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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon In Libra: Balance in Chaos?

 Intense energy seems to be swirling all around us these days.  I guess there are a lot of astrological reasons for this feeling.  Some of them are explained on the blog
- very interesting reading. There are all kinds of things going on for everybody it seems, in all realms and dimensions. Plus, it's Easter in my part of the world. A confusing time in my mind. I wrote about the whole "spring bunny thing" last year  I think it's still applies.

Once again during Easter, we have  a Full Moon in Libra. A friend of mine showed me a cartoon picture this morning.  It showed a number of animals; elephant, monkey, snake, and dog, all lined up in front of a tree that looked like the tree of life.  A person was speaking to the animals saying " in order to maintain a fair selection process each one of you will have to climb the tree". It seemed to me that cartoon really was a good take on the energy of the day and this moon cycle.  We seem to have this wish for fairness and yet our method to achieve that balance may be just a bit "off".

Libra moon energy can cause us to feel that heightened sense of beauty, caring, real Heart Chakra sensations.  We want everyone to get along and we feel very uncomfortable with discord- even if it's not our own.  The challenge of this energy is to handle conflict directly.  It's finding that Agrimony balance to conflict  where we aren't ignoring the issue or masking it with something false but are meeting it head on.

Libra is all about fairness, balance and harmony. That should speak to very soothing positive energy but I'm not quite feeling that!  Perhaps that's because there is so much going on to conflict with, muddle that up and stir the pot a bit. It turns out that Libra energy is reflective in nature, a look back at what should be fair and balanced. But the Sun is in Aries right now which suggests a pretty impulsive, driving forward energy.  So we are being pushed both forward and back, perhaps with equal energies which, in my opinion, leaves us just a bit "stuck in the middle" feeling. Hmm...

But then again... there are two ways to look at the sensation of being "in the middle" between two, somewhat opposing, forces. That middle position can be one of peaceful balance, or one of feeling stuck. Hmm...

I was thinking about what I was going to write in today's blog when a HUGE spider planted herself in my line of vision. I "encouraged her" to move just a bit further away from my personal space.  She did. But she sat there for awhile staring at me, I'm assuming, although to be fair, I suppose she might have been a bit dazzed from my encouragement.  I decided she was "encouraging me" to look her up as an Animal Spirit guide.

Ah ha!  In Animal Spirit Guides, Steven Farmer writes the appearance of a spider means:
"rather than staying stuck in this apparent impasse, open your mind to the infinite possibilities that are before you, and make a choice; Don't limit yourself to the mundane world, but instead be willing to explore other dimensions and realities. It's time to write creatively without limits of tradition or habit, allowing yourself to be inspired by Nature".
All right then. So listening to my Spider, I realize that the sense of being "stuck" in the middle of two or more forces suggests a tendency towards the Bach Flower essence Willow.  The Willow unbalanced state is that of feeling disgruntled by life.  In this state we judge other people's good fortune and wonder why we can't have that for ourselves. The sense of fairness we are seeking is to have to what we see or think others have.  But back to that cartoon today; Elephants, dogs, snakes and monkey's don't have the same qualities and skills and really can't be compared by how they climb the tree.  Hmm...

A few drops of Willow can help you let go of that past reflection of what you see as injustice. That could be letting go of some of that Libra "reflect on the fairness energy". But before we get moving too quickly;  it's an Aries type energy that suggests you act without reflection at all. It's Aries that would line up those animals and demand they all climb the tree.  Now we're stuck again.  Time to call on the Spider.

Spider in a Willow tree suggest you stop feeling stuck as a victim of the times, the situation, planetary influence, or any limitations. Spider suggests you open your mind to other possibilities rather than wishing you had the agility of the monkey and thinking it unfair that you don't.  With the Willow relieving your sense of victimization (and by the way that seems a bit "Easter like" to me to see victims everywhere), and the Spider opening your mind to explore different realities, then the power of Aries' forward movement can really be a gift. 

If you're thinking that right about now I have just confused you with too many trees, flowers, animals, and planets.. well.. I make no apologies.  I'm writing without the limitation of tradition. I'm taking my cues from Nature and I'm moving forward with new possibilities.  It's quite a new sensation. I like it. 

Enjoy the limitless power of Nature!

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