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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Tonight as the barrier between the two realms grows thin,
Spirits walk amongst us, once again.
They be family, friends and foes,
Pets and wildlife, fishes and crows.
But be we still mindful of the Wee Folke at play,
Elves, fey, brownies, and sidhe.
Some to trick, some to treat,
Some to purposely misguide our feet

Stay we on the paths we know
As planting sacred apples we go.
This Feast I shall leave on my doorstep all night.
In my window one candle shall burn bright,
To help my loved ones find their way
As they travel this eve, and this night, until day.
Bless my offering, both Lady and Lord
Of breads and fruits, greens and gourd.

~ Akasha, Samhain Ritual ~

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aspen for Halloween

With only a few days till Halloween, I thought it appropriate that I talk about the Bach Flower remedy Aspen.
I'm pretty sure Dr. Bach didn't have Halloween in mind when he introduced this essence to the collection, but it seems Halloween gives us a license to talk about unseen forces, hence the connection in my mind.
Aspen is indicated when you have fears or worries of unknown origin. It recommended when a person who is not normally anxious or nervous feels seized by sudden fear for no obvious reason. It is helpful for that sense of foreboding as though you have walked into a negative energy field or are being influenced by something unseen- in Halloween lingo- ghosts or spirits!
Like Rock Rose, Aspen can be helpful for children with night terrors or anyone that wakes from a bad dream still feeling anxious even if the dream is forgotten.
Aspen can provide protection from negative energy and helps restore a sense of inner peace, security and a fearlessness.
Comfrey, from the Perelandra line of essences might be considered for such experiences as well.
So if the treat bag seems a little heavier than the candy inside warrants and that makes you anxious- take a couple of drops of Aspen and relax.
Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rock Rose for Night Terrors

There seems to be something in the air these days that is really affecting kids as much, if not more than ,adults. I believe kids are more sensitive to external influences and perhaps that's why they can be adversely affected by a number of things adults don't see, feel, or acknowledge as real.

For a lot of kids, this creates an inability to sleep. A check on Facebook will quickly reveal how many teenagers really just can't get to sleep at night. Certainly we have the studies to prove that teenager cycles would suggest it is more natural for them to stay up late and sleep in late. We have the studies but we haven't modified anything as a result- we still expect then to get up in the morning so they can go to school while we go to work. And then we complain when they are zombies in the morning when it isn't Halloween! I can also hear you saying, 'The reason they are up all night is because they are talking on their computers", but I don't buy that seemingly easy answer. I think they are often on Facebook and MSN and texting each other so that they can feel connected. It's a coping mechanisms to dispel the fear they are feeling. In my Bach practice I am finding children and teenagers (not quite the same thing!), that are really terrified of something they can't identify or express -but the fear is real.

For young children and babies, there is also a phenomenon known as night terrors. This is something much more than the odd nightmare or having a fear of the dark or monsters or making up a reason to stay up later! If you've ever witnessed someone with a night terror you will never forget it!

There is a Bach Flower remedy that might help the terror these kids are experiencing. Rock Rose is indicated for this type of extreme fear. Taking Rock Rose can help relieve the fear, giving courage and ability to react and work through the anxiety. You really don't need to analyze with Bach Flowers, or even know why they worked- just try it and accept the healing it can provide.

Rescue Remedy contains Rock Rose as one of the 5 ingredients so it can help if you wake up with a nightmare or can't get to sleep, but the other 4 ingredients might not be required and therefore can "dilute" the effects. Also I often find people need more drops of the essences than what is found in the prepared combinations. Rescue Remedy Sleep contains the same 5 ingredients as Rescue and also adds White Chestnut. White Chestnut is helpful if you can't get to sleep because your mind keeps going around and around the same issue. That seems to more often be a adult reason for sleepless nights than teenagers and younger children- although sometimes it is indicated.

Back Flowers are safe for everyone- including infants, the dosages don't change, nothing gets complicated. It can't hurt and it might make a world of difference- just like a good nights sleep does!

If you want more information on Rock Rose, Bach Flowers in general or you want a personalized bach flower remedy, check out my website or send me an email

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crushed Fingers & Homeopathics

I love the smell of a wood fire, the crackle of the wood burning, the cozy feeling it brings and the satisfaction of saving money from the power bill! What I don't particularly like is stacking the wood. I am amazed by those round piles of wood you sometimes see - like in today's picture. I recently saw one of these at New Ross Farms and wondered how they heck they did that!

