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Friday, April 1, 2011

Mercury Retrograde & Computer Issues

I haven't abandoned my blog although, for a couple of days, it has felt like that to me. I have been having "computer issues". It seems I am not alone as the computer shop is backed up with customers, all in different stages and levels of angst.

According to astrology sources, from March 30th to April 23rd, Mercury is retrograde. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, so it is believed that during this time one could expect to have communication devices of all sorts go a little out of whack. Apparently it isn't uncommon for emails to be deleted or bounce back, snail mail may be returned or lost, phone calls get mixed up with wrong numbers, phone messages get erased, and computers go on the fritz.

Three or four times per year, the planet Mercury slows down in it's orbit and appears to stop or move backward. It is an optical illusion, it doesn't really move backward or retrograde, but it appears to. I guess if we aligned ourselves with this planetary force, we too would slow ourselves down a bit so that we could catch up with our fast moving world and ourselves. Such slowing down could allow people, ideas and insights, that have been buried in the blur of our speed, to resurface. Mercury retrograde is said to be a good time to contemplate life and redirect, if necessary, your forward movement.

Without my computer I have slowed down a bit. I have been reacquainted with a wonderful gel pen and did some writing. I rediscovered the phone and made some phone connections with people instead of emailing or texting. I caught up on some reading and went for a walk. I even discovered, as I enter this blog on a friend's computer, that my eyesight isn't even as bad as I thought when I use a desktop versus a laptop computer. And a "real" keyboard is quite a luxury I had forgotten.

I have discovered some essences that may be quite helpful during Mercury Retrograde. Impatiens was the first one I reached for, to help balance the sense that no one and nothing was moving fast enough- in particular the computer technicians! Another one of those optical illusions- in fact they were moving quite fast and I needed to slow down. In an earlier phase in my life I might have needed Agrimony because I might have hid my computer problems behind a cheerful mask and told the technicians; "it's fine, whenever you can get to it". I didn't need that this time, having moving through that Bach layer already! A dose of Cherry Plum might have been helpful the day I got the laptop back thinking it was fixed, spent hours trying to reconfigure without much luck and had to take it back to the shop once again. Cherry Plum is for the fear of losing control and when you are on the verge of breakdown. Personally, I was too close to the edge to stop and consider Cherry Plum- hence the reason to share Bach Flower knowledge with others! Gentian might be considered for the discouragement when things go wrong. This might even be a stronger sense of hopelessness and despair indicating the need for Gorse. If I have to buy a new computer- I'll be taking Gorse! I might recommend Holly for some other people I saw in the computer store. It's indicated for aggression that stems from suffering on the inside and insecurity. Mimulus might help get over the fear of loosing my computer- or the fear of the price tag that comes with the fix. Willow might help with that resentment and self-pity: "why does it have to be MY computer that crashes" mentality. And finally, I will save a few drops of Elm for when my computer is back functioning and I become overwhelmed with the workload I will have to catch up.

Astrology is said to be a tool for recognizing patterns. That points to the use of Chestnut Bud which is helpful when you haven't learned from past mistakes. I have had computer crashes before. I have built in some better back up systems so that it isn't quite the tragedy it might have been. Maybe by the time this retrograde is over and the next ones come around- August 2nd to 26th and November 23rd to December 13th, I'll really be calm and in control.

If you're still wondering what the heck today's picture has to do with Mercury Retrograde and computer problems- nothing really. It just happened to be on the computer I'm using to create this entry and I rather like it. It reminds me that sometimes it's worth taking a second look at what you see. It's also an example of how computers (and photo shop programs) can distort reality!

If you haven't had a computer crash, but are feeling somewhat unsettled, you might be feeling the effects of solar flares, Mercury Retrograde and the emotions of those around you. If that's the case, Walnut might be a helpful Bach flower essence to take. It helps balance the effects of atmospheric changes and allows you to consider your own needs. I highly recommend Perelandra ETS Plus to help cope with all the changes on all levels, as well.

With high winds, rain, and perhaps freezing rain predicted for my part of the world today, there is a good chance of power outages. I wonder if I'll even notice!!

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