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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Waxing Moon and the Third Chakra

I've witnessed some unusual moods in people over the past couple of days which likely means others have witnessed it in me, I suppose. It seemed like one of those unexplained mood shifts when people suddenly find themselves feeling rather different and unsettled in ways they can't seem to explain or understand. Just because I find that rather interesting, I started looking around for a source and I turned to my We"Moon 2011 book. I wondered if we were maybe getting close to a full moon because it kind of seemed like that type of an experience. I discovered that we are in a "waxing half moon in Leo" stage. Hmm...

Seems we pay a lot more attention to full and new moons than we do to the moons in-between. Maybe that's a mistake. It turns out that in the northern hemisphere, if the left side of the moon is dark, then we are moving toward a full moon and that's a waxing or growing moon. In the Southern hemisphere it's the opposite and the moon is growing if the right side of the moon is dark. Today's picture is a waxing moon from the northern hemisphere perspective.

It turns out when people paid more attention to the moon than their watches(check out yesterday's blog if you're not sure what I'm referring to), the waxing moon was a pretty big deal. It is the time when the moon is gaining power and that means it is a time for rituals and "rites of attraction" or "positive magic". The waxing moon was seen as a good time to draw things to you. Those "things" could be love, healing energy, wisdom or prosperity. If the prosperity one is the "thing" that jumped out at you- keep reading!

The third chakra resonates with, or is influenced by, the waxing moon. Positive energy is governed by the third chakra. It is the energy center concerned with willpower, self-control and personal power. People that have well balanced and developed third chakras are often very goal orientated, successful people. They often set their sites on self-development and concentrate on realizing all their capabilities. Third chakra personalities are often leaders. They not only set things in motion, but they bring them to their conclusion. In terms of the moon phase, that would mean you set things in motion during the waxing moon so they come to conclusion or fruition at the full moon phase. The moon will be full this month on May 17th.

The challenge for the third chakra, which may be particularly "awakened" during the waxing moon phase, is the competitiveness of our modern world. If the power of the third chakra becomes disconnected from positive power and self-development, but more focused on material pursuits (prosperity raises it's head again), power for the sake of being considered powerful, and personal success at the expense of others, the person may feel "unsettled" and unbalanced. This sense of disconnect may result in unscrupulous behavior, power struggles and ruthlessness. This unbalanced power struggle can result in feelings of impatience, in-decision, and lack of focus or an inability to direct action in a purposeful way.

The Bach Flower essences that resonate with the third chakra match those feelings of imbalance. They include Impatiens, Scleranthus, and Hornbeam. Impatiens can help with that sense that the world and the people in it aren't moving fast enough. During the waxing moon you may be particularly senstitive to energy and feel a need to do something with it- quickly. Sceleranthus can help with the indecision between two things. During the waxing moon this may be the indecision between whether or not you should be working towards personal fulfillment and life purpose or material, worldly pursuits. Hornbeam can also help direct you to get started on the right road. Hornbeam may be helpful if during the waxing moon you feel sleep is not refreshing. It helps restore your vitality.

The crane in today's picture most likely didn't happen to come across my desk by accident. It turns out cranes are, in ancient Chinese, the symbol of longevity and focus. The crane is said to reflect the importance of focusing on your most important goal rather than dividing your attention between multiple projects.

So I guess the summary from all that is that we are always affected by nature, even though we may have lost sight of that a bit. A waxing moon may be calling your attention to the importance of setting a personal goal for self development. It seems like we should focus within for a bit and consider what is the most important thing for us to achieve in the next week or so, and pull our focus towards that. Maybe a good dose of positive magic is all anyone needs!

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