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Monday, July 1, 2013

Feelings not Facts

It's been a long time since I posted anything.  That's not to say that I haven't had a lot of inspiration for writing, quite the contrary.  Every day seems to bring some major changing event somewhere in the world, and many seem pretty close to home.  We have been seeing 100 year storms as a pretty regular occurrence and shocking in their impact.  It seems like everyone has a personal story of chaos or loss as well. I'm torn between being glued to the news and wanting to listen to everyone's story,  and really wanting to close myself off  keeping a protective bubble around myself and family to prevent the penetration of the angst. The Violet Flame   remains a constant in all the chaos and actually does provide that "bubble effect" when required.

I've told myself and others that I'm not writing because "there are no words". In fact, I almost wrote a post about that- but that seemed a bit to ironic even for me! My defence of that phrase is that it seems as though words are less and less capable of expressing the things I am feeling and the things I want to share. Hmm....

One of the events that almost made a post but didn't, was a pretty amazing conference I went to.  I was rather beamed into the middle of it and was quite amazed by the power and enlightenment in the room.  I was astounded by what people had done, were doing, and how they were changing the world in incredible ways, and by leaps and bounds. I heard Nina Simons speak. She's the author of Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart.  Nina Simons mentioned that something that had changed her life was watching the documentary The Burning Times by Donna Read.   It's a film about the Witch Hunts.  In parts it can be a little difficult to watch but  it's worth if for the  clear and important messages that can be found within.

Prior to the Witch Hunts, women were seen as the village physicians for the most part.  They were the ones dispensing medicines, treating the ill, delivering babies, and offering advice. As part of the "religious take-over" it suddenly became illegal to provide healing if you weren't trained. That pretty much took women out of the picture because they weren't allowed to attend University. So men became physicians and healers trained and validated from institutional science and the old cures and methods went underground at best and more often were totally lost. If women did still heal, they did so under the very real fear of torture and death.

So, if one believes in past lives, ancestral links, coded DNA, or all of the above, you might find a message in that film. For me, as I watched that film, I realized those trials and times are to some degree still imprinted within me. A piece of fear still resides with sharing things of an intuitive nature that cannot be explained through science, formal study and test trials.  I am still living under the code that to practice you must have studied.  I still believe in the parchment paper to prove my validity and allow me the opportunity to share. I have shifted a bit in that I accept training and parchments from alternative places but I'm still blocked a bit from my own knowing. Hmm....

As I shift through those thoughts and find the feelings behind it, I am lost for words. In my opinion, the reason this happens is because my words are tied to the left side of my head, that place of reason, science and education. That place of "validity". The challenge for me in the shift is to find words that are able to describe more adequately what I feel; words that tap into the right side of my head and express the knowing I have there that isn't validated by others.  I believe we are meant to share our feelings as much as we are our thoughts.  Perhaps that's the shift that is going on right now.  When so much of the world is experiencing angst we are being asked to tap into the feeling of that  to help release the pain  bringing a new  balance of being.  I'll admit I have no idea how that's done, but I feel and intuit it can be done and perhaps from that place of feeling I'll also find some words.

If I look to nature for help with that I go no further than my backyard. Today's picture is of Mr. Magnificent.  He's affectionaly known as Cutie around here, but he really only tolerates that name as a sign of endearment and he is much more responsive to Mister. Today is his adoptive birthday. Fourteen years ago we brought him home in the back of a hatchback in an expensive rescue effort.  He's worth every penny he cost us then and since. Mr. Magnificent is a complete example of living from feelings not facts. In reality he is a miniature horse.  He only stands 38 inches tall.  He doesn't feel that. In his mind he is a draft horse and he "packs a punch". He shows no fear except what is required for healthy survival and he is totally confident that he can figure that out. In every herd he has ever been in he has retained his sense of self. He has never been bullied, nor has he been a bully. He once traveled across the country with million dollar, credentialed, registered, race horses. He got on and off the trailer as the leader. He stands his ground no matter how big the other horse, person, or object is. He is completely confident in what he feels and he feels capable of being who he is. No faking, no guff, no credentials required. He leads because he doesn't care if anyone else follows him. He does talk a lot.  I guess he has found a way to put his feelings into words. 

No fear, just feel. Happy Birthday Mister.

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