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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Animal Signs and Year of: Dragon

On January 22nd as we enter a New Moon phase, the Chinese Year of the Dragon begins. I know that's still a few days away, but maybe it's good to go into this time a bit prepared. We'Moon 2012, writes that the Dragon is the most powerful sign in the Chinese zodiac.

So hang on! It's going to be a wild ride or an exciting flight in 2012.  Most likely it's up to you whether you choose to ride clinging tightly or fly to great heights.

In Western tradition, the dragon is kind of an evil creature. Lots of fire-breathing stuff, huge talons, pointy wings, lots of spikes.  I'm not that found of all that armor and huffing and puffing. I'm not sure all that ripping and tearing and pyromaniac tendencies are really necessary. After awhile it just gets tiresome.

But the Chinese dragon, now that's a different sort. In Chinese tradition, the dragon is generous, benevolent and extremely lucky. This dragon symbolizes royalty, wisdom, prosperity, protection and power. This magical dragon can transform into any type of creature and overcome all challenges.  Now that's what I'm talking about!

Whether good or evil, the dragon is about drama and change. I guess it's a case of "you can use this power for good or for evil".  Again, I think it's about personal choice.  So 2012 just might be the year to make things happen. There is an energy and enthusiasm out there during this year of the dragon that can be used to propel you foreword in extreme ways.

In, Animal Spirit Guides, Steven Farmer includes  Dragon as a spirit or power animal. He writes that if a dragon shows up in your life it may symbolize a new phase for you, one where you'll be taking more risks. He reports that although you may be more vulnerable, you can be well protected by Dragon. Farmer suggests you do more of the kinds of activities that bring passion to your life if you are seeing the spirit of Dragon.

So I figure, if this is the Year of the Dragon, then that means Dragon is showing up everywhere in the world and it becomes a message for everyone.  Farmer writes those that have Dragon as a totem animal are often considered to have a past-life connection to a time when Earth-based spiritual practices were predominant. This totem animal is said to support spirituality and mystical arts from Wiccan, Pagan, Druidic, or shamanic traditions. Once again, I interpret that to mean that during this Year of the Dragon, the entire universe may benefit from these powerful practices and new opportunities may open up. Hmm...

Sleeping Dragons All Around, by Sheree Fitch is a wonderful children's picture book and has been a favorite around our place for years.
It's written in really catchy contagious rhyming language and we find ourselves still using phrases we first came across in her book.  Fitch's dragons are hanging out in the kitchen and in the hallways, they are even  in the bathtub. These colorful, eclectic creatures are sleeping all over the place. And so, there is a lot of tip toeing around for fear of waking up a dragon.

No question about it, that much power brings some fear. But I think it's time, like it or not, that the dragons are waking up and we're going to have to face them. With all these dragons around, it might be a good time to be armed with some Larch and Mimulus Bach Flowers.

If you've been tip toeing around dragons, you might just need Larch- the kind that Winnie-the-Pooh needed for Hunting Woozles. Come to think of it, Woozles might have been a Piglet version of a dragon. We know when we're tip toeing to avoid something.  We might just be a bit afraid to allow our abilities and talents to flourish because that way we can avoid the risk of failing.  Larch can help you let go of that fear so that you can find that strength within you to face the dragon and travel with the power to achieve your potential.

Most of Fitch's dragons look pretty pleasant.  I guess they are more the Chinese than the Western variety.  But no doubt about it, a dragon with his or her eyes closed is a little less intimidating that that fully alert, ready to shoot fire, flapping wings type. Steven Farmer suggests you call on Dragon when you know there is a situation that you have to deal with even thought it triggers a lot of fear. That's the energy of Dragon. That's also the energy of the Bach Flower essence Mimulus. Mimulus can help you face those fears with your emotions under control so you can think and feel your way through it. It can help you stand up for yourself and pursue your dreams with courage and confidence. 

Embrace you inner Dragon, and Happy New Year!

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