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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bach Flower Consultations: Getting Started

I focus a lot of this blog on Bach Flowers and healing essences, but realized the other day through a client, that people really want to understand what is involved in a Bach Flower consultation. So, here goes.

In the 1930s, Dr. Bach intended the 38 flower essences to be used as a self-help method for healing. He thought people could match their emotions to the appropriate essence and be able to identify the ones they needed without requiring any "middle man" in there to recommend, suggest, prescribe or dispense.

That self-help theory still makes sense today, but it can be a little overwhelming to put into practice. It can also be rather pricey to order all 38 of the mother tinctures essences and start figuring out which one is best for you, especially when there are many you may never use personally. In some countries, you can read about Bach Flowers, select a few that match and walk into a pharmacy or health food store and have the remedy made up for you. This is not the case in Canada or the U.S. So here, the practice gets a bit more complicated. So a consultation makes sense as a place to start.

Bach Flower consultations can be done in-person, or over the phone. You discuss the issues you would like to work on with the practitioner. You don't need to have researched the individual Bach flowers. The practitioner determines which ones seem to be the best match for your concerns based on research, education, and knowledge of the system, as well as hands on experience. A good practitioner discusses their choices with you and together you come up with a remedy that makes the most sense for you to try. Bach Flowers are not something that is done "to you", they are identified with your active participation. This is the method of consultation recommended and taught by the Bach Foundation, the registering body for Bach Flower practitioners. At Pixie Dust Healing, we follow those guidelines and do in-person or, more commonly,phone consultations.

At Pixie Dust Healing we also believe in the powers of intuition and methods of kinesiology to identify what is best for you. For more information on kinesiology you can read my Oct 1 blog entry "Kinesology/Muscle Testing". This is the recommended method for identifying which Perelandra essences might work best for you. Again, the difficulty comes in not having all the essences available to you to be able to test.

If you have been following my blogs of late, you'll know that while I embrace technology and believe that it works, I don't understand how it works. I don't figure I need to understand how it works. It does or it doesn't and if it doesn't, sometimes I need to call in an expert that can show me the basics to make it work. I think intuition and distance healing work on these same principles. I don't know how it works but I know that it does, and like Wireless Internet connections, we can be connected without physical ties.

So at Pixie Dust Healing, we also do consultations using intuition and kinesiology. We make the connection by using a jpeg picture of the person that wants the remedies. This isn't based on psychic abilities or weird rituals, it is just a modern type of intuition and kinesiology that we have discovered to be effective. We don't "read your mind". We don't find out that you kicked the cat this morning, or stole the stapler from your office. We don't discover deep dark secrets or horrible things that have happened to you. We only identify what essences seem to be a match for you by using the picture you send us (not fancy or perfect, just a head shot will do) and we test all the essences. You are still an active participant. Once we've identified what essences we think would be helpful, we provide a write up for you (email it to you), that suggests why the essences are recommended. You read the write-up, and if it sounds appropriate to you, we make up the remedy and ship it to you. If something doesn't sound right, we can readjust with your input and come up with a remedy that feels good to you. A lot of people find the write-up is as important to their healing as the essence is. For many it provides insight. It might cause you to reflect on your "deep dark secrets", but rest assured, we still don't know them!

You choose the method of consultation that you're comfortable with. It's still about "self-help" here. We just recognize that sometimes "self-help" requires a jump start. A lot of people start out with consultations and once they get comfortable with the remedies they realize by reading up on the essences and doing some research, they are ready to choose their own essences. Maybe a previous post on this blog gave you and idea for some essences you'd like to try. If you know what remedies you want , but don't want to invest in a case of mother tinctures, we can make up the remedy for you and ship a 30ml bottle to you.

I have lots of information on my website . If you click on the menu item "healing essences" you will find all kinds of information on Bach Flowers and what they are intended for. If you go to the column on the right hand side of that page that explains what is involved in a consultation you'll also find a "Frequently Asked Question" download. Click there and you can download five pages of material that includes answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning Bach Flowers. This includes information about how the essences are made, how they usually work, the difference between an essence and a remedy and how to take them

If you go to the "store" section under the menu options at the top of the site, you will find a list of the services we offer, including price information and how to arrange services. Cyberspace is wonderful, but I look forward to meeting you in more tangible ways to encourage healing as well.

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