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Friday, May 27, 2011

Manifesting Miracles & Missing the Moment

By now, most people have either read the book, watched the movie, or at least heard and talked about the phenomenon of "The Secret". It made quite a sensation and perhaps raised the awareness level on a lot of issues. One of the basic principles for those following it is that you can manifest your desires, or create what you want in life, by focusing on having it. In my opinion, it encouraged people to focus on acquiring material things. Let's face it- if the genie came out of the bottle in front of you and you had your three wishes, most likely, at least one of those wishes, would be pretty material in nature- like money for instance! I'm not sure that's really the point. In "The Secret" you are encouraged to create a vision board and you place pictures of the things that you want to bring into your life on that board, focus on the board and bring those things into being. I'm sure this has worked for a lot of people and their lives are enriched because of it. It must have worked for many judging by the popularity of sequel books, and related merchandise. However, I do see, what for me at least, is a bit of a flaw in the process.

I think if you have spent so much time imagining the outcome, when it appears in front of you, you miss the miracle of it all. You start taking it for granted and just expecting it to show up, and I think that's sad. To me it takes a lot of the "ah ha moments" and awe out of the journey. For instance, I envisioned my children's book on the shelf in a major bookstore. It was quite a dream and I focused on it for sure. When I actually saw them there I didn't have the sense of "wow"- that I thought I would- I'd already seen the picture in my mind so it didn't feel like such a big deal. I cheated myself of the moment a bit.

I think a classic example of this is graduation day. And it's that time of year. Whatever it is you are graduating from, it is usually quite an anticipated event, both for the person graduating and the loved ones that have struggled in tandem along the way. Since the day you entered the program the goal has been to finish. A lot of effort, talk, and visualization has gone into that moment. And yet, when it comes, it often feels like "just another day". There is almost a let down feeling. You placed so much emphasis on that moment, you've lived the anticipation of the moment so often, that when it happens it's anticlimactic. You've cheated yourself out of the moment in a way because you've practiced the feeling so much. You miss the miracle. Sometimes you miss it because you're already focusing on the next goal, the next desire, the next wish. Now you're imagining the job you want, the first year of University, what you can buy with your first paycheck, what you can do with your free time now that you don't have to turn in a paper or study for the exam. You forget to be the glorious miracle moment you manifested!

I was having coffee with Wise Woman the other day and I was complaining about the lack of outward evidence of inward change. I'm always wanting the miracle moments. I want to be awed by something I can't even imagine. She calls it "looking for the burning bush" and laughs at me because she claims the burning bushes are all around me. On the way back to our cars, the subject had turned to VW beetle cars for some bizarre reason. I was in animated description of one such vehicle we had when I was a kid, when down the alley heading straight towards us, seemingly out of no where, is a burnt orange Volkswagen. Even as I write this now, I realize how amazing that is and how much an example of synchronicity it should be. But I totally missed it. I was already seeing Volkswagen's in my mind. I had moved on to a future thought and I just considered that car as an intrusion in my conversation because I had to move out of the way.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is move out of our own way. Stop trying to create so much that we miss the miracles all around us. Enjoy the moment and feel that exact moment instead of thinking ahead considering how we should change our manifestation to make it even bigger, better, bolder. Stop cheating ourselves of the joy of seeing the results.

The Bach Flower essence Hornbeam may be indicated in these moments. It is usually thought of when you are having trouble focusing on what needs to get done. In an earlier blog, I've posted information about hornbeam. Hornbeam has that ability to help you rebalance though. It can be helpful when you feel you are missing variety in life, when you suffer from a sense of staleness. When miracles and unusual phenomenon and crazy occurrences don't really register, Hornbeam may be indicated. If you're missing the burning bush right in front of you, or the amazing feat of graduation, consider some drops of Hornbeam and enjoy the moment!

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  1. Thank you for this...I often struggle with "being in the moment". Part of the fun is the process, and what's the point if you just reach the destination with no sense of fulfillment, accomplishment or enthusiasm? Be well. Peace and blessings.