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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reading Nature's Energy
 I'm a weather watcher.  I love observing the weather predictions. I  follow storm tracking sites.  I expand my observing beyond earth weather or climate and sometimes check in with space weather and solar activity.I feel we are all affected by atmospheric and natural phenomenon so it's interesting when things seem to match up.  I often write about moon cycles and how that brings a particular energy to us. I believe solar flares can affect how we feel   It's an interaction that I think is worth observing.

I feel affected by weather. On stormy days I feel that kind of high energy. Good solid rain or snow days are perfect for writing or developing stuff- the thoughts seem to pour out of me then and I can be quite focused.  I thought this connection probably was linked to the past and an ancestral rhythm when we were more in tune or in cycle with nature.  There are some days that are just good days for making Dandelion Wine for instance.

In my part of the world, the last few days have been pretty up and down, quickly switching from one weather pattern to the next.  We've had hot sunny days, then lots of rain and everything in between. Today feels different yet again. That set me on a "ponder".

As we open up our consciousness, become more sensitive, and realize we are part of something bigger than ourselves, surely we must open up to a connectedness with nature as well. So when everything is bursting into bud, or soaking up the rain, or braced against the wind, perhaps we feel that energy. Hmm...

Seems like this increased sensitivity presents some choices. We can choose to ignore this energy and go about our daily earthly lives without changing our patterns.  We can choose to be very in tune with this energy and increase our connection to nature- meeting nature on nature's level.  This seems to me to be what people do when they create essences on certain days, plant crops or flowers according to moon cycles, or plan their daily activities based on planetary alignments.  I write about things like that.  But suddenly, it occurs to me there might just be a third choice.

What if we were to tap into that abundant nature energy and bring that vibration into our daily lives, using it to move forward on a human level.  Maybe it isn't about going "back to nature", a much as it could be about "using nature" to help us with human, even technological pursuits.

It seems to me this would like palm reading, hence today's picture which come from a very interesting website, if round about now you need a a distraction. What if,  every morning you sat still for a moment and really took a feel for what nature is "sending out".  This feel would be a collection of earth weather, space weather, moon influences, planet influences, and many other dimensions we aren't aware of, but somehow seem to sense in some way if we allow.  Based on that collective nature reading, you then could plan your day.

I'm not really suggesting that you pick and choose what you do in the day based on this reading.  That's going back to nature in my opinion.  In today's "world of humans", I don't think we can always do that.  Most people have routines that need to be followed, it's part of how we have agreed to socialize and do things together.  We do some activities during "work hours", some places are closed at certain times, we organize meetings based on availability, not moon phases.  But what you can choose is how you do those things in the day.

Here's an example.  Today, in my part of the world, I read nature's energy as "absorption energy".  When I really tune in, it feels to me like nature is in  "pre burp" mode.  That sensation that you've really gulped everything down and now you need to let it settle. Yesterday roots were open, the ground was shifting and nature was slurping up water and nutrients as quick as it could.  It was high energy in an almost competitive, somewhat panicked, perhaps a bit desperate way, due to a previous dry spell. We went through a cycle of a New Moon in Taurus on Thursday, had an eclipse, lots of intense changing, growth stuff and everything was struggling to "take it in".  We had intense sunlight, heavy rains, and changing winds. Today nature feels in an "I'm so full" mode with a  need to let things shift into place.  It's a grounded, calm, deep energy.  It's the process of breaking down nutrients into useful energy and releasing what isn't needed.  The ground is full of the outer shells of tree buds. Those shells are being absorbed back into the soil while the buds themselves allow water to flow to the their tips, giving leaves their form. It's a bit foggy and that mist seems to hold things close to the ground encouraging a "soaking in effect".

So, to use that energy in everyday life seems to me to be something like this.  Whatever you do today you do with the thought that you have everything you need inside you.  You don't need to "gather more stuff", you need to let the energy move and flow and find the very depths of your soul and the end of your toes. You could read a book and really absorb the information, the words, the language and let it find a place in you.  You could meet with friends, or go to a meeting and absorb the ideas other people put on the table and allow your mind to choose what should be kept and what should be let go. You could bring the calmness of the energy nature is offering  into peaceful action, secure in the fact that your body and soul knows what to use and what to let go of.  Whatever you do today could be done with calm confident assurance. It's a safe day, with the assurance that whatever you are doing, it's the right thing to do.

If all of that is just a bit too much to absorb, toss out what you don't need and won't need. Allow yourself a delicate burp and enjoy the sensation of being pleasantly full.  Ahhh...

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