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Friday, December 28, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer: Letting go of 2012
If you've been feeling lots of raw and open emotions these days, you're not alone.  It might be because we've entered a new era that really signals cooperation, connectedness and sharing, all of which can be rather emotional.  It might be because we are letting go of Christmas holidays and moving towards a new year.  It night just be that you are in fact, human!  Or.... perhaps, it's at least in part due to the fact that today we move into a full moon in Cancer cycle.

In my opinion, a Full Moon always brings emotions to the surface whether we admit that or not. And the energy around a Full Moon in Cancer is particularly focused on emotions.  Cancer is a water sign and this energy reconnects us with our "oceans of emotions" according to We'Moon 2012.

I wrote about the Full Moon in Cancer aspects last year  All of that information still applies, but...

I personally believe we have entered a new era, and to me that means it's time to let go of some old things.  This seems like the perfect time to do that as the Full Moon is always a signal to let go. This year it coincides pretty nicely with letting go of the year 2012 as we get close to New Year's Day. I think moon cycles make more sense than the rules of a calender, so I think tonight under the full moon is the time to really think about what you want to leave behind from 2012 and take with you into 2013.

As we enter a new era and change our way of thinking, I believe it's time to let go of whatever it was that used to give you a sense of safety and security. I think it's time to let go of  at least the negative aspects of your Root Chakra and what holds you "rooted" instead of just "grounded".  Maybe it's time to think about the moss again...  It turns out there is energy about to help you do just that. 

Pam Younghans at  explains that this full moon is:
"also aligned with a quasar that assists us in "reaching out into untapped, unknown areas of space, time and mind to learn more and create an inner knowing and security." (Mary Elizabeth Jochmans) This extension of self into unknowns is also supported both by the strong Uranus involvement with the lunation, and by Mars' entry into Aquarius on Tuesday.
Of all the signs, Aquarius is the one most known for its willingness to venture into realms of higher consciousness on its journey to self-knowledge. Mars represents our ability to take action, to gather courage, and to initiate a process. With Mars in Aquarius for the next six weeks, our willingness to "boldly go where we have not gone before" is enhanced, as we do our best to know the thus-far unknowable."

Now that's what I'm talking about!! 
If the thought of that sends a shiver up your spine, or if you seem to need help unearthing your roots, the Bach Flower essence Aspen might come in handy.  It is typically indicated for fears and worries of the unknown.  I guess it's because of such worries that we stay rooted.  We are afraid to fly but we don't really know why.  Aspen can help you find your true state of inner peace. Aspen can help you make that connection to your higher self so you can bring those shooting stars of inspiration, feedom and security into your life.  The essence can help you turn apprehension into a desire for adventure. 

I believe this Full Moon in Cancer, arriving at the end of December 2012, is an opportunity to really consider what it is about this whole era that you would like to be free of; to let go of , once and for all. If we don't let go, we really can't fly. Tonight seems like a great night to think about what it is from the past that you really don't need to keep with you. Safety and security come from inside, from our higher knowing.  It doesn't come from below. It doesn't come from others. It doesn't come from possessions or material aspects. True security comes from above. We can bring whatever it is we want into our world. This is a chance to  form our own rootless, mossy, way of being.
So under this emotional full moon in Cancer, release your fears of life without roots.  Let go, let be, and be prepared to be amazed. 

Enjoy the flight!

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