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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Moon Crab Energy

According to my We'Moon 2012 book, yesterday marked a New Moon in Cancer phase.  The New Moon cycle is a time of beginning.  It's the energy to start new projects, make decisions and resolutions. It's a time of action.  Having released old "stuff" during the waning moon, the energy is now available to us to really focus on bringing into our lives what we want to be surrounded with.  I started this blog posting yesterday.  I was going to write that it felt like there was a great flood of emotions.  As I tried to write that, my Internet decided to have "issues".  That brought on a whole other "flood of emotions".  My "connection" is still not quite "secure" but I'm going to try again....

Cancer is a water sign.  So when the New Moon is in Cancer, that positive "go get it" energy is centered around tides of emotions.  We'Moon suggests we can choose to feel overwhelmed with our oceans of emotions, or we can use this time to reconnect with our true feelings and use water to heal, to hydrate, and irrigate our plans. Hmm...

In Western Astrology, Cancer is represented by the sign of the Crab.  In my part of the world this creature is perhaps underestimated.  He is overshadowed by the lobster for sure. Crabs are very durable creatures though.  They live in all kinds of different watery environments and can be found in both fresh and salty water. Perhaps that's why the emotions of a New Moon in Cancer can be both sweet and salty, soothing and painful, but above all- a release.  It is only when we release our emotions that we can truly move on with that new project, that new focus, that new way of being.

Today's, or yesterday's picture (depending on your perspective) is of a blue crab.  Most crabs are green when alive so the blue crab is a bit unusual although not unheard of.  I picked the blue crab because blue resonates with the throat chakra.  I think that's important.  It isn't just about feeling our emotions as they come from the heart (the green color of most crabs), the blue crab suggests we need to put a voice to those emotions.  Not always easy to do, but most important for the release factor.

In Animal Spirit Guides, Steven Farmer writes,
"If a crab shows up, it means you're about to experience an unexpected shift in your sourroundings or in your personal life that will be beneficial for you soul's path."
So maybe if we are going to experience that shift we need to really consider how we feel about that. Hmm.. Farmer also writes that the appearance of Crab is a signal that you might be too focused on what's directly in front of you and you could gain insight by considering the information in your wider range of vision. It's a time to consider promptings from your subconscious, dreams, visions, flashes of insight, and inutition. Those things that you feel rather than think. That sounds similar to adopting the "Daisy Perspective"  In the flow of things from a Wanning Moon to a New Moon, it would seem we are being challenged to let go of old ways of thinking and embrace new ways of feeling. Now that we're in the New Moon phase, it may be time to put those feelings to words and actions. Speak your truth, release the emotions, and embrace the newness that comes with that.

I truly feel it's time to release these words for whatever they are worth  and before I experience any more frustration with my computer. That means with typos, weird characters and strange phrases if that's what it takes. It's just "one of those days" that is better felt than thought and that's the only way I know to express it!

Enjoy the tides of emotion and accept the release!  

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