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Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon, Full Moon, Full Emotions: Wringing out the Sponge

According to my We'Moon 2012 book, today marks a Full Moon in Pisces.  It's also the Blue Moon, the end of August, and Friday of the last long weekend of summer. Hmm... feels like powerful energy.  But I guess it's always as much about how you choose to use the energy as it is how much energy is available.

We started out this month of August with a Full Moon in Aquarius  That energy was about being part of the collective, of networking with others and reviewing your personal philosophy. We started out this month with a playful, spontaneous and creative energy.  Perfect summer time, relaxed, go with the flow stuff. Hmm...

So now we're at the end of the month and entering a different type of moon energy. I wrote about the energy of a Full Moon in Pisces last year.  It would seem to me that these two quite different types of energy lined up like that in the same month is pretty powerful and perhaps could be, just a wee bit, overwhelming.

The Full Moon in Pisces energy is, as I wrote last year, pretty emotional.  We soak up the emotions of others when this energy is "out there".  We are intuitive and sensitive to how others are feeling. And if you spent the month of August really feeling part of a collective and socializing "like an Otter", round about now you might be feeling like a heavy soaked sponge that is really pretty soggy and maybe, just maybe, getting a bit moldy because of all that humidity. Hmm....

Lucy Harmer in Shamanic Astrology, the Pisces sign corresponds with the animal sign Wolf. Wolf energy is sensitive, compassionate, tender and generous.  Sounds like this type of person would have been thriving in the Aquarian collective energy this month. People that resonate with the wolf energy feel family is very important and they will sacrifice self for family (whatever family means to them).  Hmm... kind of sounds like that soaked molding sponge again...

Harmer writes that the life lesson for "Wolf people" is to sort through demands made by others and develop the ability to refuse some them.  It sometimes involves the challenge of looking past the material world to develop a personal and spiritual vision. It can be a challenge to not get so bogged down with the obvious every day demands of helping and supporting that you miss opportunities for personal growth.

So maybe, under this changing energy, it's time to consider wringing out your personal sponge so you can be a bit lighter  cleaner, and able to at least float if not fly. Maybe tonight under the full moon is a good time to sit down and consider whether you have taken on a bit of "stuff" that isn't really helping out anyone, especially yourself.  Time to wring yourself out so you can start a new month, a new cycle,a new season and a new phase of your life.

I've written about releasing some of the "stuff" from that emotional sponge in the earlier post about the Full Moon in Pisces.  There are a number of Bach Flower essences that can help you with that releasing. Agrimony, Centaury, Holly and Walnut may all still apply.

But as we move into a Full Moon in Pisces, a little bit of the Bach Flower Aspen might be helpful as well.  In my opinion the "veil between the worlds" feels pretty thin these days and I believe it's possible that some of the "stuff" that is weighing you down might not really be yours.  You might not even realize where that mold and heavy water came from.

When you become truly part of something bigger than you, in the collective energy that abounds more and more these days, you increase your sensitivity and intuition.  That can be wonderful and life altering and peaceful.  It can also be confusing and overwhelming and sometimes just a bit too much.  If you feel a sense of heaviness, fear, doom and gloom, or just an uncomfortable feeling that you're carrying around weight that isn't your own, Aspen is the Bach Flower to consider.

Aspen provides protection from unknown fears.  It's the essence that helps highly sensitive people when they feel assaulted by the worries, cares, concerns and weight of others.  Sometimes you don't even realize you've "taken on water" until you start to feel yourself sinking. If you aren't even aware of what is weighing you down, it's time for a few drops of Aspen. 

In Steven Farmer's Animal Spirit Guides, Wolf energy is said to appear when you're being spiritually and psychically protected. Farmer also writes that: 
"if a wolf shows up it means characteristics and behaviors that no longer serve your spiritual purpose are being culled from your consciousness"
In other words- time to lighten up people!  Wring yourself out. Get rid of whatever is weighing you down. Consider that you might possibly have picked up some "psychic debris" during this month and now is time to release and let go and start anew. 

Tonight of all nights, under the Blue Moon, it is time to "Howl at the Moon" Then listen and maybe, just maybe, you'll hear Melvin howling back at you!

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