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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Actively Participating in the Shift

The world felt strange to me yesterday.  As soon as I walked outside I felt a heaviness, a dark foreboding I guess. It was "pre-storm" weather, but usually that feels good to me. This didn't. I found it unnerving.

I am continuously watching for signs from nature and this sign seemed to be pretty "in your face". I found myself in a bad, perhaps anxious, mood for no known reason. So I filled that unknown will all the things I could think of that could go wrong, might go wrong, should go wrong, had any kind of "bad potential" in my life. Now my mood seemed to match what I felt I was observing in nature with explicit reason. Great... Not!!

I wondered what was up. I talked to other people about it, and sure enough the world felt dark to them too. We told each other to "Hang in there", and I had visions of something like today's picture. Hmm...

When the world didn't crash by noon or so, I ventured out again.  A chipmunk practically hurled himself at me.  I considered that a sign and looked it up. Ahh... protection I figured. I do feel protected. I relaxed and got some work done.

It wasn't until much later in the day when I actually got insight that changed my way of thinking. I suddenly realized that perhaps I had bought into a "nature tornado".  I figure this is similar to buying in to the drama of those around you.  You take on their energy (good or bad) and get sucked into that eye where everything feels a bit calmer but only because you are spinning so fast you don't even realize it.  So maybe as the world shifts and all of nature responds we really need to be the light.  Maybe that's what it means to bring light into the world, to be a lightbearer, to help raise consciousness or the vibrational level- all those things that are mentioned as part of the shift.  Maybe instead of waiting for "it" to "change me" I need to help and support nature and the universe as it shifts. Hmm...

So when nature seems dark and foreboding, instead of convincing myself that I too have that energy, maybe my role is to be calming and soothing, safe and secure in the knowledge that out of the darkness good things come and reassuring that "this too shall pass".  Instead of matching the darkness we need to carry the torch for a bit and help the universe make the shift.  I mean, isn't the point that "we are one".  That would make me as significant in this shift as the rest of the universe. That means we all have a role to play. An active role to play. 

We (at least I)  are often told to "relax and allow".  That's often considered the way to move smoothly in a spiritual way on a definite path. I always have difficulty with that.  I'm never sure when I should be "allowing" and when I should be directing.  I guess it goes back to captial Flow Once again, it seems the message is to take some sort of control or at least provide direction in the shift.  And maybe that means calming the natural ripples around me a bit so they don't  become overwhelming waves that capsize my raft.

We are part of nature just as it is part of us so there must be a interplay there that isn't the "one way" flow I've previously considered.  I should know this.  I once had a pretty wild, no previous good experience with people, rescued horse that I very much wanted to have a relationship with. I would  slowly and cautiously approach her as she would cautiously and slowly approach me. Suddenly she would spook, jump and run and as soon as she spooked, because I was so focused on her, I too would spook and that would make her run more and we would both be running from some kind of unknown fear. We had to come to a place of trust together. And we did. We both remained pretty "spookable creatures", but we had an ultimate trust in each other. Sometimes I calmed her down. Sometimes she calmed me down. Sometimes we both ran but not away from each other. We were in it together. Hmm...

I thought back to my Chipmunk.  I wonder  what his "Human Spirit Guide book" tells him about me.  I hope it suggests protection.  I slowed the car and let him pass although I suggested he might want to find a good place to hunker down before it started to snow and not be running in the traffic on icy roads. I hope he paid attention. Maybe he needed my message as much as he had a message to give me.

In ,what is likely, no conincidence, the Bach Centre  has Chestnut Bud as the Flower essence for this month. It's the essence to consider when you are somewhat oblivious to your mis-takes of the past and aren't learning from experience or taking full advantage of your observation. Hmm...

So I think my personal lesson is that the reason for observation is to position oneself for active participation. I've had this message before and rather ignored it, or at least forgotten about that.  I know the world is shifting and I recognize I have a role to play in this shift that isn't just watching from the sidelines. "Hanging on" means I have as much a firm a hold as I have released hold, and that's the point of balance. And that's when shifting occurs.

"Hang in there, Hang loose, be the change"!

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