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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Symbols

Happy Halloween!  There is lots of  angst and destruction going on in the world at the moment but despite that, or maybe because of that, I thought I'd focus on something lighter- the fact that it is Halloween and, in my opinion, that should be celebrated. It might be a time to celebrate who you really are, or who you want to be

I think there some really obvious Halloween symbols that deserve some recognition.  They include Witches, Black Cats, Ghosts and Pumpkins.

There is a long, sometimes sad story about witches.  They definitely deserve some celebration in my opinion.  I think true Witches were often Wise Women that knew to listen to, and follow, their intuition. And sometimes that got them in trouble.  There has often been a fear around witches, perhaps because we sense the power and don't always understand it.  This Halloween I'm celebrating the fact that there seems to be an opening in the world for "witch-like things".  Some people would consider homeopathics, essence therapies, home-brew teas, and potions witchy.  If that's the case, count me in and pass me a broom!!

No Witch would be complete without her trusty black cat.  Merlin in "Sweet Shack & Bach Bar" provides some magical black cat services for Wise Woman without question. Steven Farmer includes the cat as an Power Animal in "Animal Spirit Guides".  Farmer writes a cat showing  up may signal this is a period of self-sufficiency.  It may be important to trust in your own Witch capabilities! Farmer also writes the appearance of a cat signals magic and mystery and suggests you pay attention to signs and omens that might guide and direct you. Farmer doesn't distinguish between colors when he talks about the Cat Spirit, but black is the color of protection.  If you put that together, you can consider your magic and mystery encased in a layer of protection from the Black Cat.  Farmer goes on to write that if a feral cat shows up you can consider that a symbol you should do something totally wild and out of character, yet completely harmless. Sounds like the celebration of Halloween to me!

For a lot of people, Halloween is all about the ghosts. Hmm.... I've been told, on good authority, that the veil is thinner around Halloween.  People are thinking about ghosts and other worldly things. They are focused on the unknown and therefore often draw that kind of thing to them. I guess if you're a ghost you might feel more comfortable making yourself known if you can see lots of other people trying to look like you and receiving candy as a reward!  Maybe today is a good day to think about some ghosts you wouldn't mind communicating with. I think there is value in connecting with your ancestors, but if you're feeling uncomfortable with that there are some Bach Flowers that might help  And for all things ghost like, there is a great read out there.  Tonight would be a good night to settle in with Mary Ann Winkowski's "When Ghosts Speak".;postID=438752796507917222

Of course, no Halloween is complete, in my opinion, without a pumpkin carved into a jack-o-lantern.  I've never been one to make my pumpkins ghoulish looking. I always want those faces to be happy. I do have very found remembrances of the smell of slightly scorched pumpkin lid from a candle that's a little too high.  We have evolved.  I remember trying to attach the candle with gum, wax, and tinfoil to the base of the pumpkin.  Now a tea light makes all the difference in the world it would seem and can even be purchased as a  non-flammable device- go figure!  I will still carry the smell of burnt pumpkin as a fond memory though. The orange of the pumpkin really resonates with the second Chakra. It's all about creativity and finding yourself as distinctive from "your tribe".  Hmm...

Maybe that's what Halloween is meant to be.  A celebration of your own true creativity, unhampered by what you actually look like in this world, or by what people think you are "made of".  If nothing else, you can always throw a sheet over your head, cut out some eye holes and away you go!!

Happy Halloween!!!

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