There is actually a point to this blog and a tie in to the title. Yesterday out of the blue our first load of fire wood arrived and therefore needed to be stacked before it started to rain. As an early settler I think I would have prayed a lot for rain. You can't make hay, you can't stack wood, you can't hang out the laundry- so many chores that can't be done! Anyway...

I am stacking away when I squish my finger between two chunks of wood- one thrown on top of the other. You need talent to achieve this type of injury but you can create the same result by slamming you finger in the car door, or any door, shutting a drawer or cupboard on it, hitting it with a hammer, or having someone walk on it. You get the picture, the two ingredients most required is impatience and distraction! In the world of emergency medicine the resulting injury is poetically called "a crush injury". Whatever the title - it hurts- A LOT! So I hopped around for awhile (totally ineffective but necessary), put gloves on (a little too late), and went back to stacking wood (painful but practical). About an hour later my finger was throbbing and booming like Wile Coyote's injuries used to on the Bug's Bunny series. It was swelling up, turning purple- very impressive.

Then I remembered that I actually know some first aid procedures- dah! I took 1 dose (5 granules) of HYPERICUM PERFORATUM 30 CH. Almost before the pellets were totally dissolved under my tongue I had absolutely no pain. None! Just amazing. I also took 2 doses (5 granules each) of ARNICA MONTANA 30 CH about 5 minutes after the hypericum with about 10 minutes between the two doses. It was like the injury never happened.

There is a downside to homeopathic first aid. This morning when I got up I have no pain, and no visible injury. I get a big "0" on the sympathy scale. No one would even believe it happened. No blackened nail, no bandage required, no bruise, no swelling, no need to "rest" my finger or avoid work. Hmmm....

Homeopathics can really be amazing solutions for injuries. It can sometimes be hard to remember what to use for what, so if you'd like some first aid guidelines go on my website . You can download my free Homeopathic First Aid Guide on there. We keep one posted on the fridge for quick reference.

So today I shall enjoy the rain!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Teen Age Disconnect ?

I recently read a great book called "Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel", by Jeanette Walls. I put the picture of the cover up in case you are interested because although I rarely can remember titles myself, I will recognize the cover!

It's a story about a very strong-willed, unique woman, Lily Casey Smith, growing up in the early 1900's. The story is told by her granddaughter- Jeanette Walls. In the book, Lily is helping her father train (I don't like the word "break") horses at 6 years of age. By 15, Lily is traveling on her own, over 500 miles, on horseback, to take up a position as a school teacher in a one room schoolhouse. Not only does she make the trip just fine, she continues through life as a school teacher, pilot, rancher, and a million other things despite any number of obstacles. It's really an entertaining book, and although in many ways it's just an "easy read" it got me thinking...

If less than a hundred years ago, a 15 year old girl could survive a month of traveling by horseback in order to take a job as a school teacher and make out just fine, are we shortchanging teenagers today? Is it possible that the advancements and life style changes that were designed to make us safer, faster, stronger, better educated with more leisure time have made us less capable? Or are we way off in what we think a teenager today is capable of doing? I'm thinking it may be the later, and if that's the case, no wonder we have teenagers that are bored, feeling misunderstood and frustrated! If somewhere in there minds and bodies they are capable of being off on their own teaching others and we are telling them they are barely capable of making simple decisions like what they should eat and how they should dress there must be a huge sense of disconnection. While I'm not suggesting we send them off in the wild (especially because we really don't have much "wild" anymore), I'm thinking it might be worth reassessing their abilities and allow them to surprise us in their capabilities. Seems like in less than 100 years we have made many advancements but have automatically assumed because of that we are actually less capable. That doesn't really make sense to me?

Maybe I better relate this to Bach Flowers, because teenagers are definitely not my area of expertise! while Bach Flowers are more in line with my talents!

Teenagers do for whatever reason(s) often feel disconnected, confused, and misunderstood. There are a lot of Bach Flowers that can really make a huge difference and ease them through the pain of discovery and growth. However, for every teenager that could use Larch, Crab Apple, Clematis, or Cherry Plum, there is a parent or care-giver that could use Vine, Vervain, Beech or Red Chestnut to name a few. Much of the life experience is about relationships it seems and it is often our relationships with others that we need to examine and work through with or without the use of Bach Flowers. Bach Flowers just make it's easier.

