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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moving Forward with Ease & Bach Flower Honeysuckle

I am still struggling a bit with computer issues but I am making progress. Like everyone, when I'm not paying attention to the subtle clues, the universe sends me pretty "in your face" messages. It would appear my computer crash is one of these.

As I try to look at this experience as a lesson to be gained, I realize a lot of my struggle is in re-creating the past. When my computer isn't set up exactly like it was prior to the crash, I'm frustrated. I want it to look like it did before so I can use it quickly without thinking. Mostly I worry that loosing the past information will somehow affect me in the future. Hmm....

With a couple of small exceptions, my computer does everything I need a computer to do in the present. If I pay attention to Eckhart Tolle, that means I have nothing to be concerned about. I seem to have lost some of my old address contacts, but maybe if I don't need them now, I don't need them. And if I do need them in the future, I guess they will "come to me". It is a living lesson of what Eckhart Tolle talks about when he suggests we dwell in the past and worry about the future rather than living in the moment.

Our basement flooding once. At the time it was a lot of work, a lot of mess, lots of stress. In hindsight, it was a forced opportunity to get rid of so much junk and to really consider what we were keeping, what we really needed, and what we should let go of. I'm pretty sure, this computer crash may be the same opportunity. Time to purge out the stuff I don't need and move forward.

Honeysuckle is the Bach Flower that can help with such purging of the past. It is for people that tend to live in the past, unable to change present circumstances because they are constantly looking back at the past. Honeysuckle gives us the ability to live in the present, no longer seeing the past as overpowering, but as a valuable experience, providing lessons for today. Honeysuckle can help you move forward in life. Maybe, if Dr. Bach were alive today, he would suggest Honeysuckle for people who's computers are functioning in the present but have lost some old data!

I am still having some printing issues. This means that in order to print a document I have to save it to a stick, get up, walk past the coffee pot and several windows to another computer to print. Multiple lessons to be learned in that one! I am much more conscious of whether or not I really need to print that document. I get off my chair a whole lot more and I have enjoyed a cup of coffee, rather than let it sit on my desk until it is cold. This morning as I "made the walk", I noticed two deer on the lawn. I wouldn't have seen them if I had of printed from my desk. While the computer printed, I watched them. Daniel Mapel, in "Into the Heart of the Wild", describes deer as symbolizing the need to move deliberately with great awareness and calm. If they are appearing in your life, you might consider becoming more aware of the world around you. Deer teach us to be aware of the present moment. Hmmm...

Time to let go of the past and move forward, secure in the "now". With less weight from the past, it's a whole lot easier to clear those fences.

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