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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Asteroids: A Hit and a A Miss

On February 15th two Asteroids "made the headlines".  The first one hit the earth over a fairly populated area in Russia.  It must have been quite terrifying.  People describe it as a sudden ball of light followed by a huge sonic boom.  You can watch the event from numerous sources, it's recorded on the space weather website, a favorite website of mine. This asteroid came flying at us from space.  Apparently the earth's atmosphere is kind of like a brick wall to an asteroid.  The sudden impact crumpled or compressed the hunk of asteroid matter, the compaction caused huge heat and the whole thing exploded, becoming at that point a meteor, and crashed to the earth.  The explosion creates a sonic boom.  It's the waves of disruption in our atmosphere that caused glass to shatter, some roofs and walls to collapse. This particular asteroid was considered small.  It kind of "came out of nowhere". It wasn't large enough to even register as something that space scientists "track". Tell that to the over one thousand people that were injured by it!  And for all those that saw it, considered their world was ending or that they were under attack of some sort, I don't imagine this will remain in their consciousness as a "small event".  I think the Bach Flowers combination Rescue Remedy , in particular the  Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem essences  might be very helpful in this post-event situation.

A few hours later, the Asteroid 2012 DA14  passed through the earth's orbit. You can watch a youtube video of this event at  This 45 metre wide piece of space rock was much much bigger than the meteor that hit Russia.  It was being tracked by scientists at NASA for quite some time.  They had already measured its path and were able to determine that, although it come very close to earth in science terms (17,200 miles), it wasn't predicted to hit the earth. I imagine that despite all the confident predictions there were still some scientists that went home from work that night, cracked open a cold one, and celebrated their ability to relax. It is being said that this asteroid is now passing away from us without "doing anything".  Okay, that, I'm not quite buying...

To me, saying that a 45 metre wide rock hurtling towards us then moving away, whether or not it's on its predicted orbit , is not quite "doing nothing".  To me, that feels like saying nothing happened in the days after Dec. 21, 2012.  In my opinion, it isn't that nothing happened.  In both instances, it's that we have no instrumentation to measure what might have happened.  Just because you can't measure a thing doesn't mean it isn't there or didn't happen. Just because we couldn't see virus' and bacteria before the discovery of the microscope doesn't mean they weren't there before that.  Nor does it mean they didn't impact us in some way.  We just didn't know what to "blame" for that scratchy throat, that runny nose, that high fever, or that sick stomach.

It seems to me that asteroid must have a bit of a ripple effect in our atmosphere that we might feel for days afterwards.  Sort of like when you throw a big rock into a pond. The actual impact of the rock doesn't seem to do that much, it's the ripples that extend out from it that cause changes on shore. It wasn't the meteor impact that caused the problems in Russia for instance. It was the ripple effect of the changes in the atmosphere.  The "rock" actually hit in a non-populated area it would seem.

I'm not suggesting the asteroid "miss" caused anything bad.  In our humaness we seem to be anxious to measure the "bad things" without attaching as much significance to the good things that "just happen".  I have no ideas or theories on what an asteroid pass might do, but I just can't believe it does "nothing".  And I choose to believe that it's set us up for a bit of a shifting change that might just bring ripples of change and positive interactions and a new pathway for thinking. Why not? It seems like we must, in some way, be affected by that much change to our atmosphere. Maybe we don't have to measure it and understand it all.  Maybe we can just feel some of it instead.

On the day of this asteroid activity, I just happened to be making a batch of colloidal silver.  This wasn't a planned thing, or an experiment of any kind.  I use colloidal silver for all kinds of things and was running low.  I don't make my silver by a lot of rules.  I sort of feel when it's ready. I'm not in the business of selling silver.  If you want precisely measured colloidal silver you can buy it in most health food stores.  My family, friends and pets use my silver without having precise measurement of it's potency because we feel the impact of it working.  Sometimes I get distracted and I forget I'm making silver and go back and find it hours later with some floating parts of suspended silver in it (another reason why I don't sell it commercially!). These pieces ,when they appear, are usually attached to the rods of the generating machine sort of like small black feathers. But at just about exactly the time the 2012 DA14 passed through our orbit, I found today's picture of the pattern of silver floating, not attached to the rods, at the top of my batch of silver and it was this beautiful white/silver color, not black pieces. I'm not saying this is an apparition of some sort. I don't see a face or a person in the pattern. I'm not claiming any wild cosmic message.  I'm not starting a conspiracy theory. I'm just saying this feels good to me. And it feels like some sort of measured evidence that we are bigger than we feel and affected by things we can't see or measure in positive pretty ways. And maybe that asteroid bypass did "something" on some level I have no measurement for.

I don't need my silver floaty explained.  Silver making works on electromagnetic principles so maybe there is an explanation about the ripples in the atmosphere. I'm thinking it might be similar to the idea of Emoto's Water Crystals. Here's a neat youtube of how water crystals change in response to positive emotions- based on Emoto's work

It doesn't matter.  It just feels nice.  I'll take it. And I'll also take it as evidence that our measuring devices may not be as accurate as we think they are.  There are lots of "things" influencing our lives in positive ways that we don't have the ability to measure. So I will just sit back and feel positive ripples in our atmosphere as I drink my colloidal silver.


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