Maybe I answered my own question. Maybe the reason Lily Casey Smith could do so much on her own at 15 and even younger, was because up till then, there really wasn't much in the way of relationships in her life. She was very much "on her own, sink or swim". I think being involved with our children and establishing relationships with them is definitely a positive evolutionary change, but maybe as we move into the aquarian age of group consensus and collaboration, we can undo some of the piscean style of authoritative direction and control over children.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the shift!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full Moon

Last night was the Full Hunter's Moon according to the earthsky website I found at It will look full again tonight. The big thing about the Hunter's moon is that it assurs us of dusk-till-dawn moonlight for the next few nights as there is no long period of darkness between sunset and moonrise. Good chance for nocturnal activity like dancing, hunting, or in the more recent past- rumrunning! No wonder we are affected by the moon phases!

I was given a wonderful calender/book called We'Moon 2011, by a friend who really understands the importance of the moon. Here's a poem from that book:

In the Moonlight Dancing

by Juliett Jade Chi

We dance in slivers of silver moonlight,

a gathering of women

illuminated in the quiet night.

A circule of goddesses disguised as lawyers,

artists, teachers, office managers and healers.

We reflect each other's power

glowing from the mirror of our eyes,

recognizing ancient moon cycles while

touching the rhythm of the earth with bare feet.

Footsteps pound to the ground,

as if knocking to gain entry back into the core of

We dance to toughen the skin of our soles

and soften the skin of the modern world.

We dance to unleash the anger of wounds and restriction

and tie together the threads of hope and shared

We dance to telephone the goddess within and ask her

how to solve the dilemmas at hand and fuel this

She answers us with a smile, reminding us to keep

to throw our heads skyward and find ourselves again in

the laughter and starlight.

Juliett Jade Chi 2009

Here's to the dance!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Natural Aging Product

If you visit my website you'll see I believe strongly in the Perelandra essence products. I think they address the concerns of the world we live in today and help balance us gently in physical, emotional and spiritual ways.

So it's exciting to me that Perelandra has developed a new product called "Natural Aging". This isn't an "anti-wrinkle, anti-cellulose, make you younger product. Personally I think we have more than enough of those! This is about helping you move through the natural stages of aging so that you can adjust accordingly and gain the insight you are meant to achieve along your path.

The following discription, plus the picture above is taken directly from the Perelandra website :

Although our pems levels — physical, emotional, mental and soul — embraces the opportunities that come our way with each aging stage, Natural Aging does not address specific illnesses or disease that might appear during any of the stages. However, by assisting our pems levels to operate and develop fully in each of the aging stages, the four pems levels are more fully strengthened and stabilized. This results in fewer instances of pems-level breakdown during any of the six stages and we have fewer physical, emotional and mental problems to deal with as we move through life.

If you'd like more information on this on any other Perelandra product visit their website or mine ( ) I'll be placing an order for Natural Aging to give it a try. I figure I can use all the balancing I can get!! If you'd like some, send me an email

Holly for the Heart

It seems that lately I have been having a lot of conversations with people about the heart chakra and healing of the heart. There is even new research out there that suggests the heart may be sending signals to the brain instead of the other way around. Without a doubt the heart has been central to many healing arts, so a "sad or angry heart" is real cause for concern and discomfort.

The Bach Flower essence Holly shares a connection to the heart. Although it is often described as the essence for envy, jealousy or feelings of anger or hatred, it goes a lot deeper than than. It more about the shock that these intense negative emotions have on the person- a sense of disconnection and imbalance- a very unpleasant state.

In "Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function", Julian Barnard explains that Dr. Bach choose Holly as a remedy to be used when people felt they had been violently affected by very negative emotions. Dr. Bach felt that anger was the result of an absence of love and that anger is a reaction to an invasion of an individuals sense of self. When in a Holly state, one is in a foreign pattern, not in a homeostatic or balanced state and therefore feels "taken over" by feelings not within their control. Like the spiny prickly leaves of Holly, the essence can be a catalyst that provides a stab to the heart so that the person looks inward to their source of discomfort rather than blaming an external source for the anger or imbalance.

The positive affects of Holly can be as dramatic as the negative emotions and connect one to a sense of inner harmony and universal love- indeed back to the balance of loving oneself. Dr. Bach wrote, "Holly protects us from everything that is not universal love". Holly can help you open your heart to receive love and regain balance and a sense of self.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mustard for Moon Phases

The moon will be full in a couple of days and for a lot of people, whether they know it or not!, the days leading up to a full moon can be somewhat gloomy, oppressive, or depressing. I'm not sure why this occurs, but I know full moons are powerful things!

