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Monday, January 9, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer: Connection to Root Chakra

Today we enter a Full Moon in Cancer phase.  If you've been feeling pretty emotional over the past few days, perhaps a bit lonely or insecure, you might have been feeling the effects of the moon's influence. If you've been following along and doing the Emotional Management Steps, you might have found a serge of emotions coming to the forefront. That's just part of the process. I didn't forget about Step 4- it's coming, but I think the Full Moon deserves some focus and recognition today!

I've written about the Full Moon in Cancer before, and all this information still holds true  This full moon is also sometimes called the Sea Mother's Moon. It's a good time to let those family, friend, personal or business emotions run through you like the tides.  It might even help to find a quiet spot by the water and tap into nature's flow.  It's a time to release the issues that are holding you back and that might mean having a good- ole -cry.  Let it flow. Accept the release that crying offers rather than trying to "buck up and be strong".  In my opinion, allowing the tears to flow requires much more strength and knowing than suppressing them.

Today marks the end of my We'Moon 2011 book. Thankfully, Wise Woman gave me a 2012 copy of this book.  I feel much more secure knowing I have this book on hand! We'Moon writes that when the moon is in Cancer we connect with our "oceans of emotions" and we can choose to either feel overwhelmed by that, or nourished by that. Hm...

People born under a Cancer Moon and those that are heavily influenced by this moon are natural empaths.  They feel deeply but may need solitude to be able to refresh, renew, irrigate, and heal. 

In my opinion, we are all opening up to the emotions and feelings of others more.  To some degree we are feeling that interconnection with both others and  the planet. That opening, understanding and feeling can bring a flood of challenges including the need to find your own inner strength. We have been taught in some circles to surround yourself with protection to prevent the emotions and feelings of others from reaching your core.  The Violet Flame, for instance, is a way to protect yourself. But, as we open up, it isn't just about protecting that shell, it's about finding the inner strength so the shell becomes less necessary or at least "selectively permeable". It's about finding who we are as individuals so we can be part of the connected group without loosing our sense of self.

This emotional flood that the Full Moon in Cancer can bring can be quite a 'hit" to the Root Chakra.  This Chakra is focused on safety and security. But the challenge is to find your own source of Safety and Security. It's not about finding someone else that can provide that for you, or surrounding yourself with material things that help you feel secure. That's as a short term fix that can create problems later down the road.  This Chakra is focused on finding the real source within. It about developing your personal "backbone" that holds you up and allows you to be strong in your very core.

It's easy to be distracted by material calls for safety and security.  Particularly during this Full Moon Phase we may feel drawn to compulsive eating, spending, drinking or bingeing in other ways that trick us into thinking this will provide a sense of security.  Now is the time to really focus on what it is you feel you are lacking. Identify what it is that you really need and allow that to come into your life. Let go of whatever is holding you back to make room for what you need to grow to your full potential- safe and secure in yourself.

Lola, in Sweet Shack &Bach Bar goes through some Root Chakra issues.  She finds some help with the Bach Flowers Rock Rose, Sweet Chestnut, and Clematis. As Lola experiences, they can all resonate with the Root Chakra.  Lola also discovers that she has everything she needs from within.  That's the lesson of the Root Chakra and the Full Moon in Cancer phase.

Be kind of yourself and embrace your inner wisdom.

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