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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Harvesting the Full Moon in Aries

Tonight marks a full moon again- this time it's a full moon in Aries and it's the Harvest moon as well.  I wrote about the moon in Aries last year  Last year the owls were pretty active around about this time.  They were hooting like crazy in my part of the world a few nights ago- maybe just to remind me of the Full Moon or to encourage me to write a blog post.

This full moon is also a harvest moon.  It's called that because years ago, farmers used the light of this moon to gather their crops.  They worked well into the night, maybe all night, with the extra illumination of a full moon. I was thinking about that last night as I gazed at the moon, relaxing and basking in the glow, drink in hand, nothing in particular I had to do. It felt like a pretty busy week, but it was Friday night and I was taking a break.  I really don't have to worry about the harvest thanks to grocery stores, farmer's markets, on-line shopping and a pretty different lifestyle. But maybe I really do need that extra illumination of the full harvest moon.

According to Lucy Harmer in "Shamanic Astrology", any Full Moon is a time for celebration. It's a powerful time for the expression of energy. The full moon represents both a physical and spiritual peak when both those energies (earthly and spiritual) combine. The full moon is about change, revelations, and the manifestation of our potential as well as our projects. It is a time of harvest it would seem.

It occurs to me that humans throughout the last few years have been working very hard to make life easier for ourselves.  Isn't that what technology is about?  It's about replacing that need to scrub the clothes in the river with a washing machine that accomplishes the same task faster, better, and with no real human effort. But if we forget to use that release, we've missed the point of why that machine was invented in the first place.

Maybe our bodies, our deep cellular DNA hasn't quite bought into this concept of "easier times".  Maybe the intensity that seems to abound during the lead up to this full moon is created in part because our bodies feel out of synchronicity with the world we have manifested. We don't have to harvest crops, or even if we do, we are likely doing this with improved implements and we can get the job down a lot of faster and in time to be home for supper! Our minds seem to know that, but our bodies are impatient, unsettled, restless as we feel this extra moonlight should be put to use for something constructive! Perhaps we still feel that pull to be doing something with nature's gift.

So maybe this is a time to harvest and you have only to figure out what it is you should be harvesting. Hmm..

If it isn't potatoes and squash and carrots, what is it you have been working on that is ripe and ready to come into service.  What were you spending your time doing instead of planting those crops?  Because whatever that was, I guess that's what it is time to expect to be "ready" now.

Perhaps it's time we explained to our bodies where our spirit has been when it hasn't had to focus on washing the clothes and tending the crops and the basic necessities of life. Maybe then we could really see "the fruits of our labor". 

There seems to be a movement towards getting back to nature, to reconnecting with our roots, to removing ourselves a bit from technology and getting "back to the land".  But maybe that could use a bit of tweaking. Maybe it's not so much about bringing  nature into spirit as it could be about bringing spirit into our nature. Perhaps our tools of "easier living" have been manifested so we could free up our physical selves to find our spirit and bring it down to earth, harvesting our ideas, our thoughts, our emotions and our intuition.

Perhaps this intensity everyone is feeling signifies how close we are coming to truly finding the balance between spirit and earth, thought and emotion, higher self and grounded bodies. Maybe that's the harvest we're about to experience.

We probably don't need anything to be able to bring this connection and balance to fruition.  Perhaps the illumination of the moon is all we need.  No doubt if we could just "get over ourselves" and let things go and "let be" we would see our harvest in all it's glory.  But.... I at least, sometimes need some help getting out of my own way.

Dr. Bach didn't create a category called "Balance" when he put the 38 essences into groupings.  In fact, all the essences are about bringing balance within. But in my opinion, there are a couple of essences that really shine in the "need for balance" category.  They include Clematis, Scleranthus, and Impatiens.

Clematis is helpful when you are trying to connect spirit and body. It may be of particular benefit under this Full Moon if you can identify your daydreams, imagine what you want to manifest but don't quite have the plan to bring those dreams to earth. In other words, you're a little happy and more comfortable in the world of spirit than in the world of nature and you could use some grounding to bring them together.  Perhaps a few drops of Clematis would help you realize you can actually harvest those dreams.

Scleranthus is another Bach essence that speaks to balance in a pretty direct way. It's helpful to bring your thoughts into balance with your emotions. In my opinion, the "thought" side of the equation is the grounded "boots on the ground"," hoe in hand", side of your personality that believes you can only harvest what you sow and it takes hard work, sweat and labor to bring in the crops. The emotion side of you might just feel that you could really follow your passion, and create something wonderful if you just could stop working so hard at basic living. Scleranthus might help you allow yourself to draw a picture, bake some ginger cookies, write a story, knit a sock, or play with your toys in the time you saved by going to the grocery store rather than planting the winter's supply.

The intensity of all emotions are somewhat enhanced when the moon is full.  The energy of an Aries Moon in particular, can bring out our impatient side. For that, the Bach essence Impatiens might be particularly helpful. It's hard to wait for the right time to bring in the harvest. I mean, what if it's raining on the night of the full moon and you don't have that extra illumination factor?  And who has time to bring spirit to earth anyway? The ease and speed of technology and convenience inventions, can pull us in to a need for faster, stronger, better.  If you're old enough to remember when the dot matrix printer first came out, yet you find yourself standing by the laser printer now, pulling the paper to encourage it to come out just a bit faster- you could benefit from some of the Bach essence Impatiens. We get caught up in our own speed.  Impatiens might be what you need to recognize the harvest when it's piled up at your feet.

Maybe it's all in how you look at the full moon.  Instead of gazing up and considering leaving your body to visit the "man on the moon", maybe you need to think about pulling that moon into your body. Grasp on to the energy and bring it into your being. Feel that energy in your body. Reconnect spirit and nature in your  sense of self.

May all your dreams become reality, and your harvest be bountiful!

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