Mustard is a Bach Flower Essence that might be helpful if you are feeling gloomy for no known region. The type of depression Mustard is helpful for is the type that comes out of the blue for no apparent reason. This gloom can be very severe, and is often described as a fog or cloud that seems to descend over everything. If you feel completely taken over by the gloom and unable to shake it off even though nothing tangible seems to be at the root of it, Mustard might be helpful for you.

Taking a few drops of Mustard can help lift the fog and allow you to be "back to yourself" able to gaze at the thickening moon with awe and appreciation.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Impatiens & Lost Keys

Life has been a little hectic for me the past few days and I have been running in multiple directions- sometimes at the same time it feels like! To top it off, and this is likely pertinent to the story, yesterday I had a double expresso and a cup of coffee before coming home from a meeting. A couple of hours later when getting ready to go to the evening meeting I realized I couldn't find my car keys.. no where. I'm good at retracing my steps so went through all of that- no keys. I knew they had to be somewhere between car and house because I had driven home! but no idea where. I had to use the spare keys(emergency management trick) to get to the evening meeting.

I was impatient with the meeting and getting to it because I was still thinking of those lost keys. It occured to me I should have taken the Bach Flower Essence Impatiens for exactly that reason! In fact, had I taken that instead of the double expresso and coffee- I might not have lost the keys in the first place!

Impatiens is for people that want everything done instantly. It is one of the ingredients in Rescue Remedy as well and for me can be the key to getting rid of a headache! People needing impatients act, think and speak quickly. Although capable and efficient, when in an Impatient state they are irritiated and frustrated in slower people or co-workers and often for that reason prefer to work alone. Impatiens can help you relax, cope calmly and be sympathetic and diplomatic with others. Hm....

So back home, flashlight searches in the dark, everywhere in the house including places they could not possibly be. Finally I went to bed and remembered something I had read once- too impatient to remember where I read it! I asked the "Deva of Lost Things" to help me find my car keys and honestly and truly "let it go" until the morning. I actually felt quite peaceful and confident doing that. I was about 3 pages into a really good book and quite focused on the book when I suddenly, out of no where, knew where the keys were. I remembered taking some recycling garbage out of the car and sure enough there were my car keys lying right underneath the empty bag of cheezies (I know, but I enjoyed every single one of them!) in the plastic recyling. Amazing!! More amazing is that other members of my family had checked that bag twice for the keys actually in the "big key search" and swear they weren't there!

The End!
P.S. My car is not a Ferrari like the keys in the picture.. maybe I should talk to a Deva about that!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Successful Rescue

What an amazing rescue mission that all 33 trapped Chilean miners have been returned to their families safe and sound! It was incredible to watch the reunions that have touched so many of us.

It really brings to mind how connected we all are in that we can share, to some extent, the emotions expressed across the world.

Check out Melvin Moon's blog to see how Melvin experienced the event!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oak for Inner Strength

The Oak tree is truly an amazing creation. They are the inspiration for many poems, pictures, folklore and stories. With their far reaching branches they are often the inspiration for those "spooky Halloween trees" as well. Oak is said to represent endurance, some have been reported to last for thousands of years- perhaps one of the oldest living things on earth. Seems our fascination with Oak runs deep.

Oak is also a Bach Flower Essence. It is indicated when you are exhausted but struggle on, and unlike the exhaustion of Olive which is often as much mental as physical, the exhaustion of Oak is really a loss of inner strength.

Oak types are often strong and reliable. They are very dependable people that are attracted to those who need help and they will happily take on the burden of others. Oak people adapt to difficulties and tend to work through struggles as if the problem weren't even there. They even struggle on stubbornly when over-tired. Oak people often continue on until they suddenly crash or fall with seemingly little warning.

The Oak tree extends many branches but is often hollow in the core. So too, the person needing Oak essence. They work so hard at so many things and for so many people that they exhaust their inner strenth, their core, and often are disconnected from their own issues.

Oak can help restore energy and help you recognize the need to take time off to relax and look inward at your own issues rather than just the duties you have created for yourself.

It can be hard to recognize Oak until the crash occurs because these people seem so strong and reliable and ignore their tiredness. If this sounds like you- look deep inside your core and consider how you feel. If things feel a bit hollow in there, consider a few drops of Oak!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Connectivity to Nature

The global coherence initiative (GCI) is a group of scientists, many at the PhD level that are doing very interesting research in a variety of arenas such as connectedness and how we affect each other and the universe. I think in some ways they provide the scientific proof to support a lot of Eckhart Tolle and others work that is very much theoretically or philosophical. This group also does a lot of work on a concept called "Heart Math" that is really fascinating research and supports an alternative to stress management.

