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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Game of Pretend

When I was a kid we had a favorite, fall-back, game called "pretend".   Someone would just say, "let's play pretend" and we were off.  No one had to explain or clarify rules, we just all seemed to know what it meant.  Basically it meant there was no need to be honest, no need to clarify any facts, no rules, no restrictions.  If you said you had a super power, or a purple elephant- you had it -no arguments were entertained. My sister and I who didn't agree on much, and didn't see the world in the same way very often, could even play this game together. Because when you play pretend, no one really has to play it "with" you.  So my sister could have pretend fashion shows with friends that didn't really exist and I could have pretend rodeos with animals that didn't exist. My animals never walked on her fashionably clothes (that she knew about!) and her flamboyant hats never spooked my high strung horses (that I knew about!).  In fact, for hours on end, both of us could pretend the other didn't exist! I suspect sometimes my sister still plays that game!!

When I entered the world of emergency management, the game of pretend served me well.  Responders are taught by imaginative simulations and scenarios used to practice and test how you might respond in a "real situation".  It's a world of creativity and imagination meets science. Practicing in a made-up world gives you the tools to respond in an actual event.

In my part of the world, things have felt pretty intense, heavy, serious, I guess. It's as though there is an energy shift that feels thick in parts as we move through it. Dec. 12, 2012 was a big date with the line-up of 12-12-12, considered a balance between yin and yan or feminine and masculine energy.  Maybe that means now that we've moved on to Dec. 13th, we are past that point of balance and moving into a new world order. Hmm...

Today the New Moon is in Sagittarius  That type of energy suggests it might just be a great day to pretend, to lighten up, dream a bit, think beyond your borders.

So... let's pretend....

You wake up on December 22nd and go about your morning chores, including turning the coffee maker on.  Sitting beside your machine is a creature the likes of which you've never seen.  This is my pretend, and I've always had a "thing" for elves, so in my pretend this creature looks like an elf.  Not exactly like the one in today's picture, more like a Harry Potter house elf type creature.  For a moment you stand frozen in fear (insert the Bach Flower  remedy But the creature is too big to swat away or "trap", too small to seem that dangerous, and in fact, he/she is actually handing you a cup of coffee!  The creature in a rudimentary language says "hello" and asks if it's okay if he/she parks the ship outside in your driveway. You nod because the Rock Rose hasn't totally "kicked in" yet to the point that you can speak but at least you can move.  The creature then tells you he/she has come from another galaxy to help you out.  They (there's a whole fleet of these guys!) have all kinds of gifts and things to show you.  It turns out they have food that doesn't look or taste anything like what you have but it satisfies your hunger and energizes you.  You can still get food in the grocery store if you want to but why would you bother? They can supply energy to your house that works with your electricity system so you have cleaner, efficient and free energy. They can give you fuel for your vehicle that works in a similar fashion to the gas you use now and they are great mechanics so that all your vehicles suddenly seem to work much better.  No need for the garage/gas station anymore. And these guys haven't landed by accident.  They are here to stay.  They are exchanging their gifts for things that you have and are happy to share. Maybe they want a blog set up for them! I think they might be interested in some Bach remedies because emotions are pretty different here than what they are used to!

Pretend doesn't have rules and doesn't have to be grounded in anything. But usually there is a theme of something, a potential reality, that you expand on.I figure this scenario has been played out on earth before with some modifications.  I figure there was a Native American somewhere that was making a cup of chicory when she looked up and saw some kind of big creature standing in front of her.  He grunted in something that sounded like a language, but sometimes, first thing in the morning, it's hard to tell with guys!  When she looked at the harbour there was some sort of craft/machine/ship parked there taking up canoe space.  Those guys were here to stay too.  They traded things of equal value- some good some bad.  Life changed for everyone in the blink of an eye really, even though it took months/years/centuries/lifetimes to get to that point.

I'm not saying my house elf is coming as a prediction of what might happen after Dec. 21, 2012.  It's a game of pretend and I make it the way I want it.  I don't need you to pretend with me. I certainly don't need you to agree and if you disagree, believe me, it will fall on deaf ears. You can create your own scenario.  There were no rules for pretend but when you play pretend you don't make it scary unless you want it to be.  You don't make it sad unless you want it to be sad.  Pretend doesn't usually have endings, you can always pick it up again the next day, or if you do make endings you can switch them up. That doesn't mean things don't change, but they change for the good,or at least, in the way you want them to.

"Let's play pretend"....

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  1. i like it, my mother and sister and boyfriend r all pretending not to love me, it made me laugh