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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Contrasting Energies: Bach for that!

I'm still into my "nature energy measurement" phase. So today, my first impression of nature's energy was that of strong contrasts.  One moment the sun was shinning brilliantly, the next moment dark clouds had moved in.  I could walk through pockets of warm currents, that suddenly change to cold winds. Part of my recent "take the pulse of nature" experimentation includes observing what animals are doing.  While delivering hay today I watched one horse obviously try to pick a fight with her brother. It was pretty clearly unprovoked. The Blue Jays were out and about this morning as well, making their presence known Oh, that kind of a day I figured.  A day of conflict with no clear winners? 

In my opinion, we are very affected by nature's energy.  I believe the contrasting intensities of today could cause some unsettled behavior.  To find the balance in the contrasting energy, a number of Bach Flower essences might help. The most obvious would be Beech, Scleranthus, Wild Oat and Holly.

Beech would be a good essence to take if you really felt like taking a chunk out of someone "just because".  Maybe their hay crunching sounds are just ticking you off today, or you don't like the way they are standing. If you've responded to contrasts of light and dark, warm and cold, cloud and sun by feeling a bit irritated and intolerant of the changes, Beech is a good essence for you. 

When weather patterns are staying constant and nature seems in flux, a lot of people have a hard time to find their point of integration. It's hard to decide between what your left brain tells you is the right and logical thing to do, and what your right brain tells you would feel right.  You leave the house with a raincoat on because you can see those clouds and you read the forecast, and yet you feel more like it's a sandals and t-shirt kind of day. Scleranthus can help when you can't make those simple decisions. If you are bouncing back and forth between opinions, ideas, thoughts and actions, Scleranthus can help you find a settled balance. Might be a good remedy to have on hand today.

When nature is swinging a bit through intense contrasts, there can be a tendency to respond with real internal uncertainty in my opinion.  This goes beyond the indecision of Scleranthus where you can't figure out how to choose between two things.  In a Wild Oat frame of mind you can't find any direction.  Everything seems possible and nothing feels right. It's the "spin your wheels" state where you flip from project to project without finishing any, or you just sit in a daze unclear where to start. If you're around other people when this state kicks in, you might just find yourself in conflict without even realizing how you got there or which side you want to take! Wild Oat can help you pick a clear path and stick to it.

If your feelings tend to be stronger than mild intolerance or irritation, and you feel down right bad-tempered and suffering with nature's contrasts, Holly might be a good essence for you. Conflict often develops because of feelings of jealousy, envy and insecurity.  That's where Holly can help. If you find yourself arguing everywhere you go today it might be because you really are feeling quite insecure. If you're rising to the intensity of the day by engaging in conflict, perhaps fighting your way to convince yourself you're right, Holly might help you find that inner harmony.

Today is the kind of day when people in casual conversations say things like, "the sun is sure trying to shine out there", or "I think those clouds are going to win over- looks like rain".  I guess this type of energy can put people at odds with each other. However, as I continued in my musings, I realize the idea of conflict is not something from nature- at least not in my opinion.  That's a human (and perhaps horse!) interpretation from nature's energy. But maybe, if I follow along on my musings, and use the energy nature presents to match with human behaviors, I need to look a bit deeper than what seems immediately obvious.  This doesn't have to be a day of conflicts or irritation. Nor does it need to be a day of avoiding conflicts.  Instead it might just be a day of strong contrasts. It might just a day of power.

The sun just shines. Every day it shines whether there are clouds in front of it or not.  It's truly in the sense of "being".  I don't think the sun actually cares if a cloud passes by or not.  Nothing about the sun or it's internal actions change just because clouds roll over or park themselves directly in front of it.  Kind of like my more self-assured horse, the sun could care less rather the clouds are "trying to pick a fight" or not.  As his sister tried to egg him on, and threatened to take a bite out of his neck, he had no reaction.  Just kept eating. Just kept "being".  She gave up and moved on. He didn't really care about that either.

I don't think the clouds are trying to "take over" anything either.  I think the clouds themselves are "just being", perhaps happy to allow  the wind to move them to "wherever". Not in an uncaring way, but in a trus in all outcomes, way.   They too are just "being".  I don't believe there is a battle going on in nature. In fact, it's more of an equal balance between light and dark and within each there is power.  The Blue Jay I saw today wasn't  bullying anyone or fighting.  Perhaps he was  just a sign that today can be a strong day to do whatever feels and is right.  And maybe it's a good day to do things that even seem to be in opposition. 

I think nature is suggesting you can harness this power to do whatever you want to do today, and perhaps accomplish multiple things in seamless transition. It might be a good day to focus internally if you have that luxury and really do some self-directed actions. If you do find yourself with "group projects" just being aware that others may try to take a chunk out of you can help you avoid the conflict and recognize the power in contrasts.

Enjoy the power!

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