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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shifting into Spring?

Today marks the last day of winter in my part of the world. Tomorrow will be the Spring Equinox. But winter does not seem to be going out "gracefully".  It's grey and bitterly cold and storms are predicted.  People don't seem very welcoming of this latest storm.  Many people I talked to seem quite bitter to even have to be considering yet another storm.  They think it's too late for heavy snowfalls, cold winds, and snow shovels. Some people just refuse to believe it's going to happen and claim it will just "turn to rain" and not accumulate. Hmm...

We have been in a "shift" for a long time. Maybe we are always shifting, but today that seems magnified to me as nature is shifting from winter to spring and yet clinging perhaps a bit to the winter side of the equation? 

In fact, I keep seeing and hearing the word "shift".  The weather forecast even claimed that "..a slight shift could greatly affect the amount of precipitation". Hmm...

In my opinion, it's good to be a "shifty character".  It means you are open to change and evolution and development.  But in folklore and  movies "shifty characters" are not considered a good thing.  They are seen as devious creatures with something to hide, something "up their sleeve", something a bit evil or at least mischievous.  Seems like for centuries we have been just a wee bit afraid of "shift".

As we move towards the Spring Equinox even the moon seems to get involved.  Today marks a Waxing Half Moon in Gemini according to my We'Moon 2012 book. Gemini's are jugglers. They like to consider possibilities, negotiate multiple options, rearrange things.  The moon in Gemini contains an energy that speeds our thoughts and nerves.  Maybe that's why we're trying to already be in "spring mode" when in fact, that might be just a wee bit premature- at least in my part of the world.

There are some Bach Flower essences that can help you adjust to the shift. In fact, to some extent that's exactly what Bach Flowers do. They help you adjust to slight shifts so you can maintain your balance while changing to be all that you can be. It's about adapting during changing times and situations. Growth means change. Change is good. 

If you're feeling the Gemini juggle influence and you can't make up your mind which world you want to be in, whether you should get the garden ready or hunker down with your knitting, the Bach flower Scleranthus might help.  It's useful to help you decide between two things.  At some point during a shift you have a foot in both worlds and that can be quite painful; dangerous even!  Scleranthus might help you make the choice between going forward and going back. 

Walnut might also be a helpful Bach Flower essence to get you through atmospheric shifts life Gemini moons and equinoxes. Walnut helps provide protection from change and allows your body to adjust to both major life changes and subtle influences- both known and unknown. Walnut can help you move forward free of the past, letting go of what might have been. It helps you be  unencumbered and unburdened by old patterns and willing to accept changes, methods and experiences.

If you're feeling you're not ready for Spring because you vowed you would do something this Winter that didn't quite get done, you might be trying to hold on to the past. If that's the case, Honeysuckle would be a good essence for you. People that need Honeysuckle don't necessarily maintain attachment to the past because it was "so great".  In fact, more likely the opposite is true.  We hang on to the past because we are full of regret- often for things we didn't do.  Honeysuckle helps you move on to a new season, a new shift, a new way of being without regret.

I keep running into people that seem angry that the weather might not be cooperating with the calender.  I think Cherry Plum might be a helpful essence if you're feeling this way. Cherry Plum is for fear and we do fear change. Cherry Plum addresses the fear of losing control.  That seems to be why people might be mad about an upcoming storm.  They were just starting to feel they were more in control on the drive to work- no worries about icy conditions.  They thought they could predict what the temperatures would be like, as though planting seasons could be planned around calender dates rather than atmospheric conditions. If you're trying to tightly maintain control in the shift, a few drops of Cherry Plum might help you let go and let be.

Of course, if the thought of more winter weather when it's "supposed" to be Spring just has you feeling cranky, Winter Irritation, may be the combo you're looking for

Today's picture is actually of a pretty shifty character. I found this guy while walking the other day.  Depending on your imagination, he may look to be about 8 feet tall.  In reality, he's only about 5 inches in total length and is melting by the moment. I found him on a very bright sunny day and it seemed the perfect picture of the shift between winter and spring.  The sky was so blue his body looked brilliantly white and his whiteness made the sky look bluer, clearer, and full of sun.  His smile was a bit crooked. He looked pretty shifty and yet, I don't think there is anything to fear.  If you look really close, you can see that he seems to have made a top hat out of a cloud so that his head isn't really quite bare.  I didn't plan that with my camera- that's the kind of shifty stuff that such characters do all on their own. 

I have no idea who made "Mr. Shift".  Maybe he just "appeared".  I suspect he will soon be gone as quickly as he came. I wish him safe passage and hope to see him again... next year!

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