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Friday, August 17, 2012

New Moon in Leo: The Energy of Change

According to my We'Moon 2012 book, today begins a New Moon in Leo cycle. We're still in a Blue Moon month too, so perhaps there is even more energy in this New Moon.

The New Moon phase is a great time to start something new. Lucy Harmer, in Shamanic Astrology, writes a New Moon brings inspiration and intuition.  She explains this phase of the moon cycle provides the energy required to develop our perceptions and find our hidden potential. Harmer writes this cycle promises opportunity and a chance to put our intentions into words and actions.

Sounds good... and yet, maybe it's just me... but I'm just not feeling it! I want to feel it.  I want to be inspired. I want to start a new project. I just have no idea what that project might be. "I have no clue". I don't know what ti do. And that sort of anticipation without focus, rebel without a cause, energy is rather disconcerting.

I am certainly having animal clues visit me lately.  Perhaps I'm just not listening?  The mouse was telling me "it" was right in front of me if only I'd pay attention to details Owls have been calling lots these past few nights, even sometimes during the day,  and that's a symbol that intuitive wisdom is close at hand , maybe even right in front of me again. Last night and again this morning a toad leaped into my awareness. This morning he was particularly persistent in saying "Hello". I wrote about toads last year . They are really symbols of transformation and personal change. The toad really seemed to fit when I went back and read my own stuff. Again the idea of "new projects".. but what new project?

Sometimes it all comes together when I sit down and try to write it out so I thought I'd start with the moon, see where the animals fit in, consider some Bach Flower essences  and maybe I'd sort it out in the writing. Maybe I'd figure out what new project I was supposed to be creating-that was the goal.. I thought.

I went alphabetically through the Bach Flowers and got all the way to "V" before I could make a connection with the moon, the animals, my own thoughts and emotions and the essences.  I got to Vervain, today's picture is of the flower, and figured I found a match.  Kind of an unusual match, but it's there, in my opinion.

Vervain isn't a Bach Flower essence I use a lot. People that can benefit from Vervain rarely see the need to seek out Bach Flower essences. Vervain types have pretty fixed ideas and are strong confident individuals. They rarely change their opinions, in part because they are very busy trying to change the opinions of others. They are trying to make transformation happen. They don't concern themselves with their own emotions or think they have any issues, they are too busy rescuing others.  They work to solve the injustice, all injustice, in the world. They love starting new projects and attaching to new causes. Hmm...

When a bit out of balance, Vervain types can be over-enthusiastic to the point of fanatical. Their strong views and need to rescue can cause alienation. They can get their minds spinning so fast they suffer from lack of sleep and they can loose the ability to relax. Their actions can become somewhat similar to unbalanced Impatiens types. They get quick in movement and thought and can become irritable and frustrated over lack of movement, resistance to change, or the absence of change.  Hmm...

A few drops of the Bach Flower essence Vervain can help calm and relax a Vervain mood or type. It can restore a calm, wise, and tolerant mind. It can help one take a broader view of life, events, and moon phases.

So perhaps, the interpretation of a New Moon phase, a mouse in the house, a owl in the night, and toads at my feet is that change is being provided to me- to all of us. We don't need to "figure anything out".  We don't need to analyze what project we are supposed to start because it's good energy to do so.  We, at least I, need to allow.  The world is just presenting the signs that change is coming, perhaps is here already, and all we need to do is recognize that fact and let it come. Can it really be that easy?  It would seem so...

"It is by being rather than doing that great things are accomplished".
 The sentiment behind that sentence is kind of "pop culture" now, and doesn't seem that earth shattering anymore because it's so common. But Dr. Bach wrote that in the 1930's to describe the benefits of a few drops of Vervain.  It is earth shattering and transformative if you really sit with it for a bit.  It's also very freeing and relaxing.

It means that we can just observe all that is going on around us and welcome the change for whatever  it brings and whenever it comes. That's actually kind of hard to accept but that's the toughest thing about it. When you stop trying to make change, and allow change you'll be find the answer. Or maybe you just forget the question. What was I saying????

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