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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hot flashes? Menopause and Essence Therapy

I have been finding myself lately explaining essence medicine a lot.  This seems to be happening both formally and informally for me and I find that interesting. People that never before have shown any interest in the subject seem to be listening to me with intent and an open mind. I haven't seen the skepticism I quite often see.  Maybe it's just who I'm spending time with and encountering lately. Maybe it's something else.

In one of those more formal Bach Flower Essence presentations, the subject of menopause came up.  This too seems to be a reoccurring theme lately that I find myself talking to people about in sometimes, surprising places.  In particular, a lot of women seem to be experiencing hot flashes that they attribute to menopause.  If men experience flashes of heat or dramatic swings in temperature, they visit their doctor, take an anti-pyretic, complain, head to bed,  or "all of the above".  Women have the luxury of assuming that even if they don't really fall into the age category or have any other symptoms, it must be menopause and they therefore seem relatively content to "allow" and "let it be" in the knowledge that "this too shall pass".

What I have been hearing  is that many women seem to suddenly find themselves having flashes of intense heat, sometimes accompanied with vertigo and sometimes accompanied with sweating and facial flushing.  Most women describe the heat as almost crawling up them from their toes to the top of their head.  Usually it passes as quickly as it came. Everyone says something along the lines of, " I don't really know if this is menopause", "It feels sort of like what I would think hot flashes are but also different", " I just assume this is menopause even though I'm kind of young/old for it", " I thought I was done with all that", " It feels like it's sort of something 'more'". Interestingly, the women I've talked to, aren't complaining of other symptoms of menopause.  I haven't heard anyone say they felt mood swings, or weight gain or loss, or well... anything.  Everyone is just talking about the hot flashes.  Hmm...

If you have concerns that you might have a disease of unknown origin, some sort of dangerous infection, or a chronic condition that needs treatment, I'm not suggesting you ignore it.  There are lots of tests to determine hormone levels and provide reassurance as to whether or not your symptoms are menopausal or not.  But.. if you're one of the many women I have been talking to that seems just fine with "allowing this to pass", but could use a little support.. this blog's for you.

Bach Flowers are not typically recommended for a condition or physical symptom. They are meant to help balance the individual emotional component. However, once emotional balance is restored, physical complaints often follow. From the Bach collection, Walnut, Scleranthus, Cherry Plum, Mimulus and Beech, can all be helpful for menopause symptoms.

Walnut is the remedy most often indicated for menopause symptoms. It provides protection during times of change and from change caused by outside influences as well as within.  It might be particularly helpful during this time of both internal and external shifting.

Scleranthus may also be indicated.  It's helpful to maintain balance.  So if your temperature is swinging from hot to cold, flushing and sweating to freezing, Scleranthus could help even you out in the middle. If your mood is swinging up and down due to hormone changes, Scleranthus may help even this out as well.

Cherry Plum is typically indicated when you fear loosing control of your behavior. There is something quite disconcerting about feeling heat flash from your toes to your nose in rapid progression. That might leave you feeling a bit "out of control" I think! If that's the case, Cherry Plum might help soothe this fear and help you relax and go with the flow.

Mimulus may also help with menopause symptoms. Mimlulus is indicated for known fears.  Mimluus types are often described as being prone to sudden blushing as well.  If you are fearful that you may experience facial flushing at an inappropriate time, Mimulus may help get you through. Hot flashes in themselves can be a rather fearful experience and if you're living in fear that the "next wave" may hit you right when you need to be very focused and in control, the combination of Mimulus and Cherry Plum may make a world of difference.

Beech may be helpful during times of menopause and hot flashes as well.  Beech is indicated when you are feeling easily irritated and intolerant.  If you're feeling particularly sensitive to external temperatures when your internal thermostat seems to be functioning erratically, Beech may help. It may also be helpful if certain fabrics, layers of clothing, clothing against your neck or waist is suddenly irritating you.

There is no doubt that Bach Flowers can help you transition through menopause with more comfort and less angst. But I'm also quite attune to the fact that people keep describing this as a sensation that feels just a bit different than menopause to them.  I think that's worth paying attention to.  I personally, without any backing or support in science or literature, believe we may be experiencing some shifting vibration on a universal energy. If it's true that we are shifting into a more feminine energy type experience within the universe, it would seem to make sense to me that women might feel this shift more acutely than men. And perhaps if your body is already experiencing some internal shifting, when that internal change, meets a universal shift, an exothermic reaction seems very possible to me.  That kind of universal influence may respond particularly well to essences from the Perlandra collection .  ETS (Emotional Trauma Solution) from this collection may be particularly helpful during those hot flashes and I recommend taking it as soon, and as often, as you feel the heat coming on. Many women have told me they also found ETS helped them sleep better through the night during menopause. There are other remedies within the Perelandra line that may be a match for you.  In particular Natural Aging, or Female Reproductive may help as well. 

"You go girl"...

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