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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Equinox; Animal Signs Falcon
Today is the first day of spring and therefore Spring Equinox.  It's a pretty significant turning point in the year and the symbol of new life, new vitality, a new shift. We have now "officially" moved out of the dark cocoon of winter and into the light of spring.

I've written about the Spring Equinox before. Last year I wrote a lot about making the transition through winter to spring and how that shifting can be difficult. If you're having a hard time to adjust to the shift, I wrote last year about the Bach Flowers that might be helpful in the transition. 

The significance of the Equinox is that today we have pretty much (it's not totally exact when the scientists get at it!), equal amounts of light and darkness.  As we move foreword we will have longer periods of light than dark until the fall when this shifts once again.  But today is a point of balance really- the tipping point.

The sun has moved into Aries today according to my We'Moon 2013 book.  Lucy Harmer, in Shamanic Astrology that the time period between March 21 and April 19th is represented by the Animal Sign Falcon. Harmer writes this time period is one of renewal and new beginnings.

Falcon energy brings us all this strength of renewal, joy and exuberance. It's a good time to start something new and transform an existing situation. The Falcon's element is fire and that influence reinforces strength and vitality as well as courage and enthusiasm.  Powerful qualities for shifting forward and becoming all that you can be.

Falcons like wide open spaces and panoramic views.  Stephen Farmer  in Animal Spirit Guides, writes that the presence of a Falcon is a signal to step back and take that wide angle view before making a decision.  He suggests it's a symbol to be patient, to trust you intuition, and to see what your surroundings can teach you before you commit fully and "take the plunge".  Farmer writes that Falcon energy can provide you help when you are too close to a situation to make sense of it and need that distance to see things clearly or make a plan.  He suggests you call on Falcon when "you're not sure whether to move ahead, pull back, or stand still, and you're waiting for a clear signal as to what to do".

Harmer writes that the life path for Falcon spirit is to "reflect on the effect of your actions before taking them. Realizing that "individuality doesn't mean egoism".  She suggests the weakness of the Falcon power is a tendency to be egotistic and impulsive. The challenge is to find harmony with those around you understanding your  personal individuality within a larger group. This suggests that  need to take the panoramic view again before you hone in on a target. This sense of individuality within a group is very much Second Chakra development. Wise Woman and Merlin are likely making Vanila Cardamon puddings today.. (the recipe is in Chapter Two of  Sweet Shack and Bach Bar )

So in this point of balance of the equinox, it would seem, today is the perfect day to sit on that high branch or tree top and really take the panoramic view before you move into that new project or space. Today is the day to avoid the tunnel vision you might have been experiencing while in your winter cave, and check out the whole picture. Maybe something around you has changed while you were in hibernation.  Maybe there are resources available than when you stumbled into the darkness, happy to catch a few extra winter z's. Maybe there are other creatures out there ready to help, or that could use a hand.  Maybe there are helpful project pieces still submerged under the snow that are working their way to the light.  You might be able to see these emerging shoots a bit better from a high panoramic perch.

When dark and light is equally balanced it seems to me to be the right time to sit still, listen to your intuition and gather the energy around you.  There will be time all spring to spread your wings and soar. Today seems like a good day to check out your air space. 

Peaceful watching!