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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Animals Signs: Sheep for Restful Sleep?

Who came up with that iconic idea of counting sheep as a way to get to sleep I wonder.  Does that actually work for anyone?  Not me. 

Maybe it was left over Asteroid ripple disturbances, maybe it was wind and stormy weather and all kinds of angst being played out all over the world., but it felt to me the other night like "something was a foot". And that "something" was keeping me awake or at least waking me up a number of times with disturbing thoughts.

There are lots of Bach Flower remedies that can help you sleep better. I've written about some of the common ones before  You can buy the combination remedy Rescue Remedy Sleep as well.  Any of these essences can be very helpful if you can't pinpoint the reason why you're not sleeping.

In fact, any and all of the 38 essences might be helpful to you when you can't sleep. It is common for our emotions to keep us awake so whatever emotion you are "off-balance" in, that essence could be what you need.  Red Chestnut for instance can be helpful if you are worried about someone to the point that you lay there at night thinking of the worst thing that might happen.  Agrimony might help you sleep if the reason you're awake is because you really haven't expressed yourself to the degree you want to and you're re-living a "do over".  Pick an essence, any essence, and there is a case to be made for how it might help you sleep.  That's good news.  It means that once you get your emotions in balance you might also benefit from a good sleep.  It can also be bad news, because it opens up the possibility that you can't choose between the essences and that alone is keeping you up!! Hmm..

And what if, as was the case for me the other night, each one of those cute little bounding white sheep that you're supposed to be counting is wearing a different emotion.  And what if all those sheep are starting to look pretty black, are running pretty fast and in multiple directions. And where are all these sheep coming from anyway!!!Hmm...

I believe it's possible that the energetic vibrations of negative emotions "float around out there in the universe".  As we open up to empathic sensations and feel part of a collective, it would seem we have the potential to feel these negative vibrations as well.  And maybe when you're lying there in the dark, these negative vibrations start to take on the "sheep shapes" and each one of them is wearing a coat of a different emotion; like worry, fear, guilt, impatience, irritation, rigidity etc. etc.  I think when those sheep first appear they really might not be "your stuff".  But we like to name our pets.  So when that "worry sheep" comes bounding along to be counted, you give him a name.  The name is whatever resonates for you as worry.  It's the "thing", a measurable event that for you, matches that vibration level.  Now you're worrying for a known reason. More definable and understandable perhaps, but not really an improvment in my opinion.
Because, before you can get out of bed and reach for Red Chestnut perhaps, another sheep comes bounding in to be counted and this guy feels like guilt.  So you name him as well.  You give him the name for whatever causes you the most guilt. 

And the sheep keep coming.. I've lost count....

So what is it about sheep I wonder in my sleepless state?  Neither Steven Farmer or Danial Mapel, my "go to animal spirit" guys include sheep in their books. Nor is sheep included in Lucy Harmer's Shamanic Astrology review.  Maybe we're not seeing so much power in these guys?

I did find some on-line mentions to sheep as a spirit animal. At Spirit animals and Animal Totems, I found an interesting description.  Turns out sheep may represent an innocent part of yourself. It also may indicate a vulnerability in a negative way, a sense of weakness, powerlessness. It seems the appearance of sheep in dreams may suggest feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness to face a difficult situation. Hmm... now I might be getting somewhere.

So it would seem to me that "in the dead of night" when the lights are out and all is quiet, we might all feel a sense of vulnerability. Perhaps that's why those negative vibrations can take hold. And once they take hold we bring them into our being and they become a legitimate part of ourselves, perhaps keep us up and stay with us during the day. 

But wait a minute.  If I'm counting sheep and they're bouncing around all over the place, does that make me a Shepard?  Does that mean I have the power and control?  Another interpretation of the sheep totem is that there is a part of yourself that tends to conform to social norms or family values.  Sheep tend to be herded together- that's the job of the Shepard- to keep all those sheep together as a collective.

But if you've been following along with this blog at all, you know by now I don't like to "follow the rules". And as far as sheep, or any other animal goes, I'm more of a "free-range person". So, I decided to let the sheep free.  No more counting, no more herding, no more collection.  I think those sheep are probably better off finding their own green pasture. I don't want to handle all that sheep manure anyway.

So, rather than count the sheep, or even try to transform them into positive vibrations, I let them go.  I did that by bringing light to my shadow. I think if there are sheep running around at night then I'll just turn on my inner light, my inner power, my knowing, and I'll bring that light into the earth and let the sheep find their own way out of the dark. 

The Violet Flame can help protect you from sheep run amok  And if you're feeling like negative emotions are finding their way to you either in the day or at night, you can invoke the Violet Flame for protection. That can be a good sleep aid as well. But maybe it's time for us to do something more. The Violet Flame is a method to "connect" with higher powers of protection.  But what if we can be the power.

What if during vulnerable times when lots of negative emotions are swirling around, we connect with our higher selves and bring that light into the darkness of earth.  Instead of "running away" to a more comfortable dimension of Violet Flame, we become the light bearer and bring the flame to earth. You don't have to count the sheep, Shepard the sheep, name the sheep, or even face the sheep.  You just find your lightness and bring that lightness to the world. 

If you do that, you might just find that one very cute and cuddly lamb snuggles up with you in your flashlight beam, warms your heart, feels like s a friend and reminds you of that favorite stuff animal you had as a kid that helped you feel safe and secure.  Perfect in your own emotions.. 

Pleasant dreams.

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