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Monday, May 16, 2011

Lunar Beltane

May 17th is a full moon in Scorpio and it's also Lunar Beltane. The Celts celebrated this halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice as Lunar Beltane. It signifies the beginning of the summer season.

Beltane was marked by rituals and observances that celebrated the transition from spring to summer. It is considered a time of fertility when crops were nurtured and nourished for growth. Ceremonies were performed to ensure fertility of the crops, herds and people. The Celts lit huge bonfires and focused on purification and focusing the collective consciousness to ensure future abundance.

In ancient folklore, Beltane was considered a time for the faeries. The appearance of flowers and new buds was considered to be evidence of faeries hard at work and this was to be celebrated and appreciated.

The moon in Scorpio is said to give us "attitude and bring out our primal side" according to my We'Moon book. That corresponds well with the spirit of Beltane one would think. It's a time to focus and dig deep for the answers.

It seems like we could all do with a little magic and celebration. The full moon and Beltane sound like a good reason to do so.

It would seem the key to all this is to be clear about what you want to harvest. If you planted such thoughts during the waxing moon you may already be seeing an early harvest.

Traditionally, Beltane is about doing things as a collective, rather than in isolation. Part of the benefit of Celtic ceremony was that it united people towards a common goal- it helped to provide an environment where collective consciousness made sense. I think sometimes we lose site of that in an effort to "protect our own". We see that collective strength during all the natural disasters these days. We see people coming together to help each other, everyone working towards common goals. Sometimes it seems things have to get really bad before we think to reach out as a collective. Maybe it's time to celebrate as a collective as well. Perhaps in areas where things haven't got to the "really bad stage", we can celebrate that and focus positive energy towards global abundance.

If nothing else- gaze at the full moon and know summer has arrived!

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