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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bach Flower Oak for Feeling Hollow Inside

Knobbley The Oak Tree from
It's been a long time since I updated my blog.  I've been busy, but that hasn't stopped me before.  I've been reading other people's writing, I've been formatting other people's writing. I have been proofing other people's writing. I've read some great stuff. I've enjoyed the process.  I've also given out a lot of Bach Flowers lately.  One of the common ones these days has been Oak.  Hmm...

I've sat down to write a post a few times.  And nothing came.  It hasn't felt like writer's block for which Hornbeam can be amazing.  It doesn't feel as though I just can't get at it- that's the Hornbeam connection. It didn't feel like the Elm type of blockage where you just feel overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done.  I wanted to write the blog.  I was sure I had the time and energy to do it. I sat down to do it.  I opened up the site. But... it just felt like there was nothing inside.

Sometimes I'm pretty slow to see what is right in front of me.  Today the light bulb went off.  I need some of my own advice!  I need some of the Bach Flower Oak!  So I took some Oak and went for a long slow walk in the woods. Then I made a Cuppa  and I'm sitting here typing my post. Ahh....

Oak is typically indicated for people that are exhausted but continue to struggle on.  It helps to restore energy. That can be kind of the extreme ends of Oak. There are a lot of subtle stages in between.

When you really study the botany of the Bach Flower essences you can see some of the reasons why Dr. Bach chose the remedies he did. Julian Barnard writes about this in "Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function". In doing that you can understand the suble reasons why these essences work and when they might work.

The thing about Oak trees is that they are strong trees that hang around providing support and comfort for a long time.  Knobbley, the tree in today's picture is claimed to be over 800 years old and people have been  visiting him and protecting him for a long time.  You can read all about Knobbley on the website   Knobbley seems to have quite a following. There is even a Children's book about Knobbley that I'd love to get my hands on- looks good. 

Oak trees made good tree-houses and forts.  They are fun to climb on and sit in.  They typically have multiple branches spreading out in a number of directions so they are easy to climb and latch on to. Are you sensing a theme here?

People that are considered "Oak types" are strong reliable people.  They are usually driven by a sense of duty. They are helpful, conscientious and reliable. They will not allow themselves to relax if there is work to be done but will keep on going even when over-tired. Like the tree, they have multiple "branches" of work and support and a lot of "leaves" depending on those strong branches for survival.

Some trees split branches, loose a part of them, perhaps snap off at the top but stay standing and regenerate.  When an Oak tree falls- that's it.  It falls totally. It crashes down quite suddenly and quite often, beyond repair. And, perhaps most interesting of all, is that when an Oak tree does crash, you usually discover that, in fact, it's hollow on the inside. There is nothing there.  It has given everything to it's branches and what finally topples it is that there is no support in the core. In fact, there no longer is, a core. Hmm....

In my opinion, it isn't just work and day to day living that can zap your core. I believe the world is really opening up to a different level of vibration and new, intense connections.  Many people are feeling more psychic connections.  This is often manifested in little ways we don't pay a lot of attention to. It happens when you send an email to a friend and receive an incoming one from them at the same time. It's going to phone some one only to have the phone ring just as you pick it up and it's the person you were going to call.  It's having a feeling someone is worried, scared, hurt, or lonely and discovering you're right. This is all positive I believe, but on some level, perhaps a bit draining.  Now it seems like we might be growing "branches of energy" without even consciously considering or deciding to do that.

So maybe, in these intense times we really do need to take a conscious look at our own core.  Perhaps we need to fill ourselves with energy and restore our strength so that it doesn't all come crashing down beyond repair.

When in an "Oak state", there is a real tendency to drink more coffee, take supplements, consider energy drinks, wake up earlier, stay up later, or all of the above.  Oak types will try anything and everything as long as it means they don't have to stop "doing". They often know they are pushing themselves too hard, they can feel the depression, frustration, or stress symptoms starting to emerge as they loose their inner core, but it only drives them harder because they figure they have to finish up while they still have some strength left. They just can't let anyone down and if they are going to be sick there is a ton of things they have to get done first.  They won't "give in" to illness, they will just keep taking something, anything, everything. Until they crash.

A few drops of Oak essence can help prevent the crash.  It doesn't work in the same way as the energy drink or the caffeine though.  A few drops of Oak may help you realize you're in an Oak state and you need to take some time off to relax. If that sentence alone makes you want to procrastinate taking the Oak until you get something done- this Bach is for you! Right now!  Bach Flowers often restore by bringing awareness to self. After a few drops of Oak you might realize that you need to look after yourself before you "put out another branch" or encourage some more leaves to sprout.

People often tell me that they wish they had the whole box of Bach remedies so that when they read a post and found a resonance they could go to the box, take the drops, and be restored.  That's one way to do it. And if you're an "Oak type", you might have already added "buy all Bach remedies" to your "to do list". After all, it might just give you the strength to finish that project.  You might have decided it's something you need to get for a friend or relative you have to visit today. Hmmm...

Well, you can do that.  You can also visit my website (which is under construction but still there) .  You can email me and ask for a remedy and I can ship it out to you  But I also believe that the open vibrations provide us an opportunity.  Bach Flower remedies are vibrational medicine.  So it seems to me that just recognizing the need to "tune in" to the vibration of Oak essence might be helpful. Maybe we don't need to "take something" physically to receive the healing benefits.

And, if all else fails, go make a Cuppa, find an Oak tree and sit.  Just sit. Stop doing.  Stop thinking. Be. And in that stillness you'll replenish your core.  Who knows you might find you actually have a blog posting in you!

Be kind to yourself! Celebrate your core!

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