One of their latest projects discovered that in 373B.C historians recorded animals left the Greek city of Helice several days before it was devastated by an earthquake. Three days before a devastating earthquake in China in 2008, thousands of toads were suddenly seen moving across a bridge "getting the heck of Dodge!". Chinese authorities at the time didn't make the association between the toad exodus and an upcoming earthquake. It seems toads and other amphibians can detect small changes in geomagnetism and magnetic fields that helps then evade impending earthquakes.

An awareness of this interconnectedness between people, the earth, animals and solar systems has been part of many traditional healing beliefs. As the GCI explains many of these traditions believe in a universal consciousness that pervades and connects everything.

The GCI took things a step further and did some very complicated research to identify what forces might mediate such interconnections and prove this in a scientific way. The results are VERY scientific but in very simplifed terms the conclusions are that when solar wind speed and magnetic activity increase, people become some depressed, fatigued, confused, anxious and dream activity increases. There is a connection between humans and the solar system. Maybe we just don't listen as well as the toads do!

That information may not be new but the scientific proof behind it is and leads the way to an opening in the world of science towards considering the interconnectivity between humans and "the rest of the universe". Maybe if we can truly prove that there is a strong connection between everything we can start to look at healing and the balance of nature in new ways. I applaud research that uses the concepts of science to provide proof of the reason behind traditional values. Sometimes I think that "back up" is needed in the world we have created.

You can find all kinds of information (including a better summary of this research!) on

If all the solar activity is affecting you in negative ways, check out to consider the use of Bach Flower and Perelandra essences! And maybe, if you seed toads moving with a strong purpose, you should take the hint and follow!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Skin Cream Recipe

I have recently found real comfort and joy in re-creating old recipes and doing things like canning peaches or making preserves. Of course there is also that "rum pot" brewing in the cold room- this is a layered mixture of fruit a little bit of sugar and rum (I used Screech). You keep adding layers as the fruit comes in season. I been afraid to look so have no idea how it's doing now, but mine has blackberries, peaches, cherries, blueberries, organic sugar and a whole lot of rum. This recipe came from a friend of mine who swears it's wonderful over ice-cream round about Christmas.

So while digging through old recipes last year I found some for making skin cream. Just so happens I had a pretty good supply of bees wax as I had been trying to make beeswax candles and a couple of friends that keep bees had given me their wax. I'm still working on making the candles work!, but in the meantime I have a great supply of cleaned and melted down wax. It's a lot of work to clean and melt down the wax by the way- you can buy pure beeswax at most health food stores, craft stores, and even some gift stores without the hassle. You can even use a small beeswax candle- just remove the wick and you're set.

The recipe is very simple:
1 oz beeswax (about the amount in a tealight candle)
6 oz oil (olive, apricot, or almond) I like almond the best
25 drops of essential oil
2 drops of colloidal silver (optional)

You melt the beeswax and oil in the top of a double boiler. If you're using a candle for the wax, you can just put the whole candle in there and then dig out the wick. Stir it around until the wax is all melted. Do this over medium heat so that the water in the bottom pot is boiling but the wax and oil just gets to the melting point.

Remove from the heat and add 25 drops of an essential oil of your choice. I use some combination ones, but you could use pine (hence the picture today!), or lavender, wild rose, lemongrass- find one that really feels good for you.

As a last step I add a couple of drops of colloidal silver just to help purify and prevent bacterial from growing as you use it.

Pour the mixture into a glass container and let it sit for a couple of hours.

I use this as face and hand cream and no longer buy anything else. I have been using it for over a year, every night and morning on my face, and I haven't experienced any weird reactions, growths or disease!! It's quite greasy rather than creamy so you have to put it on and wait a few minutes for it to absorb before applying make-up.

You can also use the same recipe with healing oils and make salves. I've harvested calendula this summer and am making it into oil to create a salve for burns, and skin infections. A few modifications to the wax, oil combination add spearmint or wintergreen essential oil, and you have a great lip balm/chapstick!

