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Friday, January 11, 2013

New Moon in Capricorn: Sign of the Snow Goose

Thanks to Wise Woman and my new We'Moon 2013 book, I can tell you that today we enter a New Moon in Capricorn phase. 
The New Moon phase is a always a chance to have a "do-over", to start again, to refresh and reclaim yourself.  Thank goodness! 

Lucy Harmer's book, Shamanic Astrology is a great reference for understanding the cycles of the moon and how we are connected to, and affected by this energy.  Harmer explains that in the New Moon cycle the moon's face is in shadow for us on earth. It is positioned between the earth and the sun so the part of the moon we see is in shadow because it is masked by the brilliance and power of the sun. Hmm...

Maybe that's an opportunity for us to allow our shadow selves, the piece we may be hiding away a bit, to bask in the glow of the sun and receive that kind of power and brilliance. I've written about our shadows before  It from our shadow selves that we find our strength.  That's the "real you" that's waiting to get a chance to shine and be acknowledged.  I realize my shadow came "out of the box" a bit earlier this week  From that personal experience, I can attest to the fact that allowing your shadow to come out is not always comfortable, but well worth it!  Your shadow, that deep inner part of you that you've learned to suppress, isn't in itself dark and dangerous.  It's a great part of you that you have been keeping in the dark!  Time to shine the light on it. And what better time then today when the energy from the sun, the moon, the universe, are providing that opportunity to you.

Today's picture is of a Snow Goose. In Shamanic Astrology, what would be Capricorn in Western Astrology is represented by Snow Goose.  So, today could be considered the New Moon in Snow Goose energy.  Harmer explains the Snow Goose brings renewal during this time period of clean white snow. 

Snow Goose people, according to Harmer, in Shamanic Astrology, place great value in tradition and family. Their strengths among others are that they are patient, ambitious and disciplined. The lesson to be learned by Snow Goose people is often to "let go and open up to new ideas".  Their lesson is to "move out of their comfort zone and a life that may be too structured". Hmm...

Perhaps in this 2013 times of rapid change and revelation, shadows can no longer be hidden or kept in the dark. This may just be a time when, like it or not, you will no longer be in your comfort zone of structure and your shadow will be clear and present under brilliant illumination.

Steven Farmer, in Animal Spirit Guides, writes that the appearance of the Goose is a symbol of good fortune and evidence that great things are coming to you if you are aware and receptive. Farmer suggests you call on your ancestors for guidance and protection when Goose energy is around you. It's a time to be creative, imaginative and uninhibited.

Farmer also suggests you call on Goose energy or the power of this spirit animal when you want to renew the "magical and wondrous nature of childhood through the eyes of your inner child".

Now that's what I'm talking about!!!

Of all the bazillions of pictures available on the Internet of a snow goose, today's really caught my eye.  Most other pictures show the goose in flight or swimming or maybe walking around beside the water.  Apparently this guy has just had a bath and is shaking out his feathers.  I don't think so.  I think he is opening up his heart Chakra to fully receive the gift of illumination being offered to him.  But that's just me.

I think today is a great time to let your Inner Child come out of the shadows to receive  well deserved recognition and acceptance. Let yourself shine.  Bask in the energy of magic where all things are possible if only we'll let it.


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