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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Well, I didn't see my house elves on December 21, 2012  I still have hope they may be  under the Christmas tree tomorrow morning. Hmm...

It has for many, if not all, been some pretty intense times lately.I found this YouTube video really helpful for understanding the process of change  The changing over to a new era, maybe a new world view, isn't an easy process. Letting go and embracing change never is easy I guess, and there will always be some people who refuse to see the change that is right in front of them. Perhaps some truly don't experience change because they refuse to accept it's appearance.

In my opinion, Christmas Eve in itself is always a pretty intense time.  I guess it's the "group anticipation" energy I talked about a couple of years ago  If only I could follow my own advice!  I still feel that post from two years ago applies- maybe even more so as we combine changing times with group anticipation and a whole lot of the "unknown". Once again it seems, we find ourselves following a star, or looking towards a new light trying to figure out what is in store for us. I think this anticipation is a mix of excitement, dread, hope, caution and optimism.

With so many emotions milling around it just seems like a good idea to consider some Bach Flower help.  My Christmas Eve 2012 remedy would contain Cherry Plum, Red Chestnut, Elm, Walnut and Honeysuckle.
Here's why...

Cherry Plum would be the top indicated essence during this time.  I include it for the fear of loosing control.  It's also the fear of "letting go of control".  It's helpful when you need to let things be, let emotions come, and allow events to happen without maintaining control over the speed, direction, and force.It's helpful when that world view you cling to is of the need to strictly control rather than let go. Cherry Plum people want to make sure they know what each present under the tree contains because they want to be able to control their reactions and perhaps even the reactions of others. We may all need a lot of Cherry Plum this year as we experience less and less control. In the "follow the Christmas Star scenario", Cherry Plum people would be the ones that suggested they move out and find that star so they control what happened rather than just enjoy the illumination it presented.

Red Chestnut is also included in my Christmas Eve remedy.  It's indicated for fear or over-concern and worry for others.  It's for those who worry that Christmas won't be "perfect" for everyone around them.  It's for parents that feel concerned they may not have the exact right present for their child. It's also helpful for children that worry about family members not arriving safely, or that siblings may not get what they want for Christmas. In the "Christmas Star scenario" Red Chestnut people were those that were part of the expedition just so they could look after their loved ones that insisted on going. They were worried the star was going to burn everyone so they packed all kinds of disaster kits and carried them along "just in case" their worst fears materialized.

I think everyone around Christmas time and in the days following could use a dose of Elm.  Elm is for overwhelming responsibility. It's for anyone that feels they may have taken on too much stuff and have a momentary sense of exhaustion and doubt.  I think this doubt probably culminates around about Christmas Eve when you have been trying to fit everything in to an already packed schedule.  In the "Christmas Star scenario" I figure at least one of those Wise Men was just exhausted carrying these gifts and wondering all the time if he could possibly make it, let alone get back to work and finish up what was waiting for him once this expedition was over.  He didn't really enjoy the journey because he was overwhelmed by the responsibility of it all.  A few drops of Elm would have given him the ability to put this quest into perspective and maybe delegate a bit of work to someone else.  Maybe he would have accepted a camel ride instead of making the whole journey on foot.

Walnut may be the essence most needed during these shifting times.  It helps provide protection from change and outside influences.  Like all the essences, Walnut helps your body find it's point of balance so that you remain true to self, healthy and adjusting in harmony with the changes going around you.  If you've had to change some Christmas traditions this year, or adjust to some changing patterns, this Bach is for you.  If you're feeling the influence of a shift in the world - this Bach essence is for you.  In the "following the Christmas Star scenario", this essence would have been helpful for those travelers that really understood this journey was about something far bigger than their imaginations and current sense of reality.

Finally, my Christmas Eve remedy would contain Honeysuckle.  It's indicated for those that cling to the past or have an over-attachment to memories.  I think most people go through some nostalgia during Christmas Eve.  We remember past Christmas' - either good or bad.  Sometimes it's hard to let go of those memories and move forward.  Honeysuckle can help you move forward with no regrets. This too might be an essence we need as we move through the shift and accept that change occurred and will continue to occur.  In the "following the star story", no doubt there were some people that refused to believe that star was any brighter than it had ever been. They didn't want to see a change in the sky.  They were used to and comfortable with the darkness. It might have been hard to convince them to try a little Honeysuckle, but if they had of, they might have moved forward with greater ease.

I guess the point is Christmas Eve can be a magical time if we just get out of our own way and allow it to be.

Merry Christmas!!

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