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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Animal Signs: Moose

We're pretty proud of moose in my part of the world.  The beaver may appear on our nickle, but the moose head  appears on our quarter. It is also the trademark for a particular brand of beer and a brewing company, a whole clothing line of t-shirts, sweatshirts and pajamas, and a sports team or two.   You can even  buy moose head hats and moose head slippers but they will cost you more than a quarter!

It seems that emotions are still running pretty high.  Maybe this is still the influence of the full moon, but it's starting to wan and I'm not seeing much of a decrease in the emotional intensity of things. People seem to be pretty "intense" lately whatever emotion they are feeling.

So maybe it's about time to put on a moose hat, slip your feet into moose slippers, or just consider the spirit of the moose. I found a great book by Steven Farmer called "Animal Spirit Guides".  This book has over 200 spirit animals in it and even includes some domestic varieties. I guess, given the emotional quotient lately, I shouldn't be surprised that when I opened it up to browse, the animal that "appeared" was the moose.

Farmer writes that you may find moose showing up when it's time to explore new depths of awareness and be prepared for increasing sensitivities.  I personally believe that's happening to all of us in some way or another and whether we like and welcome it or not. The appearance of the moose may also be a symbol to encourage others with their dreams and visions and supporting them in their triumphs. Wouldn't it be nice if we did that. Hmm...

Farmer believes that you don't always have to wait for a spirit animal to show up in your life.  Perhaps because of his perspective as a shamanic practitioner, he believes you can call on the spirit of an animal and receive help and support.  He writes that it would be a good time to call on the spirit of the Moose if you are being excessively self-critical. If you've been your own worst enemy and need to remind yourself of your positive qualities, it might be time to receive from the Moose world. He suggests Moose spirit or energy can be helpful during times of conflict and turmoil when you need extra strength and endurance.  In fact the appearance of  Moose in your life may be a symbol that you do have the strength and ability to endure emotionally turbulent times.

During difficult emotional times, we humans often look to others for our sense of self assurance.  Perhaps it's that "herd mentality" that keeps us always checking in with others and wanting to know that other people in the herd think we're okay. Maybe it's our ego needing some feedback. But when emotions start running high, that reassurance is not always there.  Perhaps, because we humans also search for dominance in the herd.  We get that dominance, temporarily, by fighting and chewing and kicking a bit, more often than by encouraging others to pursue their dreams and feel good about themselves.

There are a few Bach Flower essences that might help when you're feeling the need for Moose energy.  They include Chicory, Cerato, and Crab Apple.

Chicory is considered a remedy for feelings of over-protectiveness, or possessiveness. It can be helpful for strong-willed people that expect others to conform to their values. Chicory types, although strong, are easily offended and may loose their strength if the herd turns against them. Chicory can help you feel ful-filled and self-assured on your own.  It can allow you to no longer need other people's assurance that you are worthy of love.

Cerato can also be helpful if you are feeling the pressure of emotional turmoil and seeking advice or confirmation from others. Cerato help you trust your inner knowing and decision making. With the balance provided from Cerato you may recover your self-assurance and realize that you should follow your inner wisdom without asking for confirmation or expecting others to follow.

Crab Apple can be helpful during emotional vulnerable times as well. Crab Apple is considered the cleansing essence and is included in Rescue Remedy cream for treating topical reactions. Crab Apple can also help you deep in your core. It can help you accept yourself for who you are, relaxed in your being with a positive sense of self.

Maybe we should look at "our herd" a bit differently.  Most of us don't really need the group to provide warmth and shelter, food on the table or protection from prey. Maybe it's time to consider other people in your life for the joy of sharing, not for a need to be fulfilled.  Maybe if we could be enthusiastic in our emotional exchanges for the purpose of supporting others rather than boasting or competing we could all thrive rather than struggle to survive.

I'm going to look at my quarters differently having read Steven Farmer's Moose spirit. I'm going to think about encouraging autonomy and supporting people for who they are, without measurement or judgement against myself.  As kids we used to get a quarter every now and then to spend on treats. Perhaps it was the spirit of the Moose on that quarter that helped us feel so independent and self-assured when we picked out exactly what we wanted for ourselves.  We compared what others bought with their quarter, but not for the purpose of arguing, judging, or even second guessing our decisions- merely for the joy of changing a quarter into a treat on a summer afternoon.

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