For me, the process has just been a lot of fun. Kind of like chemistry class without having to follow the rules! Plus I have the added benefit of cutting down on the chemicals and products that go onto my skin.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Olive for Energy

If you are one of the droves of people that seem to be dragging through the cold, Olive might be a helpful Bach Flower essence for you. Olive is indicated for deep exhaustion- the type of tiredness that is both mental and physical. It is often described as being exhausted "to the point of tears". In Julian Barnard's "Bach Flower Remedies Form and Function", she reports Dr. Bach created Olive to help support people that had undergone long illness or had grown sick as a result of the way they live.

If you have been going through a long period of strain through personal difficulties, an intense period of work, a long illness- including a lingering cough or cold, or looking after someone else while they were sick, Olive may be a good remedy for you. It is also indicated for people that have lost the zest in life and no longer enjoy their work or leisure activities as they used to.

Olive helps restore strength and vitality. An Olive tree is renewed from the ground up, and perhaps because of this, the ability to restore your inner core is found in the remedy.

If you're not quite sure if Olive is for you, try the kinesiology test!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ear Candling

Another alternative healing suggestion for the cough/cold/flu season is ear candling. In my personal experience it has been really helpful for people that have that lingering persistent, dry cough that is worse at night or when lying down. After a cold has passed, or when you feel as though your ears are "plugged", ear candling can be very soothing.

The ancient art of ear candling or coning might have originated in the Orient, Egypt, or Europe. The practice involves the insertion of a wax coated hollow fabric candle in the outer ear canal. As the candle burns, ear wax, candida and debris are softened and collected in the unburned portion of the candle providing an alternative method for ear cleaning. Ear candling may be helpful for relief from tinnitus, vertigo, sinus pressure and that persistent dry cough that can be caused by ear infection.

There are a number of different types of ear candles available. You can find them made from natural or synthetic compounds, and some include herbal and therapeutic oil components. I have only ever used candles made from beeswax and unbleached cotton. They can usually be found in health food stores or from health suppliers.

The procedure involves inserting the smaller end of the candle into the outer ear. The protruding candle end is lite drawing smoke into the ear. Softened wax and debris is collected in the candle or dissolved as a gas. The candle ash is cut and dropped into a container of water. You reinsert the candle and repeat until the candle has burned down to about an inch or so- before it burns your fingers!

You should not have an ear candling session if you have tubes inserted, damage to the ear drum, recent ear surgery, or allergies to any of the candle components. There has been some controversy about ear candling and in the U.S., the FDA has issued letters to manufacturers warning there was no agency approval or clearance for ear candles so they have become difficult to obtain in the U.S. They are still readily available in Canada and there are a number of Internet sources available.

You can follow the simple instructions that come with the ear candles or if you don't feel comfortable doing candling yourself, a number of health practitioners will do candling for you. It is almost impossible to candle your own ears so you need to either talk a trusted family member through the procedure or find a practitioner for yourself.

Ear candling isn't for everyone, but for some people it's a simple procedure that can make a huge difference! If it "feels right" do some research. If you need help contact me through my website

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Hard to believe it's the first of October. In my part of the world it certainly doesn't feel like that with tropical weather and humidity rather than the crunch of leaves underfoot while snuggling in a big sweater- my opinion of what fall is supposed to be!

So perhaps it's the weather, perhaps it's lingering effects of Cold-fx!, but I was feeling rather unsettled and unsure what to write today. I decided to go back to the basics and perhaps touch on something intellectual rather than emotional (sometimes safer ground).

One of the most basic tools for most alternative health practitioners is the use of kinesiology or muscle testing. Rather than rely on our brains, thoughts and intellectual analysis, kinesiology allows you to tap into your energy system (electrical and muscle) and really figure out what is a match for you. Machaelle Small Wright in "Flower Essences", describes a very simple method of muscle testing- pictures included! She explains kinesology "allows us to discern what we need and don't need despite what we think".

Some practitioners use muscle testing by applying pressure to your extended arm, others use pendulums as methods of "tapping in". You can hold an object up to your chest and if it's "right" for you, you will fall forward, "wrong" for you and you can feel yourself falling backwards. This works particularly well for books in the bookstore when you don't want a wide audience because you can do it very discretely. I know a man who uses this techniques to pick out shoes!! You do have to do some experimentation to discover your "yes and no"- in this case falling forward or backward.

I have found a site that explains all this with the pictures and it's actually taken from Machaelle Small Wright's books and Perelandra.

You can also find more information on this from the Perelandra website- there are links on my website At Perelandra they suggest you use kinesiology to identify which essences are a match for your body.

Play around a bit with muscle testing. It's fun to work with, doesn't have to be "serious stuff" and yet it can be a powerful tool for health and healing.