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Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue Umbrella Monday and the Bach Flower Water Violet

It's Monday- not usually the most popular day of the week for most. For my friend that sees the days as colors, Monday is blue. In my part of the world it is also raining- again. So when you combine Monday with another day of rain it seems that blue takes on a whole other meaning- as in "sad and blue".

I talked before about the joys of rubber boots when it's wet out. If you haven't been following along- check out the earlier post- A good pair of rubber boots might change your whole perspective on the rain. But I should have also mentioned umbrellas! As a kid I remember a lot of fun with umbrellas as well, although they weren't quite as prominent a feature as our boots. In fact, we weren't allowed to play with them a lot because of the old saying, "It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye"! I never knew anyone that lost an eye due to an umbrella (or any of the other games we were warned about), but apparently it must have happened to someone???

The joys of an umbrella are that it can put you in your own little isolated world where it seems no one can get in unless you want them to. A certain kind of secret protection I guess. That sounds a little bit like the Water Violet type in Bach flowers. Water Violet people are pretty happy to be on their own and are always comfortable in a crowd. An umbrella takes out the crowd factor for sure. In fact, it's difficult to even see who or what else is out there! There are times when there is nothing wrong with isolating yourself from others and a rainy Monday might be a good day to bask in that sense of "aloneness". If you aren't feeling comfortable being alone, Water Violet can help balance that. A few drops of Water Violet might help you feel more sociable so that you are quite comfortable to share your umbrella with someone.

When I was searching for a blue umbrella picture for today's blog, I discovered a whole lot of information on blue umbrellas. It turns out there is a children's novel called "The Blue Umbrella", by Ruskin Bond. In fact, it has been made into a movie. Sounds like a good story. It is set in a small Indian village. The main character is a little girl called Binya, that falls so in love with a blue silk umbrella that she trades a claw necklace for it. The umbrella makes her popular in a village where possessions of any kind are scarce. But, with popularity comes envy it seems. The shopkeeper, envious of Binya's popularity suddenly appears with a red umbrella, round about the time that Binya's umbrella is stolen. The villagers soon discover the shopkeeper has stolen Binya's umbrella and dyed it red. The theft tarnishes his name. It seems in the end all is well though because Binya decides to give her umbrella to the shopkeeper and he gives her a claw necklace on a silver chain in return. I haven't found a copy of the book yet, but I'm going to look- sounds like a great story.

I guess a lesson from the story might be that possessions alone can't bring you popularity. Instead, it's what you do with your possessions that counts. Back to the sharing aspect of the umbrella again. It really is more fun if you can find someone to share your umbrella with.

So,it's Monday, but you can't do the wash because of the rain. (Check out an earlier blog posting to understand that sentence ) Instead of laundry, maybe it is a good day to find a friend to watch the rain with for a bit. Maybe you can find a friend with a blue umbrella. If you're an adult, it seems you can play with an umbrella all you want without having to worry about eyes or the loss of one.

Maybe, you'll be lucky enough to find an umbrella like Mary Poppins! Hers wasn't blue but it sure took her to interesting places. Imagine what she could have done with a colored one!

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