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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Reset Remedy

We have  entered, according to Lucy Harmer in "Shamanic Astrology" the month of "Frost and Transformation" . Well that sounds a bit better than "Month of the Dead Leaves" in my opinion   I can handle some frost if it brings big change.

We are also in a Waxing Moon phase and that means the energy is building. All the better for transformation.

Transformation isn't always easy. Maybe that's why Bach Remedies have been going out the door in rapid succession these days. One client recently asked me if I had a remedy for "wanting to just start over".  She went on to describe how she didn't want to learn from past mistakes (Chestnut Bud), or even particularly get along more peacefully with people (Beech), She really want to just hide away in solitude (Water Violet).  She just wanted to press a reset button and have had a whole new start.  Hmm....

I think I understood exactly what she meant.  I think I have been there before.  I also think there is a Bach Remedy for that!

I believe it is often the power of a combination of essences that really helps change your emotions and bring you back to balance.  Sometimes the combination of essences is greater than the sum of the individual essences I guess. To some extent, it depends on your overall personality and what might have led you to wanting to start over, but I think a good combination to consider would be; Star of Bethlehem, Hornbeam, Wild Rose, Willow and Scleranthus.  To me it's the ultimate reset button.

Star of Bethlehem is considered the essence for transformation.  It's helpful for the after effects of a shock and many times we want to reset because we have experienced a pretty shocking event. Sometimes we need to go back to that traumatic event to have the reset experience.  The good news is that with Bach Flower essences you don't have to regress back, re-think about that event, or even figure it out.  Your body will gently find the balance it needs to neutralize the trauma.

Sometimes we don't have the energy to press the reset button.  That's when Hornbeam might be helpful. Hornbeam helps when you just feel mentally tired.  When in a Hornbeam state you tend to procrastinate and lack enthusiasm for facing problems or coping with the day’s agenda.  Hornbeam helps you break through that mental doubt so you can get started. It helps restore your vitality so you can face the day with enthusiasm once again. It might help you find the energy to start looking for the reset button!

I'd also include Wild Rose in a Reset Remedy.  Wild Rose, is included in the category of "lack of interest in present circumstances".  We just carry on doing the same old thing, because we  can't find the motivation to press the button, or perhaps even find the button in the first place. Wild Rose can help resignation give way to ambition and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s helpful for long standing, chronic states that we'd really like, deep down, to change.

I'd put some Willow into the Reset Button.  Willow can help you break out of a feeling of victimization.  When in the Willow state you really feel rather short-changed by life.  Things seem to be happening to you that just “aren’t fair” and you know you deserve better but you can't seem to break out of a somewhat negative cycle.  That might be one of the major reasons why you're looking for a reset button in the first place.

I would definitely include Scleranthus in the mix.  I've written about it often as an essence to help integrate logic and emotions.  Both those elements are necessary for real transformation I think. The combination of  Willow with  Scleranthus. is powerful. Together these two essences  address the idea that a part of you knows you deserve more, better, easier, but the other side of you doesn’t quite agree so you feel a bit trapped in circumstances that seem beyond your control.  The two essences can help you let go of any past injustices and negative patterns. That's the power of the reset.

During the month of Frost and Transformation, and under the light of a waxing moon, there is real energy out there to make internal as well as external change. I think we can all tap into that kind of energy.  But maybe we could make that transition a little easier with the help of a reset button.

Press away!

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