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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full Moon in Virgo

There's a lot going on out there in nature. It seems like we could be in for a few days of rather stormy emotions. In my part of the world, the temperature is still swinging wildly (the sap is flowing) and we've got wind warnings out at the same time as earth is experiencing a pretty intense solar storm. To top it off, according to my We'Moon 2012 book, today marks a Full Moon in Virgo cycle.

The type of energy a Full Moon in Virgo brings is real "get off the couch and get working" stuff. We'Moon explains that when the moon is in Virgo our minds are engaged and focused on work, information and getting things done. Virgo types are problem solvers. They like to clean things up, edit, organize, brainstorm solutions and get going! They assess the situation intellectually and then move forward.

Combine that kind of moving forward momentum with the Full moon phase of letting go and releasing and you've got energy that would suggest it might be a great day to do some de-cluttering, finish off some projects that you've been stuck on, take action on solving some issues that have been hanging over your head, and get that final report off. It's about, go, go, go to completion. Hmm...

The Virgo type energy is often quite focused on others. Virgo types help motivate others to get out of bed, pay attention to details, and sort out their lives. They like to diagnose and heal. They help connect us to tangible alternatives and solutions. In balance, that type of energy can be very helpful. This Full Moon phase could help you release yourself from being "stuck in a rut", unable to find the solution, motivation or energy to get out of something you've been procrastinating about or unable to exit from.

If that type of energy has you feeling a bit "pushy", you might want to turn to some Red Chestnut Bach Flower essence.  Red Chestnut is helpful when you're over concerned for others. That outward focus might have you thinking about how others should be getting "off the couch" and fearing they never will. If you're suddenly worried about family members and there lack of action- Red Chestnut might be the Bach for you.

At the same time as the Full Moon is in Virgo and suggests we get on with it, and get moving in tangible ways, we are experiencing a very powerful solar storm.  This is reported to be the largest solar storm in five years. It all started with a solar flare earlier in the week and now those charged particles are floating out there (well maybe hurtling more than floating) towards our magnetic field. Hmm..

So just when you feel the urge, motivation and inspiration to get that report done, send those emails, do that research, make that trip, you could be affected by some wokey communications disruptions.  Those charged particles cause some concerns for utility companies and telecommunications providers. There is a potential to disrupt satellites and affect the power grid. In the past, similar storms have caused widespread power outages, GPS failures, and Internet issues. You might need some Impatiens, or Beech Bach Flowers to get you past the emotions that might be stirred up by such annoying disruptions just when you got going.

The science is pretty clear on the potential impacts of solar storms on communications equipment. It's much less clear how solar storms could, or if they do, affect humans. Most government scientists are quick to say that such effects don't cause humans harm. That's not quite the same as saying it doesn't affect us.  With the amount of electrical particles and charges floating within and around us, a bit of an influence on the magnetic field seems likely to cause some short circuits in my opinion. That doesn't have to be a problem.  Maybe it will help you see a different path, get that new inspiration, suddenly be inspired to look at those long standing issues from a new perspective. If it's causing discomfort, today might be a really good day to take some Perelandra ETS Plus.

Assuming you've got the energetic push of a full moon in Virgo and no technical disruptions, you might be moving forward really well towards your goal, perhaps that project completion today. Good for you. Make a back up copy. Save frequently. Email a copy to a friend. Print a page or two. Why? Because on March 12th, we move into a period of Mercury in Retrograde that lasts until April 4th.  This isn't a reason to throw up your hands, go back to the couch and bury you head.  It's just about being aware, thinking about what you're doing, and perhaps drawing on that meticulous nature of Virgo that should be all around you to make the saves and back-ups you know you should.

Virgo energy isn't exactly "gentle" in nature. It's about movement, momentum, even perfection. If you suddenly feel like the workload produced by that type of force is overwhelming, it might be time to take a few drops of Elm. Gretchen Lawlor is quoted in We'Moon 2012, as connecting the vibration of the Bach Flower Elm to those born under the sign of Virgo. Elm types, like the Virgo influence are usually competent and capable. They are often found in positions of responsibility,and concerned with the welfare of others. They put problems in perspective and find solutions. But even a competent, capable Elm personality when faced with a dysfunctional computer, a solar flare "short circuit" or some retrograde movement can get a little out of balance and feel overwhelmed.

A few drops of the Bach Flower Elm can help you find practical ways to cope with events. It can help restore your ability to put issues in perspective and find your normally efficient self. Elm can help you take some time to look at your own needs if you have been over focused on others.  It can help us recognize when the workload is too much and encourages us to  let go of some things so we can focus on what's really important. Sometimes we all need some release from the addiction of perfection that can be brought on with the Virgo energy.

It's all about balance. Today is a great day to move forward and find the energy to break out of the constraints that have been holding you back. It's about finding solutions and direction. Once you've connected with that energy let it flow and enjoy the momentum.  But take the time to stop and feel in there as well. Release a few projects, let go of the need to do, do, and do more.  Get the work done and then sit back, relax and enjoy the force of nature. Focus on your inner journey. Gaze at the moon, watch the Northern Lights, and enjoy the feeling of the flow- both in and out!

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