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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elm for Overwhelmed by September

Are you feeling like right about now the only place you really want to be is in that hammock with no one and nothing around you?  It seems to me like I've heard more than a few people suggest that sense of being overwhelmed lately and wanting, really needing, to just walk away.

I think if September had a Bach Flower essence, it might just be assigned Elm.  Elm is the essence that is indicated when you feel totally unable to juggle all the responsibilities and you just want to throw up your hands and give up. Or sit down and cry. Or run away. Or collapse in that hammock and never come out.

The Elm state happens to the best of us.  In fact, it happens more often to people that are usually very competent and capable than those that typically rely on others. Perhaps that's why, when it hits, it's quite shocking and debilitating. Other people aren't used to seeing you like this.  You've usually got all your "ducks in a row" and can take on the world with a smiley face. Not today.

I think we put a lot of pressure on the month of September.  It's a little like January in that we decide to start things, take on new projects, rearrange our lives in September.  I guess this is because of our socialized concepts of school and university starting. and vacations ending. 

At least in my part of the world the temperature begins to cool down. The nights get shorter and cooler.  Everything just "feels different" as though it's settling in for something.  It really does feel like a good time to take on a new project or challenge. Geez.. it's the perfect time to buy yarn for a knitting project  if we're ever going to have new mittens for the the first snow fall !  But we tend to get a little out of control in our aspirations sometimes of how much we were going to take on.  Perhaps we procrastinated on a few goals over the lazy days of summer and now, it's September and geez, winter is around the corner and we're not ready!!! (Insert the panic, overwhelmed feeling here).

If you have "poor farmer blood" in you like I do, there is probably a genetic link to this feeling in September. What if we don't have enough potatoes to get us through the winter!!  What if there isn't enough hay in the barn, or the root cellar isn't full?  See.. overwhelmed with the possible angst.

The thing about being overwhelmed is that it only occurs when you project into the future. You have to breathe through that concept but I'm sure it holds true.  At no one moment in time, do you actually feel overwhelmed with what's in front of you. It occurs when you are doing one thing, or trying to do one thing, and thinking ahead to all the other things that need to occur.  When you've told yourself (and others) that September was going to be the start of something new- it's hard not to project into concerns for how you can make that last.  We're good at this multi-tasking thing until... we're not. Hmm....

There are a few characters in Sweet Shack & Bach Bar, that could benefit from Elm. In fact, almost any negative emotion can be spun into an Elm state.  Worry about kids off at school or university can be spun into a huge list of all the things you should have/could do for them now that they are away until the list overwhelms. Jeanne in Chapter 4 was heading in this direction. Simone in Chapter 3 will no doubt slip a bit and need a few drops of Elm.  Elm can be closely linked to Impatiens.  When no one else is moving fast enough for you in the Impatiens state, you tend to take on everything and task yourself with it all so it will actually get done. When you reach the tipping point and loose control, you may find yourself moving from the Impatiens state into Elm.

The good news is a few drops of Elm can replace that need to get away when you can't afford the time or cost of going there anyway.  Elm can help you find your moment.  Rather than worrying about all that's in front of you this winter, this year, this lifetime, Elm can help you put things in perspective.  It's a "breathe out, breathe in, and one step at a time" remedy.  It's made for September. 

Elm can help you stop thinking about what you need to do next so you can really focus on what you're doing now.  That makes this moment feel so much better.  In this moment you are capable and competent and doing things well.  You might even have your "ducks in  a row". And who said they all had to be lined up just so anyway.  That sounds like  a rule that should be challenged to me!

Elm restores your self-esteem.  It reminds you that you only take on so much and just imagine, there might be less things that need to get done anyway.  There might be people waiting to help.  Winter might not be that harsh and anyway.. it isn't even the middle of September quite yet!!! 

Ahh.... there you go....Welcome Back!

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