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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Holly For Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day in my part of the world. I'm not a fan. As it turns out, I seem to have written quite a bit about Valentine's Day and how I feel about it!  Last year I wrote about a number of Bach Flower essences that might help you get through the day if Valentine's Day has you a bit unsettled.  This post was particularly directed to teenagers because I think they may suffer the most from Valentine's Day hype. I still think these essences apply.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about how I thought teenagers were changing the world, including the perspective on Valentine's Day and I admire them for that.  In that post I looked at the origins of Valentine's Day and it's really pretty sketchy to me.

It would seem around 270AD, the Roman Emperor had banned marriages because he thought single fighters were stronger, perhaps more focused fighters.  But a priest, named Valentinus went against the Emperor's orders and secretly married people- many of them very young (hence the teenage angst!). This priest was jailed for his actions and somehow feel in love with the jailer's daughter. That love didn't help him any- at least not on an earthly level as he was executed anyway. The night before he was killed he sent a note to this girl, saying "from your Valentine".  Seriously???? That's what we're celebrating?  It sounds like a story of abuse from the marriage ban in the first place, to poor judgement, bad calls, extreme violence,and perhaps an element of stalking in there!  Perhaps it's time we "let go of the past"??? 270AD and we're still focused on that? Hm...

It does seem people are changing the traditions and what Valentine's Day might mean.  For some, Valentine's Day has become a "stop violence" type symbol.  There is an organization developed called One Billion Rising that is using Valentine's Day to highlight violence against women and children all over the world.  There are marches and events planned all over the world today in the name of this cause. 

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. I think it's positive change to stand up for something, bring action and awareness. So for that I applaud them. I guess I'm just a little unsettled about how that seems to be creating anger and conflict in the very name of preventing anger and conflict.  If it's a focus on violence against women and children then I guess we're "blaming" men and saying women and children are victims and I don't really like either one of those sides of the equation.  Seems like a Tug of War Although I understand the root cause, I think there could be a more positive spin on change. Maybe that will come with the increased awareness. 

When I look at what happened in 270AD all the way through to what's being organized for 2013, I really just see a lot of anger, angst and hurt. I guess my wish would be to just give the whole world a big dose of the Bach Flower essence Holly today.  I think it might be more positive than cards and paper hearts, roses and candy. It is kind of hard to go wrong with chocolate in my opinion, so maybe what I'll do in my "perfect world" is put Holly inside a square of chocolate like the caramel in the caramilk bar, or instead of those liquor flavored chocolates.  Then I'll just distribute my Holly Chocolates to everyone. Wherever you are, whatever you're feeling, good, bad, or ugly- you get one.  I'll give them out to the bus drivers so they can take one and also give one to every person that gets on a bus.  I'll put one on every single desk in every single school and at every single workplace in the world. Maybe my house elves can help me with this and put them on everyone's pillow or place at the table or tent or pocket or spot on the grass, or corner of the street that you call your own.  We're talking mass distribution here!  Everyone gets one. Ahh...

As you savor your Holly- filled chocolate you'll feel the positive aspects of Holly. You'll feel generous in your ability to give love without having any demands for return.  You won't want to take someone else's chocolate. It will never cross your mind that their chocolate might be bigger, better, more potent than yours. You'll want to share. You'll feel compassionate. You'll want to really understand the motivations of others and better yet, you'll understand your own motivations.  You will love yourself. You'll truly want to see positive change without considering what's "in it for you". And from that space, positive change will really occur. You will feel self-worth and self-love.  You'll know that you have inner harmony. You'll understand that you are provided for, not from others, but from yourself and from some higher Divine being, whatever you understand that power or being to me. It's self. It's all about you. You have it all within.  No more anger. No more jealousy. No more suspicious or aggressiveness. No more angst and hurt.

Happy Holly Day!

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