read out there.  Tonight would be a good night to settle in with Mary Ann Winkowski's "When Ghosts Speak".;postID=438752796507917222

Of course, no Halloween is complete, in my opinion, without a pumpkin carved into a jack-o-lantern.  I've never been one to make my pumpkins ghoulish looking. I always want those faces to be happy. I do have very found remembrances of the smell of slightly scorched pumpkin lid from a candle that's a little too high.  We have evolved.  I remember trying to attach the candle with gum, wax, and tinfoil to the base of the pumpkin.  Now a tea light makes all the difference in the world it would seem and can even be purchased as a  non-flammable device- go figure!  I will still carry the smell of burnt pumpkin as a fond memory though. The orange of the pumpkin really resonates with the second Chakra. It's all about creativity and finding yourself as distinctive from "your tribe".  Hmm...

Maybe that's what Halloween is meant to be.  A celebration of your own true creativity, unhampered by what you actually look like in this world, or by what people think you are "made of".  If nothing else, you can always throw a sheet over your head, cut out some eye holes and away you go!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ginger Cookies and Full Moon in Taurus

Today might be a good day to make Ginger Cookies.  That is, if you aren't making storm preparations.  It seems that mother nature is making herself known in all kinds of dramatic. ways.  It seems within 24 hours we are experiencing earthquakes and tsunami warnings in the West, Hurricane, rain and storm surge events in the East, and winter storms everywhere in between. It will also be a Full Moon in Taurus tomorrow. And that alone, is helping to fuel the storm surge predictions for Hurricane Sandy, raise the tides and increase the surf. 

It would seem  that with those predictions of storms, direct evidence of the force of nature, and a Full Moon cycle in Taurus there could be a lot of Root Chakra's feeling some imbalance.

The Moon in Taurus, according to We'Moon 2012, slows us down. Taurus energy is deep, heavily rooted, earthy in nature. A Full Moon in Taurus can be a good time to focus on your resources of home, health, and garden.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that the last time I wrote about a Full Moon in Taurus on this blog, we were also getting ready to feel the impacts of a major storm.  That freaked me out a bit when I read the old post and looked at the date, because it's pretty much was I was going to write today! 

So here we are in a time of the moon cycle when we are feeling very connected to our Root Chakra from wherein comes our sense of safety and security.  This is occurring at the same time that we may be feeling some challenges in that regard, particularly if you are in an area where evacuations and storm preparations are being encouraged. We'Moon writes that the challenge for Taurus energy is to explore the differences between strength and stubbornness.  There may also be a challenge to trust flexibility. Hmm...

I've written about preparing for storms before.  I wrote about this when Hurricane Irene (which Hurricane Sandy is being compared to) was making her way up the coast.

I still believe in all the things I've written about before.  I think it's important to be prepared so you're not scared.  I think the Moon Cycles can intensify our feelings and  the moon in Taurus may be intensifying our fears of insecurity and magnifying the need for safety.  I believe you can use that energy to be motivated to prepare and take logical steps to protect yourself so your emotions remain positive.  I believe there are Bach Flowers that can help ease the transition in full moon cycles, as well as before, during and after major storms.

Samantha in Sweet Shack & Bach Bar got some Root Charka help from Wise Woman.  She received Rock Rose, Sweet Chestnut and Clematis Bach Flowers.  That helped with her fear of storms and basic survival.  She also got a plate of ginger cookies.  That helped as well.  And Merlin gave her red shoes- for that you'll have to read the book.

I've gone baking...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Reset Remedy

We have  entered, according to Lucy Harmer in "Shamanic Astrology" the month of "Frost and Transformation" . Well that sounds a bit better than "Month of the Dead Leaves" in my opinion   I can handle some frost if it brings big change.

We are also in a Waxing Moon phase and that means the energy is building. All the better for transformation.

Transformation isn't always easy. Maybe that's why Bach Remedies have been going out the door in rapid succession these days. One client recently asked me if I had a remedy for "wanting to just start over".  She went on to describe how she didn't want to learn from past mistakes (Chestnut Bud), or even particularly get along more peacefully with people (Beech), She really want to just hide away in solitude (Water Violet).  She just wanted to press a reset button and have had a whole new start.  Hmm....

I think I understood exactly what she meant.  I think I have been there before.  I also think there is a Bach Remedy for that!

I believe it is often the power of a combination of essences that really helps change your emotions and bring you back to balance.  Sometimes the combination of essences is greater than the sum of the individual essences I guess. To some extent, it depends on your overall personality and what might have led you to wanting to start over, but I think a good combination to consider would be; Star of Bethlehem, Hornbeam, Wild Rose, Willow and Scleranthus.  To me it's the ultimate reset button.

Star of Bethlehem is considered the essence for transformation.  It's helpful for the after effects of a shock and many times we want to reset because we have experienced a pretty shocking event. Sometimes we need to go back to that traumatic event to have the reset experience.  The good news is that with Bach Flower essences you don't have to regress back, re-think about that event, or even figure it out.  Your body will gently find the balance it needs to neutralize the trauma.

Sometimes we don't have the energy to press the reset button.  That's when Hornbeam might be helpful. Hornbeam helps when you just feel mentally tired.  When in a Hornbeam state you tend to procrastinate and lack enthusiasm for facing problems or coping with the day’s agenda.  Hornbeam helps you break through that mental doubt so you can get started. It helps restore your vitality so you can face the day with enthusiasm once again. It might help you find the energy to start looking for the reset button!

I'd also include Wild Rose in a Reset Remedy.  Wild Rose, is included in the category of "lack of interest in present circumstances".  We just carry on doing the same old thing, because we  can't find the motivation to press the button, or perhaps even find the button in the first place. Wild Rose can help resignation give way to ambition and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s helpful for long standing, chronic states that we'd really like, deep down, to change.

I'd put some Willow into the Reset Button.  Willow can help you break out of a feeling of victimization.  When in the Willow state you really feel rather short-changed by life.  Things seem to be happening to you that just “aren’t fair” and you know you deserve better but you can't seem to break out of a somewhat negative cycle.  That might be one of the major reasons why you're looking for a reset button in the first place.

I would definitely include Scleranthus in the mix.  I've written about it often as an essence to help integrate logic and emotions.  Both those elements are necessary for real transformation I think. The combination of  Willow with  Scleranthus. is powerful. Together these two essences  address the idea that a part of you knows you deserve more, better, easier, but the other side of you doesn’t quite agree so you feel a bit trapped in circumstances that seem beyond your control.  The two essences can help you let go of any past injustices and negative patterns. That's the power of the reset.

During the month of Frost and Transformation, and under the light of a waxing moon, there is real energy out there to make internal as well as external change. I think we can all tap into that kind of energy.  But maybe we could make that transition a little easier with the help of a reset button.

Press away!