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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Colors

Easter weekend is coming up. This always seems like kind of a confusing, conflicting holiday for me. It never comes at exactly the same time every year which makes it confusing right off the bat. It doesn't seem clear as to when the "feast" is supposed to be with two days in there, Friday and Monday, and either one of them could be "feast day". Or is it supposed to be on the Easter Sunday itself? Nor is the menu very obvious to me- not like the clear guidelines of turkey at Christmas. But aside from all that, it seems unclear what the holiday is really all about.

For some people it's a religious celebration and I grew up in that atmosphere with traditional beliefs. Within the religious context, there was no room for the "Easter Bunny". Just didn't fit in with the overall story theme! There was however "Spring Bunny" at our place and while he didn't do as much shopping as the Easter Bunny did for some of my friends, we had something chocolate to consume. I fondly remember the Spring Bunny even finding me at University, at at time when chocolate was very much appreciated!

The whole "Bunny delivering eggs" concept is rather hard to get your head around if you come from a farming background enough to know those two things are really not connected in any way. And does that mean the bunny is stealing them from the hens who are now desperately looking for their "would-be" children? Ahh, I feel a children's story coming on with that one....

Apparently both the eggs and the bunny are meant to symbolize fertility and Easter can be wrapped up in the idea of rebirth, from whatever angle you choose to approach the holiday. The two colors associated with Easter are yellow and purple. Now that makes sense.

Yellow is the color of the third chakra, the center from which we develop personal power, self-esteem and a knowledge of how our own emotions shape our decisions and thoughts. So spring, and Easter are time for us to consider our personal strength as we renew our commitment to ourselves and how we feel about ourselves, our decisions, and our journeys.

Purple is the color of the sixth chakra, sometimes referred to as the third eye chakra. This chakra is considered the center of our intuition. When this chakra is developed and balanced we are in tune with others and with our higher selves. Again this makes sense for Easter. It is a time for tuning in to nature and the rebirth and renewal all around us.

So if you mix the colors together, you might consider sitting down in a quiet place during the celebration and tapping in to your higher consciousness and nature. Take a few moments to really feel what is around you and important to you. Then consider how these feelings connect with your overall sense of personal power. Bring the energy from nature into your being and enjoy the sense of renewal. You might come away from this experience with a real sense of strength and purpose.

If all else fails- eat a hunk of chocolate bunny and just enjoy every bite!!

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