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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Animal Signs: Cat

I was scanning the news headlines this morning. I try to do this with an open mind and look for something positive or somewhat non-judgemental. It isn't always easy.  There is talk about the cruise ship that sank off Italy, government scandals and money markets, fatality fires and murders, tourist attacks in Mexico, and solar flares. Basically sounds like kind of a bad day. But then I saw a headline about a cat getting loose in an airplane delaying a flight.  Now that sounds at least "unusual" and not totally tragic so I read that one a little deeper.

As the story reads, a passenger boarded a plane in Halifax with intentions to travel to Toronto with her cat. Somehow, the cat, Ripples, got out of her possession and went "loose" in the plane before the flight could take off. So the search for Ripples began. Sounds like everyone was involved as  his owner repeatedly called for Ripples to no avail. This is starting to sound to me like one of those "most embarrassing moments stories". Imagine all attention focused on you as you frantically try to contain your somewhat "disobedient" cat.  Makes those parent/child toy store "events" pale in comparison!  The story goes on to explain that the cat got into the cockpit of the plane and didn't just check out the controls- he got all twisted amongst the wires and whatever it is that just might keep your plane in the air! They got Ripples out eventually, but the plane had to be further delayed so the wiring could be checked.

What's really interesting to me about this story is that while I'm sure there were passengers that weren't taking this whole thing in stride- it seems like a lot of people were very gracious and understanding about the whole thing.  They "felt" for the woman with the "wild cat".  They understood how upset she was and didn't seem to be laying blame or irate at the situation.  At one point the crew shut down the engines in the hopes of calming Ripples so he could be found more easily. Seems like everyone could understand that Ripples was scared, not intentionally trying to create a commotion and put everyone off schedule. One passenger said it was just some "random" , "freaky" thing and people seemed okay with that- not judgemental. Wow- now that is actually a news story in my opinion!

With so much attention on Ripples, I thought today might be a good day to open Steven Farmers Animal Spirit Guides book  to the section on Cat and take a look. Farmer writes that if a cat shows up;

" This is a period of magic and mystery for you, so pay close attention to signs and omens that will guide and direct you.
 Whatever you've released- relationships, material goods, self-defeating habits- will soon be replaced with something or someone entirely more suitable for who you are presently"
I rather think there was some magic and mystery going on around that flight that people seemed to connect with the passenger and her angst. They looked for Ripples and didn't seem to "go crazy" about the delay. It sounds like there was a magical understanding among strangers that we don't always find in our busy world these days.

It occurs to me that maybe some people  did "release" some old patterns and self-defeating habits. Perhaps they weren't as demanding as travelers usually are.  They got connecting flights arranged and sorted things out.  Maybe they ended up with better schedules and interesting encounters as a result.

Cats are said to be very self-sufficient and connected to ancient wisdom. Farmer writes that having a cat come into your life might mean an ancestor or spirit guide is trying to communicate with you.  I wonder if people listened?

Maybe Ripples knew something we'll never know. Maybe that wiring did need to be checked anyway.  Maybe poor Ripples just didn't want to be that much closer to the solar flares that were bouncing around in the atmosphere- that much closer at some 30,000 feet!  Maybe Ripples wasn't ready for the big city?

One of the passengers interviewed did mention that most likely a new policy on the method of traveling with animals would be reviewed. Maybe something like making sure the animal is actually in the carrier and unable to "run loose". That makes sense.  It also would be a good idea to give your traveling pet Rescue Remedy before you put him or her in that carrier.  I hope poor Ripples gets a dose of it during the aftermath.  The really good thing about Rescue Remedy is that both Ripples and his owner could share the same bottle. Because there is no doubt in my mind that while she was calling for Ripples'  both terrified for the cat and worried about the attention, that mother could certainly have used the calming nature of those essences. Wouldn't it be nice if airlines offered Rescue Remedy along with the snacks and headphones you can purchase on board.

I hope right about now Ripples is feeling as good as the cat in today's picture.  I hope he's been calmed and comforted and given some of his favorite treats ( I wonder if that is ripple chips?).  I hope his owner is feeling secure and calm as well. 

Sometimes what feels like the worse event in your life at the time, makes the best story later.  I hope Ripples gets to write his story!

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