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Monday, December 3, 2012

Planetary Alignment: Hoax or Help?

I started first seeing today's picture about six months ago when a friend of my emailed it to me.  Since then I've seen it in a variety of forms and avenues.  It seems to be one of those "things" that makes it's way through cyber-land with only a vague idea of where it might have come from, how it might have been generated and what it might mean. The source seems unclear. Hmm....

I'm pretty sure there are lot of variations as to what this picture was all about, but the most pervading one seems to be that it was showing an alignment of the three planets, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, above the Giza pyramids as it would look on December 3rd 2012. Some of the explanations accompanying the picture claimed this alignment last happened around 3000 years ago.  So it would seem such an alignment again might be significant of something. 

No one was quite sure what the "something" might be really.  As the picture starting making it's rounds to more celestial or spiritual perspectives, the thought seemed to generate that this event would signify an opening of love and expansion, more harmonious living maybe.  I didn't see any doom and gloom predictions although they might have been out there, but the positive ones were pretty vague.

As we got closer to the day this alignment was to occur, I started to hear that this was all a hoax. At first I was a little crushed.  I had been looking forward to a big of magic.

The first "hoax claim" was that this photo wasn't credited or couldn't be sourced.  And considering it was event that hadn't happened yet it couldn't be a picture so that made it a "hoax".  I'm not a great historian but even I am aware that digital photography wasn't around 3000 years ago so it can't be a picture of the last time this happened either.Well.. dah... I think I understood that.  It's art people!  I didn't see anyone claim it to be a photo anymore than I saw the credits.  To me, it looks a little in keeping with the season.  It has some similarities to the Star of Bethlehem or Christmas Star and I realize those pictures of the Wise Men,  and the Manger Scene are not meant to be taken literally.  I still appreciate the artistic talent. This picture just gives me a good peaceful feeling.  That doesn't feel like a hoax.

According to astrologers, these planets actually line up in a row on a much more frequent basis than once every 3000 years. So that's not true either according to those wishing to burst the bubble of magic.  Well, I guess I've must been missing the magic a lot more times than I realized.  Maybe it's time to pay attention. And maybe I'll another chance again after today.  All good.

In my part of the world, today felt kind of special.  It was dark and gloomy but it felt "different" to me in a good way.  It was way above seasonal temperatures and the chickadees were out in full force.  So if I pay attention to the chick-a-dee message, it's time to trust my intuition and not be afraid to talk about it.

I don't plan to be near the Giza pyramids tonight to prove myself wrong, or right.  So I'm just going to believe in the magic of planetary alignment and intutive sense that good things are happening.  I think if Venus is out in full force that means love is freely offered.  And if Mercury is lined up beside Venus that just lights the fires and speeds up the connections between the universal love that's offered and the receiving of it. Saturn seems to kind of favor hard work for bringing returns so if we've all been working hard on earth, maybe it's really time for some magical love. 

I figure you always have a choice in life.  You can believe in magic or believe in hoaxes.  I find it just easier to believe in a bit of magic.  There's less fact checking and research and source checking involved.  It feels lighter and more creative to me. I like that.

So go ahead, line up.  I'll be looking up tonight.  I'll be thinking about magic and I'll be open to it!

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