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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Foods Day or Crazy Wisdom

Seems kind of strange that today is Easter Monday and also April Fool's Day. Sort of a mix of serious and silly it would seem to me. I decided to lean more toward the silly.

I've written about Easter the past few years.  In 2011, I wrote about the colors of Easter and my thoughts on the whole Spring Bunny thing  I talked about the colors of Easter as they related to Chakras and considered it was a good time to tune in to your intuition and bring it into your personal power of renewal.  In 2012, I was still on that Spring Bunny theme, but seems I was getting a little lighter myself.  I did see this time of year and this particular holiday as a good time to consider the Bach Flowers Agrimony and Scleranthus  We were in a Libra full moon cycle at Easter time last year too, so balanced emotions were really front and center.  Those Bach Flowers still seem a good match for the energy of the day to me. 

But the whole world has changed this year I believe. We are in a new cycle.  Maybe it's time to really lighten up a bit.  Maybe it's no coincidence that this year, Easter Monday is falling exactly on April Fool's Day.  I don't see any other way to take that but as a message to "lighten up" and get "over ourselves"! 

The origins of April Fool's Day are not really clear., They seem to go way back, in many cultures, and the prevailing theme is that of being silly.  It's considered a day to play pranks. The pranks are usually designed around getting people to believe in things that don't exist. Hmm....

That kind of mystical quality led me to the idea of the Fool card in Tarot Decks. Today's picture if the Fool from The Rider Tarot Deck.  I am, by no means an expert in Tarot cards.  But, I do have the book "Tarot For Dummies". Yup, I'm not kidding, and I did warn you this post wasn't highly serious in nature!

It turns out the Fool is considered to be "spirit in search of experience".  It is considered mystical cleverness without reason, sort of "crazy wisdom".  If you look at the card, it's obvious that this guy is about to walk off the edge of a cliff without any real concern.  In fact, he seems oblivious to his impending plunge into the abyss.  No worries there; ultimate trust and unconcern. The sun clearly shines on the Fools back though and that signifies divine nature. That seems to me to speak to real Crown Chakra, the knowing that you're protected, and "peaceful in the knowing" type attitude.  He also has a dog with him that is said to represent animal desires.  He's gently holding a flower which is interpreted as an appreciation of nature. So it seems to me he's got both a connection to the beyond, at the same time he's very in tune with earth and nature.  A nice balance there in my opinion.  The Fool is also carrying all his possessions with him in that Hobo style stick/backpack.  He's ready for whatever adventure comes up.  He doesn't have to go home and pack first. He has everything he needswith him all the time.  Yet, his load looks pretty light and easy to transport. Sounds good to me!

Tarot cards, at least the ones in the Rider Deck are given numbers. But the Fool is given the number zero. This means he can become anything once he reaches his destination.  He's clearly on a path to somewhere with no expectations.  The "joker's wild" and can be anything.  From a mathematical point of view, zero is kind of interesting. It defies the rules a bit in my mind.  If you add anything to zero, you don't cause any change.  But if you multiply zero with anything you come up with a whole lot of zero.  Everything is transformed if you multiply zeros, except the zero itself.  You can't add anything to the fool, but it has the power to transform you. The fool remains the same and only creates more fools. In other words the fool creates, without trying it seems,  more people that are clearly on a journey simply for the joy the quest. Hmm...

So... lighten your load, trust the divine, find that balance between nature and the unseen, and get your adventure started. Happy Crazy Wisdom Day, and enjoy the journey!!


  1. That's extremely interesting to me, mainly as two days ago I described myself as more of a zero than a hero. An individual asked to join my Fan Club, of course I don't have one. In addition to which if my sister was to walk passed me, she may not even recognise/see me. My birthday is 1 April 1901 on Facebook, Gappy Easter. :)