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Monday, February 6, 2012

Full Moon in Leo

The air feels kind of heavy to me today in contrast to what I actually see. This morning was the first time that I really felt the earlier sunrise as the days start to lengthen. It felt brighter out, but not lighter.  That's the kind of contrast that seems to be "out there" in my part of the world today from my perspective. The sun has been making an appearance in a brilliant way that is much appreciated, yet it still feels heavy.

Maybe it's because we are moving into the Full Moon in Leo.  According to my We'Moon 2012 book this doesn't actually happen fully until tomorrow, but perhaps we are experiencing that full moon pull today. We'Moon also identifies this phase as a Full Moon in Leo. Hmm...

I wrote about the impacts of a full moon in Leo before .  So this is another cycle of drama and fiery energy.

The energy of Leo is a call to action. People born under a moon in Leo are said to be inspirational to others and cultural leaders. But there is a dramatic intensity to Leo that might just send up a bit of a flag if you're feeling a little "off" under this energy influence today. Like perhaps a lot of Fire signs, if a Leo is bored, there can be a tendency to create an emergency just for the sake of excitement.

Today there is a feeling of contrasts in the atmosphere. Seems like the air is heavy and yet the sun is by times shining very brightly and that doesn't quite add up. The air is warming up dramatically today in my part of the world but the wind is also picking up and carrying quite a chill. One minute the sun is out and the next there is heavy cloud cover. That kind of contrast and change can be difficult to adapt to. The danger, particularly under the influence of Leo I think, is that we try to "fill in the gap" or explain how we are feeling by creating a scenario that covers it.  I guess we want to explain that external/ universal/nature locus of control

 When the air is heavy we can sometimes decide to explain that by thinking we are depressed. And if we're not sure why we are depressed, it's usually pretty easy to pull some kind of circumstance in to provide yourself with a reason!  Once you get set on that circumstance, reason, and energy, you're very likely to create exactly that- a depression.  It might just be that the reason didn't actually come first. I think there are times when we feel some universal force first and then fill in the blank with the reason.

We aren't often content to exist in this vacuum alone.  There can be a tendency to pull others into our mood-if only to feel justified in creating the scenario or the mood in the first place.  Under that Leo influence, there's a really good chance you could get pulled into someone else's emergency. That's the drama tornado effect . Be careful you don't get sucked in to one today!

There are lots of Bach Flower essences that could be helpful on a day like today if you're feeling the pull of the moon. Many of them I've mentioned in the previous blog post links.  Today might also be a really good day to have a bottle of Perelandra ETS Plus around. It can really address that "other world quality" that could be impacting your electrical system. 

In my opinion, recognizing the fact that the pull of the moon, the influence of Leo, and a multitude of forces we have no understanding of might be affecting you  might just be all you need. To recognize that fact, and not fill in the blanks with some earthly problem or issues, someone else's drama, or another "scene from the play", might be all the protection you need.

Today is a great day to follow your dreams, shine your light, discover your inspiration and move yourself forward in the direction you know to be right.  And both tonight and tomorrow night, no question about it, will be a great time to express yourself by howling at the moon!!


  1. Thank you for this!! I needed extra encouragement to do something outside of my comfort zone tonight :)

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  3. Thanks for the support. I usually write 5 times a week- more or less- usually Monday through Friday I post...