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Monday, June 11, 2012

Butterflies, Wanning Moon and Emotional Release

Today has been kind of a crazy day in my part of the world.  It was busy with sort of "unexpected" things and I found myself following a number of different directions and multi-tasking none too well. I wasn't the only person feeling some pretty fast paced and intense emotions.  There was a lot of banter going back and forth on issues I wouldn't have thought would have been controversial. Despite it being a beautifully, sunny, "picture perfect" day, emergency responders were busy all over the place responding to motor vehicle accidents. It just seemed like the energy was chaotic for no known reason.

I checked in to see if it might be solar storm stuff.  I guess I'm doing a very unofficial, not very scientific, study on that. basically means, when I feel this weird sense of chaos and see evidence of it in my part of the world, I check the space weather site.  Sure enough, solar activity is high today according to the site and there is lots of stuff going on.  Maybe we should receive this activity level as part of the weather forecast.  Maybe it's more important to put up a shield or consider the Violet Flame when solar flares are happening than it is to remember to take an umbrella for predicted downpours?

So in between a number of chaotic electronic missives, I found myself outside. I really wasn't thinking about connecting with nature, although that would have been a good idea.  I was thinking about doing a couple of neglected chores and had them added to my already too lengthy "to do" list.  Suddenly a huge monarch butterfly was flying all around me. I guess I rather ignored her at first so she sat on my wheelbarrow and got really "in my face" and seem to be wanting to lead me away from my thoughts.  Hmm...

I've written about butterflies before. They are a powerful symbol of transformation. Steven Farmer in, Animal Spirit Guides, writes when a butterfly shows up you should lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously.  Hmm...

Farmer also writes that Butterfly energy is about getting ready for a change,
"one where an old habit, way of thinking, or lifestyle is going out, and a new way of being is emerging"
I don't think transformation comes all that easy to any of us.  It's a process and sometimes a challenging one.  Farmer suggests that the Butterfly reminds us we will get through the transition and perhaps we would get through it easier if we stopped taking things so seriously.

Another source I check when the energy feels weird to me is my We'Moon 2012 calender.  It turns out today marks a Waning Moon in Pisces. Another, Hmm...

The Waning Moon is a time to let go of things that don't serve you anymore.  Pisces is all about emotions and feelings, so when I put those together, I figure today is a day for letting go of emotions that might be holding you back and preventing, delaying, or obstructing the transformation.

It seems when we don't allow the release and go with the flow, we cause a bit of chaos and destruction. When we "fight" with traffic the accidents pile up and we are forced to stop. When we banter back and forth we just keep ourselves "clogged up" in non-action instead of allowing something new to take shape.

There are some Bach Flower essences that can help with transformative energy and allowing the release. Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem, and Walnut all have a fit.

Cherry Plum is helpful if you are so worried about the release that you try to maintain tight control.  When you do that you prevent the transformation from taking place, or you force the separation to be a painful one.

Star of Bethlehem resonates with the energy of the Butterfly. It is the Bach Flower essence of transformation. It isn't always an easy process and that's when Star of Bethlehem can provide some soothing relief.

Walnut might just be what's needed in these times of change to provide some protection. Like the Violet Flame, Walnut can provide some help when outside influences such as solar flares, magnetic storms, moon phases and atmospheric conditions are playing havoc with your emotions.  Perelandra ETS is helpful for these kinds of conditions as well.

Maybe I should listen to my own advice now and then or at least read my own posts!  Maybe today is a day to just stop, take stock, follow a butterfly trail for a few minutes and allow the transformation to occur. 

Happy flight...

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